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Shared by ROSEMARY JOHNSTON on December 21, 2010

                                                 MY LITTLE ANGELS

                                          WE THINK OF YOU IN SILENCE

                                          WE OFTEN SPEAK YOUR NAMES

                                          BUT ALL WE HAVE ARE MEMORIES

                                          AND YOUR PICTURES IN A FRAME

                                          IT BROKE ARE HEARTS TO LOOSE YOUS

                                         BUT YOUS DID NOT GO ALONE

                                         FOR PART OF US WENT WITH YOUS

                                         THE DAY GOD CALLED YOUS HOME.


                                         GOODNIGHT SWEET LITTLE ANGELS

                                         WE`LL NEVER BE FAR APART

                                         GOD HOLDS YOUS IN HIS LOVING ARMS

                                         WHILE I`LL HOLD YOUS IN MY HEART

                                        GOOD NIGHT SLEEP TIGHT MY SHINNING STARS

                                        GOD BLESS YOU BOTH WERE EVER YOU ARE.


                                        NIGHT NIGHT JOSEPH & LEWIS SLEEP TIGHT XX







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