Love and memories last forever...
  • 58 years old
  • Born on October 4, 1953 .
  • Passed away on September 30, 2012 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Joseph Festa 58 years old , born on October 4, 1953 and passed away on September 30, 2012. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Debbie Cipolla on October 5, 2014
happy bday Joe...RIP
Posted by Karen Festa on October 4, 2014
Buon Compleanno Joe. Today you celebrate with so many loved ones who wait for each of us to return home.
I look up at the stars and smile because I know you're somewhere smiling back 10.04.53. 61.
Posted by Bill Burns on September 30, 2014
We think of Joe often - and miss his charm and warm smiles - forever missed and loved... What a wonderful family he has...
Bill & Mary Burns
Posted by Debbie Cipolla on September 30, 2014
Always makes me smile to remember the things you used to do. I still laugh out loud when I think of you doing the cartoon voices for me and Nick :}. Rest in peace Joe, you are a good man. Continue to watch over your family from above.
Posted by Donna Festa on September 30, 2014
My Joe, died 2 years ago. 0600. I think of you ever and always. I love you. Floyd still looks for you. I love you and I will remember you.
Posted by Bill Dad on September 30, 2014
I often think of you Joe, the most open and honest man of a life time. Hope we can all be together someday. Bill & Sly Burns
Posted by Pat Heimall on October 8, 2013
Special memories of happy celebrations should wrap themselves around you now... Know that Joe is watching over you & your family, always... Cherish the good times spent together, & see his smile & hear his voice in Helen & Nick ~ families are forever
Posted by Daniel Burns on October 5, 2013
Great memorial for Joe. It shows how close your family is and how Joe will be in your's and their memories forever.
Posted by Susan Festa on October 4, 2013
Happy Birthday Joe. It is hard to believe that it has been a year already, but you are always in my thoughts.
Posted by Donna Festa on October 4, 2013
Joe sleeps underground and there's no happy birthday for him. I'm left to do the best I can. What a tough time it was for him. He was so brave and only complained at the end. God I miss him.
Posted by Tony Festa on October 1, 2013
It's been a year without you. We miss you everyday. But I talk to you all the time anyway. I leave you a seat when I eat at the airport. It's hard doing things without you that we used to do together. But all in all I will survive until we meet again on the other side.
Posted by Kimberly Heldibridle on November 5, 2012
I had the opportunity of working with Joe at WWII weekend in Reading for the past 5 years. Joe was rather quiet, so I never really got to know him but I did get to witness his love for this period of history and the warbirds. We really appreciated his help. Our Flightline Crew will surely miss him! Our thoughts and prayers to him and his family.
Posted by Donna Festa on November 1, 2012
You've been gone a month now. It is tough to accept. We were laughing, saying that you always hated natural disasters. You would have bugged over Sandy!
Thank you Michael for your kind words.
Posted by Michael Parrella on October 31, 2012
I just heard the sad news that my cousin joe has passed away. I am so sorry for his family. I had not seen him much over the years but I feel fortunate that I saw him a few years ago. He seemed like a great guy. I was looking forward to seeing him again when I come to New Jersey. His dad, my uncle Joe, was like a father to me. He left us way too soon.
Posted by Tracy Fazio on October 10, 2012
My husband john and i are so sorry for your loss, for world war 2 weekends john was on the flightline also. he will be missed but remember he is watching over all of you and god called him for his last mission. take care and god speed to you all.
Posted by Donna Festa on October 7, 2012
It's a week today that you died. I can't believe the world is going on without you! It's been so difficult, to turn in your phone, to donate your car, to enrich a charity with the possessions of your life. Good-bye my love. I will miss you every day.
Posted by Susan Festa on October 7, 2012
Rest in peace Joe, my big brother and fellow leftie! Memories from childhood like going to Immaculate to shoot hoops to the Patriots game you attended just this past June will be forever in my heart. I know you are at peace and I miss you and your big smile.
Posted by Jesse Chapnick on October 7, 2012
"i dont need to cover this old guy in a young guys football game." Those were my thoughts before Uncle Joe burned me for 3 touchdowns and made me look like a child on the field. From that day on, that "old guy" became a personal friend and someone who I looked forward to seeing and playing football with. His personality made him so easy to love, and thats what he did, love. Love you festas
Posted by Tony Orlando on October 5, 2012
Dear Donna, Helen, Nick, and the entire Festa family
Judy had been sending me Donna's daily updates, and each one would break my heart, and yet give hope..and a smile. Donna, you wrote with such feeling, such emotion, and so poetically....I felt like I was there. I could only pray for Joe, and now for all of you. Your strong family bonds, and memories of Joe will carry you through.
Posted by Bill Dad on October 5, 2012
Dear Donna, Helen, Nick    Joe was the most kind and considerate man I met in my 82 years. It was always fun when Joe and Donna came to visit. He was a good man and I will miss him.
Posted by Ken Chapnick on October 5, 2012
Dear all, Although we were only with Joe several times we felt like family. He was Uncle Joe because Tony’s family introduced him that way. We enjoyed Uncle Joe whether at a Festa football game including pizza party, the Festa Beach weekend or the WWII weekend. We have added a pic from the WWII weekend we hope you like. We will miss Uncle Joe but know he is at peace. The Chapnicks
Posted by Melissa Araujo on October 5, 2012
Uncle Joe, It's heartbreaking we lost such a great member of our family, I still can't believe it. The holidays won't be the same with your constant jokes and smile. But the one thing that makes me feel better is knowing that your no longer in pain and with loved ones watching over us. You will always be missed but I'll remember you in my heart always. Rest In Peace
Posted by Lisa Festa on October 4, 2012
Even though you are no longer with us in this world, you are at peace and I will truly miss your quiet but incredible sense of humor. The day of your passing, I noticed the abundant rays of sunshine streaming through the clouds. In my heart, I knew you were celebrating with Mom, Dad and all the other who have gone before us. You will always be in my thoughs, Love ya, Lisa
Posted by Julie Ocamp on October 4, 2012
Dear Donna my best friend I know it's hard to say goodbye to your love one but I will do my very best to keep you company and make our lives stronger and continue our hopes and dreams..My thoughts and prayers to you,Helen,Nick and all the family members . Love you Joe I will miss you..
Posted by Maria Ramirez-Douglas on October 4, 2012
Donna, Nick, and Helen, I have such wonderful memories of coming to your house. Joe was a great guy quiet for the most part but you know that never lasted very long with you three. Holidays were always fun especially holloween when we were younger. Joe will be deeply missed by my family and I, but he will always be in our thoughts! We Love you Joe and may you watch over us all from heaven!
Posted by Charlie Shipley on October 4, 2012
Dear Donna, Nick & Helen,
I was devistated when I heard the news on Sunday. I have known and worked with Joe for the last 19 years and he was without a doubt the nicest person I ever met. You all will be in my prayers. I know Joe is up there smiling down on us all. God Bless
Posted by Tony Festa on October 4, 2012
Happy Birthday Joe! Even though your not here physically to celebrate with us we know your here in our hearts. I miss you already. Our Sunday breakfast at the airport talking about when we get our pilots license. WWII weekend working with all those vintage aircraft and great people. It's going to be tough without you. You were the only one with the same interests as I am alone.
Posted by Donna Festa on October 4, 2012
It would have been your birthday today! I would bake your favorite cake or pie and make spaghetti. Family would come by and we would all give you stupid gifts, that you pretended you liked! Then you helped me clean up and we would all laugh and tell stupid jokes. There is a big hole in my world now...
Posted by BARBARA SCHWARZ on October 3, 2012
To Donna and family
I never met Joe but he was my morning I task to read the e mail and see how he was doing. That has ended. He fought a tough battle and now is at peace. Know how much you are loved and ma y the memories get you through this hard time. With sincere sympathy. 
Barbara & Joe Schwarz.
Posted by Deb Festa on October 3, 2012
My Dear Brother Joe,
I will ALWAYS miss you but I know you will be with me to guide me along my path in life. Remembering all the times we shared as children and adults. Now when I walk along and take in the beauty of nature I will look up and smile because I know you will be looking down and smiling also.  Your loving sister, Debbie
Posted by Sue Aliseo on October 3, 2012
Dear Donna, Helen, Nick & family,
I am so very sorry that Joe lost his battle. He fought so hard and endured a lot over the past several weeks. I didn't know Joe personally but I felt like I did get to know him by reading all your daily emails. Thank you for sharing your personal story with us-we were all praying that things would turn out differently for Joe.
Posted by Donna Festa on October 2, 2012
Good-bye my love, I miss you so much. It helps me to think that your suffering is over, and now you feel no pain. You will always be strong and loving in my heart. I am grateful for our 28 years together. It's so hard to believe that you're gone and I am still here.
Posted by Pat Heimall on October 2, 2012
Dear Donna, Helen, Nick & extended family -
My deep sympathy, love & prayers to all of you during this sad time. The only consolation possible in such a loss is to know that Joe suffers no more, & that although his physical presence is gone, your happy memories of good times will never leave - and his spirit will always be with you. His smile endures! Hugs to all - Pat Heimall
Posted by Gerri Mancuso on October 2, 2012
Dear Donna, Helen and Nick,
I am so sorry and saddened by your loss. My thoughts and prayers are with you. May the happy memories keep you comforted. Peace be with you..Gerri and Mike Mancuso.
Posted by Andrew Wojtowicz on October 2, 2012
i'm very sorry to hear of this. my prayers go out to the Festa Family. Joe was a great guy. we worked together at Transnet. One of the nicest people you would ever meet. RIP my friend.
Posted by Giulianna Manrique on October 2, 2012
Dearest Friend Donna and Family,
My condolences to you all. My prayers will be with you to help you stay strong and find peace within yourselves. Know that Joe is gone in body but not in heart nor soul. Cherish all the wonderful, happy moments. Donna, I'm sure in 28 years, you'll have more than enough memories to reminisce. I'm here for you... Love Ya! XOXO... Giuli
Posted by M Delicio on October 2, 2012
The words are hard to write to be sure but the memories are indeed plentiful . I knew Joe through our beloved Fraternity NU SIGMA PHI, an organization he led with incredible skill and quite reserve. Through the years his dedication never dimmed...he was our champion,teacher, cheerleader and sage. His memory will forever enrich us forever...Peace
Posted by Dave Pirrocco on October 2, 2012
Brother Joe...your humor and warmth will surely be missed. I will always remember our first meeting when I pledged in 82. We discovered that you knew my both worked at the same hospital. The night of the scavenger hunt I had to visit you at the hospital for something. Thank you for being you who you were. You will be greatly missed but always in our hearts.
Posted by Paul D Prisco on October 2, 2012
Joe was an AMAZING man and an inspiration to me. He re[resented the best a man could be when I first joined our fraternity in 1982. He was kind and gentle, intellegent with a great sense of humor. He often offered advise which was conscise without being too stern. He had a way of making you realize he indeed cared about you from the heart. My time knowing him was too breif. Miss you Joe..
Posted by Yang Yueh on October 2, 2012
Dear Donna and family,
My deepest sympathy to you all at this sad time. Joe said good-bye too soon to you and to this world, but he left lots of very happy memories to you to treasure forever. His big generous smile and spirits will guide you to live happy lives for you all and for him too.
Posted by Nirali Patel on October 2, 2012
Dear Donna, Helen and Nick,
I am deeply saddened by your loss. May the comfort of God help you during this difficult time. We are thinking of you during this tough time, our love and support will always be here for you. Don't hesitate to get in touch if there is anything I can do for you during this difficult time.
Posted by Jill Wanner on October 2, 2012
Dear Donna,
I was so sorry to hear of Joe's passing. I can't imagine the strength that it took for both you and Joe to get through these last 7 weeks. Know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. Joe is at peace, but it is tough for those left behind. We will be there for you in anything that you need.      Jill and Kurt
Posted by Val Arena on October 2, 2012
Dear Donna, Nick, Helen and family and friends--we are so sorry and sad that your Joe passed. Cherish all your great memories...they will be a comfort to you all....xo Val & Cotton
Posted by Karen Wilson on October 2, 2012
Dear Donna and Family,
Our thoughts, prayers and deepest sympathy are with you at this very difficult and sad time. May you cherish the memories of 28 wonderful years together and find comfort in knowing tht Joe is at peace.
Karen and Art Wilson

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