Let the memory of JOSSUE ULISES CADERNO be with us forever
  • 3 years old
  • Born on January 6, 2007 .
  • Passed away on August 27, 2010 .

This memorial was created in the memory of our families loved one, JOSSUE ULISES CADERNO, an amazing little boy was born on January 6, 2007 and passed away on August 27, 2010 at the young age of only 3. No words will ever describe this talented, intelligent and spirited baby boy.We will remember him forever.

Posted by Evon Horta on 28th August 2018
Posted by Evon Horta on 23rd February 2018
To you beautiful angel. May the light and love of God and your family Be your guide. RIP.
Posted by Sonia Quintana on 28th August 2016
I will pray for your little angel , he is with god rite now looking down at you and loving you always mama ! i know this must be hard veryyy hard so i will have you on my prayers as well . may he rip
Posted by Maytee Martinez on 23rd February 2014
I miss you so much jossue my heart is gone. Everyone says to not cry and live,but how can i live when your not. I dont wanna love or be loved be happy,nothing. I know you loved seeing me happy but this so hard nani...i have no strength without you. I pray for strength to move on and i cant,i know your ok and have the light you need papi and i pray for you everyday. You have my heart to hold and keep you warm. I just wanna be with you :'(
Posted by Diana Rodriguez on 23rd February 2014
May God bless your little Angel..sending my prayers with love <3
Posted by Diana Rodriguez on 23rd February 2014
May God bless your little Angel..sending my prayers with love <3
Posted by Mariela Rivero on 23rd February 2014
Jossue I never got the chance to meet you but I have heard such beautiful things about you and seen your beautiful pictures as well. May god always have you next to him as the most beautiful Angel that you are we all love you very much. May you always rest in peace.
Posted by Maytee Martinez on 23rd February 2014
I love you & miss you. Tonight i sleep with your diego pillow,i hope you sleep right next to mom.
Posted by Ivett Borges on 14th April 2012
Miss those days when I use to take you candy when I use to visit your beautiful mommy... Miss you so much my beautiful baby. And you will always live in our hearts!!!! We love you my lil angel JOSSUE <3
Posted by Maytee Martinez on 3rd April 2012
Remember wen u learn dat lil prayer "now I lay me down to sleep,i pray the lord my soul to take,and if I die before I wake I pray the lord my soul to take" ur wit god nw nani,may he have u under his wing,i miss u so much,good night my tuki tuki,mommy prays for u evryday,i will b there soon to hold u nd never let u go,i cant live rite without you,i love u Im sleepin wit ur pillow <3 u
Posted by Maytee Martinez on 2nd April 2012
I miss you,ive a hard week thinkin to much about u,r.i.p my son ill b there real soon nani,i love you jossue
Posted by Maytee Martinez on 31st March 2012
Nani I pray evryday ur wit god in dat place dey call heaven nd dat ur happy,i think of u all day nd I always will mommy misses you so muchpapi ill see u sooner than u think,ur a beautiful angel the most beautiful one in heaven,god take care of my son and im ready to go wen ever u are...i love you jossue,and I miss you:(
Posted by Sujey Leiva on 28th March 2012
Since the day you passed I've decided that everything I do, I'll do for you. Every goal, every decision, every accomplishment i will do in your memory. A boy was taken way too soon. You will always be in my heart and you will never be replaced. You live and walk with the family and in our hearts forever. I love you, Nani <3
Posted by Maytee Martinez on 28th March 2012
I think about you day and night,you where such a special son,i miss you so much! You were my son,bestfriend and my comaniion bein so youn u were by my side all the time,im sorry your life was so short,i would give up mine for you to live again,i will never be the same without you! My heart hurts so much,you were my baby may your lil soul be wit god,mom will be there soon with you.
Posted by Maytee Martinez on 28th March 2012
I will pray everyday for you,and honor your memorie till I go wit you,you will never be replaced jossue I miss you nani,i miss you so much r.i.p my son I promise I will be with u soon,i will pray,pray,pray till god takes me to u,im nothing without you I love you and miss you nani. God plz take care of my son,let there be a heaven so hes ok and I can see him again.
Posted by Rose Ruiz on 28th March 2012
I didn't get the prevlige to meet you,But just by looking at you'r pictures make's me feel peace within my 'HEART' You know that you'r niece look's alot like you ;) YOU'R NOT HERE BUT YOU ARE IN 'HAZEL YOU'R NIECE' MAY YOU REST IN PEACE LITTLE ANGEL,GOD AS ONE OF THE MOST AMAZING ANGEL BY HIS SIDE.......
Posted by Yamy Vila on 28th March 2012
Yo si pude conocer a Jossue y era un niño bello, y cariñoso. Siempre se la pasaba riendo y jugando con sus hermanitas y hermanos. Me acuerdo un dia en su casa como el brincaba y me hacia reir pq se subia por encima del sofa como si fuera un ninja. Solo le pido a dios que lo cuide y que no deje de sonreir. Siempre estaras en mis oracones.

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