MIssi and Dae
Joyce I Jones-Branch
  • 42 years old
  • Date of birth: Jul 12, 1969
  • Place of birth:
    Seattle, Washington, United States
  • Date of passing: Mar 19, 2012
  • Place of passing:
    Seattle, Washington, United States
Let the memory of Joyce (Missi) be with us forever. I have loved you from the very beginning and nothing will ever change that and to think back that we almost had to have reservations in order to spend time with you. You stole our hearts.

This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Joyce I Jones-Branch, 42, born on July 12, 1969 and passed away on March 19, 2012. From the moment I held her in my arms, I fell in love with her. She ws a joy and delight to all those she came in contact with until her Eternal-Home going. All of us will remember her just forever, I love you Missi, Your "Crazy" Aunti Pat

Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Bernetta Branch on 12th July 2017

"My dearest Miss I miss our daily conversations and our monthly get togetherness.  You are my sunshine and my bright light.  You keep me focus and with such strength. I
Am volunteering at a senior center imagine that.  Every one is moving forward missing you so.  ❤️❤️❤️❤️You to the moon and back"

This tribute was added by Julia Smith on 5th April 2017

"Missy,the years are really going fast.
You are loved and missed everyday.
Love Aunt Julia
Houston, Tx."

This tribute was added by Bernetta Branch on 12th July 2016

"Happy birthday to you.  We all miss and love you daily.  We have great news to share Dae Shady Lady graduated and expected Benjamin in 3 months.  She relocated to St Louis with her husband and his family.  
Princeton is talking much.  Everyone is doing fine missing our Missy.  Love you to the moon."

This tribute was added by Jeanette Tymas on 27th June 2016

"Hey Meme, your  earthly birthday is approaching (July 12) however In eternity there probably aren't any.  Your birthday does give us a special day to reflect on our time we had together when you were with us.  Missing you does not get easier, but knowing you are at your best with Jesus gives my heart joy in the mist of missing you.  As you now know Aunt Pat left us to join our family there. I can imagine the joy you all had in seeing her.   LOVE YOU MUCH....UNTIL I SEE YOU AGAIN"

This tribute was added by P. Tymas on 14th July 2015

"WOW 46 already. Precious lady, loving you always. Miss you. Happy Birthday. Aunti Pat"

This tribute was added by P. Tymas on 10th May 2015

"Happy Mother's Day Me-Me. Off to Mexico City at the end of the week. Planning on having a blast in the Lord. One day very soon we shall all be together again, whole and happy for evermore."

This tribute was added by Bernetta Branch on 19th March 2015

"My darling miss.  I miss you each and every day.  Yes your youngest nephew has moved in with his granny.  He brings great joy to our lives The twins are growing up so and are just darling. Noahie is just an angel. He also is growing up so.  Mom and family are fine just missing you so. I"

This tribute was added by P. Tymas on 19th March 2015

"Good morning my precious woman-child. Loving and missing ya. Think of you and the boy often. So far the Family is doing well. Your baby brother has moved back home with his wife and son and your mom s in 9th heaven with them being so close. Soon I am off to my 3rd Mission trip but this time a bit closer to home. New Mexico. I won't wish you well because I now that you are, kiss the boy for me. Crazy Aunti Pat"

This tribute was added by P. Tymas on 2nd January 2015

"Yeah well I am 65 now and so I forget somethings like wishing you a Merry and al that Jazz. It doesn't mean that I don't think of you,
askia and Mother and all the others who have gone before me. I had a blast celebrating in San Diego Christmas day and even drank I glass of bubbly. Home now an it it freezing. I think snow maybe on the way. Love and kisses to ya."

This tribute was added by Bernetta Branch on 30th December 2014

"Good morning meme - mom and family miss you everyday. Happy Holidays to you.  Your favorite time of year!  Noahie is growing leaps and bounds.  We all are down sizing our lives and trying to enjoy the simples.  Say hello to family members and keep the dancing party going with all the others angels.  I miss you each and every day.  I try to do something everyday to make you proud.  Many hugs and loads of love your way."

This tribute was added by Julia Smith on 14th July 2014

"Missy your sweet sprite, and memories continue to live in all of us.We will love you forever.  Aunt Julia , from Houston Tx"

This tribute was added by P. Tymas on 14th July 2014

"OK Miss, I blew it this time. I forgot your birthday. I thought it was on the 17th. Your Mom is probably mad at me. WOW 45 years. Remember when you asked me one time about my age and you told me that I am "OLD". Well Little Miss, so are you. Happy belated BD. Loving you in a "Big" way. Aunti Pat"

This tribute was added by Bernetta Branch on 11th July 2014

"Happy birthday Miss.  Your 45th I truly miss you so much it's hurts
Noahie is growing and being Noahie.  Siilynn and Jr r 5 and getting ready 4 K.  Dae is doing fine she has one more year.  We r all missing you daily."

This tribute was added by Bernetta Branch on 11th May 2014

"Happy Mother's Day my dear missy. I love and miss my missy much.  I made the first step in your housing plan and moved to Renton.  We love it here.  Noah is growing up and would make you very proud.  Dae is coming over to cook for granny imagine that.  You would be proud of her also.  She has come a long way and maturing into a lovely young Dae.  Breland and family are doing fine you would just love our Princeton.  Have a lovely day hugs and lots of love your way."

This tribute was added by P. Tymas on 9th May 2014

"Good morning Me-Me. Iwanted to wish you a Happy and Blessed Mother's Day though your not here with your boy. May God continue to Bless yu until we all meet again. Kiss the boy for me and I will hug Noel for you the next time I see him. Went to San Francisco and had a blast. Stayed only a week but that was enough. Love, Crazy Aunti Pat"

This tribute was added by P. Tymas on 18th April 2014

"Good morning Me-Me. I am going around wishing all of you precious love ones a Blessed Easter this year. Missing you and mom and ski and T.J. Love Aunti Pat"

This tribute was added by P. Tymas on 20th March 2014

"Good Morning there, Sunshine. I am a day late cause I don't have a computer at home and I am off on Wednesdays. Going into the third year of missing you. Time is marching on really fast and I am getting older and I hope wiser. Have to put off my trip to San Franciso another month. Aunti Nette and Mark are leaving for Nigeria the first of April on a Mission trip. That should be loads of fun. I raise my hand in salute to you. Today is Uncle Terry's birthday. Hug the family members up there for me, love your crazy Aunti Pat"

This tribute was added by Bernetta Branch on 8th March 2014

"My dear miss,
I miss you so my heart ache each and every day
I know you are free of pain but your mom is not.  I will continue to do and be the best for the rest.  It's almost 2 years since and I know you are with all the angels and with in my heart forever.  Love you forever and ever."

This tribute was added by P. Tymas on 3rd February 2014

"Good morning Missi. Guess What? The Sea Hawks won the championship. 48 to 8 and it was a bow out. The first 12 seconds of the game, they scored and it was all up hill from there. Even though i did not watch the game, I heard the neighbors upstairs yelling their heads like crazy. I can hear you now, remembering the games when you and your brothers yelling hollering and yelling your heads off. I can see you even now rooting for the home team. I decided to get Askia a "Hat" and put it with all the rest of his "Hat". I love you and think of you often. Aunti Pat"

This tribute was added by Bernetta Branch on 28th December 2013

"Happy holidays to my first born. I truly miss you each and everyday of life.  Noahie is getting very tall and funny.  We know you are watching over us with your dad, grandmothers, uncles, cousins, grandfathers and many more angels.  I am relieve no more pain but heart broken you left to soon.  I love you with all heart and soul.  HAPPY HOLIDAYS your favorite time of year."

This tribute was added by P. Tymas on 10th December 2013

"Yo, MIssi, I wanted to wish a a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Also wanted to tell you that that boy of Your is growing taller every day. I think he might even now be taller than you. I saw him at Granny Shriley's memorial a few weeks ago. We just had one for Johnny's oldest son, T.J. who was 30. All my love to you and kiss my boy for me."

This tribute was added by Julia Smith on 27th July 2013

"Missi,you are truly missed. Your spirit and memories shall never
be forgotten. I pray for all of us each day. Love aunt Julia
Houston ,Texas"

This tribute was added by P. Tymas on 15th July 2013

"Happy belated BD my precious neice. I wanted to do this on Friday but I forgot to and felt bad because I did not get around to it. I see your mom left you a greetiing. I was so happy to see your son: NOah at Breeland's baby shower. He is getting so tall and very handsome. You have another nephew on the way by the name of Princeton due in August. Missing you, Love Aunti Pat"

This tribute was added by Bernetta Branch on 12th July 2013

"Happy birthday my dear child.  I miss you each and every day.  I know your dad and all the angels are hovering over you.  You would be proud of my dream come true basketball foundation I establish in your name at STCA.  I have this continous tear in my left eye that weeps hourly.  44 years strong.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY MISS love you mom"

This tribute was added by Leona Jackson on 24th May 2013

"Joyce, a Priceless woman that married my nephew DeShawn Alonzo Jackson will not ever be forgotten and will be Dearly and  Highly missed. I pray that her son will always enjoy the memory of Joyce with his Grand Parents Mr. & Mrs. Branch. May God give all of you Peace."

This tribute was added by P. Tymas on 22nd March 2013

"My Dear Miss, I was off on Tuesday this year and even left your mother a prayer on Monday thinking I was doing good. I messed up. I did want to acknowledge your 1 year anniversary of your Home_Going. No day passes without thinking of you and Askia. I know that it has been an awful year for your mother and I pray for her and the family all the time. My hope is that we will all be there soon"

This tribute was added by Bernetta Branch on 1st January 2013

"Happy new year my dear child may we all find comfort in knowing you are pain free  my heart is broken but your spirits live within me forever and ever  I miss my morning afternoon and evening calls  I am holding on as difficult it may be  I keep looking for you to come through the door telling me what to do I miss that miss telling me to walk eat and stay positive   Love and miss you"

This tribute was added by P. Tymas on 31st December 2012

"Yo Girl-friend. Christmas was a blast. The current generation was in yhe kichchen helping your mother with the cooking, cleaning up and everything. Your brother "Ant" made a vinergrate for the salad. He is doing so well in Cordon Blu Cooking School.Even made the president list. The twins are growing like weeds and your boy is so tall and very handsome. What a blessing it was. Love Aunti"

This tribute was added by Bernetta Branch on 28th December 2012

"Hello my gifted child best friend forever mom missing you each day my thoughts of you are each and everyday  I am working hard on working through this very painful loss  I accomplished one of my goals with all the St Therese's basketball jerseys have many more to go my life mission keeping your memory alive I know you are free of pain only my heart is broken on half love you forever"

This tribute was added by P. Tymas on 18th December 2012

"Merry Christmas my darling girl. I don't know how anything can be "Merry" with two of our kids being gone. It has been 15 years since "Askia's" home going and I still miss that boy very much. He will be 35 on December 30th. Wow. You two kiss and hug each other and enjoy being with the "King of Kings' and Lord of Lords". This Chirstmas will be heavy for all of us. With much love, Aunti Pat"

This tribute was added by P. Tymas on 8th October 2012

"My Dear Missi, I wanted to let you know that you missed a great celebration of your grandfather's 90th birthday. We had a ball. Most everyone was there and you should have seen Darrick's little ones dancing on the floor. You would have been laughing at me and Aunti Nette dancing to the sounds of Motown. Dae was having a ball video-tapping and laughing at us.You and Askia are not far away."

This tribute was added by Noah Loyd- Branch on 5th October 2012

"i love you mommy....   im doing well in football  and the dog is good"

This tribute was added by Kathleen MooreGulko on 12th July 2012

"Happy Birthday, dear cousin. It is bitter sweet to think how happy your spirit is in heaven, and to know you are no longer fighting a battle.  Yet, I read about the heartache of those who miss you so much, and it just makes me cry.  Your life meant so much to so many, no matter how much they did/did not know you.  What a wonderful impact you made during time here on earth."

This tribute was added by P. Tymas on 12th July 2012

"Happy Birthday MeMe. Oh how I longed for you to see your 43rd birthday, but it wasn't to be. I feel that you and Askia are celebrating in front of the Lord big time with all the host of Angels surrounding you. Miss we are coping the best way that we know how. One foot in front of the other. Your Mom is holding up as well as she can. I love you much. Aunti Pa"

This tribute was added by Bernetta Branch on 12th July 2012

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU MISSY. My birthday wish for you is you are pain free at last. You struggled for six long years. You have given and shown me strength and the power of our good lord. You will remain forever in my heart. A heart that is broken but good spirits and our memories live forever within. Love you forever and ever. Mom. H 43rd"

This tribute was added by P. Tymas on 25th June 2012

"Dear Miss, As with Askia, Life is just not the same without seeing you somewhere in it. I almost went down to the "Coffee Shop" the other day while i was in town. I guess my feet just wouldn't let me. I rememberall the times I came and got "Free" Hazelnut, 2% on my way to work. HOw I miss those times when you would come up and give me a hug and I would pray for you and with you. Love ya"

This tribute was added by Noah Loyd- Branch on 25th June 2012

"noah loves you"

This tribute was added by Noah Loyd- Branch on 25th June 2012

"mommy i loved helping you at the end.. missing you.. i loved having fun with you love noah"

This tribute was added by P. Tymas on 18th May 2012

"Dear Missi, I wanted to tell you Happy Mommy Day. I know that askia is taking very good care of you. I know that you know that we are  missing you a whole bunch. I am reminded of you always. You know that if it were possible, anyone of us would have gladly taken your Cancer and pain away, but the Lord knew/knows what He was doing. Though we do not understand the "Why"s", we can trust Him."

This tribute was added by Kenisha Robinson on 16th April 2012

"I remember meeting you for the first time before I was pregnant with Dae, I looked up to you!  When Dae was born you & your family took me in as family & I will forever be grateful for that. As Dae got older I remember you always being there for her & wanting what was best for her. You taught & instilled so much in Dae & I'm so very blessed that she had such an amazing aunt like you! Luv U"

This tribute was added by Julia Smith on 8th April 2012

"To B.J.(sister) "He is our peace" Ephesian 2:14  "Trust in Him at all times" Psalm 62:8   We love you missi,and you
will be missed. To be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord . Love Aunt Julia"

This tribute was added by Kathleen MooreGulko on 28th March 2012

"Being a cousins (with Bet, Pat) and growing up far away from each other, it was so great when we all finally got to meet. We all had instant love for each other. Missi was younger than me, but impressed me from the get go. So kind, so loving, gentle, intelligent. She was so gracious and sweet, and I will hold that in my heart forever."

This tribute was added by Damon Johnson on 27th March 2012

"as we dance Father sets the pace of the music. for reasons that we are not puppets He gives each child the choice of how to move to it. i witness many who have chosen to simply sit. but you. you. handled life the same as we met. with that basketball on your finger tips.. you danced a worthy dance Missy. the song plays on even in Heaven. smile. you're golden and now another of Papa's Angels"

This tribute was added by Stevie Williams on 26th March 2012

"I have known the family since before the dayz when they moved into the 20th and Roy house as kids; friends for life, family forever...
Rest, Rest Easy, the Pain is no more...
Till We Meet Again
StevieWilliams...20602... B4L...L.O.E..."

This tribute was added by Kelly Guy on 26th March 2012

"I've known Joyce for more years than I can count and she was always been the same person - a kind-hearted person, quiet but strong and determined, she'd offer a quick with a smile or sarcastic look for those she knew well..all of which I'll miss.  I've also known Ann for awhile and my heart goes out to her..Joyce you'll be truly missed"

This tribute was added by Margo Jones on 26th March 2012

"Your infectious smile, would always illuminate the room.  You were always so gracious and humble. I don't have that many experiences with you outside of us leaving Garfield, but the times that we shared together as youth growing up were enough to last me a lifetime.  Rest in Paradise Angel. God Bless you Ann and Noah with lots of love and precious memories."

This tribute was added by Desiz Burns on 24th March 2012

I am so grateful I had an opportunity to come spend some time with you a few weeks ago. You asked me while I was visiting you if you will ever travel again. Yes, dear Joyce , you are in deed traveling with many angels, first class as God's co-pilot. Rest in Peace.
You will be greatly missed. . Love Desiz"

This tribute was added by Chelsea Most on 24th March 2012

"You will always be a source of inspiration for me.  Hard working, full of laughter, and certainly the voice of reason.  I celebrate your journey knowing that you always saw the best in everyone and when things were difficult you put together a plan of attack and could see the light at the end of the tunnel.  I love you Missy and will always hold you close to my heart, my friend and sister."

This tribute was added by Rita Hobson on 22nd March 2012

"It's a shock to my heart. I'm so sad today. My heart and prayers to all who knew and loved joyce.  Rest In Peace!    God Bless you, ann and noah."

This tribute was added by Rochelle Fields on 22nd March 2012

"Missy, so blessed to have you as my friend.  So many funny memories you leave behind of our earlier days just out of Garfield HS rolling around in the Mazda (You, Me and Shermara). I remember the day you told me about your business proposal and when you opened the first coffee shop, so proud of you I was.  I'm still proud of you Miss, forever my Hero. Love you~"

This tribute was added by Kim Whitlock on 22nd March 2012

"To know you is to say I knew a Champion.The core of your being was a kind and gentle soul infused with spice,blessed w/ class,style and drive.Accomplishing so much in such a short time. I admire you in so many lights,a successful business woman,a great mother to Noah,a loving partner to Ann,a beautiful daughter and a fabulous friend .As I remember you I will remember "Joyce the Champion""

This tribute was added by George Brown on 22nd March 2012

"I may be your uncle, but we were so close in age growing up, that you were my first friend. I love you, and will always cherish your memory."

This tribute was added by Byron Brown on 22nd March 2012

"I never knew that we shared the same birthday until today after all these years of knowing you Joyce. God bless"

This tribute was added by Tracy Guy-Heliton on 22nd March 2012

"Wow!!! Knowing, Joyce from Miller Community Center when everybody know each other as FAMILY!!! I can remember her with a basketball in hand and her little brother hanging with her aunt...Just to say she was always on the court..Little Sista of old and new school you will be missed...Peace Tracy 'T-Guy'. Bulldog 4Life see you later MISSY.. LOVE YOU"

This tribute was added by Dwayne Donahue on 22nd March 2012

"I remember first meeting Ms. Joyce when i was working for her dads nursing home Branch Villa.. She would come to the front desk and ask " can you let my dad know that i'm here.. She was so quiet and did not talk much.. over time i got to know that she played basketball. years had past and i was told that my cousin Ann was in a relationship with this nice girl name Joyce. Such a small world"

This tribute was added by Ruby Coleman on 21st March 2012

"I only had the opportunity to meet Ms Joyce a few times but in those few moments I found her to be gracious and kind. My prayer for Ann, Noah, and the Branch family is that you would know the breadth,length, depth, and height of God's love for Joyce and that that knowledge would provide you with peace, strength, and comfort during this difficult time.  Jean"

This tribute was added by Cherlonda Lofton on 21st March 2012

"Although I did not know Joyce personally I have known Ann for many years.My daughters & I are praying asking the Lord to grant all of the family peace knowing that those of us in Christ will all meet again to be with the Lord forever. Ann we love you & we ask that the Lord will give you strength & although we are not able to be there, our prayers are with you, Noah, & all of Joyce's family"

This tribute was added by S (Sweet Pea) Tillett on 20th March 2012

"I didn't know Joyce personally, however I'm an old friend of Ann's. When a friend suffers a loss, their friends subsequently share the pain of that loss as well. With that said, to Ann & Joyce's family I offer these words- be assured believers, 'the dead in Christ will rise first & those left shall rise together & meet our Lord'. No goodbyes, just see ya later- Ann, I'm here 4 U my friend."

This tribute was added by Bernetta Branch on 20th March 2012

"Missy you are truly loved with hugs and kisses. Mom and dad will miss your smile. You are not in any pain. With lots of tears we will carry on with your strength. I want to thank you for being such a lovely daughter. You made me oh so proud each and every day. Thank you miss. God has a much greater plan then I. I (we) will join you with the Angels. May you be oh so blessed with the best."

This tribute was added by cynthia Davis on 20th March 2012

"Ms "J" I will miss you. I thank God that He allowed our paths to cross. See ya' later. Love "Cynt""

This tribute was added by Antonette Loyd on 20th March 2012

"You gave us joy and love. We will truly miss you. With All Our Love, Ann and Noah."

This tribute was added by P. Tymas on 19th March 2012

"From the moment she was born she stole my heart. A beautiful baby girl with a head full of dark, curly hair. She was the first neice, grand-daughte and great grand daughter. Missi was the one who taught the boys in the family how to play basketball. As she grew into her womanhood, I found an incredible person always willing to give out hugs. She dubbed me her "Crazy" Aunt. I love you miss."

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