Let the memory of Joyce be with us forever
  • 80 years old
  • Born on June 22, 1932 in St Anns, Bohemia, Jamaica.
  • Passed away on September 12, 2012 in London, islington, United Kingdom.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Joyce Morgan 80 years old , born on June 22, 1932 and passed away on September 12, 2012. We will remember her forever.
Posted by Glen Morgan on 12th September 2018
Hi mum,it doesn't get easier with time.Still missing you loads,still cant believe your gone.Wishing I could sit with you one more time,wishing we could sing together like we use too.I sometimes think that I have to go see you at the flat,but then remember, you are no longer there.I watch video's of you so I can heard your voice,so precious. Anyway sleep on my mother,God's time is at hand.
Posted by Glen Morgan on 22nd June 2018
Once again mum I wish you Gods blessings while you sleep.Many additions to the family and another born today.Missing you loads,missing our days out,missing our chats.Happy birthday for today.love you always.
Posted by Sabrina Henry on 22nd June 2018
Happy Birthday Grandma, After all these years I woke up today and still felt the sadness in the pit of my stomach. I've never felt a loss like ur yours. Our little moments that we shared will forever fill my memories. All the strength that you was, you have embedded in me as I continue on this journey called life, when times get hard I often think about how you carried on with 6 children and no mum or dad for support. You are my strength when times get hard and I am forever grateful for being able to call you grandma. You are dearly missed by all the Morgan's and that will never change. May you rest in eternal peace with your creater. All my love for ever and ever Amen x Ps You was gifted today with another great grandchild on your birthday; Alyssa Courtney Thompson x
Posted by Gina Morgan on 15th September 2017
Mum. The years are flying by, but it doesn't seem like you left 5 years ago. I used to think, that as the years past by, I would start to forget, the voice , the laughs, conversations, and memories, but how wrong was I. These are things I no longer worry about, because I still hear your voice , see your smile and remember conversations as clear as day. My memory of you will always live on. I hope your all looking after one another and continue to watch over us. R.I.P Dear Mum. Forever in my heart, until we meet again . Your Daughter-In-Law Gina xxxxx
Posted by Glen Morgan on 12th September 2017
Mum, it's a little bit easier to write to you this year.I'm still missing you, I still think of you every day, I still cry for you at times.sometimes I just shut myself away from everything and have that conversation with you, like you was still here.oh how I wish you was still here.rest on my mother in jesus name.love you mum.
Posted by Natalie Badley on 23rd June 2017
Happy Birthday Grandma, I am a day late sorry.....I couldn't do this yesterday....emotions were too much. Dad died recently and I just hope he is with you wherever you are. Keep watching over us all please, love you forever Nat xx
Posted by Natalie Badley on 13th September 2016
Miss you grandma, it's not really getting any easier.... I couldn't even write on here yesterday But I just hope you are ok up there and I will see you again xxxx
Posted by Gina Morgan on 12th September 2016
Mum. i can't believe I said goodbye to you 4 years ago today, at times it doesn't seem right, then reality kicks in.You will never be forgotten, always in my heart and on my mind along side my mum. I carry you both with such pride and joy, so lucky to have had 2 wonderful strong women in my life (my dear 2nd mum). The family continues to grow, which is all your doing, we all aim to continue with your legacy and hope we all make you proud. continue to rest dear mum, until we meet again. Miss you loads and love you dearly, Your daughter in law Gina xxxxx
Posted by Glen Morgan on 22nd June 2016
My mum, oh how I miss you. I watched you the other night in Jamaica having a good time.you look so happy, enjoying your jamaica, you look contented with your family, you was happy.when I see you like this, its as if it was only yesterday I saw you, only yesterday I said goodbye.sleep on my mother, rest a little while longer, soon we will meet again.love you mum.God bless.
Posted by Yinka Morgan on 22nd June 2016
I just want to thank you for the love and guidance you gave me unconditionally and you are always in my thoughts love you mum
Posted by Natalie Badley on 22nd June 2016
Happy Birthday Grandma...
Posted by Natalie Badley on 13th September 2015
Grandma you been gone for 3 years and it's not getting any easier.....I know you would want me to enjoy myself as you would say 'it's your day" so I try. I know you are looking down on us all from up there sitting with your Jesus. I know you are still with us but just sometimes I want to see you for real so I can kiss your cheek and say hi, are you alright? But I am hoping I will see you again one day and that's what I have got to look forward to. Love you to the moon and back forever xxx
Posted by Glen Morgan on 12th September 2015
Am missing you mum more than ever.It only seems like yesterday the master called you, home to rest.sometimes it seems like a dream, that you're not gone, you're just,not gone.Sometimes I think that ave got to come down to you, to look after you.Thank you for what you taught me, thank you for being you.I will always keep you in my heart, my mind, and in my soul.Sleep on my mum, til God wakes you on that day, that day of happiness. Bye for now mum, you're son Glen.
Posted by Glen Morgan on 22nd June 2015
Happy Birthday Mummy J. Thinking of you today and always. I can just imagine, we would all be gathering by your side today wishing you a happy birthday and all singing to you Grandma/mum we love you. The flat would be packed, as the family just continues to grow & you would be shouting at us all, stop the noise, but you loved it all the more. You have definitely left a legacy and stamped your mark on all our hearts. The family is getting bigger & bigger, which will continue to grow & this is all down to you. We install in our kids what you installed in us, and I am sure this will continue with each generation. There is so much love within the family a bond never to be broken. Continue to pray, protect & watch over us from up above. Forever in my thoughts and heart. Your daughter in law. Gina xx
Posted by Glen Morgan on 22nd June 2015
Happy birthday mum, you would've been 83 today, all your children, grand,and great gran children would ave been at your side today.Because of you we are a family that knows the lord and honours him, thank you for that (jesus is sweet).Sleep on mum, till that day you are rewarded in God's arms.We will never forget you.
Posted by Dawn Badley on 22nd June 2015
Thought of you this morning Grandma, thinking of you now. It's funny to think that now you'll live for all eternity, at 83 you've barely been born! God willing I'll see you again in paradise ... I look forward to that glorious day. Love you ... Keep praying for us as you did whilst here on Earth. Happy birthday Grandma xx
Posted by Jacqueline Morgan on 12th September 2014
Love you mummy RIP
Posted by Glen Morgan on 12th September 2014
It's still hurting mum, but when we talked before, we knew it would.you said to me son,don't worry, serve God and I will see you in glory.Remembering to always, always give God thanks for everything. Sleep on mum til that glorious day.loving you forever.
Posted by Jacqueline Morgan on 12th September 2014
Its now 2 years mummy. I miss you so much. If only i could hear Your voice once more. I know that it pleased the lord to take you si sleep peacefully Mummy Your 4th daugther jackie xxxxx
Posted by Natalie Badley on 22nd June 2014
Happy Birthday Grandma
Posted by Glen Morgan on 30th January 2014
THE MASTER CALLED I'm sorry i had to leave you,My loved ones,oh so dear but you see the master called me,His voice was very clear.I had made my reservations a heaven bound ticket for one,And I knew he could call me when he felt my work was done.I know that your hearts are heavy because i have gone away,but when the Master called me,i knew i could not stay.Yes i'm sorry i had to leave you,my loved ones oh so dear,but you see the Master called me and now am resting here.YES i've crossed on over to glory and to you all i say,just stay in the hands of JESUS,and we'll meet again someday.

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