Juani - calm
Juanita "Konka" During
  • 41 years old
  • Date of birth: Oct 16, 1970
  • Place of birth:
  • Date of passing: Aug 16, 2012
  • Place of passing:
    Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso
Celebrating Juanita During and the Incredible Legacy of a Bright Shining Star.

I  am driven by a dream and consumed by a vision of an Africa reborn - often vacillating between hope of all that is possible and frustration that required change is not happening quickly enough -  Juanita During, personal statement of purpose, 2006    

A speech by Juanita (starting at 2:20 mins) at a meeting to discuss the MDGs with Deputy Prime Minister for the UK, Nick Clegg  -   http://youtu.be/6ei1rJSe9u8?t=2m20s

Romans 8:38-39

For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord - The NIV Bible.

Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Aline Ouedraogo on 16th October 2016

"Joyeux anniversaire Juanita, le temps passe mais ton souvenir reste vivant..."

This tribute was added by Bola Jones on 18th August 2016

"Juanita!  The last time I saw you in a dream, you were very busy "getting on with your duties" and wondering why we weren't doing the same.  You're a living and loving memory of one who did it all in a very short time. Nearly 35,000 views and hundreds of comments in 4  years testifies of that:-)                                               The inspiration that was your earthly life lives on....You are deeply missed."

This tribute was added by Modupe Ayorinde on 16th August 2016

"Juanny girl,
Thoughts of you always flood my head and I can't believe it's four years already! I still read my last text to you this morning and it surely does not feel like four years.
In my mind, you are still our very own "Oprah"
Big kisses, hugs and of course love always!

This tribute was added by Comfort Ansong on 16th August 2016

"Her memory is as dear today......as in the hour she passed away. you will always be in our hearts....... Juanita"

This tribute was added by Roselyn Alagh on 16th August 2016

"Dear Sis, thoughts of you is filled with gladness and gratitude to GOD for sending an Angel like you our way. Your sweet laughter ( that's is so infectious) and smiles brightens a dark room or sad face. You are celebrated both in Heaven and Earth."

This tribute was added by Vivian Molokwu on 16th August 2016

"4 years! So much has happened. Continue to rest in the Lord, Juanny. Not sure what to say at this point. The years are counting. You are missed, my friend and sister.
I wrote  "the book", eventually. Remember when you would hound me to " just start"? Well, I did and  it is doing good in sales. It is dedicated to mummy and to you.
It is well. Love you both"

This tribute was added by Lincoln OPIO on 16th August 2016

"Those We Love Don't go Away. They Walk Besides us Everyday."

This tribute was added by Tina Onukogu on 16th August 2016

"Juani Juani
keep up the laughter and joy in heaven. Your memory lives on..........."

This tribute was added by sheba osei on 16th August 2016

"Four years already?
I think of you everyday. ... Yes, you'll always be in our hearts. Love you, my wise sister."

This tribute was added by Modupe Ayorinde on 20th April 2016

"Juanny - guess what. Shortly after my last tribute to you, my team changed directors and the lady that too the position has the loudest, most infectious laugh that you could ever imagine! You can hear her laugh way across the hallway. Every time she laughs, which is almost always, I think of you and I just beam! How cool is that?! Rest in peace my friend.
Hugs, Dupsy"

This tribute was added by Modupe Ayorinde on 28th January 2016

"Juanny girl - all the emails we exchanged seemed like yesterday. I could not hold back the smiles and tears of joy as I looked through them last night. Your incredibly infectious and loud laugh - that can only come from you my friend :)
I remember how we brought the house down in Dubai that karaoke night - what joy, laughter and enthusiasm we shared. You are always in my heart my sweet friend.... mmuahh till we meet again.
Love, Dupsy"

This tribute was added by Nneoma Obineche on 14th January 2016

"Konka!! We are planning a class reunion and you won't be there! It's all still so unreal! It won't be the same without you."

This tribute was added by Modupe Ayorinde on 16th October 2015

"Juanny Love, Happy Birthday my friend! Miss your physical presence but I know you are forever near... Vivs can testify even if she won't admit it :-)
Lots and lots of love.

This tribute was added by Ada OkoWilliams on 17th August 2015

"I had no access to the internet yesterday to pass by, but i am here now. Anyawu otutu, It's been 3 years already, buts really it's been every day and this time it's no more tears and pain.

Aunty K put it all in some fresh perspective and now all i feel is gratitude to Almighty God for letting me know you and love you as specially as i do."

This tribute was added by Ifeoma Charles-Monwuba on 17th August 2015

"It has been 3 years. Looked at the pictures yesterday but couldn't bear to write anything. You are missed Dear Juanita."

This tribute was added by Isha Nasser During on 17th August 2015

"My dearest Ms. Juanny, it's been 3 yrs since you departed for the great beyond. Continue to shine in the great beyond. Love and miss you big my darling."

This tribute was added by Ogechi Onuoha on 17th August 2015

"Unforgettable. Always in my mind...Juanita!"

This tribute was added by Bola Jones on 16th August 2015

"A Canadian friend of yours contacted me recently.  She had found this site after googling your name.  She had'nt seen you since 2004 she said and wanted to reconnect as you had both been very close when you worked together then.  I felt sad about what must have been a shock to her but grateful that we put up this sign in your memeory.  30,000+ visits so far is a testament to how much you meant to each of our lives.  Hardly a day goes by that you do not cross my mind.  Keep glowing ever brighter in the skies my precious shining star and we'll keep our candles burning bright in your honour."

This tribute was added by Vivian Molokwu on 16th August 2015

"It's been 3 years! Love and miss you, Konka. It is well with your soul."

This tribute was added by sheba osei on 26th June 2015

We sent you our love through Senior Mama... I bet you got all the hugs and kisses. ..
Love you forever."

This tribute was added by Isha During on 26th June 2015

"Ms. Juanny, my dearest sister-in-law. Woke up with you strongly in my mind today. There's not a day I don't think of you. I miss you every new new day. Continue to rest in peace my dearest. Pls extend my love to Daddy. We hope to meet some day. Much love always."

This tribute was added by Modupe Ayorinde on 16th October 2014

"Happy Birthday darling Juanny! What a gift! What a blessing!
Thinking of you today and every single day!
Lots of love,

This tribute was added by Vivian Molokwu on 16th October 2014

"Happy birthday, my dearest!  Miss you as always. It is well."

This tribute was added by Bola Jones on 15th October 2014

"Darling, thinking how this would have been your 44th birthday and going through the various emotions that has now become a part of living with your absence.  I cannot help but feel grateful that we knew you at all.  That we had you for the years that we did and in that time your candle did light our world. I love you and miss you more than I can put into words.  Thank you for all that you did.  You are forever alive in my heart beloved."

This tribute was added by Onyi Okechukwu on 17th August 2014

"It just seems like yesterday Juanie! I am one your testimonies and I know that you are smiling down on me saying 'see my onyi o'. Rest on dearie. You are sorely missed. Lots of love..."

This tribute was added by sheba osei on 16th August 2014

"It's been two years since you left us but it seems like just yesterday. Your kind words, your good advice..... you were beautiful inside and out. I'll always miss you Mummy Nita....."

This tribute was added by Ada OkoWilliams on 16th August 2014

"Hmmmm, the word is GRACE! We have all held it together for the past two years, been hard to 'come to terms' with all of it but God's grace kept us all... your friends and family. You continue to give me the gift of meeting people who knew you, strangest of strangers, in the strangest of places ( rural Tanzania)  yes that is how far you touched and continue to touch lives. That is why you still live and will forever live in our hearts. Anyanwu otutu!"

This tribute was added by Rev. Victoria Bravette on 11th August 2014

"My darling Jaunita, it is fast approaching 2 years since you went home to Jesus. Miss you loads my love. Do greet your Mom my beloved sister, Grandie and Grandpa and Brother Femi my brother your uncle. Shalom Always Aunty Vicky"

This tribute was added by Bola Jones on 9th August 2014

"Juanny, this song is for you.... (A new day has come)....the last song we sang together shortly before you left.  I love you tons.  I miss you even more.  Looking up at heaven today with a teary smile knowing you are now stumping on the streets of gold:)"

This tribute was added by Vivian Molokwu on 8th August 2014

So many things I want to say. No space. Yep! All of this space yet, it just isn't enough.  Wonderful friend and sister. You had such deep insight into the word and things of God. Friendship so true and  honest. I miss that.  Dupsy and I still have not truly confronted this. We have not visited each other since you passed. It seems safer to talk over the phone. Seeing each other just might make it all so real. And.. we do not want that.  At least, not for now. God bless you my friend...  My sister."

This tribute was added by Nneoma Obineche on 7th August 2014

"Juanita dear! This time 2 years ago, I was sad that you didn't make it to Canada for the reunion like you'd hoped / planned; but I was looking forward to catching up with you in the U.S later in the month ... I never got that chance ... I miss you!"

This tribute was added by Modupe Ayorinde on 14th June 2014

"My Sweet friend Juanny, it's been a while since I last wrote a tribute and I guess in the strangest of ways, we both know why :)
You may no longer be physically visible but by no means are you gone...you've shown me in so many different ways that you are still very much around and the tribute I leave today is in deep gratitude that I still get to "feel" those incredible moments with you - I know it's you and I am just so grateful for those times
Big kiss...always in my heart, so keep the clues coming! I love you!"

This tribute was added by Aline Ouedraogo on 28th January 2014

"Une pensee pour toi."

This tribute was added by Bola Jones on 16th October 2013

"JD, woke up with so many thoughts of you today, your birthday.  Then I read Luke 24 & the Oct 16 entry for Oswald Chambers' daily devotional (My Utmost for His Highest). This spoke to me -  "Thou shalt never lose thy spiritual life, for it is hid with Christ in God...The argument for thy life is His life, and of that thou canst have no fear; wherefore rest in thy living Lord." Miss u babe."

This tribute was added by Rev. Victoria Bravette on 16th October 2013

"My darling Jaunita, today would have been you 43rd birthday but I find myself writing a tribute to you. Rest in peace my darling and may light perpetual continue to shine on you. Enjoy your birthday with your Saviour Jesus, your Mom my sister - Dad, Grandie, Grandpa and all of the family in the Church triumphant. shalom Aunty Vicky"

This tribute was added by Comfort Ansong on 16th October 2013

""Happy birthday sweet Juanita, you're gone, but not forgotten”."

This tribute was added by Aaryanne Tijani on 16th October 2013

"I miss you terribly, I love you dearly and I wish you were here. Jasmine and I are doing alright. I want to wish you a Heavenly, Joyous Birthday. Say hi to Grandie, Grandpa, Aunty Jide, I love you all dearly"

This tribute was added by Ifeoma Charles-Monwuba on 19th August 2013

"It has indeed been one year since I got the frantic call from Ouagadougou of your demise. How time flies. I can’t help but think that if you were still on this part of the world you would have been my colleague again and electrified our office with your laughter. I miss you and pray that all your family and all of us that love you will continue to receive the fortitude to bear your loss."

This tribute was added by Chinekwu Ibeabuchi on 17th August 2013

"JD...i,m glad I checked in today ! your voice over the phone when Tina had ectopic pregnancy surgery, your encouragement that it will be good. It turned out good and we had a son Chilagbaramonu ( God is my advocate). As I type away the tears cant stop. I did not get to meet you, knowing you for 3 years before your passing it was emails and phone calls only ! I love you JD ! adieu great pal"

This tribute was added by Ada OkoWilliams on 16th August 2013

JD, just checking up on you! I re live every moment of this day in 2012 like its all happening right now but now with gratitude and thanksgiving. The hopes, the prayers, the laughter, holding hands, then my wails as I held your head in my palms, the kiss on your forehead.... I still love you and I miss you.  Rest on daughter of Zion!"

This tribute was added by sheba osei on 16th August 2013

"A year has sped by and not a day goes by that I don't think of you. Afterall, your pictures still form part of my screensaver. Juanita, Konka, Mummy Nita,  it's been a year but the pain of your loss is no less. Mawuena still asks when u will come & I still don't know what to tell him.We miss you. We love you. Rest in perfect peace."

This tribute was added by Comfort Ansong on 16th August 2013

"Surprise! how time flies, its already a year......you will forever be missed Juanita, You are still fresh in our minds, Rest In Perfect Peace Mama"

This tribute was added by Bola Jones on 16th August 2013

"My precious friend, 6366 visits since that day a yr ago today makes me glad I fought my pain to set up this site. Hardly a day goes by that you do not fill my thoughts. Your absence still hurts &  I  see and experience life so differently now.  I am inspired to be my best & do my all knowing each day is a precious gift. I still have conversations with you in my head and hear you laughing:)"

This tribute was added by Nneoma Obineche on 30th July 2013

"Konka, It stills hurts very much that you are no longer with us! We're prepping for the FGGCB reunion in FL and I'm thinking of you because this time last year, I was hoping we'd meet up at the reunion at Niagara, Canada. I still have the emails... It's supposed to get easier but I'm still waiting for that experience. I miss you, I miss you, I miss you...lots!"

This tribute was added by Vivian Molokwu on 25th July 2013

"Thoughts of you fill my heart everyday, Juanny... every single day.
There are major decisions to make and you are not here. You are missed.
You are a great woman, Juanny!  A great woman! You ARE because you still live on in our hearts."

This tribute was added by Bola Jones on 25th July 2013

"My heart still aches even as the first anniverssary of your departure approaches. Maybe because our many phone conversations, emails  and texts at exactly this time last year were filled with so much hope and enthusiasm for the future.  But then again, I am reminded that you have arrived at your ultimate destination, the best future there is.  I love you my precious friend.  I miss you so."

This tribute was added by Ugo Emeka-Ebigbo on 16th May 2013

"Sweetie, Our little girl Onyii turned five yesterday. We missed your phone call...for the first time on her birthday. Ones again, I am reminded that you are home with our father. You will forever be remebered in a happy way."

This tribute was added by Bola Jones on 28th February 2013

"Juanny, just wanted to tell u my mum went home a wk ago. I trust you've met up by now.  She was so sad when we lost you.  She would have turned 79 tomorrow.  Her departure has reinforced yours even more.  You both make heaven so much more real to me now than earth itself.  I hope you are both having a ball along with your mum and other loved ones. Hugs and kisses to you my dearest friend."

This tribute was added by Nneoma Obineche on 16th January 2013

"Konka I still hurt from missed opportunities to call you before you left us. We had several friends in common and I took it for granted that I'd always catch up with you. If ever an experience hit home the urgency and importance of not putting off for a later moment things that can be done in the now, it's your passing. I miss you loads, girl! Yet I sing glory to God for new life in Him."

This tribute was added by Soji Adeniyi on 27th December 2012

"JD...it's the first Christmas since you left ? Tough as it seems, difficult as it is ..we continue to miss u! Rest in the blossom of the Lord!"

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