Our Love For You Is Eternal....
  • 50 years old
  • Born on January 4, 1961 .
  • Passed away on May 22, 2011 .

 Judi, beloved wife and loving mother of two beautiful children, Aaron and Ariella was loved by family and her many friends.  Her perseverance and courage throughout her life was matched only by her grace and generosity.
Those fortunate enough to have met Judi will always remember her warm smile, wit and willingness to help others.

Our love for you is eternal....

A memorial fund in Judi's name has been set up at Memorial Sloan-Kettering for Ovarian Cancer Research . Please don't forget to check off the box for "Honorary or Memorial Gift". "Judith Greenspan-Lopez Ovarian Cancer Research Fund"

Posted by Arlynn Shankle on 4th January 2019
Thinking of you. Arlynn
Posted by Wayne Green on 24th December 2018
Judi, I only met you one time. That was a Adam Greenspan's wedding, in California, on July 4th. I was so impressed with you. We talked for what seemed like hours. I will never forget you, and your warm charming way of meeting a stranger and making them feel like long lost friends. It is too bad you were taken from earth before we could meet again.
Posted by Adrian Lopez on 4th January 2018
Happy Birthday my dear. Rest well knowing your children and I, though missing you, are all doing well...
Posted by Bernard Greenspan on 22nd May 2017
My Dear Judi, Today is the 6th anniversary of you leaving us. Never a day goes by without your mother and I talking about how much we miss you. Our hearts ache without your presence. There is a hole in our lives that can never be filled.. All our love forever. Dad
Posted by Linda Murad Aghassi on 5th January 2017
Hi Jude ❤. was technically challenged yesterday ....argh... but today is a new day and able to write this message to let you know I was thinking of you yesterday for your birthday and reminiscing looking at all the pics... miss you❤❤
Posted by Bernard Greenspan on 4th January 2017
My Dear Judi, Another birthday without you. Your mother and I talk about you everyday. You are so missed that the ache in our hearts never subsides. The emptiness in the space you left can never be filled. Love Mom and Dad
Posted by Peter Sloan on 4th January 2017
Judy; We all miss you terribly.
Posted by Adrian Lopez on 4th January 2017
My Darling Wife, Your family, friends and I still think of you.... Adrian
Posted by Cheryl Suarez on 24th May 2016
I can't believe it's been 5 years. I miss your smile and your love of life. I see Roxi every day and there's a second where I expect you to be in the yard behind her. You live on in your wonderful children. R.I.P. my friend.
Posted by Bernard Greenspan on 23rd May 2016
Your mother and I miss you more each passing day. Never a day goes by without us looking at your picture. The space you left in our hearts can never be filled.
Posted by Adrian Lopez on 22nd May 2016
Thoughts may wander to sadder times, but then your children and I think of your smile and the grace with which you shared your life bringing us so much joy. Rest well my beloved...
Posted by Linda Murad Aghassi on 22nd May 2016
Dear Judi, I have lit a candle, but you are always remembered and with me each day bringing the smiles, laughter, encouragement, support, etc that only you could bring. Thank you for giving and sharing so much of yourself unselfishly. Missing you still......love, Linda
Posted by Jim Gerke on 22nd May 2016
As Memorial Day approaches every year, for the past 5 years....Thoughts of you. Your love is still felt to this day.
Posted by Barbara Stopfer on 22nd May 2016
Dear Judi: Another year has gone by and we think of you often and miss you each day. You left a void that will not be replaced as you were so special to so many people,. We love you and will always miss you. Keep smiling with that beautiful smile of yours, Love you kiddo and say hello to my beloved Bernie, Love Barbara aka Sam
Posted by Lori Hudson on 22nd May 2016
Iduj - Bahama Mamas Conch Shells Memories that last forever Turtle Angels El Tee
Posted by Bernard Greenspan on 4th January 2016
My dear Judi. Another year has passed with out you. It does not get easier with time. Everyday there is a void. I never stop missing you and think of you always. Mom and Dad
Posted by Cheryl Suarez on 23rd May 2015
Every time I see Roxy I think of you. I can't believe it's been four years. Your children have done you proud !
Posted by Barbara Stopfer on 22nd May 2015
Dear Judi: So many miss you, so many love you and so many think of you so very often. Keep smiling and I know you are smiling down on all of us. Love, Barbara and Bernie
Posted by Debra Ploth on 22nd May 2015
My dear friend Judi. You are my inspiration to keep doing what I'm doing. I just made 5 years cancer free and I thank you for all of your positive messages and uplifting outlook you always shared with me. You are my hope, my friend and my blessing. I am so grateful that we had the time we had as "new" friends and sisters in the fight of ovarian cancer. My heart hurts to think that such a beautiful ray of sunshine of a person was taken from all of us so early on. I'm sure heaven has a new glow that it didn't have before you went home. I miss you my dear friend. I love you and I thank you for continuing to be my inspiration in this life. Every day is a gift and in the hardest of times I cherish it.
Posted by Eileen & Bernard Greenspa... on 22nd May 2015
Judi Dad & I miss you every day. We will always love you. rest sweetly dear daughter. Everyday things are less without you.
Posted by Adrian Lopez on 22nd May 2015
Dearest, Another year passes, yet your memory lives on in your children, your mom and dad, your good friends and in my heart.....
Posted by Jim Gerke on 22nd May 2015
I made a promise 4 years ago that I couldn't keep. Steve & I promised we'd get together every year in your memory. Losing Steve just a few months later has left me to do this on my own. Great memories that bring a smile. A true inspiration on how to celebrate life.
Posted by Bernard Greenspan on 5th January 2015
Judi, I miss you everyday.. Your picture hangs where every one can see that beautiful face, shining with your wonderful smile. Your children are beautiful and successful. we are so proud of them and I believe you are too. Love Mom..
Posted by Barbara Stopfer on 4th January 2015
Dear Judi: I know so many hearts are broken without you, but the joy we all shared with you is always in our hearts. Bernie and I wish you a very happy birthday today and we know you are smiling down on those who love you., love Barbara
Posted by Barbara Stopfer on 4th January 2015
Dear Judi: We had loads of fun in River Edge. Remember your nickname Max and I was Sam?. I think of you very often. Happy Birthday, Judi, you are so missed by so many people. We love you, Love to you xoxox Barbara
Posted by Bernard Greenspan on 4th January 2015
My dear Judi, This is the 4th birthday without you. It was just a short time ago we were able to share all of our joys with you. It seems like yesterday. It never gets better. We feel you around us all the time. You are in our hearts and minds always. There is an empty space which only you can fill. We miss you beyond imaginable. You are always in our thoughts. Mom and Dad
Posted by Arlynn Shankle on 26th September 2014
Hello Judi, I thought of you today. I miss seeing your smiling face. Arlynn
Posted by Linda Murad Aghassi on 23rd May 2014
Dear Judi, so often I think, "oh how I wish I could call you and talk and hear your wonderful optimism infused with laughter and a dose of reality;)" i remember the giggles and the talks, and I smile missing you all the same. The kids have a lasting bond and they are growing beautifully. You have so much to be proud of :-) your light shines through XO
Posted by Bernard Greenspan on 22nd May 2014
My Dear Judi, Today is the 3rd year since you left us much too soon Everyday we miss you more than the day before. We look at your picture and its brings you to life in our hearts and minds. Mom and Dad
Posted by Abby Lundy on 22nd May 2014
Three years ago you left those of us that love you. It may get easier as time goes on, but you are never far from my thoughts and always in my heart. <3
Posted by Adrian Lopez on 22nd May 2014
As time passes, our memories of you remain vivid and bright. You will always be missed by loved ones and friends alike. My dear, we are all fine still cherishing our precious time with you. AAA
Posted by Eileen & Bernard Greenspa... on 5th January 2014
Ariella Lopez with Judi Greenspan Lopez I miss you every day, but I know you are still smiling down at me, proud of all of my accomplishments and looking out for me every step of the way. I couldn't have asked for a better mother and best friend to have had in my life. I have so many wonderful memories with you that I will always cherish deep in my heart. Thank you for being such a big part of making me who I am today, I couldn't be happier. Happy Birthday Mom. I love and miss you very much. And I will be making chicken with rice and mushroom sauce in honor of your birthday!
Posted by Bernard Greenspan on 4th January 2014
Judi, Today is the 3rd birthday without you. For Mom and I you are always with us, never left us, always in our hearts and minds. We feel your presence just because of who you are, a caring, compassionate person. Who by your presence always lit up the room. You are the person around things revolve.
Posted by Bernard Greenspan on 1st December 2013
Judi, This is the 3rd Thanksgiving without you. There was an empty chair at the table-yours. We all missed your soup, your smile and your beautiful smiling face.. Each day is never the same without you. Dad
Posted by Bernard Greenspan on 24th May 2013
Judi, Mom and I miss you everyday. The pain of your passing never leaves us. You are in our hearts and minds al ways. I visit you often and knock on your wall hoping you would answer. The silence is a roar in my head. I knock again hoping for next time, when I knock again.
Posted by Adrian Lopez on 23rd May 2013
Dearest, on the anniversary of your passing, I still recall the wonderful times you and I had with our children and family. While we all miss you, we will always be better having known you as a wife, mother, daughter and friend. Rest at peace knowing we are all doing well and look forward to meeting you again some day..
Posted by Adrian Lopez on 4th January 2013
My dearest, As time passes by my memories of you become more meaningful and vivid. The life we shared will always be cherished by me and our children and has left indelible memories with everyone who knew you. Happy Birthday ......
Posted by Bernard Greenspan on 4th January 2013
My DearJudi, This is your second birthday without you. Each and everyday I miss you more.There is a.hole in my life, a hole in my heart and an empty space only you can fill.How does one continue to go on after such a loss.I look at your wonderful children that carry all the things that you taught them.They will carry the touch of your soul forever
Posted by Debra Ploth on 4th January 2013
Dear Judi~ Happy Birthday to you in heaven. I love you and miss you so so much. It is so hard to understand why you had to go. I miss our phone calls and your uplifting attitude. I think about you always and hurt inside. I'm so happy for the time we shared. Love you Birthday Girl. Deb
Posted by Arlynn Shankle on 15th June 2012
Judi... I've been thinking of you lately. Miss seeing you very much. Your neighbor, Arlynn
Posted by Linda Block on 3rd June 2012
It's been over a year since your gone. I can remember how fantastic you were to my son, Kevin. He complimented you and talked about you all the time about how he liked to be with you. He said you were optimistic, cheerful, and encouraged him with his schoolwork.
Posted by Kevin Block on 22nd May 2012
Mrs. Lopez, You were a fantastic woman, strong at heart. I didn't understand your cancer that well at the time, but from what I saw, you sure as anything didn't let it keep you down. You were a role model to any and all people to come in contact with you and I will continue to think of you.
Posted by Jim Gerke on 22nd May 2012
A year since you left us, and I still really can't find the words to express how I feel, and how wonderful a friend you were. I hope that Adrian, Ariella and Aaron are finding a way to cope. I think about them and your Mom & Dad often.
Posted by Pam Ponte on 22nd May 2012
Dear Judi ~ I will always remember your smile and know that you're looking down and smiling on everyone who knew you. Rest in Peace my dear friend. Love, Pam, Pete and Vincent Ponte
Posted by Wayne Green on 16th January 2012
Judi, you were taken from us far too soon. You were such a lovely caring and ful loving person. I will always remember our first meeting at Adam & Christine's wedding. God blessings on your soul. Wayne
Posted by Linda Murad Aghassi on 12th January 2012
Hi, its me! Best buds at 6, we grew up sharing adventures hatched out of our 'genius' ideas..We grew up sharing family from my house to yours..We grew up with incessant giggling that even a gigglectomy couldn't cure..We grew into the Moms we said we wanted to become...we learned from each other. There can be only one of you, Thank you for being you.
Posted by Eileen & Bernard Greenspa... on 8th January 2012
My dear sweet Judi. Everyday, all day we think of you. You are the lite of our lives. Your legacy is all those things you have done for people. How much you were willing to give of yourself. The highest form of giving is to give of one's self. This make you live forever. In judiasm,"If you change one life, you change the world." This means your legacy is forever.
Posted by Eileen & Bernard Greenspa... on 5th January 2012
JUdi We miss you so very much it hurts. We lit a candle for you yesterday. It was your birthday.Rest well sweet daughter,.you live in our hearts and minds forever. Without you the world seems dimmer, because I write with tears in my eyes. Mom & Dad
Posted by Cheryl Suarez on 4th January 2012
Judi, every morning I look out my kitchen window and for a split second expect to see you in the yard with Roxie, and then my heart breaks. I am blessed to have had you in my life and I have never missed anyone so much. God Bless your family, may each day shed a bit of the sorrow they feel.
Posted by Abby Lundy on 4th January 2012
Happy Birthday in Heaven, my friend! I miss you everyday! Love you!

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