Always loved and remembered.
  • Passed away on May 22, 2016 .

This memorial website was created in memory of Judiann Dobrin. 

Posted by Terry Lancaster on 2nd June 2018
Judy and I were roommates for a while in college. I tried for several years to catch up with her, but to no avail. So sorry to hear of her passing. It was shocking, as we sometimes feel indestructible. I have many pleasant memory's of us as 18 year olds exploring the world. My sincere condolences to her children. Terry Boyd Lancaster
Posted by Nicole Dobrin on 19th December 2017
Happy birthday mom. Wish I was celebrating with you and watching you blow out your candles. Love and miss you always.
Posted by Michael Dobrin on 19th December 2017
Happy Birthday Mom. Thinking of you on your special day.
Posted by Karen Frisbee on 23rd May 2017
Judiann you are living on each day in your beautiful children and grandchildren and so many people whose lives you touched. You touched mine and I miss you my friend. I have many memories with you that are treasures, but one of the treasures we shared was us both having granddaughters born the same year, same month. You celebrating your dear Ema and me my dear Madeline. Oh how fun it was to share their "firsts". And then came beautiful Kai. How happy you were and how proudly you told me, "I think he looks like Michael." You might not be able to share their lives with them on earth, but you are surely watching them every minute from heaven, that I have no doubt. I know they feel your presence and you remain in all of our hearts and lives.
Posted by Nicole Dobrin on 22nd May 2017
Mom, One whole year has passed. I just can't believe how quick it went, and how much happened that you have missed. I think of you every day, something I did before you died as well, but now my thoughts are different. I know you're happy and peaceful now, and that gives me peace as well. I miss you terribly and often think about our times when we were younger and all of us together. This past year I've really come to realize how much your love for nature has influenced my life and enjoy spending time outside more than ever now. Thank you for all that you shared and taught me mom, it is your living legacy that I hopefully can pass to my own children. And if not, then to my loved ones around me. Loving you always, tootsie.
Posted by Michael Dobrin on 22nd May 2017
You're in my thoughts today Mom. I wish you could be here to see what's changed in the past year - there are so many things: Nicole getting married, a walking and talking grandson, a granddaughter who now asks questions in the same way I once did to you. Even this past year's news and the new books that are out. I wish I could still share all of this with you. Love, Michael
Posted by Kate Mcnamee on 22nd May 2017
Think of you and Michael and Nicole often. FB keeps me up with their milestones and through them I feel connected to you . Still missing you.
Posted by Kate Mcnamee on 22nd May 2017
Forgot to tell you how beautiful and happy Nicole looked on her wedding day .. the grandkids were precious and Michael has much to be proud of.
Posted by Jason Francis on 22nd May 2017
So much has happened this past year but I know you were watching over us during all of it. I see your influence in Nicole so often, especially in her love of nature. Nicole and I found a new park up the street that I think you would've liked. And when we were in Japan there was some moss on a tree that would've made it in into your specimen collection. I want you to know that I love your daughter so much and I will always take care of her. Rest In peace.
Posted by Michael Dobrin on 14th May 2017
Thinking of you this Mother's Day Mom. Rest in peace.
Posted by Bert Grimes on 16th February 2017
While bored in Japan (Nagasaki Pref., probably too far from Tokyo to meet Michael in the few days I have left here) there is plenty of time to get lost in facebook. I stumbled upon Nicole's page via a picture one of our mutual friends posted from high school. Little did I know of the effect the top post, a link to this page, would have on me. I only met Mrs. Dobrin once, but she was someone whom I'd never forgot. Nicole and I were in the band together in the 8th grade when Mrs. Dobrin chaperoned a trip. I had always been the oddball, more comfortable in a daydream than in a conversation, and per the usual, I found myself sitting alone as the bus loaded. Mrs. Dobrin boarded near the end and continued past the first few rows usually reserved by some unwritten rule for the adults. When she reached me and my empty seat, she stopped and asked if she could sit there. What transpired next, simply a conversation, would impact me to this day. I cannot tell you the details of the conversation, only the way she made me feel while having it. This woman, whom I'd never met, was talking with me to learn about me. Not to carry on an idle conversation, not to pass the time on a boring bus ride, but to know who I was as a person deep down. She gave me her undivided attention. I remember thinking that no one before had talked with me in such a way that I was comfortable divulging my thoughts and opinions; I assumed no one cared. My experience told me one thing, and this stranger was showing me another. For one of the first times in my life, I felt important. She didn't have to sit with me. She didn't have to talk me. But she did. Later in high school, still the oddball, every so often Nicole would mention that her mother asked her how I was doing. Nicole never had to mention anything to me, but she did anyway. She didn't have to take my responses back, but I have no doubt it was brought up at that night's dinner table. Mrs. Dobrin was rubbing off on her daughter. You may wonder why a person who'd only met Mrs. Dobrin once could assume they could post something here. I recall that conversation every so often even now. To be a better man, I attempt to emulate certain traits in very specific people. Fortitude, my grandmother, Charlotte. Selflessness, my grandfather, Rufus... Kindness, Mrs. Dobrin. The brief impact that she had on a thirteen year old boy was lasting. I believe it a testament to the woman she was. I will not forget her.
Posted by Michael Dobrin on 18th December 2016
Mom, It's the morning of Dec 19th here in Tokyo and today is your birthday. We're all geared up and ready to fly in for a Christmas visit in a few hours. This is our first birthday and Christmas without you, and it'll be a hard one in many ways, but don't worry... Nicole and I have already been discussing which of your many Christmas traditions we're going to keep alive. We've definitely decided on continuing your charger plate tradition (as much as we complained, I think this was secretly our favorite one that you came up with). Ema still remembers a lot of things about visiting for Christmas. She talks about the big tree in your old place, the small tree in your new place. We were talking about cars the other day and she mentioned how your van was blue. She remembers the cranberries and yogurt that you always gave her for breakfast. We showed her a picture we took in 2012, which was her first Christmas visiting, where we let her halfway ride Ivan for a Never Ending Story photo shoot, and she talks about it like it's a real part of her memory (who knows - maybe it is). She even asks me questions about Max, who she never even had the chance to meet. So as you can see, your presence is always felt and is an important part of our lives. Kai never had the chance to meet you, so I plan on teaching him all about his wonderful Grandma through stories. I see a lot of you in myself in the way that I'm choosing to raise him (and Ema) - appreciating the little things in life, having a love for learning, respecting others - so many things Mom. And so, all the lessons and wisdom that you taught me over the years will pass along to your grandchildren. I love you Mom and Happy Birthday :)
Posted by Nicole Dobrin on 24th November 2016
Happy thanksgiving mom, I wish you were here. Even if you make balsamic cocktail onions instead of something good...I love you.
Posted by Nicole Dobrin on 14th June 2016
Mom, Today is my birthday and it's just not the same without you calling me and singing me happy birthday, or without one of your homemade cards and whatever gift you thought I would like that year. I found your list of planned gifts for us all this year, and never knew you were that organized! I don't know why you wanted me to have toothpaste, but you must have known my tooth has been hurting me. I didn't take gammas carrot recipe from the house because I already knew it, but I remember talking about it with you in the phone recently. It's been 4 weeks since I've talked to you last and I can still imagine your voice on that last conversation. I don't know if I will ever forget how it sounds, and I wrote down everything we talked about that day so I won't ever forget it. I love you mom, and If I could have made a wish last year on my birthday it would have been that you would still be here for this birthday.
Posted by Karen Frisbee on 7th June 2016
Judiann always downplayed her own abilities to make someone else feel good. The thing is, she was amazing. She was talented, thoughtful, loving, and so brave. Judiann was an inspiration to those of us who had the privilege of getting to know her. I was blessed to have Judiann as my friend. I will miss you dear friend, and I thank God for all we shared. Rest in peace my friend.
Posted by Kate Mcnamee on 4th June 2016
I want to share how grateful I feel to have known Judiann. She and I became BFF's after meeting 6 + years ago. We spent lots of time talking on Skype and emailing until Judiann updated her phone yea!! Lol. then we moved on to phone calls and texting. Yard sales lunches thrift stores children then grandkids filled our lives. And of course Ivan. . She had a passion for cooking gardening art collecting treasures that had significance to her and most importantly Michael and Nicole.. I was blessed that our paths crossed and I met someone so special.
Posted by Jason Francis on 2nd June 2016
Ms. Dobrin was so inquisitive. Nicole told me before I first met her to be prepared to answer a lot of questions. I could tell right away how much she honestly cared about my answers, too. It wasn't just idle chit-chat. I really think she loved learning everything she possibly could. She was so artistic. I only saw a handful of her paintings but all were beautiful. They were made with a free and whimsical spirit. And that's how I saw her. She loved the outdoors very much and I enjoyed when we would all go on walks together. I think back to one in particular when she was walking side by side with her granddaughter, Ema. That's the image I'll picture in my head when I think about her. She also raised two great kids. Both are genuine and caring, just like their mother was. I'm so glad I got the chance to meet Ms. Dobrin.
Posted by Paula Cramer on 2nd June 2016
Judy and I were inseparable during the years that she lived on Shelly Lynn Drive in Fairlawn. Judy was an avid swimmer at the time and spent countless hours at practice and swim meets. I remember always admiring the number of 1st place ribbons that hung on the bulletin board in her room. I was devastated when she moved away. We kept in touch for many years, but sadly lost track of each other as the years went by. It is very comforting to read posts from others who knew and loved her. She was no doubt an amazing woman and will be missed by so many friends and family. Rest in peace Judy.
Posted by Becky Gilbert on 1st June 2016
Lord Jesus, our Redeemer, You willingly gave Yourself up to death so that all people might be saved and pass from death into a new life. Listen to our prayers; look with love on Your people who mourn and pray for their dead sister, Judiann Lord Jesus, You alone are holy and compassionate; forgive our sister her sins. By dying You opened the gates of life for those who believe in You; do not let Your sister, Judiann, be parted from You, but by Your glorious power give her light, joy, and peace in heaven where You live for ever and ever. Amen. With loving memories, Your sister, Becky Jean, who loves you and misses you immensely.
Posted by Dave Berardi on 1st June 2016
Nicole and Michael I was shocked when I heard about the passing of you mom. I started to reminisce all the fun times we would have together at Grams house when I would visit for the summer. Judy will always have a place in my heart.
Posted by Joni Berardi-Williams on 30th May 2016
Judy had the biggest brightest eyes. Through them, I learned a great deal. While growing up, I looked up to my beautiful cousin and absorbed all she had observed with those gorgeous eyes and would relate to me. She was different and I even tried to copy writing with my left hand as she did. She was a blond back then, thanks to lemon juice and sun. I thought it was her natural hair until she came to visit after years of not seeing her and she was a brunette. It was then I learned her secret. I watched as she ironed her long blond hair with an ironing board. We got into trouble together when the phone company sent out a man and didn't tell our uncle but decided to talk with and help the man ourselves. SMH I thank you for the encouragement you gave me in more recent years; maybe I'll make good on it someday. I'll remember our times swimming [who could forget you racing one of our fastest guys and beating him], playing games like 'Head of the Class', and always being your patient to your nursing skills. But I will always cherish the satin pillow you made for me that held the key to your heart and surprised me with the day I came to visit you in Virginia. I love you Judiann. I hope you are happy where you are.
Posted by Michael Dobrin on 29th May 2016
Judiann Dobrin, 62, died Sunday, May 22, 2016 at her home in Ashburn, Virginia. First and foremost a caring mother, Ms. Dobrin selflessly committed herself to raising her son and daughter. Some of those years were spent as a single mother, where she tirelessly balanced duties of both home and work in support of her children. Even after they reached adulthood, her children continued to be the center of her life and she always enjoyed spending time with them and experimenting with her latest recipes. In her later years, Ms. Dobrin became a grandmother and cherished the time she spent with her young granddaughter, where they enjoyed reading, painting, drawing, exploring and laughing together. Outside the home, Ms. Dobrin worked for several years as a teacher in both elementary and middle schools, in addition to working as a private tutor. Curious and a child at heart, she related to children by second nature. Ms. Dobrin was a painter and collage artist, and many of her lessons incorporated themes based on these to inspire and teach. Undaunted by a challenge, she taught herself basic physical science when no other qualified teacher was available and stepped in as an 8th grade science teacher. Even though she caught the ceiling on fire once in an experiment gone wrong, she persisted through and finished out the year. Ms. Dobrin was an animal-lover and owned several dogs throughout her years. Dogs were no different than humans to her and she possessed an ability unlike others to communicate and form inseparable bonds with her pets. She loved them as she would her own children and many resided with her until old age. Ms. Dobrin is survived by a daughter, Nicole Marie Dobrin, who resides in Sewell, NJ, a son, Michael Lee Dobrin, who resides in Tokyo, Japan, two grandchildren, Ema Shino Dobrin and Kai Emil Dobrin of Tokyo, Japan, and one sister, Becky Dobrin Gilbert of Fayetteville, NC. A private ceremony will be held by Ms. Dobrin's immediate family near her home in Ashburn, Virginia.

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