My Dear Friend

Shared by Juanita Williams on October 4, 2014

well my dear friend its hard to beleive that you left us two years ago. I miss you dearly my friend. But i know now that you are in a better place with no worries and no pain. Dance my friend ithink of you often and remembe the good times. I truly miss yo my friend.Happy Birthday.Love you

my dearest friend

Shared by Juanita Williams on January 24, 2012
Judy u and I shared a lot together. The fun times and the some of the bad too. But we always seem to make it. We shared a lot of laughter on ur front lawn as I watched u paint ur sea coast. I will miss seeing u there. But I know in. My heart that u are in a better place. With no was really good to hear u laugh ant cut up on the phone last week as we talked I could always get u wound up and it seemed really nice to hear that laugh of dear friend I will miss u but u will always be near me in my now.I love you. Juanita rackliff williams

By Naomi DeWalt

Shared by Naomi DeWalt on January 24, 2012

I know you are in heaven, I know you are in peace, please give me the strength to be at peace with me.
I miss you everyday and there's nothing they can say, nothing they can do can make this go away. For nothing on this earth can bring you back

again. I loved you every second and I know you loved me to but in the end it pained me to even look at you. You didn't know who I was and you didn't look the same. I couldn't stand to watch you suffer I couldn't stand to see your pain.
I know you're right beside me, I know you'll see me through for however long my journey takes to make it back to you.

January 25,2012
By Naomi M. DeWalt


Shared by Naomi DeWalt on January 24, 2012

As an artist, she enjoyed working with watercolors and then oils making beautiful pieces of the coast and countryside of Maine and the California coast

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