Let the memory of my Mother, Judy, be with us forever
  • 72 years old
  • Born on December 24, 1940 in Nashville, Tennessee, United States.
  • Passed away on August 4, 2013 in Bradenton, Florida, United States.

This memorial website was created in the memory of my sweet Mom, JUDY KING, 72, born on December 24, 1940 and passed away on August 4, 2013. We will remember her forever. And will be greatly missed everyday!

Posted by Melissa Geesaman on 24th December 2017
Today is your 77th birthday and oh how I wish you were here so I could hug and kiss you! Tell you how much I love and miss you and your sweet smiling face!! You were my world. My best friend and an awesome mom. We miss you everyday. I miss hearing your voice so much. RIP Mom and I know you are now without pain .. I Love You
Posted by Beverly Little on 4th August 2017
My Aunt Judy was my vision as a child....of a "fancy..fun loving " lady. She endured many challenges...and through those had a strength to keep taking each day as best she could and move on to the next one. She loved her children to the depths of her soul. RIP..to Chris... I miss her laughter when family was all together...her perfume for years was Taboo...I can still smell it. My wish is for my mother, her sister....my grandmother and Judy...peace and happiness until we are gathered together at the end of our time. Love you Missy...
Posted by Melissa Geesaman on 25th December 2016
Happy heavenly birthday Mom. Yesterday you would have turned 76. I've been very sick and really wish you would have been here to take care of me or at least be here to talk to me. This has been a rough year for me, and I've missed our talks and visits so much. I love and miss you deeply.
Posted by Melissa Geesaman on 14th August 2016
Three years seems so very long ago and yet just like yesterday. I really really wish I could sit with you or go to lunch together cause I have a lot going on that I am in need of your advice. I miss your sweet hugs and sweet smile and your encouraging words. I think if you many times out of a day. You were my "Rock". I love and miss you Mom more than there are words to describe
Posted by Melissa Geesaman on 24th December 2015
Happy 75th Birthday to my sweet Mom in Heaven. You are truly missed today and everyday... I love you more than life!! God rest your sweet soul, my little lady!
Posted by Melissa Geesaman on 24th December 2015
Happy 75th Birthday to my sweet Mom in Heaven. You are truly missed today and everyday... I love you more than life!! God rest your sweet soul, my little lady!
Posted by Paige Green on 16th December 2013
Oh my! I remember the first time I saw Judy King. I was standing next to Melissa who was to be my wife later on at the new ( then) hickory hollow mall in Nashivile) I was watching from the second floor from Spencer gifts and off to the lower level left was a water bed display. ( sorry this was late 70's early 80. But yet yet there was this young lovely lady bouncing on these water beds about 40 feet below me and melissa. I said look at that chick bouncing on those beds and Melissa said....Oh that is my mom Judy. I was 23 and melissa was 18. I meet Judy at the chicken filet long before it became big for a chicken sandwich and lemonade and we bonded...in a sense. She was nervous of me being a yankee through all those days. But I liked here her. Always did!So much to tell here, actually a book....but that book is private. To Melissa ( alias Neah) My secrets are forever that.My appreciation and love for Judy will never die. I understood the times that changed the history of time, after all, I was part of that and lived it with you Melissa. God bless Judy King and may she rest in peace with Christ forever.But foremost my absolute respect to your mothers passing. Best Melissa we will always be coneccted Paige
Posted by Lisa McEwen-Quinn on 9th September 2013
Judy Judy Judy you will always have a special place in my heart. My mother, Deanie, & you had the kind of friendship that is rare & precious. Very special indeed. Knowing both of you are together now, keeping heaven on it's toes makes me grin from ear to ear. Sending prayers, hugs and much love to you Missy ~ Lisa Mac
Posted by Melissa Geesaman on 5th September 2013
Mom told me story, which I did remember parts of story. I actually ran away, when I was 3, but just to next door 's house trash can... stayed Maybe 15 min and apparently Mom panicked so bad she was in tears!! But when she found me I told her I wasnt really running away, just hiding..She was so upset but crying so much because I was alright.
Posted by William Gisriel on 20th August 2013
My sweet Judy I miss you terribly..Coming t o supper every night was the highlight of o,f my day We ate,drank laughed and loved it together.Now I am alone again as you are in heaven with no pain and with GODS blessing .We will be together again one day I am sure of that.I will think of you with LOVE always .Your Bill
Posted by Debbie Oakley on 17th August 2013
I met Judy and her family in the mid 70's.. and immediately knew that we would always be friends! We all use to visit at her house, where at any given time, there were always friends of the kids' playing music, and having fun. !! For the first time in 30 yrs, we met in April..such a great time and again in May on vacation! I am so thankful we had the chance to spend time together again <3
Posted by Roger King on 17th August 2013
Melissa I love you and your mom. Your mom always treated me like her son. I was always welcome in your home. I loved her smile. Most of all I love the strength she had to pull her self together after Jack died and raise you and Chris the best she could.
Posted by Pat Rodgers on 16th August 2013
I met Judy at Church of the Cross and began to know her better as we spent time talking with one another. I felt like I was spending time with my own mother because Judy had many of my mom's characteristics like kindness, love, understanding, wisdom, and humor. I'm so glad God allowed the paths of our lives to intersect in His good plan.
Posted by Shana Becker on 16th August 2013
I remember when I first met Miss Judy, she always walked in with a Taco Bell cup in hand. She would crack jokes with her southern quirky personality and ask me what lipstick I was wearing. She always lit up the room when she came in and always was pleasant soul to be around. She will be very missed by me and all the girls at first choice haircutters.
Posted by Mark Kidwell on 15th August 2013
I met Chris the first day of school in the 7th grade at Apollo Jr. High school. His family always made you feel at home, and Ms Judy was that cool mom we all dreamed of having. Through all the hardships and tribulations she and her family endured she was the rock that anchored the family. We as friends always were made to feel like we were part of her family.. Ms Judy touched many hearts.!
Posted by Ricky Reed on 14th August 2013
As a teenager and coming from a troubled family I used to spend a lot of time at Judy, Chris and Melissa's house. Judy took me in and treated me like one of her own when I was a kid. I spent more time at her house than at my own during my teenage years. I will always think of her as mom. RIP sweet Lady. Luv u Melissa Renee' Kennicot (never knew what the hell that meant) King.
Posted by Debbie Olphie on 14th August 2013
Melissa and I were friends in the late 70's. I remember the home was warm and inviting. Full most of the time. For some reason I remember the early mornings sitting at the table. Quiet time. I thought she was beautiful inside and out. She and Melissa seemed more like sisters than mother and daughter. A deep bond that could be felt. I remember thinking she was so very cool. Love u, Mel
Posted by Jon Petrelli on 14th August 2013
I remember the first Sunday that Heather and I arrived at Church of the Cross. After we sang for worship, we sat down and a hand reached gently from the pew behind and grabbed mine..I heard a voice say.."That was beautiful." I turned and saw Judy smile at me with her eyes that lit up. Well, for me..that was Judy..BEAUTIFUL! Her smile, her hugs, her words..her life..we will miss you! J&H
Posted by Melissa Geesaman on 14th August 2013
My sweet Mom, who was also my best friend, will be forever missed not only by me and my husband, but many friends. She always had a smile on her face and would help anyone,all the while having major back pain. She was so funny and was always "cutting up", as she would say. She was a good Christian lady that read her bible and prayed everyday. Love you Mom & life wont be same without you!

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