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Hi June

December 24, 2023
 It’s just about Christmas and I’m at Scott’s. The girls are excited and really want to open their gifts. I know they will like what we gave them this year. Ainsley and Alyssa already have their’s and Cait will be opening hers tomorrow.
 Angela, Cynthia, and Jenn are doing well except for Angela’s broken/sprained foot.
 The boys are also okay we’re all making through the Holiday’s in our own ways. 
 I am missing you but I know you are without pain so that makes things a little  easier. I was at Jimmy’s for Thanksgiving we had a nice dinner and we’re thankful for many things.
 Tim and Jenn are doing pretty good as well. Alyssa is going to Worcester State. She has finished her first semester. Ainsley is playing basketball almost every day and is becoming a very good player.
 Cait is living in North Carolina with Dereck and Alyne who are expecting their first baby (another girl). On to Texas . Everyone is fine, the girl’s are growing and seem to be getting along well.
 I can’t get over how smart all six of them are.

Love and miss you every day
January 1, 2023
 Well year two has passed and I still occasionally wait for you to walk through the door but I know that won't happen. The good news is my memories of you are still with me and they help me make it through the days. I've been going to Jimmy, Scott and Tim's and visiting all but I can honestly say it is not the same without you. I know they miss you greatly and wish you were still here. I know everyone misses you as you can tell by some of the posts on this memorial site. You would be very proud of all your granddaughters they are all doing well.
 Caitlyn has a new job and nice boyfriend, she is currently in Idaho and meeting his family.
 Allyssa is looking at schools and deciding where she might want to go. Her and Ainsley are both still playing basketball and have become very good players.
 Clara has learned how to play cribbage and is getting pretty good at it. (when she is not on her iphone) She is growing very quickly and becoming a beautiful young lady.
 Lydia (the fashionista) I believe will be designing her own line of clothes someday. She  has been baking up a storm. Cookie, brownies, cakes, and anything else including cheesecake she will take on the challenge.
 I can't forget Johanna. She is a very smart, polite, and caring individual which I believe you had a lot to do with. She likes to read and is very competitive when it comes to playing games of any kind.
 I hope this update will find you and let you know that we are all okay and miss you greatly. My heart is still broken but everyone is helping me back.

Love and miss you Jim.
December 26, 2022
I miss you every day, you were the best mother in law . Always so careful not to step on any toes. Such good advice now that I’m in the same situation. Jim and I always ask you for recipes and when we make them we know how you’re watching us and laughing. Caitlyn talks daily of her memories with you. What an awesome relationship you two shared!  And maybe soon we will be able to use you as an example as the perfect grandparent. We miss and loved you dearly June/Mo
December 18, 2021
Well it has been nearly a year. I still miss you every day. The pain has subsided a bit, but there are good memories all around me. They exist in your granddaughters eyes, your sons mannerisms, and your legacy you left behind.
 This spring when the snow melted and as I went out to check the mail I walked past the flower bed near the lamp post. I "sensed" you telling me to get the marigolds planted.  So off to the farm I went to get them.
 Your plants in the family room that have been there for as long as I can remember get watered every week and are doing well. There is that "sense" again because you know it isn't me I have never watered them before. 
 I feel you telling me to keep the house as neat as I can which I try to do, but nowhere as good as you did. You set the bar pretty high. You knew better than anyone that I am certainly not perfect when it comes to keeping things clean.
 When I end up playing a game of cards it doesn't matter what game, the conversation always turns to you and what you would do if you were playing. You remember things like MeMe says don't smile until the end cause you know what can happen. Maybe something like Jim would you please give me some cards I can play with. Again all good memories.
 I guess the only other thing I can say is I am not alone. The people around me that you know all say they miss you so much. Please don't worry about me our friends and family are taking pretty good care of me. Just remember that although you are not here physically you are still love and missed by everyone.
 I love you and miss you every day.
 P.S. Lets keep those senses flowing. When I first wrote that I lost my direction in life, it wasn't exactly true those senses keep coming back.


Christmas gift

January 19, 2021
 So its a few days before Christmas and June was starting to panic over things she didn't buy yet. She was looking for a gift for my ten year old granddaughter Ainsley. The gift she wanted were Christmas pajamas. I believe that was one of the things on her list. After searching Amazon and any other site for hours she finally found a pair. Jim look at these do you think Ainsley would like these? I looked over and as guys do with girls clothing and said they look great. I received the pajamas the day after Christmas and as I looked at the package I read the word maternity. The front of the pajamas read Mama Bear. This would have given June a little chuckle no maybe a hardy laugh, Just another smile she brought to my face.

P.s. Don't tell Ainsley I haven't given them to her yet.

She made you feel loved.

January 5, 2021
June was one of those people that make you feel loved without doing anything special. She was this big ❤️ loving and accepting everyone person, with her wonderful sense of humor and kind words for every occasion. I remember waiting for her arrival at Cindy's parties (and not just because she was bringing her delicious pineapple cake), but because she was bringing the ease and laughter, with her funny stories (as something was always happening at her million-relatives side of the family, or her and Jim just came back from their travel, etc). I will miss you June! Thank you for welcoming and accepting me into your extended family. Till we meet (and laugh) again...

Thoughts and prayers....

January 4, 2021
Jim, Jim, Scott, Tim, and all of June's loved ones,
It was a sad moment as I was reading my Sunday paper, that I learned of June's passing.  Our family has so, so many stories to share....being neighbors for so long, we had the opportunity to create happy, funny,  sad, and crazy memories with all of you.  One in particular comes to mind....while June was sitting in her chair at the kitchen table one summer night playing cards...Lisa's cat jumped onto the screen and scared the heck out of her....she yelled "That damn cat!"  It took all of our efforts to keep that cat in the house to prevent another incident!  I think that cat just liked June and wanted to spend as much time as possible at the Russell's!  Another memory that always gave me comfort and appreciation for our friendship was when, after my divorce, I began evening classes at HCC.  My girls were 10 and 16 and I was a little nervous about leaving them at home while I went to school.  June always assured me that she would keep an eye on them.  I knew she would....our kids were always together....we each loved each other's children like they were our own.  One night, I got called out of class to take an "emergency" phone was June calling to tell me that Krista had cut her hand pretty seriously, but she "had it under control and not to worry."  I rushed home to find the girls at June's house, baking cookies with her, as if nothing had happened.
June gave me the opportunity to learn about raising boys and I will always be grateful now that I have two grandsons of my own.  I have so many fond memories because she was loving enough to share her boys with me.  Jim, please know that you all will be in our thoughts and our prayers.... thank the Lord for memories.... Sandi and Dave

She took me in

January 1, 2021
First time I met her I felt in family, dating her niece made me part of the family...Jim and her are some of the nicest people I've ever met and 7 years had past since then so forever she will be in my heart,Jim im grateful of you 2 and always looked fwd to family events just to say hi or just stopping by the house and have great conversations, always peaceful n felt at in peace auntie June we love you.

One of our crazy funny days!

December 30, 2020
While having a kids swim day with Caitlyn, Billy, and Justin when they were younger June and I decided we were going to ride the seal we had bought for them. We managed to both get our big butts on it, did not get far from the ladder and toppled. When we came up from underwater we were laughing but the kids were not because Sammy the seal was lying on his side half deflated with a hole in his side. This is just one of the many memories of June I will always cherish❤️                                                                                                 I Love you so much and will miss you so much June❤️

My fun loving sister

December 29, 2020
My sister and I along with other family members went to New London for the fireworks.When we left ,there was so much traffic on a side street we decided to walk a bit, I said to June "The people in the other cars are going to think we're ladies of the night" My sister looked at me and said "I don't have much money! What do they charge? I started to laugh and I said you don't pay them,they pay you! oh yeah that's right she said..We laughed all night about that.
.That is only one of many memories i will remember about my sister..I love you and already miss you so much

December 28, 2020
I worked with June at Holyoke Catholic and she was such a wonderful woman. We always joked about her birthday being leap year and that she was only some many years old not her real age. We had some good laughs! Miss you June 

The best neighbor ever!

December 28, 2020
June was there for many of our memories... 
like the time Alex got the baby toilet seat stuck around his neck. June loaned us a saw to cut it off. Another time we were going fishing, Alex promised to bring her a fish for dinner... June reminded him that she would only take a fish if he cleaned it. He thought thatwas so funny because of course the fish would be clean, it comes out of the water. She was also the first person we went to when Dan and I got engaged! She is also my mentor for baking cakes which last time she told me to use google . June is very special to me and my family and will be dearly missed! ❤️❤️❤️

Guinea Pigs

December 28, 2020
I had 2 guinea pigs, Spiffy and Oreo. While they were special on their own, what made them even more special is that Meme (June Russell) was there when we got them. It was a year and nine months ago, right around Christmas. I remember being in our minivan, screaming at the top of my lungs. Meme was the (second) most excited. We drove up to the house, Meme and Popop waited in the car while me and Dad went inside to pick them up. When we got back into the car with the guinea pigs, I remember seeing Meme's face light up. She was so happy. She and Popop started reaching into the cage, trying to grab them. It was honestly pretty funny. Not only were we in a moving car, but the guinea pigs were already pretty spooked, and they kept jumping and running away from them. I think the most special part of that night was that Meme and Popop were there. About 3 months ago, one of them passed away, Spiffy. It makes me happy that Meme and Spiffy are together now (he was her favorite haha). :)

- Clara Russell, Age 10

Something special

December 27, 2020
I am the grand daughter of June Russell. I have had many special memories with her but I would like to share one that makes me smile whenever I think about it. This special memorie is when we made cheese cake together. I had so much fun and wish I could do it all over again. Baking is something that me and Meme share. I have loved baking my whole life and Meme has to and that is something special. I can remember everything about that day but the thing I remember is the joy and love I felt being in the kitchen with my Meme. I know that the main ingredient is love and that is the thing that makes it the best cheese cake. The thing that makes my life perfect is knowing that I have my Meme watching over me from morning till night. The thing that makes me the most proud is knowing that I am always and forever the grand daughter of June Russell the greatest woman alive or dead.

By Lydia Russell, Age 8.

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