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Justin Green
  • 32 years old
  • Date of birth: May 4, 1979
  • Date of passing: Apr 24, 2012
  • Place of passing:
    Utah, United States
Let the love and kindness of Justin be with us forever -- feel free to add a story on how Justin touched your life or a special memory --- We love you, Justin

This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Justin Green, 32, born on May 4, 1979 and passed away on April 24, 2012. We will remember and love him forever. Justin, you are a beautiful soul.

Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Cliff Dunn on 30th April 2017

"It's hard to believe you left us five years ago, Justin. I met you during the 2002 Olympics and was privileged to know you. You were smart and funny and I am sorry that what you gave didn't find its way back to you. Rest In Peace and thank you for your friendship."

This tribute was added by Mark Williams on 24th April 2017

"Hey Justin! It's been a while, I hope you and my Stef are having some awesome parties!! keep up the shenanigans! lol, peace!"

This tribute was added by Mark Williams on 9th May 2015

"happy b-day! thank you for being such an awesome person! you were greatly loved and are forever missed! i am sure you and Stef are having a party! i love you and i never even met you! i knew of you through Stef and you were Amazing to us both!!"

This tribute was added by justin southworth on 30th December 2014



You can be as lucky as you make up your mind to be.  yes, this is true.  In fact it is

something you may not know or believe, but you can be lucky and have all you ever wanted

with one decision to just let yourself start having whatever it is you want.    

    I once went to my friend Justin's house.  He lived in a gorgeous condo.  I asked him,

Justin how is it that you have this beautiful condo to live in.  He said, Justin, I am not

comfortable living in anything less so God and the universe don't give me anything less.  

I thought about this and decided that I would manifest a place of my own.  It had to be

downtown or within walking distance of downtown, have two bedrooms so I could have an

office, be upstairs and have a balcony and not cost more than 600 dollars a month.  

  Within a short time I had this exact place.  It was everything on my list.  I lived there for

almost 3 years before I decided I wanted a new place.  I loved living there and was able to

have many fun times with my friends and family.  

I was lucky to find this place that was everything I had listed I wanted.  I believe we can all

be just as lucky by following several steps.  1. We need to be clear as to what we want.  We

need to list everything out we want to have in detail to the color, size shape, people we

want or types of  whatever.  Just list all the details.  2. We have to get clear as to what we

will and will not put up with.   It must be like Justin who only was comfortable at that

standard of living so the universe gave him nothing else but that high quality place.  3. We

have to never give up believing it is on its way and also accept nothing less than what we


Then will come a day when you will wake up you will look out and everything you wanted

will  be in your life.  Then as you are in this place looking at what you have you can say, I

am the luckiest person.  For in this moment you truly will be the luckiest person.  

Justin Traveled the world and was able to see and go more places than most people in 32 years.

He inspired me!  I hope his lesson he taught me inspires you too!"

This tribute was added by Mark Williams on 28th September 2014

"hey Justin, Stef has joined you in the after life! please be with her and help her on her journey! you were both an inspiration to most of us with your charismatic look at life and the way you handled people. Stef loved you and i wish i had the chance to know you. she started this memorial for you and i made one for her too. whenever she spoke of you or thought of you she would shed a tear. please be there for her."

This tribute was added by justin southworth on 16th September 2013

"justin wanted to live.   he wanted to get sober.  i believe he did.  he inspired me and made my life better.  i will make more memories with him in the next life.  he was the perfect example on how to manifest things in your life. he achieved most of what he told me he would do.  i see him now smiling down with his dad and this i know brings him peace and joy"

This tribute was added by justin southworth on 16th September 2013

"it's been over a year since justin passed.  there has not been a day i have not thought of him.  he and i were, honestly, best buds.   he is somebody who made this life much more enjoyable for me.  i asked him once how he was going to keep living if he drank the way he did and he said, "justin i am going to live many, many years longer than u.""

This tribute was added by Aubrey Green on 4th May 2013

"Justy, I think about you every day. I have so many of your things displayed in my house. I love it !! Macie loves to look at your things and your picture i have up. The other night she said " This is Justin's special thing can i touch it ? I wish he was here and maybe he could bring this little monkey with him " It was a tear jerker ! You are my angel now little brother..."

This tribute was added by jill higbee on 16th September 2012

"Dear, dear Justin. How I miss you. I too feel your love. Your beautiful blue eyes are only rivaled by your beautiful soul. I knew you for years through my son Justin. I loved you like a son. I know how much you loved your Mom and your family. My life was better for having known you. I will treasure the memory of you. Always. Jill Higbee"

This tribute was added by Erin VIncent on 18th May 2012

I love you so much! I've been thinking about you a lot and can't believe how much i miss you! I look at pictures of you just about every day, wishing you were here and that I had done more for you."

This tribute was added by John Mucia on 8th May 2012

"I put some more pictures up. Justin always LOVED getting his picture took & was so easy to photograph. I sponsored the site so it can stay up forever & we can all share more pics & memories."

This tribute was added by Ashley Green on 8th May 2012

"Justin, its been two weeks, and I must say its been an amazing journey. I feel you everyday, I'm so proud of who you were and I will live everyday to the fullest in honor of you. I know your watching and won't let you down. I love you so much!  Thanks for always looking out for me, love your lil sis:)"

This tribute was added by John Mucia on 8th May 2012

"I just heard about Justin's death & am really broken up about it. Justin and I shared many years of friendship & travel.
I am glad that he had been with his family and friends this last year & know how much he loved them and Utah."

This tribute was added by Mark Williams on 4th May 2012


This tribute was added by Chad Hendry on 4th May 2012

"Justin,   I am at a loss for words.  You were such an immense part of my life when I was 18-21.  You were not only my best friend, you were someone I deeply cared about.  I have always regretted us losing touch over the years, but you have always held a very close spot in my heart!  All I can do is send peace and love through my thoughts.  Love ya Chad"

This tribute was added by Jill LaMar on 4th May 2012

"Hi Justin, I love you so much and I know your with me. I will not let your memory die. It doesn't matter how you died it matters how you LIVED!!!  Love you and I will see you again.  Keep smiling cause that's what I'm going to do. I PROMISE!!!"

This tribute was added by Mark Williams on 3rd May 2012

"I had never met Justin. My wife, Stephanie, worked with him. I went to the celebration of life, and I was so touched by the stories of Justin, I cried more than her and many others. I wish I could have known him. he tried to make sure everyone felt love. I can only hope to be remembered in this way. Thank you Justin for being who you are. We love you right back."

This tribute was added by Alex Johnson on 3rd May 2012

"Justin, It's hard to believe that only a month ago you were roaming around at work, hanging out with all of us. I remember the last time i saw you, you came in to talk to Preach and as you left you turned around and smiled at everyone and said goodbye. Who knew it was actually going to be goodbye. I'm going to miss you man. I hope where ever you are, You're happy. Hakuna matata."

This tribute was added by Mark Williams on 30th April 2012

"Justin's life celebration, was a beautiful combination of so much love, appreciation, remembrance and honor for all that Justin has shown and taught us all. A loving coming together of hearts that appreciated the wonderful person he was,and what we will all remember him as, for  now and forever. We love and miss you, Peace to you."

This tribute was added by Tiffany Wright-Tilley on 30th April 2012

"You will always be with me because I could never forget you.I will miss you forever.Thanks for being my friend."

This tribute was added by Roslynn Kilpack on 30th April 2012

You were a little brother to me for many years.  I'm sorry you had to leave this earth so soon.  I find so much peace in knowing you are with your dad again.  You had such a kind heart, you will be missed greatly."

This tribute was added by justin southworth on 30th April 2012

"Justin and I had so many amazing times together.   He and I always had fun .   He would come over and stay with me many,many times while I lived with my grandfather in Murray.  I always called Justin on his birthday no matter where he was in the world.   He was truly one of the best friends I had.   He knew my entire family and I knew his.  He will be forever missed by me!"

This tribute was added by Laurel Hoopes on 30th April 2012

"Dear Justin,  You will be sorely missed by the ones left behind but I can only imagine the great reunion you have had with your Dad!  We are only here for such a little while but the friends and influences we have made and had last forever.  God be with you till we meet again - your old next door neighbors.  Laurel and Peggy Hoopes"

This tribute was added by kirk sander on 29th April 2012

"Justin thanks for being yourself. And always showing us all the places you traveled, making us jealous, and wanting to hate our jobs. you were a good man and good heart and soul. God is with you."

This tribute was added by Gwen Stephens on 28th April 2012

"It is hard to imagine the world without you in it. There are many great things I'll remember about your kind soul ...  Our lives are fuller for having been touched by you."

This tribute was added by Misty Dye on 28th April 2012

"Justin you will be forever deeply missed! I'll always remember your beautiful blue eyes and your wonderful smile! Whenever I would see you, you would brighten my day! I'll love you always and forever!"

This tribute was added by Jackie Pappas on 28th April 2012

I met you a couple of times with your sweet sister Aubrey.  Loved hearing about your kindness and selfless acts.  You were love and Loved."

This tribute was added by Desiree Valentin on 27th April 2012

"My heart goes out to you and your sweet family Justin. I know you were a blessing to everyone you came in contact with! May the memories live on forever!"

This tribute was added by Leigh Davenport on 27th April 2012

"My condolences to Justin's friends and family."

This tribute was added by Scott Angus on 27th April 2012

Thank you for showing so much love to little Macie. The short time you lived with her and Aubrey, I know that you made her dinners and made sure she ate them. You would play with her and spend meaningful time with her. That's just who you were. A  piece of her world is going to be missed. I know you have finally found peace Brother."

This tribute was added by Brittany Staffield on 27th April 2012

"I am so sad to hear this. You will be missed greatly, Justin."

This tribute was added by Oliver Chiang on 27th April 2012

"I'm sorry to hear about your passing. You'll be missed"

This tribute was added by Kassie Ferguson on 27th April 2012

"Justin you are one of the best people I have ever known. You helped me with so much and I will forever be thankful. I'll miss you so much. Love you Justin!"

This tribute was added by Jim and Vicki Young on 27th April 2012


We have known you since you were a little boy, but havent seen much of you in the past few years, however we will always remember your kindness to everyone. We know that you will be remembered by everyone that has ever met you and that heaven will be a better place with you there"

This tribute was added by Ashley Green on 27th April 2012

"Wow Justin! I knew you were amazing! and it is great to see your coworkers recognize this aswell even though they knew you a short time you made a huge impact. I believe it.  Stay tuned for exact time and location of justins celebration of life Monday evening.   If you'd like to call for details my nuber is 801 706 4832. I would love to hear from any of you."

This tribute was added by Nicole Turek on 27th April 2012

"Justin, never in my life will I forget your gentle smile and the genuine kindness in your eyes and in your soul. You will always be one in a million and will be missed by so many of us. Rest peacefully, my friend."

This tribute was added by Luc Gehring on 27th April 2012

"Justin you were one of the nicest guys I have ever meet. Also helped me a lot when I was a newbie. Enjoy your many journeys in heaven! Miss you man!"

This tribute was added by Ian Stocker on 26th April 2012

"Justin, you were always an inspiration to me. I miss you and hope you know that I love you. You may have only been a part of my life for a short time, but you had an impact on me. Peace be with you on your new journey."

This tribute was added by Erin VIncent on 26th April 2012

"You have always been a great friend, and wonderful person. You are loved always and will be missed forever. . I'm so grateful you and I became friends. You will always own a piece of my heart, Justin. I love you."

This tribute was added by Mark Williams on 26th April 2012

"I chose this because: Born To Amuse, To Inspire, To Delight, you were all of those things to us and more -- a great friend -- I miss you."

This tribute was added by C. Ammon Collingwood on 26th April 2012

"You will be missed for the impact you've had on many. Thank you for your friendship."

This tribute was added by Christopher Frazee on 26th April 2012

"Take care Brother!"

This tribute was added by Jenna Meibos on 26th April 2012

"Sweet Justin,
I will miss the fun we had on our graveyard shift together and I will never forget your awesome blue eyes. I hope you've found happiness and peace. Myself, along with many others will miss you dearly. xoxo"

This tribute was added by Mark Williams on 25th April 2012

Words do an injustice in explaining how much we will miss you.
You will remain very alive in our memories and admiration.""

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