• 18 years old
  • Born on July 3, 1992 in Troy, Alabama, United States.
  • Passed away on August 22, 2010 in Troy, Alabama, United States.

This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Justin Mills who was born on July 3, 1992 and passed away on August 22, 2010. We will remember him forever.

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Posted by Brenda Dunn on 2nd July 2014
I miss you. I think of you and that big smile often. You meant so much to us all. I thought of you and "E" the other day and I know you and her are having a blast. My love to you both.
Posted by Teresa Oakes on 7th June 2013
Hey Justin, Today I picked up VBS stuff and thought of you. I am so glad that God allowed me to see him in you. Love ya
Posted by Anastacia Santiago on 6th June 2013
Hey Justin, I really miss yu hun. I can remember the last time I saw yu wen we used to go to the h.s. football games and meet behind the concession stand and play and share secrets. Yu were my best friend in 6th grade and we made a promise to always be best friends. Yu were the reason I made and I will always love yu and cherish our times together.
Posted by Shelia Thomas on 25th October 2012
jus wanted to say that i miss yuu so much bubba and that i love yuu so much
Posted by Donna Mills on 25th October 2012
Just wanted to drop by and say I hope you and Nannie enjoyed her first day in Heaven. I can just imagine you and the rest of the family gathered around the gate as she entered. Oh how joyous it must have been. Hug her and take care of her jusy and watch over us as we know she is in a better place but our hearts are so heavy. Love and miss you so much jusy.
Posted by Donna Mills on 21st August 2012
Hey baby boy. Hard to believe it has been 2 yrs today since I saw that smiling face. You were playing with your new puppy and getting scratched by baby girl when you tried to introduce them. I know we spent the afternoon together but if I had only knew that would be the last time I would have held on to you and not let you out the door. I love and miss you so much Jusy!!!!
Posted by Dawn Broderway on 21st August 2012
Can't believe its been 2 years~ Still and always thinking about you Justin~ Godbless~
Posted by Teresa Oakes on 2nd July 2012
Happy Birthday Justin! I know that you are in a better place having an amazing party with Jesus but we sure do miss you. It's also VBS time and you are greatly thought about and missed! I was telling my friend how when I first went to Banks to help you were the one that made me feel comfortable and that I could do it even though I didn't know many ppl. Thanks for allowing God to use you.
Posted by Donna Mills on 1st December 2011
Hey Baby Boy. It is getting Christmas time again and I feel so blue because your not here with us. I was hoping it would be better this year but I already see its not. Jusy I miss you so much. I think about you all the time. My heart aches from missing you. I have gotten good at hiding the sadness but sometimes I feel like I will just exploded trying to hold it in. I love you angel.
Posted by Sarra Holt on 26th October 2011
Add on: And I am so sorry you got taken from this world at such a young age. But you are in a better place now. And my Aunt Sarah, and Great-Grandparents and my favorite cousin Bobby will help take care of you for all the people who love and care for you. I hope when I get to heaven I will get to meet you. This is a great idea that you all did this for him :)
Posted by Sarra Holt on 26th October 2011
As I wrote on your wall on facebook. I never got to meet you sadly. But the night of the accident, DJ got the call and we went strait to the hospital as soon as DJ got off of work. That is where I met Hannah and Michael. And I was soon being told all about you,Justin. How loyal of a friend you are, how devoted you are to the Lord. and much more
Posted by Donna Mills on 25th September 2011
Thinking about you like always. Just want to say I miss you so much Jusy. Still hard to believe sometimes you will not be coming back. I love you baby boy.
Posted by Sherry Cardenas on 21st August 2011
Can't believe it's been a year. Not a day goes by that you don't cross my mind. God took you far to soon. But there is a reason and we might ever know. But we know you are in a better place. We love and miss you so much.
Posted by Brandi Sessions on 21st August 2011
Hard to believe it's been a year today. I know your in a much better place &i know you're watching over everybody, you taught me a lot. &i just wish i had the chance to apologize for being such a douche. love ya bro
Posted by Chelsea Singleton on 20th August 2011
Hey Justin. Tomorrow is one year, but it seems like it was just yesterday that we lost you. I got the principle to let us wear your favorite colors. even though its just red and black ribbons around our wrist, it still shows our love for you. I miss you everyday. I love you:)
Posted by Thomas Meredith on 8th July 2011
hey man wish u were still here but one day everyone that care about u will see u when that time comes,i eish i would have been able 2 hang out with u more then i did but evertything happens for a reason i dont know wat the reason god took u but he took the best &i will seeu soon
Posted by Teresa Oakes on 3rd July 2011
Hey Justin, I came by to wish you a late Happy Birthday. We made it through VBS,I am sure you are proud of how well your Mom and Dad did!Can't say it was the same but decision's were made and ? was ask. Just wanted you to know I was thinking of you and miss you.
Posted by Kendra Hampton on 2nd July 2011
Hey! I miss you so much babe! Happy Birthday... I love you. I hope you are doing well.
Posted by Bailey Thomas on 19th June 2011
hey justin im just dropping by on your page to tell you i love u and i had a dream about u and i was so happy to c ur face in my dream so thats our way in communicating and no im not crazy i can hear your voice every now and then and i get so happy
Posted by Teresa Oakes on 15th June 2011
Hey Justin, Its that time of the year again. VBS. Keep a watch over us and help me to keep the youth class fun and exciting. It doesn't seem right for you not to be there but I know that God had a plan and a reason for needing you.
Posted by Ciara Braudway on 15th June 2011
I miss you bubba....i love you sooooo much love your duckie
Posted by Miesha Folmar on 14th June 2011
u will be truly missed Justin
Posted by Robbie Griswold on 19th May 2011
just to pay a respect
Posted by Ciara Braudway on 8th May 2011
i miss you :'(
Posted by Andrea Stallings on 4th May 2011
Justin there is not a day that goes by that Brooke, Candi and I don't see or think of something that reminds us of you. We Miss You and Love You. I know you and Ben are having the time of your life up there along with the others that have gone on bef
Posted by Brooke Moore on 3rd May 2011
Justin I love and miss you:)
Posted by Donna Mills on 3rd April 2011
Hey Sweetheart. Just stopped by to say I love and miss you as much today as when the day you went to be in Glory. My heart still breaks for you Jusy. I would give anything to see that smiling face. Love ya
Posted by Ciara Braudway on 3rd April 2011
Justin, I miss you...this hurts alot...even after all this time, i kno i should b a lil over it but im not...u were my brother n im so lost! I love n miss you sooooo much...See you soon Bubba! Love ur duckie
Posted by Sherry Cardenas on 20th March 2011
We miss you so much
Posted by Douglas Sanders on 19th March 2011
I met Justin at the mud races through some friends, he was a cool guy i knew him for a long time and he was so much fun to be around and always knew how to make me laugh when i was down. ill alway miss and luv him
Posted by Rebecca Nasca on 15th March 2011
Justin i miss you so much...I miss walking in the halls with you and laughing with you. You were always there when i needed you and you still are. Just wish i could see your face again. I miss you so much brother, and ill see you in heaven!
Posted by Sherry Cardenas on 20th December 2010
Justin we miss you everyday.Not a day goes by that we don't think of you. The band is having there Christmas Ball tonight you will be with us. Have a place just for you. Rest in Peace. We love you Sherry Cardenas
Posted by Bailey Thomas on 19th December 2010
i met Justin at the mud track and he was a very interjetic boy and i was shocked when i found out what happened and he always made me laugh and he would get a hair bow and hit u with it
Posted by Jah'Melia Boyer on 10th December 2010
You will forever b missed... I mean I feel soo bad I just found out about this... I just feel lyke crying but I got 2 be strong I dont live in Alabama i live in North carolina and im sorry I'm just now hearing about this... I wish u guys much love and Justin will b forever missed
Posted by Roman Picazo on 1st December 2010
You tried so hard to turn me onto the path you though was best for me. We had different views on the world, but I respect your determination and motivation. Thank you for caring enough to try and save me. Maybe you were right, and maybe you are in a better place. I hope so. Thank you for caring about me like so few have.
Posted by Kendra Hampton on 29th November 2010
Dear Jusy, Its so boring now that you're gone. I can only go off of the memories we made. I remember the day we met. I remember every moment we had from 6th grade until Friday at the pike county game. (the last time I saw your sweet face) we laughed as I told you not to give my brother bad advice. At every game I eat a funnel cake in your memory like old times! I love you Jusy baby!
Posted by Josey Green on 27th November 2010
Hey Justin, This is ur sis dresden i miss u walking me to class now i walk alone, but i know now that ur watching over me and i think about u every day and know that ur happy with the king laughing and smileing all day with him.I miss u so much. Love You Lots Dresden
Posted by Josey Green on 27th November 2010
hey bro wats up i miss havin lunch with you and messin around at school bet you liked the auburn alabama game since yall won. tell my grandmother i said hey up there. i'll see you around one day take care
Posted by Allycia Brunje on 27th November 2010
Justin Michael Mills, I really do hate myself for so much. I dream about you all the time. About how we left each other on such a bad note. & I beat myself up for it all the time. How I promised you I would change. No one but me & you know what I mean when I say this, But I see the signs. I really do. I know you're still here. The signs are telling me so. & thank you. Thank you so much<3(:
Posted by Dale Sanders on 24th November 2010
Justin I am so sorry that I just got around to doing this. I miss you so much. Happy Turkey Day. :P
Posted by Donna Mills on 24th November 2010
Happy Thanksgiving Jusy. I know in Heaven you are having a grand feast. We will eat a piece of peanut butter cake and drink sweet tea for you my angel. It will not be the same at nut nuts without you there with us. Love and miss you sweetheart!
Posted by Teresa Oakes on 21st November 2010
Hey Justin, I know you are looking down over all of us that miss you so much. Thanks for being the young man you were. Its almost Thanksgiving and I am THANKFUL God allowed you to be in my life. Enjoy your feast with Jesus and continue to watch out over us and keep us protected.
Posted by Jenna Quattlebaum on 20th November 2010
miss & love you!
Posted by Jana Rogers on 20th November 2010
Justin's smile will never fade from my heart.
Posted by Keondra Fifer on 16th November 2010
Goodbye blueeyes
Posted by Keondra Fifer on 16th November 2010
I never thought I'd see you go before me you were my little brother and it's so hard to see pictures, hear your name,or face the fact your gone now but I trust God with you I love you
Posted by Kelly Byrd on 15th November 2010
You will be truly missed!
Posted by Carolyn Hall on 10th November 2010
i miss you justin i miss the convos we had standing across the street clownin about crazy me a seat guy i love you
Posted by Sherry Cardenas on 30th October 2010
We miss you Justin.Rest in peace will see you soon.
Posted by Victoria Childs on 26th October 2010
This is a Great way to remember Justin. He was one of the greatest people i knew. He will never be forgotten and always in mine and everyone elses heart. There is so many memories and he knew how to make everone smile. We will see him again :)

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