Let the memory of Kai be with us forever
  • 43 years old
  • Born on March 21, 1972 .
  • Passed away on February 6, 2016 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Kai Wingo 43 years old , born on March 21, 1972 and passed away on February 6, 2016. We will remember her forever.
Posted by Janifer Philpot on February 6, 2018
She left a blck hole in the hearts of those who loved her she is sorely missed I she was gone waay too soon its still hard for me to grasp, she was such a gentle but yet strong soul , love you still because you left such a presence&mark on my and so many hearts!!!
Posted by Marilyn Mcgraw on August 20, 2017
I've had the pleasure of knowing Kai Wingo through her mother. I remember Kai as having a kind and warm spirit. I can re-call the time when I was chatting with her mom, in the living room, I was complaining about growing my locks. I was going through the early phase of the process, where the locks hadn't fully developed. Kai walked in during our conversation. During this time, I didn't know her well but, what she said to me was golden. Kai touched my hair softly; with grace, "You are beautiful & your hair is beautiful as well. All I could do was smile.
RIP Kai!!
Posted by Vicki Acquah on February 13, 2017
There's is a big event coming up I love you and waiting to see all of your friends gather in your honor ! love Mommy
Posted by Steffan Davies on February 9, 2017
We never got the chance to meet in this life, but I want to thank you for all inspiring me to take your dream forward to asssit with helping the world. I'm not sure how or when, but I know that it is my path. I will be meeting with Ollie next Month and I will know more after the meeting. I'm looking forward to my new journey as it's taken almost 37 years to find tha right path again after a thousand lifetimes haha! I watched the interview you did with ChangeTruth on YouTube. Oh my your energy!!!! I still feel it running through me
Posted by J Walls on February 7, 2017
Family and Friends of Kai
Sharing a tender flower of remembrance for her divine life - lovingly lived. May her loving great soul rest in Love's most perfect peace divine. Heart hugs and prayerful respects for all loving hearts!
Posted by Vicki Acquah on December 18, 2016
  Daughters are like reverse mothers; They become wiser than you. Daughters they stop you from doing the foolish things that you told them not to do, but continue to do. If they transcend before you, you will be lost in the world. You’ll feel stranded. Abandoned, orphaned. You have written poetry about her standing in a green field. The picture appears years after I wrote about it-Magically you wonder “how could this be”? Did she whisper in the ear of some artist, saying send this to my mother so she’ll no I am safe n free. The urban farm she started is there, but she is not. The grandchildren she gave you are here, but she is not. You cook your foods in the spices she left in her cabinets. Smells create the spells of a thousand memories. The foods she loved. The foods she warned you not to eat. The times she blamed you for being sick to get attention. Anything that would bring her to me. She’d ask “are you drinking enough water”. She touches my forehead. I don’t want her to leave She’s the mother I always wanted. She’d look serious and laugh. ” Mommy there is nothing wrong with you” “She leaves me with plenty of water. She and the grandchildren stand and gaze. They’d tease me, and say “you are fine gramma “.. They give me vitamins to take. They give me Kisses and hugs. I lived for her laughter, and attention. She is my daughter. We reverse roles as she has grown wiser. She came through me, to temper me with love. If I Had known she was a visitor I would have done things differently- I would have cuddled and held her longer. I would have stayed home and played more games with her, taking her with me when I went away. She came through me to be my confidant- She approves my humorous jokes. The heighten-er of my intellect. She was my security; She would stop a Mac-truck for me at age four; She would achieve for me at age seven excelled, propelled above the rest. She was my daughter; She would become everything I wanted to be. She was my reverse mother. My pride, my joy, my all. Had I known she was a visitor I would have done things differently. There were signs, like the strange birthmark on her back. And other signs like THE pain free birth, how she slid out with ease. She came to give me a life, to give me grandchildren. To finish college for me- To make sense of things. She gave me my hearts desire’s, and then some Kai Kachelle Wingo”  Your eyes, your sweetness, your meekness, your boldness, even your set mind. Were all clues that I failed to follow, I mean after all you were from the start “too good for this world”. I gave birth to a mother in reverse. She came, she loved, she accomplished her mission and she left. Had I known she was here for a reason and a short season; I would have begged her to stay, and let me take her place. Life is not bearable without you, So I await to see you beyond the clouds. My big girl, my baby, my mother. Yet if life would be so cruel,as to let death have the final say; Then there’s is nothing left for me to weigh. Emptiness and maybe except for my poems there will be no sign I was ever here, for no good purpose did I serve. If I had only known you were a visitor sent from God; I would have begged God to let you stay, and let me take your place.  
Posted by Vicki Acquah on December 18, 2016
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Posted by J Walls on December 18, 2016
For Kai Wingo Family


Live harmonic peace
burst awareness - inside-flight;
flow love-consciousness

Meditate - soul-paint
light-blaze with colorless sun;
realize fruitful glow

Speak blue heart-whispers
breathe timelessness - know with soul;
care infinitely

Un-tether - connect
live gentle-humanity;
spray golden bliss-rays

Sail serenity
give inside-gleam - melt breath-beams;
float on light's ballet

Watch thought inwardly
perceive bliss-reality;
love-soul - ever-free

©® Jen Walls 2016
Posted by Tammy Kennedy on December 18, 2016
Posted by Rose Cyn on December 18, 2016
May she rest in sweet rest until you are reunited.
Posted by Randolph Scott on April 18, 2016
a precious jewel and a warrior princess...we were all blessed to have lived in her era....I truly believe the work she was doing with the healing aspect of the mushroom will play a key role in the liberation and healing of both human beings and deities , having a temporary human experience....The fact that she translated to the other side during a sacred fast for healing says so much....At this moment in our planets journey, I think a water fast of 40 days may be too much for most because of the excess of environmental toxins ...I will do a 40 day juice fast starting tomorrow with her memory as my fuel because real change starts within....Just from watching one youtube video interview of hers, I've learned so much and I have to say , Thank You Kai.
Posted by Vicki Acquah on February 19, 2016
Vicki Acquah·Sunday, February 14, 2016
 Kai KachelleWingo

  Born March 21st 1972
  Residence of Shaker Heights Ohio
  Called home on Saturday the 6th of February 2016
  Place of death (Ahuja) University hospital Cleveland Ohio 2016
  loss of potassium and electrolytes from extended Fasting, ultimately causing her demise.
  Father James Blanchard Wingo Mothers name at her time of birth Vicki Harrington Wingo presently known as Vicki Acquah-Kai Wingo born to this union in Cleveland Ohio March 21st 1972. Her siblings are Kelly Dawson Wingo of Cleveland-Jada Wingo of Atlanta Ga. and Skye Wingo of Cleveland Ohio.

Kai Kachelle my first and only natural daughter was very close with her older brother Kelly who was extremely protective of her.https://scontent-lga3-1.xx.fbcdn.net/...
Even as a young toddler Kai was very certain on what she liked and disliked. On her 1st birthday she rejected and was not at all interested in the expensive doll that I tried to bestow on her. As she grew I noticed Kai was uniquely different from any child I had ever known. Everyone loved this child, other children would quarrel over whose turn it was to hold her. Her expressions and grimaces were her delightful way of communicating and expressing herself. As she grew so did her self determination. Kai was a quiet, reserved child, and stayed to herself in her room most times. Engrossed in her own world of books and television Kai was definitely showing signs of genius an unusual powers at that time.
Way down in East Point Georgia, while dressed in our Sunday best, on our way to Sunday school, we had been deliberately splashed in mud by a truck driver.
The next time we were crossing the street and Kai saw a truck coming, she jerked away from my hand ran in front of the truck; Gestured for the truck to stop and for me to come across.... as she said in a strong voice “Come Cross Mother”. The truck driver stopped, looked up in disbelief, and then rested his head on the steering wheel. After I recovered: I wanted to spank Kai.
Kai has never had a spanking, and that was the only time I felt I should have given her one. Instead, I called my Aunt who was a world re-known Astrologer Delorise O’Bryant, told her what had happen; And her response to hearing about the incident was “he stopped didn’t he?” Once again I was baffled by this child; Kai still did not get a spanking. I guess somehow through it all I knew deep within that somehow I had been blessed and chosen to give birth to this phenomenal Angel in human form.
Kelly her eldest brother said: Kai would walk past his math homework and point out the wrong answers at a glance, she would then say...” that’s wrong” and she’d keep walking. Mind you she was five years younger than he. I could talk about the Ferrel Kittens she smuggled on the plane--or her little dog Punky. But her life was so full of so much more I have to leave room on this page for other statements. I can truly say her brilliance has been transferred successfully to each of her children who just at a glance allow us to see my daughter Kai’s smile, wit, humor, and knowledge being lived out in them.
A Childhood story about Kai is on the cover of my unfinished book called” Beauty Marks”

  Three year old Kai was watching me get dressed and inquired as to what every freckle on my body was; She pointed to each freckle and asked,“what is this”, After answering “Beauty Marks” several times, I was satisfied that my blanket answer would cover her curiosity. In all of her three year old wisdom, suddenly she frowned and said: “uh uh mommy... too much “beauty mark” I was so shocked at her response, I still laugh out loud whenever I think of that day and the intelligence of this child who concluded that “too much of anything is not good”.
   Kai,the mother of three children to whom she was very close, finished high school at 16 years old, because she was skipped a grade; Kai Graduated very young from (Fisk University). Kai being younger than her classmates was was fascinated by, and fell in love with the founder of the then (African Village) Baba Musa Smith of Nashville.
   Kai Wingo stayed on in Nashville and worked as a broadcaster at Fisk Radio Station (WFSK 88.1 FM). She graduated college early and was very young and gullible, but even then her self determination allowed her to bring home a college degree and pursue her goals. When she returned to Cleveland Kai brought home her First born child Gyasi Wingo Smith (age 20) at the time of his mothers demise. Gyasi was Kai’s right hand man and partner in their mushroom business. Gyasi knows all aspects of the mushroom business and took on the responsibilities of running the business, including workshops and some lectures, This also included caring for his younger siblings,as well as his great grandmother Mary Mosley with whom they all lived.
  Six Years later she met and wedded Andre Chung Of Jamaica aka (Wicker) Wicker and Kai were married had a big Caribbean ceremony which was attended by her paternal grandmother Betty Wingo and other relatives from Cleveland. Kai and Andre produced a beautiful child named Sarah Wingo Chung who was the light of her life Sarah was involved in every aspect of her mothers business while maintaining a high grade point average in her classes in the Shaker Hts school system. ( Sarah was age 15 at the time of her mothers demise). 
  Finally Kai married ( Modu) Mamadou Gningue; Out of this union her last daughter Seynabou’ Gnigue was born; Seynabou was very engaged in her mother’s work, and extremely helpful to her: Seynabou’ pitched in to help in any and every way, Including walking with her great grandmother who was also Kai’s ward. Seynabou’ was (age 8) at the time of her mothers demise.
  One of Kai’s friends shared a story about Kai Wingo:” Kai just listened and shared with me her thoughts. She never came across as judgmental in any way. One thing I greatly admired about Kai was that she was a very brave, courageous person. If she believed in something, she did her research and lived it. I admired how she started a mushroom farm after being laid off. She didn't know, because I didn't tell her, but in my mind I would look to Kai and how she lived her life as an example of what I could do if I just put my mind to it. I miss her so much. I am so thankful I got a chance to get to know her beyond just saying hi in passing. I am even more thankful that I reconnected with her and we talked and went out and I enjoyed her company. Her presence was peaceful, but us both being Aries we hit heads, but no matter I absolutely admired her in what she was doing. Thank you for sharing your daughter. My prayers are with you and I wish you well.”
   Skye Wingo said: He remembers his sister Kai spent a few years working as a dance instructor at Cleveland Public Schools teaching African Dance in Cleveland, Ohio. This allowed her to work among-st members of the community that were looking to express themselves in the form of African Dance,and may have otherwise not had the opportunity to learn about their culture. Her daughter Sarah and her son Gyasi would join her in the dance and music lessons, where she would teach the art of African dance to students between the ages of 5 to 18 years old.
  After her time as an instructor, she began to cultivate mushrooms for the community. This sparked an interest in urban farming, and she began to develop her the first urban mushroom farm in Cleveland. This is where Kai sparked a local movement of cultivating your own mushrooms for nourishment of one’s body and mind. Gyasi, Sarah and at times her youngest daughter Seynabou ran the farmers markets to help Kai’s family business flourish. Not only did multiple farmers markets invited her to sell her produce, she was also invited to conventions and lectures to speak on the health benefits of Mushrooms.
  In her last years, she began researching and attending conferences that studied the benefits medicinal mushrooms could give to an individual in pain. This included physical, mental, and other types of medication that mushrooms could play a part in. Kai’s personality left those who knew her in bewilderment and excitement. Her interest were in making those around her healthy and active. She worked with her children to make sure they would be happy in the world, and have a wonderful sense of humor. For more information about the benefit of Kai Wingo’s Burial, you can go to the (gofundme) page below. Kai Wingo’s Home Going – https://www.gofundme.com/bjnhu43g 

  Kai Leaves to morn her departure : Her son Gyasi Wingo Smith -- Two daughters Sarah Kai Wingo Chung and Seynabou’ Gningue --Mother Vicki V. Acquah -- Father James B. Wingo -- Brother Kelly Dawson-- Brother Skye Wingo -- Aunts Patricia Wingo -- Rosalyn Henderson-- Kathaleen Harris --Kenya Williams -- Kathy Wingo Harris -- Karen Wingo -- Uncle Tony Wingo -- Grandmother Betty Wingo and Mary Derrickson Mosely -- Grandfather William Wingo -- Greatgrand mother Ruby Wingo. Father of her Children -- Baba Musa Smith. Andre Chung- Mamadou Gningue. And a host of cousins:
  Extened family: Lavern Harrington ( Step-grandmother) Kilindi Iyi ( beloved partner) God-Mothers: Jannifer Phillpott and Bernadette Satterfield -- Including many other cousins (Oliver Harrington) and -life-long friends.
  Proceeding her in death
  Derek Henderson (Uncle)
  (Grandfather) William Washington Harrington.

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