Let the memory of Karen be with us forever
  • 72 years old
  • Born on August 16, 1942 in Denver, Colorado, United States.
  • Passed away on October 19, 2014 in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

Karen Lloydetta (Gaylord) Glyde, formerly of Richfield, Minnesota and State College, Pennsylvania, died on October 19, 2014 in Victoria, British Columbia Canada after an extended illness.

She was born on August 16, 1942 in Denver, Colorado and grew up in Richfield, Minnesota. Karen was a member to the 1960 graduating class of Richfield High School. She met her husband while attending Colorado State University and married Gerald P. Glyde in 1963. In 1964, she graduated from Colorado State University with a degree in Home Economics Education and Nutrition.

She was a teacher in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Vancouver, British Columbia and Champaign-Urbana, Illinois. In 1973, she moved to State College, Pennsylvania with her husband and three children. During the next thirty years she dedicated her life to a range of occupations including; seamstress work for Lemont House and Mr. Charles, nutritional program design at 4-H, and a role as the senior research technician in electron microscopy in the Life Sciences Consortium at Penn State University. After retiring in 2003, she moved to Victoria, British Columbia Canada with her husband. Karen felt fortunate to enjoy time traveling, cross country skiing and hiking in many locations with her husband, children and grandchildren.

Karen was preceded in death by her parents, John A. and Joy M. Gaylord. She was followed in death by her sister Ardith (Gaylord) Grover who died on September 4th, 2016. She is survived by her husband, Gerald, and three children, Drian, Heather and Colleen as well as six grandchildren, and two sisters, Joneen Richards and Sareva Parkhurst.

Posted by Ariana Glyde on 16th August 2018
You have been on my mind and a part of a lot of my conversations this week. Then, I find out that today is the anniversary of your birthday! How funny is that?! I wanted to share a feeling that I had for you more so than a story this year. Everyone has that grandparent that they connect to more than others. The one that gets them, understands them, and the one they feel they can confide in. For me, you were that person. We had something unspoken, a bond that made me feel so loved and this emanating warmth. I still feel that same warmth and connection with you to this day. You are so missed and loved. Happy Birthday <3
Posted by Abi Machon on 16th August 2018
Just the other day I was thinking about one of the times I spent the whole day with grand mom Glyde, just the 2 of us. I must have been 12/13 years old. I just got a new cookbook and I was excited to cook something from it. She took me to McDonald's, bought me a McFlurry, and let me choose one that we could make together. We walked to the store afterwards and bought all the ingredients. When we got back to the house we gathered everything together and she helped me make the dinner and dessert I picked out. While we were waiting for things to cook she taught me how to crochet. I remember thinking it was so cool that you could make clothes out of string with 2 sticks. I asked for a crochet kit that year for Christmas. It was a fun, easy day. One I will never forget. Happy birthday grand mom. I love you.
Posted by Drian Glyde on 16th August 2017
Happy Birthday, Mom. You are missed a lot. The good guidance you provided me with will serve me always. I often reflect on the life you lived when thinking about my path - I still remember the day you gave me that book "What color is your parachute?" as a thing to help me figure myself out in college. Thanks for your blessings in life.
Posted by Ed Parkhurst on 11th November 2016
I have such fond memories of my sister-in-law, Karen. I first met her when she came to our marriage in 1986. From the first instant that we met, I sensed her tremendous warmth. Although we had just met, it seemed like we had been good friends for years. Every time that I was blessed enough to see her, I sensed this same warmth in her soul. I miss Karen. May she rest in peace. Great pictures!!!
Posted by Chris Glyde on 10th November 2016
This is awesome. Thanks for setting this up Dad! I miss her a lot, loved those hiking trips and just spending time with my grandmother. Some of my best childhood memories were spent with her. I didn't get to see her much for the last 10 years of her life and I wish I had to chance to talk to her as more of an adult than a child. It would have really added to relationship.RIP grandmother, I'll treasure the memories always. P.S. Great added pictures dad

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