Smile with me

Shared by Nadya Dimitrov on September 4, 2019
there she lay 
as i walked into the room
the sigh of the ventilator in the distance
her hand poised at the corner of her mouth
and tilted toward me. she slowly smiled
at last i am here, quiet and complete
everyone has seen my journey and shared their sorrow
before i am gone
so that i can give them strength
let them draw next to me and hold my hand
let me take hold of their spirit and bring it closer to mine
Let me share life with me as i lay...

Horror Movie Buddy

Shared by Nora Katz on September 3, 2019
I will miss her as my horror movie buddy.  We loved to hunker down in our basement “theatre” in the dark challenging the movie picked to surprise and scare us.  
Shared by Patricia Brady on August 28, 2019
When Karen hired me fresh out of college 40 years ago little did I know this was the beginning of a life long friendship. I worked with Karen for only 1 1/2 years at Hillside Manor yet the valuable skills I learned, both professionally and personally, remain with me to this day.
Karen has been a constant source of inspiration, motivation, and do more and do it well and have fun.
I will miss Karen's warm smile, loving hugs, joyful ways, family conversations, her zest for life to the end. Karen will remain in our hearts forever so how about every year on her birthday, July 7, we dance in honor of our one and only Karen. ~~ Patty Bennett Brady
Shared by Joyce Cohen on August 25, 2019
We were invited to the wedding of our boss's daughter from Hillside Manor.  We left , we thought, in plenty of time not to miss the ceremony.  We were giggling and laughing so much we completely missed the turn and you guessed it.  We missed the ceremony entirely.  Everyone was getting ready to sit down and dine.  And there we were, walking in!  We were so embarrassed!  Being with Karen was, yes an exciting adventure.  Never a dull moment.

Shirley Maclaine

Shared by Dale Katz on August 24, 2019
OK, so many of you already know that my mother was Shirley Maclaine, before Shirley Maclaine became Shirley Maclaine. 

One year I caught the flu, and remember waking up to my mother sitting on the side of my bed, putting crystals on my chest and forehead. Look at me now. I have mom's rose quartz sitting on my desk, because I always feel better when her energy is near me.


Shared by Susan Drumgould on August 23, 2019
I knew Karen from NYSTRA. She was the person that called saying I had won a  NYSTRA award,  I was shocked.  Karen even told me what dress I should wear, so I was really dressed up. Karen was a wonderful women and will be in our hearts forever. 
Shared by Margaret Bade on August 23, 2019
Karen and I shared a passion for dance.  I was mostly a spectator and she as both performer and spectator.  She introduced me to the Ballet Hispanico which became one of my favorite dance companies.  I have since introduced most of my friends to their performances.
I recall our trip to New Orleans Jazz Fest where we learned to dance Zydecho and Cajun.  So much fun and so much good music!
Thank you Karen for all the good times and the happy memories.  You are gone but will never be forgotten 

On the day of my birth

Shared by Dale Katz on August 23, 2019
Ok, so it is very strange writing these thoughts, on this day. It is because at 5:32 a.m. on this day in 1963, you brought me into this world. So at age 20, you embarked on this new adventure called parenthood. I did not realize at the time how blessed I was when you saddled me with a brother 2 years later. 

But throughout our childhood, you made sure that regardless of where we stood financially, Jeff and I never felt it. You had a gift for us every night of Hanukkah, and on the 9th day, the Christmas tree went up. You incorporated culture into our lives, from learning how to set a formal table, to Broadway plays, and museums.

But it was music that I remember the most. Any kind of music, but of course Latin music stole your heart. If Tito Puente was playing, then you were on the dance-floor. Exposing me to classical music enabled me to learn piano. Although buying a drum for Jeff at age 7 might not have been the best idea, but look at him now on the bongos.

I am sorry I did not do better in school, and created so many problems as a child. Who would have thought that I would wind up working in higher education. Cannot imagine where I got my desire to serve others *wink wink*. Having you and Nadya at my Bachelor's commencement was the only reason I chose to walk. But then again, you have always been first to buy a ticket to any event, school play, or otherwise. And not only for us, for your nieces and great-nieces.

I remember coming to the nursing home when you were at work. From Coronet, to Crown, to Hillside Manor, and ultimately to Gurwin. I would watch how you interact with the residents, your staff and visitors. You made everyone feel as though they were the only person in the world when you spoke to them. You were a light to all, and when I think of the sheer number of residents that crossed over with love in their heart, partly due to you, I am enamored. 

I am not sure how I could have possibly navigated 2 years in the hospital after my accident. Despite being in another state, just hearing your voice would take my pain away. You guided me through my darkest of days, and celebrated the lightest of them. Today my heart feels a bit heavy with your loss, but I want you to know just how much love and support has come my way from family and friends (mostly yours btw).

I love you so very much my beautiful mother, and I will celebrate your life every day. I carry in me, the best parts of you, and through Dale, Jeff, the family, and every soul that you've touched, you will live on forever.
Shared by Hope Menaker on August 23, 2019
  • I remember KAren's enthusiasm every Halloween when the parlor group had to come up with amazing costumes and inevitably Karen was the take charge leader, creator of the idea, implementor..led us by example to create costumes which will be remembered i am sure by everyone in the parlor group.  My favorite example is the year we were puzzle pieces.  We each created a puzzle piece and we were assigned a letter to put on our piece.  In the end when we lined up our puzzle said. FRIENDS FOREVER.  I will never forget that night and of course each year we always won a prize.  But it was Karen'S SPIRIT that I will always cherish and remember.  

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