Let the memory of Kasreeyal be with us forever
  • 17 years old
  • Born on February 5, 1999 in Gary, Indiana, United States.
  • Passed away on February 5, 2016 in Gary, Indiana, United States.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Kasreeyal Hester 17 years old , born on February 5, 1999 and passed away on February 5, 2016. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Tempo Squad on February 5, 2018
Hey Kash, stopping thru to wish u a Happy 19th Birthday...Really wish u were here to celebrate with everyone. I really miss u and it angers me that this happened to u but I'll see u again when I get there and we'll chill
Posted by Shante Keith on February 5, 2018
Just wanted to send a big 19th birthday shout out to heaven. Happy HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you wish you was still here to turn up but I know you and GOD is turned up there.GONE AND NEVER EVER FORGOTTEN #LONG LIVE PLUG MAN KASH.. He use to call me when I was at work and said I hungry I only got $5.00 and we would laugh and I would say come on now that's what I will always remember about him...
Posted by Alex Carter on September 19, 2017
Kash dog man I was just with before all this happened man I hadn't seen you in some months I was so happy to see you we was inside of a party and sat there and talked for like 30 mins right next to the speaker I remember it like yesterday cause you was always my brother and this hurt me so much man we was just sitting there talking about how we was gone play football for Morton our senior year I knew how good you was but you had never seen me play man that was the dream to play football with one of my brothers from when I was younger to play senior year with them I was so happy man I went home told my girl and everything like man I was really ready to transfer to play ball with you a couple weeks later they saying not Kash not Kash I'm in my head like not my Kash not lil bro man it still don't seem real I didn't even play my senior year cause I couldn't play with you I regret it so much man I should of playing for you but man lil bro I miss and love you so much and I know you watching over me. My son middle name Kasreeyal man you gone forever be with me you gone always live through me #KashWorld till the end I love you bro
Posted by Cory Davis-Lowe on August 13, 2017
I miss you bro. I remember are last conversation at McDonald's. You told me that you was coming back to Morton and play for our Senior year. Next thing we know we started debating because we was going for the same position on defense. I swear bro I was looking forward for that summer. What happened to you was crazy man. I remember every time we talk you would tell me to be safe before we separate. I never knew what you meant by that until you was gone. I'm still grinding when it comes to these sports bro. Everything I do on the football field or in track I do it for you.
Posted by Paradise Shabazz on August 13, 2017
Heyyyy KASH I miss you like crazy baby boy
Posted by Hassan Nelson on August 13, 2017
B.I.P my bro I think about u every day u taught me a lot at a young age Rest easy bro I'm see u soon
Posted by Keith Starnes on August 12, 2017
Posted by Tailyn Brown on May 26, 2017
Heey brother. Its been year and 3 months and 21 days since you've been gone..... Its been different since you been gone. Nothing been the same. I still feel your presence when I'm at the house. Little things and everything remind me of you. But there's nothing i can do but wait until its my time to see you again. I love and miss you so much. You didn't deserve this
Posted by Jekhima Smith on February 5, 2017
happy birthday big bro we 18 this year
Posted by Shante Keith on August 11, 2016
Hey my Kash it's been six long months and it still feel like yesterday I miss seen you face with that big pretty smile on your face we miss just seen you everyday. I miss your phone calls your comimg up to my job saying aunt i am hungry i only got five dollars and I tell you to come get some
Posted by Aeriel Davis on July 20, 2016
Hey kash , I love you cousin . It's crazy thinking back when we was kids I never thought I'd have to say rest in peace to you . Even though we lived in different states I checked on you from time to time to let you know nothing changed and me and my momma love you . Take me back to the days when we was all kids eatin , watching wrestling till all of us started wrestling each other lol. Those were the days , I'd give anything just to get those days back . who would've ever thought growing up we'd have to lose you so soon . You didn't deserve this , It was to soon ... I'll continue to pray for justice to be served. I love you cousin .!
Posted by Nakia Hester on June 5, 2016
Today makes four months u been away from us. Everyday is a struggle that my son was taken by a devilish person. Kasreeyal mommy miss u so much. I love u rip my baby my son.
Posted by Elonzo Medina on May 28, 2016
still seems so unreal bro I miss you a lot man can't wait till I'm able to see you again. #LongLiveKash
Posted by Gloria Smith on May 27, 2016
Although You Were My Little Brother You Acted As If You Were My Older Brother . I Still Miss The Talks We Had That Were Filled With Wisdom , Laughs And Sometimes Cries . No Matter How Many Times We Were Mad At Each Other And Even Argued We Always Were Back To Being Bestfriends 20 Seconds Later As If We Never Got Into It Before Lbs . I Miss You So Much Brother , Watch Over Us All . I Love You .
Posted by Nakia Hester on May 27, 2016
Posted by Łïł Šqùãdd on May 27, 2016
Long live kash hope your family see u again but R.I.P kash u truly will be missed by several people
Posted by El Quesso on May 27, 2016
We Gone Miss You For Eternity Bro, We Love You
Posted by Shante Keith on May 26, 2016
Missing my Kash is hard I cry all the time wishing you were still here with us but we no you are in a better place your life will always live in us. We will get justice one day and hope it's sooner than later. GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN LONG LIVE THE PLUGMAN KASH LOVE YOU NEPHEW FOR YOUR LOVING SMILE AND LOVING HEART
Posted by Jamisa Keith on May 26, 2016
missing you cousin like i really do u ..like we got so many memories together like omgee i miss takin your pics ana everything longlivekash its your world like we may have are arguiements an eveything but you still gonna be my older cousin i love you an you will never be forgotten we love yoou cousin
Posted by Tailyn Brown on May 26, 2016
Wow Kash I never thought this would've happened to you. You was the only older brother I knew. Growing up with you was crazy. You was so mean when we were little. But I remember the last day I saw you before uncle Tim wedding. That's crazy how they took you. We gone get justice for you. Gone but never forgotten. Til we met again. Save me a spot on the bench
Posted by Jekhima Smith on May 26, 2016
Miss you big brother always and forever. Watch over all your brothers and sisters
Posted by Nelly Glo'd on May 26, 2016
I Didn't Know You But Still , You Didn't Deserve This . I Really Hope They Get Justice For You . This Isn't Right At All . May You Lay In Peace Though . #KashWorld
Posted by Jaylene Valdivia on May 26, 2016
We Love You Kash , Your Missed Dearly . Your Forever In Our Hearts
Posted by Dajalee Angelo on May 26, 2016
I Miss You Bro , B.I.P Big Bro , They Took A Soldier We Gone Get Justice
Posted by Mauren Shamble on May 26, 2016
I miss you so much baby, its not a day I dont think about you. Play back memories we had and conversations we had staying up all night long planning our future talking about our lives and eachother it all plays back in my head all through out the day. Miss laying on your chest listening to your heart beat while you would hold me like it was your last time..i just dont understand why someone would take you from us. I love you baby" always & forever ever ever" like you'd say R.i.p my love
Posted by Nakia Hester on May 26, 2016
Missing you my son my king love you always
Posted by Tempo Squad on May 26, 2016
Hey Kash I miss you and would do anything to have u back...this was not supposed to happen to you and I pray justice will be served one way or another.

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