Shared by Rashonn Jamess on May 27, 2016

Man still can't get it in my head that your gone this is CRAZY I mean really I never ever thought it would have been you bro & just thinking back to all the fun & grinding we did on & off the field boy was that a season & just watching you do you on that field you had the whole sideline goin nuts every time you got the rock in your hands I knew you wasn't gone let us down that's why I or we didn't worry when you had the ball I'll never forget that season run we grow as a team but most of all a FAMILY  I just can't take this in not now it really feel like your just on vacation & on Febuary 6th that morning my brother woke me up telling me that you & mark got killed I didn't even believe him it took me about 8 time to now the truth & when I heard Kasreeyal Hester & Mark Skipper  found shot to death that broke mine & many more hearts to hear or see you guys names. Then for the person to do this to you on your B-Day that HURTED me deep inside  & knowing that your birthday was 12 days away from mines it was the worst birthday ever . But just know You Will Be Missed Dearly you & Mark & I Love You Both . #31/#23 & #16  Will Live & Carrie On #OurFallenAngles 

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