If love alone could have kept you here, you would have lived forever....
  • 76 years old
  • Born on August 5, 1941 .
  • Passed away on January 15, 2018 .

Celebration of "Katie's Song"

For those of you who knew and loved Marla Kay "Katie" Moews, join us over the weekend of July 7 - 8, 2018 to camp and/or spend time with family and friends up at our cabins in the Colorado Rockies. You are welcome to camp out on the property, or if you prefer to come specifically for the celebration event of "Katie's Song", then join us on July 8th, starting at 2pm.There's no better time than when her wildflowers are in bloom. In the words from a song that she wrote, Quiet Solitude, "There's power in these mountains, there's legends and there's gold.... In these majestic mountains, I'll live as I grow old...."

More details on her July 7-8 event below.

Our sweet little Mama/Katie, was whisked away to heaven on January 15th. There are no words to truly describe how amazing she was, how incredibly devastated we are, and just how much we will always love her. We will miss her voice, her powerful song, her warm caring hands, and the incredible sparkle in her eyes. We hope she knows just how much we love her. She fought an unexpected, yet epic battle, came back to us with her smiles, humor and love just in time for Christmas and then she was borne away on snow white wings. She remained truly beautiful inside and out to her very last breath.

As you may know, she loved and cared for so many... She was a lioness with a loving heart. Mom (Katie) and Dad (her "Teddy"), married for 50.5 years, still held hands...their story wrote one of the truest kinds of love, their coming together--the stuff of fairy tales.

Thank you with all of our hearts for pulling so hard for her and for us as we fought to save her and for joining together in an incredible outpouring of prayers, love and energy. Against all odds, we had a chance to be with her one last time. We thought we had her back....we are still in disbelief....our universe has been ripped apart....

MLK Day has taken on additional meaning (Marla Kay Day). Only mom could get away with that.....

And yes, that IS her pretty voice singing in the background....old tape recordings from the 70's. Click here for more of Katie Moews singing....there's also more in the "gallery".

Celebration of Katie's Song (Details):
RSVP by June 1: Contact Megan Moews-Asher (megana.masher@gmail.com) with the following information--1)Subject: Katie Moews, 2) # people, 3) type of food/drink you are bringing, 4) if planning to camp 5) estimated date of arrival, 6) if need directions 7) best contact information 8) if you have a song you want to sing or the like (if many, some can happen Sat) 9) if can help out ahead of time or after (more details below--NOT expected/required)

July 7 - 8 (camping/visiting); Sunday, July 8th (Main Event)
Time: 2pm - evening
Potluck: Please help bring food and drink
Activities: slides, music, song, words, possible camp fire (pending fire levels/weather); beautiful part of Colorado--so you should go explore...
Location: Old Cabin (original home) and New Cabin (built for Katie), San Juan Vista (between Ridgway and Telluride, Colorado); 10,000 feet elevation
Directions: To be sent in response to RSVP (b/c this is an open site)
Hotels: Book well ahead of time given July 4th holiday in Ridgway (closest ~35min), Montrose (cheapest 1 hr), Ouray (45 min), Telluride (1 hr); there are also R/V holiday parks, Ridgway Reservoir and other locations to camp closer to towns (We will try and pull together a list, but don't wait for us!)
Flowers: Flowers can be sent care of Mike and Debbie McNeil (let me know in your e-mail if you need their address--flowers need to arrive by Friday July 6th)

NOTE: Take elevation into consideration if you have health concerns (maybe arrive a few days early and stay in town to acclimate); for camping, we will e-mail you specific information but note that there is wildlife, including bears, so we will need to be diligent about food storage and trash.

Assistance Needed (NOT REQUIRED): For those arriving early or leaving late that have the time and/or skills and would like to pitch in, our dad could use a little help. Here are some of the tasks at hand--
-Cutting/stacking fire wood
-Cleaning cabins
-Architecture/carpentry (repairs/new needs)
-Cleaning up the grounds
-Moving things from old cabin to new
-Preparing for Katie's Song event
-Assisting with parking (directing cars) 1pm - 1:50pm before event on Sunday
-Clean up after Katie's Song


Charitable Organizations that Katie carefully researched, believed in, and donated to:
Doctors without Borders, doctorswithoutborders.org
1) Medical aid in often-dangerous, war-torn, poverty stricken countries worldwide. Only 1.4% of donations goes to administrative costs & salaries-90% of donations go directly to help the less fortunate.
2) Mercy Corps, mercycorps.org
Emergency aid: housing, clothing, food to refugees in war, famine or plague stricken areas throughout the world…
approximately 87% of donations goes directly to those in need.
3) World Vision, worldvision.org
A faith-based organization that believes in direct help to individual families or children thru the donation of funds for education, books, clothing, food, seed, goats, cattle, chickens etc. You sponsor a specific child/children in need.
4) Salvation Army, salvationarmy.org
The Salvation Army takes care of individuals in need both in the United States and abroad. It provides immediate help with food, water, clothing, medical aid & shelter to disaster stricken sites worldwide. It also helps with drug and alcohol addiction and homeless programs… It’s CEO is the lowest paid ($13,000) of any charitable organization in the world.

Katie also donated regularly to different local Child Welfare, Human Trafficking, Women’s and Drug/Alcohol abuse programs… & actively sought out individuals in our community that needed help, guidance or just someone to care.

Make a commitment today, do it Now…If you loved Katie and believed in her. Help the less fortunate, the sick, the sad, the lonely, the downtrodden, the lost, those who have no-one to love or who need love…

Posted by Megan Asher on 21st May 2018
Thanks to long time friend Marilyn Sequoia for the beautiful poem: "Katie’s Eyes… Warm and so brown, Deep and wide, Her eyes caress you in welcome, An invitation to the dance. You can see Her soul in those eyes: She wants to know your life And tell you hers… Playful loyal leaf Blown west from Indiana, Witnessing the tall man falling in the stream-- She finishes his sentences ever more. Mountain woman then, Singing their songs. Helping the helpless, Everyone she meets. Her soul our reflection Held in Love." ~~~ Lovingly Dedicated to Marla Kay “Katie” Moews August 5, 1941 - January 15, 2018 From Marilyn Smolik Sequoia (aka Leggett)
Posted by Ted Moews on 25th April 2018
Katie's Love of God was a beautiful thing to behold. It was a deeply moving thing-living with someone who lived the kind of life that, I believe, God would wish us to live. She grew up at her Mother's side where she saw-first hand-the actions of someone who sought throughout her life to live by Christ's precepts. Neither seeking nor accepting approval or recognition of any sort for their actions, they both quietly went about God's handiwork. Katie spent much of her daily life alone in our remote Cabin, far away from towns & churches. She also suffered excruciating daily migraine headaches, relentlessly they shaped her life but could not hold her down. Chron's Disease would sometimes double her up in pain & render her unable to eat, (several times throughout her life she would weigh well under a hundred pounds due to the ravages of this chronic disease).. The only relief from which was often midnight dashes to the emergency room at the nearest hospital ( regardless of where we were in the world at the time). Consequently she did not have much opportunity to attend church regularly ( although when she was young-she earned her "16 year pin for never missing Sunday School!" Katie read her Bible everyday without fail, using it as God intended as a guide and mentor for her actions. If she learned of someone locally who needed a helping hand, needed help financially, or just needed the comfort of someone's presence, Katie was there. Her reach was not just local, but her helping healing hands were extended around the world to help relieve suffering, poverty, & famine-to help with drilling wells in drought stricken lands, to providing school books to children in third world countries, to providing the tools, livestock or financial assistance necessary to give hope to the hopeless. But don't get me wrong-Katie was no bleeding heart wimp. If there was injustice or perceived wrong, she was also fearless, confronting public officials, angry bullies, child abusers, or menacing gun-toting creeps alike-she would push ahead fearlessly-never heeding the potential danger-to help the abused, the downtrodden and the wronged. She would openly weep for those suffering from natural and man-made disasters & the unending heart-rending march of war-trying to carry the burdens of world on her back. Katie also prayed constantly, whatever she was doing if she wasn't singing aloud, she was praying for the sick, the "Lost, Lonely & Wretched".. for those whom nobody loves & those with nobody to love.

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