Young days

Shared by Debbie Cullen on May 11, 2016

  KeV was also very sensitive when he wanted...

  He would always cry when watching King Kong.. The bit at the end...

 Sorry Kevvy...He'd probably hate me for telling u all that xxxx

Young days

Shared by Debbie Cullen on May 11, 2016

 Once Kevin was convinced a Fly had flown past him n stuck its to gue out at him...

  He was really upset by this...

 Obviously it wasn't its tongue it was its thrombosis but we would laugh n laugh at this for yrs n yrs to come

The young days

Shared by Debbie Cullen on May 8, 2016

  Ha Ha..Kevvy was a character as we all know.

One ov my greatest memories back when we were little was

It was Christmas day..I must ov been about 9 n KeV would ov been about 10...I had been hoping for a dolls pram for ages...this ur Yippee I got one..Ran upstairs to fetch my dolly..on the way back down I heard all this yelling so ran down stairs to fi d no pram...ran out side n KeV had only took wheels off n was using them as a go cart flying down the hill. Xx  Luv ya KeV xx

Shared by Debbie Cullen on May 8, 2016

 Well For those ov u that knew KeV, u would know that this was one ov his best hobbies..restoring old machinery. Very often he'd come home with a piece ov scrap metal...well to me it was..but he'd work hard n bring it back like new..then he would take it to the agricultural shows n show them off.

This photo also has many memories for me 

 1 because its o ly one ov two pics I have ov him but 

 2 cos he gave me this photo the very last time I saw himxx

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