We thought of you today. But that is nothing new. We thought of you yesterday and will tomorrow too. We think of you in silence, no fuss, for what it meant to lose you only those who love you know. Remembering you is easy, we do it everyday.
  • 58 years old
  • Born on October 19, 1954 .
  • Passed away on October 24, 2012 .

This memorial website was created in memory of....Our friend.....Our neighbour....Our collegue....Our nephew.....Our cousin.....Our uncle....Our In-law.....Our brother.....Our son.....Our Dad.....Our Husband..... Kevin Dolan-Howden, 58, born on October 19, 1954 and passed away on October 24, 2012.....We will remember him as a good and decent man....a kind man....an extraordinary man  living his dream of an ordinary life, surrounded by those he loved most in this life....his family and friends.    

Posted by Kim Wingrove on 22nd October 2018
Happy, happy birthday to you hunny. Wish you were here in person to give you a big hug from us. Thanks for your help, it means so much to us right now. We may even have need of your special 'help' in another very similar matter. Have a great day looking down on all your loved ones. Xxx
Posted by Christina Howden on 19th October 2018
Happy birthday to a wonderful person that is always in our hearts and prayers. Love Christrina & Stewart
Posted by Kim Wingrove on 19th October 2017
Happy birthday hunny. Beautiful , sunny autumn day here today, hope yours is as wonderful. Thank you for listening to my personal hopes and dreams, I know you care about them. I truly believe you helped us with our current endeavour to adopt little Annabella, when she first looked at me in the hospital I said to her " hello Kevin". Don't know how, don't know why, but I feel your presence when I look at her. Love knows no boundaries, neither time nor place. Love always, Kim xxxxx
Posted by Christina Howden on 19th October 2017
As the tray of cookies come out of the oven I always see a tall bubbly person running in to get some. Happy Birthday Kevin. Your laughter is always with us. Love Stewart & Christina
Posted by John Dolan on 24th November 2016
To my Dad, to let you know that i miss you so so much, you are a legend. Lots of people in this world get things but unlike you still today me, mum and the kids will never get over you. You taught me so much, i'm sorry i never used it in my life - What a div! I can't talk about it so thought i'd write it down, theres much more to say but thats it for now. Goodnight Dad - I Love You x Your number 1 son John. Not to upset you but we will meet again one day, I promise. X
Posted by Christina Howden on 24th October 2016
Kevin your memories are always in our heart. Your warm and gentle ways are missed. RIP xx
Posted by Kim Wingrove on 19th October 2016
Love you lots Uncle Kevin. I feel your laughter every day. Have a great birthday with family up above. Xxxxx
Posted by Patricia Penegar on 19th October 2016
Happy birthday kev...miss you! Xxx
Posted by Kim Wingrove on 19th October 2015
Happy birthday uncle Kev, still missed and love you forever. Have a good one. Xxxxx
Posted by Christina Howden on 19th October 2015
As I bake the oatmeal cookies you so love. I see your big smile, and bounce in your step as you come looking for them. You are always in our hearts. RIP xx
Posted by Elizabeth Hickey on 22nd October 2014
To my Brother Kevin. I know you have been close to me many times since you moved to Heaven. I thought of you on your birthday and still feel sad at your passing as we near the sad day of your leaving. God Bless you Kevin forever in my thoughts and heart. Your brother Les.
Posted by Christina Howden on 16th October 2014
On this birthday we cannot express the silence that is felt. We miss you and love you.
Posted by Patricia Penegar on 15th October 2014
Still missing you so much xx
Posted by Jennifer Howden on 24th October 2013
It's been a year, but you are never out of our minds and our hearts. We love you and miss you xoxo
Posted by Kelly Forrest on 24th October 2013
Forever in our hearts Uncle Kevin xoxo
Posted by Rebecca Hutchens on 19th October 2013
Happy Birthday Uncle Kevin xxx .
Posted by Christina Howden on 19th October 2013
Kevin you have left such lovely memories, that you will forever remain in my heart. . On this day, It was such a blessing to have you enter this world to touch us all with your warm heart and smile.
Posted by Stewart Howden on 19th October 2013
Think about you every day especially reminded on days like today, " your birthday " and where you were one year ago!. Keep flying high Kevin and soar like you did in this life...we miss you...I miss you....forever!
Posted by Kim Wingrove on 8th January 2013
You were always like an older brother to me being only 6 years older. Always caring even as a youngster. When I was about 12 or so, I woke one night with a bad earache, crying with pain and you were the only one up (you were living with us at the time). You helped me by wrapping my head with a scarf,gave me a hug and sang Diana Ross songs to me.( you were listening to records at the time.)
Posted by Cecilia Collins on 8th January 2013
So many memories, how can I choose ! just know that you are and always will be a special person, my brother Kev. Miss you, till we meet again.x x x
Posted by Patricia Penegar on 23rd December 2012
We must have been about seven & four when Kevin dragged me from bed to sneak out and sit on the front step looking up at the stars. I am guessing it was christmas eve.Shine bright now you are one of them & on Christmas eve I'll be sitting on the door step, wine in one hand lol & blowing you a kiss with the other. miss you loads & will do forever X
Posted by Rebecca Hutchens on 21st December 2012
My morning quote this morning from the local radio station said " One day you will be a memory for some people. Do your best to be a good one " . Uncle Kevin in everyone you met a wonderful memory was created and cherished - kisses to you where ever you are xx
Posted by Bonnie Rose Dolan on 4th December 2012
think about you everyday daddy, always wanting to phone you up and tell you about what im doing and to ask for your help. Always expect to put the kettle on for you when you get home from work and make you a cup of tea, its hard getting used to the fact I cant do any of that anymore. I always look up into the sky and blow you a kiss, I know you are there watching over me. Love you lots x
Posted by Christina Howden on 3rd December 2012
. Your warm smile and gentle ways, will continue to remind us how much you brought to us, and how much you will be missed. Blessed that you were part of our life.
Posted by Rebecca Hutchens on 3rd December 2012
You will be missed more than you know - xxoo
Posted by Stewart Howden on 1st December 2012
Grieve not, nor speak of me with tears, but laugh and talk of me as if I were beside you--t,was heaven here with you...
Posted by Stewart Howden on 28th November 2012
Your chinese fortune cookie said ...You will live a long life but you will never grow old....And so my dear brother having you in our life will forever be our good fortune

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