Let the memory of Kevin be with us forever
  • 64 years old
  • Born on July 13, 1952 .
  • Passed away on October 27, 2016 .

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Kevin Monroe Thomas, 64, born on July 13, 1952 and passed away on October 27, 2016.

Despite excellent care from the hospital, deep love from his partner Margie Fine, his family and dear friends, the onset of a massive infection sent him into sepsis from which he never recovered. Kevin was a loving son of Carol and Laura Thomas, father to Stephen and Lissie, brother of Paul and late sister Marla. Kevin loved singing with Park Slope singers, was the director of a Meet-Up Divorce support group, dedicated board member of the Parris Foundation and his coop.

In June, 2016 he became Senior Business Analyst at Weil Cornell Medicine.  He was also a professional deejay and photographer who took enormous pleasure in sharing his talents with those he loved and believed in.

Kevin was an extraordinarily ethical and generous man—a mensch--with a strong belief in fairness and social justice. He was an incredible intellect who exemplified the power and beauty of logical reasoning, mathematics, programming and problem-solving. And did he love music!

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In lieu of flowers, donations can be sent to The Parris Foundation which is a Harlem-based community program promoting educational opportunities and fostering awareness in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM): S.T.E.M.ulating minds and magnifying dreams through scholarship and community outreach. http://www.stemulatingminds. org/

Posted by Harvey Weiss on 27th October 2017
A few Kevinism's: I'm in RTC mode (refuse to care, usually about where to go for lunch) If I'm lyin' I'm dyin' Oh, I'm just a good ol' country boy Ya gotta come back to Brooklyn! Kevin was a wonderful friend and colleague. I miss him terribly.
Posted by Marjorie Fine on 24th November 2016
Hello friends of Kevin. I finally read all your beautiful stories and remembrances. Love them. I have so many to share! For now I just want to say I love Kevin forever. He is a blessing in my life. What a mighty good man! A mensch. My love. My partner. Forever grateful. Margie
Posted by Sherrie Dulworth on 21st November 2016
I am sorry to learn of Kevin's passing. We worked together in 2014-2015 and I appreciated his "can do" attitude. We both shared in the delight of a meeting that would begin and end on time; despite the incredibly demanding schedule, Kevin had a smile and a kind word for his coworkers. He made the work a little easier and the workplace brighter for all.
Posted by Monona Yin on 4th November 2016
I had to search awhile to find a photo of all of us because you were always BEHIND the camera, recording your whirlwind of a social life with Margie, then sharing the photos the day after. When Maya asked for a good camera before I thought she was old enough, you argued strenuously that her "photographer's eye" should be taken seriously and nurtured. When we finally got her a camera, you gave her a beautiful book of lessons and offered to go shooting with her sometime. Such kindness and generosity. I will remember you happy, relaxed, easy in your own skin. You and Margie found each other against the odds and packed every day with love, joy, and adventure. You gave the rest of us a contact high! We will miss you greatly; rest in peace.
Posted by Harvey Weiss on 3rd November 2016
I was shocked to hear of Kevin's untimely death. The shock was soon replaced by a deep sadness and sense of loss. I met Kevin 25 years ago at Ovid Technologies where we were members of the same software development team. He was both a valued colleague and a close friend. We went through so much together: family crises, illnesses, death and divorce. Through it all, Kevin was always there for me, providing support and perspectives I may not have been aware of. Kevin had what the Irish call the gift of "gab." Given a subject, any subject, he could talk...extensively... about it. But he was also a very good listener and a wonderful friend. Kevin treated everyone with respect and compassion and lived his life with dignity and integrity. I still cannot believe he is gone, although he will live in my memories for as long as I live. My heart goes out to Marjorie and the rest of Kevin's family. Rest in peace, my friend.
Posted by Arlene Rodriguez on 2nd November 2016
My heart is filled with love for my beloved friends, Margie and Kevin. Kevin, you were such a beautiful being. You touched me with your grace and love and generosity and good humor. Rest, my dear Kevin. Your love shines on in my heart.
Posted by Netsy Firestein on 1st November 2016
To a special, funny, compassionate man who made our dear friend Margie happy. Our hearts are full. Sending love to his family and especially to Margie.
Posted by Marcia Bgrve on 31st October 2016
RIP Kevin Thomas. I am sad after hearing this news about his death. I met Kevin while working at Ovid. He was a well-respected intellectual with a great and joyful heart. My sincere condolence goes to his family and friends. He forever will be in your hearts.
Posted by Dan Campanelli on 31st October 2016
Kevin was a real mensch. When i was President of CBID and MC'ing our annual dinner, Kevin was the DJ. It was always a challenge to get everyone seated for the program after the cocktail hour, but Kevin was so helpful and played the motion picture intro music so that everyone knew we wanted them to seat. That was 5 years ago probably now---i hadn't seen him much since except for various political functions. A couple months ago we ran into each other on the morning commute and chatted about politics like old friends. He was such a joyous and wonderful person - i truly mourn his sudden and untimely death and my deepest condolences go out to Marjorie Fine and his entire family.
Posted by Ann Kantor on 31st October 2016
You took over the leadership of DSG and became a shining light to those of us trying to move forward and leave our pain behind. I am saddened by your untimely passing, and leave heartfelt condolences to your family, friends and all who loved you. RIP Kevin and may you be an inspiration to all the lives you touched.
Posted by Robert Mckenna on 31st October 2016
I met Kevin on several occasions at photography events. Always enjoyed the company of this gentleman.
Posted by Ann Kushmick on 31st October 2016
I am so sorry to hear of Kevin's passing. He was a great man, and an esteemed colleague at Health Republic. We were honored to attend the Governor's Ball together with some colleagues in 2015, and Kevin took lots of pictures and we all had a great time. He will be missed.
Posted by Manuel Perez-Leiva on 30th October 2016
Most of you do not know me, but Kevin and I were roommates at Yale as undergraduates in the mid- to late-70's. We used to say we were "heaven sent" since we could not tolerate living with any one else, and loved living together in St. Elmo's, an outlier "annex" to the main residential College, Timothy Dwight (or "TD") where "misfits" like us could live and study in peace. He had already re-located there alone (and was a year, maybe two, ahead of me as I recall) and, when I had the opportunity to move out of my dorm room living with 3 other guys, I was delighted to meet my new roommate, Kevin Thomas. I was originally a Math & Physics Major, and he a Computer Science geek. We were a perfect fit, but he certainly brought more into my life than I imagine I did to his. Man, we used to play some great music, and we loved Earth, Wind, & Fire! I turned him on to Led Zeppelin and he turned me on to Chaka Khan; it was like that-- symbiosis, not just in music, but in everything. He ran speaker cables to the hallway bathrooms, and installed speakers there, so we could hear music when showering, etc. It was heaven to be so compatible, and to live with someone so creative, and a genuinely and profoundly nice guy! He showed me how to record on reel-to-reel tapes (the state-of-the-art back then) and made some killer mixed tapes that he would play at the many parties we attended at Yale. No surprise that, many years later when we again finally reunited at a Yale Reunion in 2003 (where I first met his ex-wife and children, all grown up like mine would soon be), I found out he was a part-time DJ and held an annual party called the Ruckus every Fall in Brooklyn, his home. But back then, I was both shocked and pleased when he said he was leaving Yale to pursue a career in NYC in computer programming without the need for a degree (just yet). Kindred spirits that we were, and like him, I also left Yale to pursue other adventures, and also obtained my degree many years later (I might not have, if I had not needed it to go to Law School in my 40's, LOL). The decades passed, and we were out of touch until that fateful reunion in '03 in New Haven (fateful, in that I was living abroad and had been ambivalent about the expense of coming to a Yale reunion weekend all the way from Europe). We were ecstatic to see each other again after so many years! Well, we had finally reconnected and we now stayed in touch and saw each other again for our 2013 Yale Reunion (I have posted some photos on FB), and I spent some time with him in Brooklyn before and after the reunion, and since. I repeatedly invited him to visit me in Miami Beach but he never did. After years of instigating me (and my life's activities not permitting it before), I finally got to go to a Ruckus and had a blast, of course! I met Margie and some of his friends and felt that we now had a chance to stay connected and see each other more often; I so looked forward to the next Ruckus and reunion. We now stayed in touch often, calling each other spontaneously, and for birthdays, etc. We commiserated when needed, and shared many things friends do. I gave him a custom-made t-shirt I had made for his next-to-last birthday that combined "BK" (for Brooklyn) with the image of double record players DJ's used to use into an abstract skull shape; I also have one like it. He loved it and sent me a photo of him wearing it. He was my best friend. I miss you terribly, Kevin! I know that Heaven is dancing and listening to some kick-ass music now!
Posted by Barbara Winslow on 30th October 2016
Devastated by the news of Kevin's passing. Margie and Kevin's love was a joy and a delight to everyone who was with them. Kevin was warm, funny, generous, kind to everyone he met. I will never forget his wearing a Santa Claus hat to my holiday party. That! Was Kevin. Margie, you are in my thoughts every minute and you have more than a village, you have a cosmos, of friends who will be with you every step of your way. Much love.
Posted by Victoria Beerman on 30th October 2016
I sang with Kevin in the Park Slope Singers. He was a kind, generous man and his voice and presence will be missed. I am deeply sorry for your sudden loss. It breaks my heart.
Posted by Molly Schultz Hafid on 30th October 2016
Ann Gael I'm SO sad for you and for Kevin. You so totally deserved the happiness of being together with him. He was aware of the magnificence and worthiness of you, as we discussed you together. Having lost the love of my life rather suddenly a year and a half ago, I feel I know a bit of what you're feeling. If you need anything from me, let me know. I know there's really nothing to do or say right now, but give hugs. I'm sending you one. Let me know when I can give you a real one. (reposted from Facebook)
Posted by Molly Schultz Hafid on 30th October 2016
M Starita Boyce‎ Some people are blessed to have a love that last beyond a lifetime; that is Kevin and Marjorie. Thinking of you! — feeling heartbroken. (reposted from Facebook)
Posted by Molly Schultz Hafid on 30th October 2016
Sally Charnow Marjorie Fine, my heart weeps for you. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Kevin, presente! Shabbat shalom. (reposted from Facebook)
Posted by Molly Schultz Hafid on 30th October 2016
M Dove Kent Rest in power and in peace Kevin Thomas. We love you so dearly Marjorie Fine. (reposted from Facebook)
Posted by Molly Schultz Hafid on 30th October 2016
Zoe Moffitt‎ That quick mind, that great smile and the warmth and the twinkle in his eye, and the great generosity and spirit he shared with so many- it is so hard to think that Kevin has gone on. It has been many years, but I will always be grateful for the times we all spent together and our conversations as parents and friends, as we were handling the challenges around us, being grateful for our children's growth and creating great celebrations with his wonderful music and dance and good spirit. He will be so missed - even his wit in Facebook. Prayers for Kevin's journey and for Lissie and Stephen to treasure all the good they experienced with Kevin and know these joys will be a part of them forever. (reposted from Facebook)
Posted by Molly Schultz Hafid on 30th October 2016
Shannon Pighee Since hearing the news yesterday, I've been trying to find the words to express the deep sadness I feel over the loss of my former co-worker and friend Kevin Thomas and I am simply at a loss... All I know is, I'm heartbroken, humbled and thankful to have had the opportunity to know him! Rest in Paradise my friend. (reposted from Facebook)
Posted by Molly Schultz Hafid on 30th October 2016
Marsha Grant Rest In Peace, dear Kevin. You shall be missed forever. You have touched so many lives in ways that no one but you could. How lucky I feel that you were such a big and powerful part of my life.
Posted by Molly Schultz Hafid on 30th October 2016
Jay Brooks Just learned about my cousin Kevin Thomas, passing. He was a wonderful, smart and warm person. The world is not a better place without him. I'm grateful for his visit earlier this year. We shared a lot of laughs that visit. Gonna miss you! (reposted from Facebook)
Posted by Molly Schultz Hafid on 30th October 2016
Kareen Facey· Hey Kevin...I have a quick project related question... Sure Kareen...but first let me ask when will you wise up and move to Brooklyn? (reposted from Facebook)
Posted by Molly Schultz Hafid on 30th October 2016
Maryse Pearce I don't have any pictures of Kevin Thomas and me; most of our 16-year friendship existed before/ outside of social media. A typical Friday or Saturday night in high school would go like this: Party Club would be lounging around 438 12th St, eating Annie's mac & cheese, watching Popular or Sailor Moon. Kevin would come home late from work, kiss Lissie on the forehead, put on music, tell us about his day. In the morning, he would make turkey bacon, down it with pineapple juice (what was it with the pineapple juice?), be out the door before we were fully awake. One time, he started calling me "Sue" and I started calling him "Dad" -- I don't remember the origins of those nicknames. One time, he DJed our friend's bat mitzvah and it was soooooo weeeeird to have Lissie's dad as the DJ. One time, I baked him a pineapple upside down cake to thank him for something (can't remember what) because I knew it was his favorite. One time, I called him when I was scared to come out to my parents and he reassured me that in the grand scheme of parent problems, your kid being gay should be a non-issue. One time, I asked him for help buying a new laptop and he gave me wayyyy more advice than I anticipated. One time, when my brother died, he came over and took Zohar shopping for ingredients to make shakshuka so that we could all have breakfast. He was a really good pretend dad to me, and an even better real dad to Lissie Thomas and Stephen Thomas. Thank you, Kevin. (reposted from Facebook)
Posted by Una LaMarche on 29th October 2016
Kevin was such a warm, witty, and lovely man. I am shocked and heartbroken at this enormous loss. Sending my deepest condolences to Kevin's family, Margie, and all who loved him.
Posted by Carleen Cullen on 29th October 2016
I know I cannot say something that has not already been said, but I must add my voice to so many who note Kevin's uplifting way of being and his incredible intellect. We worked together at Ovid for many years and it was always a joy discussing a challenge, knowing Kevin would be earnest and fair and creative. In recent years, we went on to share FB posts, many about politics. I always looked forward to his posts, not knowing they would be his last. Love to all.
Posted by Gail Williams on 29th October 2016
Marla was my best friend and Kevin was her big brother. I hope wherever they are, they are together. There are no words to express this unfathomable death. No parents should have to bury two children. My thoughts and prayers go out to the entire Kevin universe, his family, his partner, his friends, co-workers, etc. It is clear how much he was loved and admired. I will always remember him as a warm, caring, and gentle soul - the big brother Marla was so proud of and loved. RIP Kevin!
Posted by Barbara Weiss on 29th October 2016
Sad to hear of Kevin's passing. In reading alI the tributes I am touched by the stories of the many loving family and friends in his life, his joy in singing, dancing, photography and his intellectual curiosity. I did not really know him other than singing with him at the Park Slope Singers. May your memories and love sustain all who were close to him 'til you meet again on the other side.
Posted by Evelyn Friedman on 29th October 2016
I sang with Kevin in Park Slope Singers. I wish I had gotten to know him better. I am shocked and deeply saddened.
Posted by Elise Bloustein on 29th October 2016
We sang together in chorus. He had a strong, beautiful voice. He was friendly, kind and welcoming. He had a great smile. He spoke up and asked good questions. He had strong opinions and was vocal and articulate. He was generous with his time and many areas of expertise. I liked him more and more. I learned from his questions. I was inspired by his dedication to the chorus and to choral improvement. I enjoyed speaking with him in the breaks. I felt I was just getting to know him. We spoke at rehearsal just last Monday. It is shocking and deeply saddening that he is gone, so abruptly, from us. I extend my deep condolences to all who knew and loved him. His parting is a heartbreak.
Posted by Pauline Loh on 29th October 2016
I'm shocked and saddened to hear the sudden passing of Kevin. I just met him recently at the beginning of October through the Divorce Meetup group. He was very informative and supportive. I can tell from the brief times I'm seen him that he had a sense of humor also. Kevin will be missed.
Posted by Lisa Y on 29th October 2016
I met Kevin when I first attended the DSG Meetup. I was going through a huge change in my life, and was only looking back. As I was sitting with another first-timer, he shared words of wisdom. He said you'd look forward a little bit, look back, slightly more forward again, look back again, and then the time to look forward and future will increase day by day. You may not believe but it will change. I was reflecting his words recently, as the time I look forward to my future has increased a bit lately, and I was not looking back. It was with great sadness I heard the news. Thank you for organizing the DSG Meetup. RIP.
Posted by Rachel Cohen on 28th October 2016
It has taken the last few days of sadness to flood my mind with how many impactful memories I have of Kevin, from my childhood friendship, meals and classes in his home, DJing my 16th birthday, and then the day I sat in a Park Slope restaurant over hearing Marjorie talking about this a amazing guy she'd just started dating (not know for a while of course I knew exactly who she spoke of), the beautiful wedding of Lindia and Kevin Jenkins, and the always poignant thoughts shared on Facebook. In this sadness, I am happy to think of the way our lives weaved together here and there throughout the years. Much love to Marjorie and the rest of his family.
Posted by Ed Haas on 28th October 2016
Kevin was the best. If you knew him a minute or knew him for years, he was just the kind of person you instantly liked. Kevin traveled in many circles but in the corner of our world, The DSG Meetup, he was a cornerstone for all those to turn to when they needed help. He will be missed as a leader and also as a friend.
Posted by Brian Walker on 28th October 2016
I didn't know Kevin long, but he left a lasting impression. So surreal, praying God's comfort for the family and loved ones in this difficult time. All praise to God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, God is our merciful Father and the source of all comfort. He comforts us in all our troubles so that we can comfort others. When they are troubled, we will be able to give them the same comfort God has given us. 2 Corinthians 1:3-4
Posted by Maralyn Crosetto on 28th October 2016
My partner, Tommy Smith, was Kevin's childhood friend, a childhood that took both of them to several foreign parts of the world. Tommy had not seen him for many years when Kevin paid us a visit in Seattle. I recognized him as a golden soul when I saw how he hugged Tommy. Tommy was famous as the best hugger in the world, but Kevin was his equal on this occasion. He never showed us anything but love.
Posted by Michael Shamos on 28th October 2016
Kevin started at Yale while I was a graduate student in CS. He was so devoted to computers that we would sometimes arrive in the morning to find him asleep with his head on a computer keyboard, having stayed in the machine room all night. He was always of communicable good humor and it was a pleasure to interact with him.
Posted by Sharyn O'Mara on 28th October 2016
Everyone knew Kevin Thomas in many different areas of life and relationships and we knew him as the organizer of the NYC DSG group. He made the time he organized the group a pleasure for us. During his time as leader, it was always easy to work with the group -- he was always responsive, thoughtful, insightful, kind and always an extra special man who took the time to email and thank all the guest speakers each and every time we had an event together. It is those small touches that make the difference between someone good to work with and someone who is plain and simply GOOD. He made many nights of group events better with his soothing and calm presence as a leader. He never just showed up -- he always gave his all at the events. May he rest in peace and may his family and friends find some small comfort from knowing how many different people he helped in many ways.
Posted by Allison Ozkan on 28th October 2016
All too often we are reminded that life can change literally in the blink of an eye, and that is all too real for me right now.. Kevin was a great man full of such life and so many talents (singing, music, photography, computers.. who also happened to be on the right side of politics). His loss is incomprehensible to me right now. I am sorry that I had little contact with him since I left NY, though he was kind enough to come to both my going-away party in NY and my housewarming when I first moved to NJ. I have fond memories of those events, of singing with him for years in the Park Slope Singers, and of raising the roof at his annual Ruckus party. My deepest condolences to his family. His loss will truly be felt by many.
Posted by Ellen Gurzinsky on 28th October 2016
Kevin was one of the most generous men I have met. He was kind and so compassionate, even when, and especially when, behind the camera. He took care to make the subject of his photo comfortable and relaxed. A true art. And I think about Kevin as Margie's partner, her loving and ever-present partner. He took such good care of our girl....he will be missed. Terribly.
Posted by Frances Kunreuther on 28th October 2016
Sharing the deep sadness about the tragic loss of Kevin Thomas. Not only did he bring Margie joy, he was himself, whether being at perfect ease during Margie's "women's Seder" or when he was behind the camera. Sending love to all of his family and to Margie who had found such a lovely light in Kevin.
Posted by David LaMarche on 28th October 2016
I knew Kevin mostly through the times I spent with he and Margie at Gara and Lisa's summer cottage. He was a kind, generous man, to me, to everyone, and most importantly, to the incomparable Margie.
Posted by Alice Shechter on 28th October 2016
Heaven - Patrick Phillips It will be the past and we’ll live there together Not as it was to live But as it is remembered It will be the past. We’ll all go back together. Everyone we ever loved, And lost, and must remember. It will be the past. And it will last forever. Forever, Kevin, in Margie, your family, and all of us who knew you.
Posted by Molly Schultz Hafid on 28th October 2016
Pamela Wheaton Dear dancing friend Kevin Thomas. Gone way too soon. We shall have to have a Ruckus in your honor and memory. Who's in? All love and condolences to Lizzie and Stephen and the family. RIP dear friend. (reposted from Facebook)
Posted by Eileen Jamison on 28th October 2016
I am overcome with sadness to hear of Kevin's passing. I've never seen Margie as happy as when she was with him. He made me laugh, took beautiful photographs, and was always easy to be with. He will be missed by many, including me.
Posted by Kelly Fine on 28th October 2016
I didn't know you well enough or long enough, but you were such a welcome part of our family from the beginning. You made my aunt Margie and so many people so happy. You were so incredibly loving and loved. I'll miss your enthusiasm for life, and I hope I can see life as the adventure that you did.
Posted by Peter Kelly on 28th October 2016
I met Kevin when my life was in disarray. I had just begun a divorce and felt adrift. Walking into a room full of strangers I felt even more alone as I struggled to have courage to seek others that shared my pain. Suddenly from the corner of my eye I saw a beacon that instantly walked to me. Kevin had that god given sense. He immediately made me feel welcome, and genuinely cared for. While I did not know him that well, I now know he was that way for all. My condolences to his Partner and Family. Rest Easy my Friend Kevin, for your compassion was not in vain. You will soar above in the heavens, and forever be remembered
Posted by Molly Schultz Hafid on 28th October 2016
Catherine Lerza Kevin Thomas died today. Kevin was the beloved partner of Marjorie Fine and, while I never met him, I loved him because of the way he was in relationship with my wonderful friend and Taurus sister. He was there for her, and his family, in every way, from the small details of life like making sure there is milk in the fridge to the big things like unconditional love. He never flagged in his commitment to Margie and she loved him with her whole gigantic heart. Please send your prayers and love to Margie, to Kevin's children and family, and to the many many people who loved him. Kevin Thomas, rest in power and love. (reposted from Facebook)
Posted by Molly Schultz Hafid on 28th October 2016
Mary Sobecki I only met this man a handful of times, but that was enough to know what a kind, caring, authentic person Kevin Thomas was. I also know that he loved Marjorie Fine in a way that is beyond description...and that really is all I needed to know. Such a good guy...gone way too soon. (reposted from Facebook)

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