Let the memory of Kim be with us always and forever
  • 61 years old
  • Born on September 21, 1952 in Waynesburg, Pennsylvania, United States.
  • Passed away on February 26, 2014 in Collegeville, Pennsylvania, United States.

All are invited to attend his Memorial Service on Saturday April 26th, 3pm at Calvary Baptist Church Norristown, community meal to follow.

Please use the space below, as well as the other pages of this site to share your memories, photos, and stories of Kim and how he touched your life. 

In lieu of flowers, contributions may be made to:

Norristown Ministries Hospitality Center
530 Church St.
1st Floor
Norristown, PA 19401

Calvary Baptist Church
801 W. Marshall St.
Norristown, PA 19401

The ALS Association of Greater Phila.
321 Norristown Rd.
Suite 260
Ambler, PA 19002

Posted by Cecilia Weber on 1st March 2015
Dear Brenda, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family as the first year anniversary of KIm's death is upon you. Although I only knew KIm for a short period of time I feel blessed. As a nurse working with ALS clients I often think of both of you and remember the love, dedication and dignity shown to KIm by you as he dealt with this difficult disease. Wishing for you fond memories that help you journey through your grief.
Posted by Robin Glen on 28th April 2014
We were blessed to know Pastor Kim, he answered the call by God to come to Point Pleasant Baptist Church to undertake the call of interm pastor. He came to us and was with us for about 21/2 years . He was a great listener and we had great confidence in his leadership style. He took this job very seriously and helped us in so many ways. His gentle mannerism and caring for our congregation was second to none. We at Point Pleasant Baptist are better in our faith today because he cared and was called to lead us.God bless his family at this time of sorrow. Pastor Kim we thank you for being there for us. God bless you
Posted by Jeff Johnson on 26th April 2014
Kim was person after my own heart. I appreciated his reaching out to me when I was new in the community. We had a common background (graduate of Northern Seminary) and emphasis in ministry. Kim was a great guy and I miss him very much.
Posted by Sheila Lanzalotto on 23rd April 2014
Brenda, Brian and Heather, I am not sure if you remember me from your early days at Calvary, but I just heard of Kim's passing and wanted to express my condolences. My mom, Janet Moore, also passed away in February so I share your grief. Sheila Markle Lanzalotto
Posted by Beatrice Reed on 27th March 2014
I just learned of Kim's passing My memories of Kim are also of a loving kind gentle man of God. Brenda and Kim are 2 of the most precious people I was ever around. I last saw you in 1985 when you came home for Mother's funeral. Miles, busy schedules and lives do get in the way but never took you out of my heart. Much much love Aunt Bea
Posted by Leeann Ryan on 26th March 2014
Please God, Bless Pastor Kim's family while they try to handle this terrible loss and to the clients that depended on Pastor Kim at the NMHC. He reminded me of how Christ must be like, authentically kind, calm and wise. Thank you Pastor Kim for all your prayers and concern for my family and me. God Bless you and rest now in God's arms.
Posted by Leeann Ryan on 26th March 2014
Pastor Kim was Christlike in the NMHC. I will miss his amazing devotionals filled with so much wisdom and his calmness in all situations. Please God, bless his family during this loss that they will have to endure and the clients that leaned on Pastor Kim at the center.
Posted by Joan And Jay Jensen on 18th March 2014
Dear Brenda and family, Not having known, or it slipped from my thoughts, that Kim was struggling with ALS, it was a surprise to hear of the death of his body. His spirit is still shining, probably brighter now. I remember that - other than loving having you live with us as you looked for a home of your own upon arriving in St Louis - I remember the wonderful advice Kim gave me as I struggled to find time for church responsibilities while keeping up with a young family. His advice: "there will be a time when it's right. It is a mission to minister to your own family, as you are right now." Wow! The ''ought-to's" vanished. The guilt turned to strength. The time DID come to serve more widely. And I did serve - matter-of-fact, other than when he was trying out Skype and called me to chat, we met at one of the Conventions. Thanks for everything, Kim. Love to Brenda, Brian and Heather.
Posted by Patrick Justis on 18th March 2014
I am so fortunate to have had Kim and Brenda in my life as a teen. Kim spent many hours listening to my heart pour out its sorrows and reflect back to me God's love. I'm thankful for his time at Second Baptist in St. Louis and consider him a major influence in my life. Thank you, Kim, for showing me the face of God so many times in my youth.
Posted by Adams Fred/fran on 17th March 2014
We love both Kim and Brenda and deeply appreciate Kim's ministry at Second Baptist St. Louis. Our son ,Alan, was a part of that ministry and had sincere appreciation for him. I was Area. Minister then and enjoyed our friendship. Blessings on your family. Fred and Fran Adams
Posted by Adams Fred/fran on 17th March 2014
We love both Kim and Brenda and deeply appreciate Kim's ministry at Second Baptist St. Louis. Our son ,Alan, was a part of that ministry and had sincere appreciation for him. I was Area. Minister then and enjoyed our friendship. Blessings on your family. Fred and Fran Adams
Posted by Yvonne Massie on 11th March 2014
It's an honor to leave my deepest sympathies to the family of Pastor Kim. He was a man of God with so much love for God's people. It was always a pleasure to talk with Pastor Kim. I am the administrative secretary at Siloam Baptist Church and many time through Calvary and the Hospitality Center I witness his demonstration of Jesus Love in all that he did. He inspirited us all to go the extra mile to be a blessing to others. May these memories spur us on in Jesus Name. Yvonne Massie
Posted by Marlene Cohen on 7th March 2014
To The Fox Family- I would like to extend my sympathies to your family on the loss of Pastor Egolf-Fox. I never had the honor of meeting Pastor Kim, but I always enjoyed the time he spent on the phone with me while placing orders with the company that I work for.He always had nice things to say, and he had a special way of making you feel good about yourself. He will be missed. Marlene Cohen Landes Brothers
Posted by Catherine Griffin Savage on 7th March 2014
To The Fox Family --My prayers are with you, Pastor was a light in the mist of darkness,,he will be greatly missed, the talks of encouragement he and i shared will be remembered.. In deepest sympathies' Catherine from NMHC
Posted by Jared Paul on 6th March 2014
The first thing I noticed about him was the strength of his handshake (until ALS took his strength). When I first met him, I thought I had healed from a minor stress fracture on my right hand and I’m convinced it rebroke! He was so kind and soft-spoken. He was a phenomenal listener and when he did speak, he was always teaching. He taught me how to drive stick shift. Dad drove me to Methacton High School and we switched seats. He proceeded to talk to me for about twenty minutes about how a stick shift works, how you drive one, etc. I was pretty impatient, but I listened carefully. He was so detailed, methodical, and clear in his description that when he finally told me to start driving, it felt like I had been driving stick shift for years. I cruised around the parking lot without stalling and even drove us home that night without incident. It was really amazing and I know it was all because of him. He was such a peaceful person that seemed to disintegrate any stress you were feeling when you were with him. My other favorite memory Dad was shortly after Heather and I moved to PA after I had been in NC for eight years. One thing that always bothered me was my distance from family. I missed seeing my parents and it was always difficult. Moving to PA was something that I had mixed emotions about. We were going to be six hours away from my family instead of eight and a half hours, so that was good. We were going to be fifteen minutes away from Heather’s family instead of six hours, so that was a definite bonus. Although, I have to admit, that did make me a little jealous early on. Until one day, within the first couple of weeks of us moving to PA Heather and I were walking around the King of Prussia Mall. We saw Dad, called him on his cell phone and told him to turn around where we were standing. We talked to him for a few minutes and then went to lunch. It was in that moment that I had this tremendous feeling of home I hadn’t felt in over eight years. That was something Dad gave to me.
Posted by David Spangler on 6th March 2014
To the family of Pastor Kim, I came to know Kim through volunteer work I and our company PJM perform periodically at Norristown Ministries. There are people that come into one's life and leave imprints of all types. I will forever remember Kim's model professional behavior and his ever postive kindess towards others. Kim never complained about what the physical environment could not provide, yet focused on what he could improve with limited resources. Kim was a positive thinking, extremely dedicated, compassionate, and gentle individual. I consider myself fortunate to have known him. Know, that I try to model his compassion in each day of my life as a tribute to his imprint on me. Our sympathies to you all during this time of his passing
Posted by Virginia Rueber on 5th March 2014
Brenda, Heather, Brian and family. I was sorry to hear of the passing of Kim,it is with saddness I learnt this. His suffering is over. I will always be thankfull for his help when I needed it. Prayers of Comfort to you as you grieve your loss. Kim will continue his work in Heaven with those who also passed with his kind and gentle voice until you are all together again some day as God has planned for all of us.
Posted by Dave Ludeker on 3rd March 2014
Dear- Brenda and Family- We are keeping you in our prayers. Kim was the one who helped to bring a group of us together as the Family Systems group which began in the late 1990's. His quiet input into our study of family systems helped us gain new insights for all who attended. His input and his presence will be missed. Dave and Colleen Ludeker
Posted by Joanne Ivancic on 3rd March 2014
Brenda, Brian, Heather, Jared: I was blessed to have gotten to know Kim and all of you through my friendship with Brenda. From one of the most fun weddings so many years ago to the deep conversations about philosophy and living most recently. He will always be with you and with all of us in the better persons that he helped us to be. My sympathies on your loss.
Posted by Cecilia Weber on 2nd March 2014
Dear Brenda and family, I am thinking of you and sending prayers for comfort and peace. I feel so fortunate to have met you both. The loving, kind and respectful care that Kim recieved from his family is an inspiration to me and all those that care for others. I pray that you feel his loving presence each and every day as you journey through your own personal grief. Cecilia
Posted by Christine Miller on 2nd March 2014
Uncle Kim was a wonderful man. I will miss his quiet wisdom and thought provoking conversations. He was such a spiritual thinker and so kind and gentle. He will be greatly missed by all that he has touched. We love you and pray that you will continue your gentle work in heaven. Hugs and Kisses. Love, Christine, Sam, Brooklyn and Hayden. Say hello to my angel for me. Remind her that she is loved and missed too. Take care of her and guide her with your wisdom.
Posted by Jane Hulting on 2nd March 2014
Brenda and family, my deepest sympathies for your loss of Kim. You and he are being held in the arms of Love. Much love to you in your grieving. --Jane
Posted by Brian Henderson on 1st March 2014
Kim's light will light the way still. I'm overwhelmed with another loss.
Posted by Stephanie Johnson on 1st March 2014
Uncle Kim was a wonderful, loving soul. I am sorry for your loss. He will be missed but always loved. Sending our thoughts and hugs to you all. Love, Stephanie, Chris, and Madeline
Posted by Julie Moyers on 1st March 2014
Kim was the gentle, quiet soul in our family. He will be missed and always remembered. Dale & Julie
Posted by Jennifer Cain on 1st March 2014
Brenda and family, my deepest sympathies on the loss of Kim. I am thankful to have met him and had his insight into the Anna board personalities and how we worked together. He had a gentle spirit and a warm smile. Love to you in this time of grief Jen

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