Let the memory of Kimani be with us forever
  • 18 years old
  • Born on May 10, 1998 in Vallejo, California, United States.
  • Passed away on May 12, 2016 in Stockton, California, United States.

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Kimani Johnson, 18, born on May 10, 1998 and passed away on May 12, 2016. I want to remember My son for all his hard work, and his perseverance to do BETTER and WANT better! I want Everyone to be able to come here and share stories about him freely, and just be able to come here wherever you feel like I do Right now, and just enjoy KIMANI for a minute! Thank you to any and everyone that takes the time too visit and keep my baby's memory alive!  We will remember him forever.❤

Posted by Citha Patterson on 17th May 2018
I'm sorry for all the times I lied to you I know it's too late cuz your gone, And I have nothing left of you But Memories and songs That when I hear it I'm back in the past When it was just you and I I'm sorry I couldn't see you Before you past away and took Half of my heart with you
Posted by Citha Patterson on 17th May 2018
Secrets I try not to think about you two And all the good and bad we been thru I miss you both, If I had the chance to see y'all That'll be my dose Of medicine, to heal me From all the pain I've been feeling For the last three years I've had nothing but remorse And these tears that won't stop shedding Like the blood when I cut
Posted by Erica Phea-Davis on 12th May 2018
Happy 20th Birthday Kimani. I miss you the same today that I did 2yrs ago. I'm holding on strong but it's still hard to even think about you without getting emotional. Or talking about you to anyone, even myself. I love you and I miss you, so do Jaymes, Elijah, Jada and Angelo. You are always on our minds and in our heart. ♥
Posted by Hailei Lewis on 10th May 2017
Happy 19th birthday nephew ! I miss you everyday and you are constantly on my mind.. there is just so much I wish I could say to you and do for you and I'm sorry I wasn't there for you as much as I should have been. I love you soo much Kimani . Thank you for being there for me when I needed advice or just a hug. Thank you for being YOU! I will continue to share my memories of you and think about you everyday.. I love you
Posted by Hailei Lewis on 5th March 2017
just thinking about you.i love and miss you Kimani.
Posted by Hailei Lewis on 24th November 2016
happy Thanksgiving nephew! I love you. I'm thankful you were in my life.
Posted by Hailei Lewis on 14th September 2016
I miss you. I think about you everyday and I'll never forget you. I love you nephew
Posted by Erica Phea-Davis on 16th August 2016
I'm just thinking about you Kimani! Granny Margie died this past Week, so we dealing with that. I'm really glad you got to spend time with her before she died, she really loved all of us. I love you so much and miss you more and I'm sooo PROUD of you!
Posted by Erica Phea-Davis on 31st July 2016
My heart actually ACHES FOR YOU! I never felt this pain before, I don't think I can't stand it Kimani. I'm just so sad, but I hold it well. The counseling every week helps but Angelo helps more! I love you Kimani Tyrel
Posted by Hailei Lewis on 27th July 2016
Just thinking about you.
Posted by Erica Phea-Davis on 23rd July 2016
I'm thinking about you daily Kimani! I love you!
Posted by Erica Phea-Davis on 12th July 2016
Hi Kimani! I miss you and my heart is so broken, but I think I'm being strong. I just can't understand this and its draining me. I love you
Posted by Erica Phea-Davis on 4th July 2016
Happy 4th of July Kimani! We love you and tell our cuz happy birthday!
Posted by Jerry Davis on 20th June 2016
Kimani I miss you so much this is the first Father's Day without my grandson you are with Jesus now please help protect and watch over us All we will miss you forever you are fantastic young man your smile would light up a room you always be with us in our hearts and our minds I can't really put into words how I think we all feel love always your grandfather Jerry
Posted by Erica Phea-Davis on 20th June 2016
Good morning baby!
Posted by Erica Phea-Davis on 19th June 2016
Posted by Erica Phea-Davis on 19th June 2016
I wish I could hug you! I still remember dropping you off at the airport, and kissing you on the cheek thinking to myself "you still got baby soft face" lol
Posted by Hailei Lewis on 19th June 2016
I love you nephew . There's not a day that goes by that I don't think about you. I'm so sorry that this has happened to you.. Please watch over your family , especially your little brother Jaymes.
Posted by Citha Patterson on 17th June 2016
I miss you eveyday, i think about you ALL THE TIME. I cry so many tears. I just want u back. This really hurts me. You were finally getting the life u wanted. I am so proud of you and so proud to say no girl had u the way I had you. I love you soo much !!!!!!!! 11. 15. 12
Posted by Erica Phea-Davis on 16th June 2016
I miss you so much! I cry everyday, and think about you constantly! Im so sorry this happend to YOU! You tried so hard and made me so proud Kimani! Dont ever think you didnt! I love you!
Posted by Debra Goldsby on 16th June 2016
Grandma may be far away, but I thought of you often and missed you alot. You grew up to be a fine handsome young man. I remember you more as the goofy smiley kid who stuck rocks in his ears. Had us all laughing when Harley the Dog carried you cross the back yard. The proud way to looked at baby Jaymes when he was born. You were his protector, brother and friend, and sometimes his translator. You were an awesome son, grandson, brother and friend who God called home much too soon. Save me a place in Heaven Kimani. I love you infinity ...........................
Posted by Jaymes Pendergraft on 16th June 2016
I will miss you and not a day will go by when I don't think of all the good times we had you are and all ways will be in our hearts.

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