Let the memory of Kirby be with us forever
  • 73 years old
  • Born on January 20, 1938 .
  • Passed away on December 9, 2011 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Kirby Gordon 73 years old , born on January 20, 1938 and passed away on December 9, 2011. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Kirby Gordon on December 10, 2013
I do speak often about the loss of my father. To be an only son is something only a few can understand. To share a name is even more telling. Each day I live and action I take is a testament to the fact that he and my mother gave me life. I am a reflection of the generations that came before me. My father loved me. I know because he took the time to tell me. My lost today is profound. Two years ago begin my journey with one less person who knew me before I knew myself. If I am worthy I will see him on the other side.
Posted by Samaya Newman on December 9, 2013
What a wonderful way to honor such a man that I have had the honor to call my daddy. My daddy was one of the most gentle men that anyone could have ever known. His spirit was so warm and kind. He never saw bad in anyone. This man that was my daddy would do anything for anyone. This is a gift that was passed on to me for sure. Today I celebrate your life.  I remember when you had your stroke, and you wanted to drive again, but was scared.......I said to you "daddy you can do it". I then took you out in that red truck of yours, and saw that light in your eyes that I always saw as a little girl......You said to me thank you (ma) as you would call me.............This moment of ours I will never forget. 

I will always love you daddy

Posted by Shana Gordon on December 9, 2013
I know truly in my heart Our father was one who loved children. He Never left a home without leaving laughter. The memory I'll never forget was Christmas in Kansas city. Myself, Motty, Monie, and Kirby Jr. came down the stair and seen all our toys. I thought we were rich :). Wow how time fly's. Hey God was right in saying "Honor thy Mother and Father and your days will be long".
Posted by Kerbie Gordon on December 9, 2013
Ok.. so one that is kinda funny about daddy: Welp, you know how daddy loved kids? He used to get adriana from preschool for me when I was working late. (she loved that. was disappointed when I came and got her) Well, when she was about three or so and potty training, I came to get Adriana from him and found her sitting on her potty seat, that he bought her just for his house, while he was sitting on the side of the toilet holding a wad of toilet paper..getting ready to wipe her butt. I know this sound silly, but up until that moment, I never thought of daddy as someone to wipe a child's butt, until I saw it in action. I said something to him about it, I can't remember what, and he replied, "what do you think was supposed to happen? I was just gonna let her walk around with shit on her?" Oh, daddy, a man of very few words, lol.
Posted by Kerbie Gordon on December 9, 2013
(1)When I was a little girl.. daddy was the BEST playmate. Literally EVERYDAY after work.. and you know he worked long hours at GM, he would play hide and go seek with me. I would hear the garage door go up and I would hide somewhere in the house just for him to find me. There weren't many places to hide.. maybe two good ones in fact. But every day, like clockwork, when he would get off work, he would come find me! (2)Another thing, my mom used to tell me that every night when daddy would get in, he would religiously check in on me and watch me sleep. Daddy loved his kids! (3) ok, one last one-- Hungry Hungry Hippos.. its a game with marbles and whichever hippo ate the most marbles won. Daddy used to play this game with me all the time. So much that i bought it so he could play it with Adriana. <3
Posted by Robin Butler on December 9, 2013
As a little girl, I remember grandpa as always smiling and on the move. He always seemed like he was having a great time. I had the pleasure of picking him up from the airport when he came to visit in Phoenix a few years ago. I asked him, "do you want me to get you a wheelchair"? He said no. Little did he know the Phoenix airport is incredibly huge. I would request a wheelchair for myself if I could. :P We got to the car and he told me "next time, i'm getting a chair."  Lol. Grandpa just always knew what to say. He was so witty, and sharp even in his older age. I laughed so hard when he dominated Jarvis in dominoes, all while talking smack. I hope he is resting peacefully and having a great time up in in heaven. He will forever be missed. Love you Grandpa, Robin.
Posted by Nikki Taylor on December 9, 2013
I will never forget how my grandfather would mispronounce my name and I'm sure if he was alive today I would still be Micki to him instead of Nikki. Lol.. and I can still hear his voice and the as he would say Mmmm Micki.
So when I was younger and grandpa was dating Diane I remember this ridiculous arguement (in grandpa's eyes) about what my name truly was.
Diane was so sure my name was Nikki, she even said, "Buffalo the other kids call her Nikki." Grandpa's rebuttal was, "I know my granddaughters name, and her name is Micki!"
Lol, after that I was just like whatever, I'll be Micki to him. Only him, so don't try it anyone else.
Posted by Nikki Taylor on December 9, 2013
Grandpa and I would watch The Price Is Right every morning and then Cowboys and Indians. Lol.
Posted by Nikki Taylor on December 9, 2013
Grandpa loved getting out the house. He loved parades and going to city market. We were always doing something, going somewhere. I remember one time going on a long ride down country roads while looking for fireworks stands instead of just going to one in the city... I remember picking weeds and greens in his garden... I remember him teaching me to cook grits, well pretty much a lot of stuff... I remember going swimming in the neighbor hood at the pool house with grandpa one time, and that's the only time I saw him in a pool... I remember the smell of Grandpa's farts...n call me gross, but o well, he would always poot n blame it on someone else, so I needed to be able to call him out on it... I remember Grandpa telling Kerbie I "looked fat" before he knew I was pregnant and asking if I was... I remember when Dmx-Up in here song was out and we were riding with him and he surprised me by not only singing the chorus but jamming to it...Grandpa kept me laughing... I am smiling now and can't ever do anything else when thoughts of him crossed my mind!
Posted by Simone Rogers on December 9, 2013
Two years and I still hear your laughter love you dad
Posted by Simone Rogers on December 9, 2011
To my dad my hero and inspiration: We laughed a lot , loved a lot and in my heart I will hold you forever until in heaven we meet again. I see you in my dreams, my niece, my grandson and I hear your wisdom as I meditate on the joy we share. I love you daddy , Monie
Posted by Darrel Taylor on December 9, 2011
Love you Buffalo more than you know. A great man who in many ways set the standard for a man should be. Loved me like a son with the wisdom of a grandfather so greatness will always be his legacy in my eyes. He demonstrated you can overcome the most challenging of obstacles by leaning on the Lord. The perfect balance of Pride & Humility.

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