Larry Lindsay was a family man, first and foremost. He met Leigh Ann in 1990 while she was five months pregnant with Miranda. As their love grew, he took Leigh Ann to lamaze classes, and doctor’s appointments. A few months later, he told Leigh Ann, “I can’t wait to be a family,” and so they became. He was in the delivery room, as Miranda was being brought into the world, he was there, holding Leigh Ann’s hand. And Miranda never thought of him as anything but her dad, despite the lack of blood relation.

Two years later, they had Maryssa and they became the close family unit that you might know them as today. Larry drove a tractor trailer and brought home money for his family to live and eat. He prided himself on being the provider for his three girls.

After moving to Florida in 2005, Larry then found his second love (the first being his family), tow truck driving with Emerald Towing. Larry’s knowledge and skills made him perfect for this career, and he quickly earned the trust of the owners. He started driving the “big truck,” hooking up the largest of vehicles and being the one everyone could rely on. This was not surprising to anyone that knew him. Larry has always been the one someone could call with a need and he would show up and have answers. He’s just that guy.

One night, in September of 2010, he was working on the side of I-95 when two cars got into an accident right next to him. One spun out, and hit Larry. He obtained over 30 fractures from the mid-back down as well as other numerous injuries. He spent a month in the hospital, relearning how to walk and getting strong enough to come home. All he could talk about every day, when Miranda, Maryssa, and Leigh Ann visited, was coming home and being a family again. But when he did, he encountered an even bigger battle - adjusting to the question, “What is my life now, as a disabled man?”

For nine years, he has worked at becoming the best version of this new Larry he could be. He could no longer physically do the job he so loved, which stole a part of his identity; he couldn’t be the breadwinning family man anymore, but he didn’t give up. He was not without his trials both physically and mentally. But he absolutely always did his best and his family was grateful for the blessing of his presence.

In August of 2019, Larry was unexpectedly and suddenly diagnosed with late stages Metastatic Melanoma throughout multiple vital organs. He had decided to fight. But each day got worse, and  on Friday, September 13th, 2019, the universe, God, and most importantly, Larry, decided that they had other plans. He had suffered enough, and it was time for him to finally be at peace.