Let the memory of Earl be with us forever.One good brother.
  • 21 years old
  • Born on November 11, 1951 in Cleveland, Ohio, United States.
  • Passed away on March 20, 1973 in Baltimore, Maryland, United States.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Lemuel Arbogast 21 years old, born on November 11, 1951 and passed away on March 20, 1973. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Joyce Collier on 16th June 2018
Earl I know that Dave is with you now sharing your heavenly rewards wow what a blessing to be with our Lord and Savior.Earl you guys are both missed and loved by many.Until I see you both again all of my love.Joyce
Posted by Joyce Collier on 14th June 2018
Earl I just can’t stop crying so many things are happening all at once.Earl sure wish you were here right now.
Posted by Joyce Collier on 3rd May 2018
Hello Earl just got from one doctor waiting for the other one to call.Life down here gets tough sometimes Earl.Not feeling well sucks.Enough about me for now.Earl we are blessed with our grandchildren and now we have a great nephew.Gunnar he is a sweet heart and should see Butch with him.That little baby has Butch wrapped around his little finger.Getting ready to visit with Rhonda and my grandchildren excited I am.Earl not sure about some medical issues right now prayers lots of prayers.I love you Earl I miss you so very much.Always your sister Joyce
Posted by Joyce Collier on 30th April 2018
Earl left you some photos Butch and his grandson Gunnar,Tater.Earl please let me know when you are around me.I’ve been thinking a lot about you lately miss you too.Love me your sister.Joyce
Posted by Joyce Collier on 24th April 2018
Hello Earl getting dinner ready easy dinner tonight. hot dogs fries and baked beans.Early bed for me tonight still feeling under the weather.Cloudy here getting ready for rain.Well Earl closing for now know that I love and miss you.Your favorite sister Joyce...
Posted by Joyce Collier on 22nd April 2018
Good morning Earl on this cool crisp spring day sometimes I just set and wonder does heaven have four seasons like we have or is it warm and sunny everyday?Well one day when i finally leave this earthly body Earl I hope God let’s you walk me into heaven only if I leave before my husband.Earl we truly live in a awesome world but it is so full of evil God is coming back soon I believe we are in end times so many souls will be lost because they are not right with our Lord.I pray everyday that our love ones fine peace and comfort in our Lord and Savior.Setting drinking my morning coffee I can’t help remembering our childhood remember when the adults were talking we went outside to play also remember giving up your chair to and older person that was called RESPECT and never ever did we talk back to a grown up Dad would have handed us our asses period.Well Earl parents now give rewards and time outs for disrespect and bad behavior,SO THANK You DAD FOR TEACHING US RESPECT. Earl give Mom & Dad and Colt all of my love you to big guy.Love always your favorite sister Joyce........
Posted by Joyce Collier on 21st April 2018
Good morning Earl stopping by to talk wish you were still here but I realize you are in a much better place walking with our Lord.John and Mary stopped by yesterday they look good most important they looked happy.They were stopping by to visit you ,Monk and Mary’s sister.Me Earl getting tired.Getting ready to visit Rhonda & Shane and our grandchildren.Joe and I are facing some hard decisions very soon not sure what to do so we have been praying a lot on this but still unsure.Butch has to have some surgery praying for him as well wouldn’t know what to do if I lost another brother so put a word into God please all prayers help.Butch is very blessed he has Beth one beautiful soul and a strong woman.But you should hear him talk about his grandson One proud grandfather there.Save the best for last Tater is well working hard saving his money bought a new car and a Harley and just moved to s new apartment.See God is good he heard my prayers.Our daughters Rhonda and Kristian and families are all well too.Joe well you know he works very hard everyday.I truly love this man he has my heart.Now Earl we have a dear friend in need of lots of prayers not putting his name out here but you were good friends with him as well he needs the Lord to touch him and give him comfort and place his healing grace on him.So Earl please watch over him.I love you Earl and happy that you were and still are my big brother. Love always Joyce.....
Posted by Joyce Collier on 21st April 2018
As I sit here my memories go back to my parents and it has taken me along time to realize why they were strict.Four children three boys and a daughter wow.As parents we are not perfect we make mistakes oh have I been there.So my wish for our children and grandchildren is to grow closer to God without God we are truly lost.I wish I could have a few minutes more with my parents I miss them so much mom you were a good mother and dad you were tough but I get it now didn't then but I do understand why you made the choices you made.So please if you are lucky enough to still have one or both parents tell them what they mean while they are still with you a cemetery is a sad place to visit.Love you Mom and Dad and you both knew how I loved you
Posted by Joyce Collier on 20th April 2018
Hello Earl been mia for awhile been a little under the weather so now just stopping to let you know you sir are missed greatly by your little Sis.Love you Earl...
Posted by Joyce Collier on 2nd April 2018
Earl this photo is Samuel’s second Easter you would have loved this little guy into everything he is.I will add more photos later getting Joe off to work then a busy day for me clean laundry dinner though dinner is iffy.Love you...Joyce
Posted by Joyce Collier on 1st April 2018
Hello Earl just got home from Lyle and Kristian’s going to bed tired for sure.Miising you Earl wish you were here.Got a busy week planned getting my hair done on Wednesday cleaning the rest of the week my house is a mess.Our grandson celebrated his second Easter he sure was cute.Well Earl saying goodnight and I love you.Joyce...
Posted by Joyce Collier on 1st April 2018
Happy Easter Earl just got done with church and breakfast with Joe and Leonard two of my favorite fellas.Came back up to Lyle and Kristian’s taking care of my grand puppies.Life is good Earl I truly have and amazing husband.Love you and miss you big guy. Joyce.....
Posted by Joyce Collier on 31st March 2018
Hello Earl just got home from dinner my amazing husband worked all day and came home and toke me out to dinner and ice cream.Married my one true love.Going to church in the morning sure hope my knee feels a little better pain is and understatement.Wishing you were here to celebrate the Easter holiday with us but you are with our Risen Lord can’t get better than that.Give all our love.Happy Easter brother.Love Joyce.......
Posted by Joyce Collier on 28th March 2018
Good morning Earl getting ready for Easter God has risen and we are blessed to have him as our Lord and Savior.So wishing all in heaven a Happy Easter.Love from your sister Joyce
Posted by Joyce Collier on 27th March 2018
Just stopping by to say hello well Earl I know you know what’s happening medically with me i’ll be fine a little sore.Life is like a box of chocolates you don’t know what you’ll getting.Butch is good talked to him yesterday getting ready for his baby grandson to be baptized yes you heard me correctly.Joe leaving for work me getting ready for another trip not sure which though cruise or Mexico?Life is short enjoying it now.Love you Earl and I will talk to you later love from your sister Joyce.
Posted by Joyce Collier on 26th March 2018
Earl didn’t make it to visit you this weekend so sorry but it is to wet and muddy I will come next weekend God willing.Earl you seeing all this crazy stuff going on down here?Only God can save us I truly believe he is with our President.Makes me sick to watch the corrupt news media.Kids marching people destroyed stuff and making threats to our President.Obama and Hillary were two murdering and traitorous people to ever run our nation and they are walking free maybe on earth but one day they will answer to God.Well Earl closing for now will talk to you later.Love from your baby sister Joyce.....
Posted by Joyce Collier on 24th March 2018
The brother I remember big funny kind and he would always help me with my homework.Earl loved our mother he truly was her favorite how do I know this she would always make his favorite foods.Apple pie ,chili without beans and tomato sandwiches with chocolate milk.Earl had a grin that would make everything better and if he didn’t like you you knew it but if he was your friend it was for life.Earl if I could have one more hug or one more smile or one more I love you just one more time.I love you and think about you everyday Earl always in my heart always in my thoughts.Love your sister Joyce.........
Posted by Joyce Collier on 23rd March 2018
Missing you Earl Rest In Peace.Love Joyce
Posted by Joyce Collier on 20th March 2018
Forty five years ago Earl you were taken to soon seems like yesterday I got the phone call from Dad.Heart broken then and now truly miss you as much.God is good Earl.Got flowers for your grave and Aunt Wendy’s too.See you soon Earl.Love and miss you.Your sister Joyce.
Posted by Joyce Collier on 1st March 2018
Hello Earl well we went to Samuel’s first birthday wow is all I can say he is so precious wish you could have met him.His mom got rear ended on her way home from work she is okay car totaled.Earl we have a mutual friend who is ill praying here.Life sometimes doesn’t seem fair.Our grandson finished boot camp and now is in school seems like yesterday he was a baby..Going to Israel Earl yes me have too pinch myself just can’t believe it.Well closing for now will post pictures of my trip.Love you big guy. Joyce
Posted by Joyce Collier on 29th January 2018
Hello Earl getting ready to get my nails done thought I would stop by and talk.Getting ready to go to Ohio for Samuel’s first Birthday he is growing so fast.Then when we get back from Ohio I will be going to Israel for two weeks who would have thunk it little girl from West Baltimore going to Israel.I owe it all to God he is putting me where he wants me to go.Earl we have family and friends who need our prayers don’t have to name names you already know who they are please put in a good word to God for them as for me I am praying.Closing for now brother but you know kind sir you are missed and loved by many.Love Joyce.
Posted by Joyce Collier on 25th December 2017
Merry Christmas Earl.
Posted by Joyce Collier on 24th December 2017
Merry Christmas Earl wish you were still here so many memories to share.Love you brother give Mom and Dad a hug from me and play ball with Colt and tell him Nana and Poppop love him.So Merry Christmas in heaven,.,Love Joyce
Posted by Joyce Collier on 8th December 2017
Added some photos Earl of your great nephew Samuel Earl he is so precious.Getting ready for Christmas have a lot to do.John is here sleeping.We have been sick both Joe and I. Miss you Earl wish you were here .Love you brother...
Posted by Joyce Collier on 23rd November 2017
Happy Thanksgiving Earl lots of news Lawson has left for the Army already in boot camp. I’ve have been at Rhonda’s for almost a month soon time to go home how Can I leave this sweet little boy my heart is breaking.Earl Rhonda needs a guardian angel down here so I hope its you.Please be with her protect her and keep her safe I do know God has this covered Earl but I also believe in angels so be here with Rhonda..Love and miss you wishing you were here still.Love Joyce
Posted by David Baker on 11th November 2017
Happy Birthday Earl. Sure wish I could say it to your face. Love ya bro. Now talk to Johnnie and straighten him out. lol
Posted by Joyce Collier on 11th November 2017
Happy Birthday Earl wow 66 years young today in heaven.Love you Earl and miss you as well.
Posted by Joyce Collier on 24th August 2017
Hello Earl been awhile nothing new here dental work for Joe.Our oldest grandson has joined the army so please be his guardian angel and keep him safe.Missing you Earl. Butch and John are okay as for me still kicking it getting ready to celebrate the big 62 WOW 62 is just a number I just wish someone would tell that to my back knees and shoulder.Wish that you could be here to celebrate with me.Added some photos.Love you big guy❤️❤️
Posted by Joyce Collier on 7th August 2017
Sorry Earl been mia for a while just got back from NC it is beautiful there.Laying here Earl with mom on my mind I really really miss her please give her a hug for me.Stopped by your grave yesterday just doesn't seem real sometimes still want to pick the phone up and call you.Ilove you Earl and miss you still
Posted by Joyce Collier on 1st June 2017
Well Earl I posted some photos of your great nephew Samuel and today we we're blessed with a brand new baby nephew Gunner Louis and all looks well,as soon as possible I will post pictures of Gunner.Earl I miss you and truly wish you were still here to share all this happiness with.But I do know you are watching from heaven.Earl we finally got to meet our newest grandson he is so darn cute we didn't want to leave him or Rhonda I cried all the way home we stopped to eat and I couldn't stop crying even the waitress ask me if I was alright.Well closing for now but know I love you.Joyce❤️❤️
Posted by Joyce Collier on 22nd May 2017
Earl sorry I have been Mia for awhile but we have been busy getting ready to do a lot of fun things.I will share all of this later with you.Earl I wish you were still here you would love all of your nieces they are a hoot.Arbogast and their bloodline really speaks.Closing for now be back later love you big guy
Posted by Joyce Collier on 1st May 2017
Went to the cemetery today to visit mom and dad had a nice talk I really miss them as well to Earl so please give them a hug and kiss from me.Earl your great nephew that isn't born yet needs a guardian angel so please help keep him safe his name is Gunner Louis.Butch and Beth's grandson I really wish you could see Butch he is done excited he is they will be great grandparents.Do please know we love and miss you big guy.Love always your sister Joyce ♥️
Posted by Joyce Collier on 24th April 2017
Hello Earl feeling blessed today good news I received but you already knew that.God is good now for him to remove it but I don't question God he has been taking care of me for 61 years.God is great and I praise his name.Earl I never will understand why God called you home so young but I realize now you are in a much better place.So taking a nap and will talk to you later.Love you Earl ♥️♥️♥️
Posted by Joyce Collier on 22nd April 2017
Hello Earl dreary rainy day here.Been cleaning the living room getting ready to put my lasagna together for dinner tomorrow.Thinking about mom and dad so please give them a hug and kiss from me.Going for Earl love you big guy.♥️
Posted by Joyce Collier on 22nd April 2017
Earl waiting on John to stop by been up all night with my baby girl Trixie.She had a tummy ache.Joe just left for work so today I will be cleaning.Earl not much happening right now.I love you Earl.Joyce
Posted by Joyce Collier on 20th April 2017
Hello Earl sorry that I have been mia been kinda busy getting ready to go to Ohio for Lawson's graduation he is nineteen.Joseph is fifteen and Samuel will be two months on Monday.I've been very tired lately not feeling well but nothing I can do about give it all to God.John and Skye Went to visit your grave the other day.Missing you Earl wish that I could see you but that won't be to I leave this earth.Love you ♥️
Posted by Joyce Collier on 16th April 2017
Happy Easter Earl
Posted by Joyce Collier on 23rd March 2017
Posted some photos Earl I hope you can see them from heaven.They are of Mom and Dad and the nieces you never got to meet.Good night Earl.Love J....
Posted by Joyce Collier on 23rd March 2017
Love you and thinking a lot about you this week.
Posted by Joyce Collier on 23rd March 2017
Earl today 44 years we laid you to rest I still remember it like it was yesterday.The one thing I remember the most was the pain in our mother's eyes.One of her last words on her death bed was to me please take of Earl's grave.She carried you Earl in her heart forever.A mothers love never dies.The day of your funeral was surreal I couldn't believe that you were really gone it felt like I was walking in quicksand my feet wouldn't move.It was a beautiful spring day the wind was blowing and the sun was shining what a day to lay your brother into the ground.I remember the riding in the limousine with mom and I cannot remember who else was there it was all like a bad dream waiting for someone to wake me up.Earl I even remember the outfit I wore a green velvet suit I never wore that suit again it was laid to rest that day as well.Love you Earl and will never forget how you died and I will keep you in my heart forever you see a sister's love never dies.Love Joyce
Posted by Joyce Collier on 20th March 2017
Sad day today in a few hours you will have been dead for 44 years the pain and heart ache is still so very real.Why did you have to die?
Posted by Joyce Collier on 20th March 2017
Rest in peace Lemuel Earl Arbogast.3-20-73 gone but forever missed and loved.Your sister Joyce
Posted by Joyce Collier on 19th March 2017
Hello Earl can't believe tomorrow you will be gone 44 years I still can hear Dad telling me you were gone, it hurts just as much today as it did then.We will be coming to visit you this weekend.I love you big guy until we meet again.Love Joyce
Posted by Joyce Collier on 12th February 2017
Hello Earl this day is done dinner done dishes done now planning tomorrow's activities,peanut butter fudge and pineapple upside cupcakes and the making spaghetti and meatballs and last chicken barbecue.Tomorrow will be busy.Went to church today and bible study tomorrow night.God is good and he loves me.I love you Earl and miss you coming out on 3-20-17 to place flowers and visit with you.Butch and John are doing okay and you are going to be a great Uncle once more any day now.I've not been feeling well you know blood pressure to high to low and a rapid heart beat.It is weird when I wake up and my heart is beating out of my chest.Earl I'm ready when God is ready he is in control not me.I miss and love you Earl.
Posted by Joyce Collier on 10th February 2017
Hello Earl yes I am up pain does that to a body.Earl any day we will welcome a third grandson into our world Samuel Elijah think I spelled that correctly.Life is getting strange here Earl we live in a world of lazy entitled people that want it for free,and because they're not getting their way they want to riot and destroy things I say let them destroy it but do not rebuild let them live in their own mess and confusion. You might say that I am fed up. Wonder what mom and dad would think of their conservative daughter,yes Earl I voted for Donald J.Trump and proud to say it we need a strong God fearing leader.Well enough political talk for now.Sitting here missing you wondering what life would be if you were still here.Well going for now but know that hold you close to my heart and alway's in my thoughts Love you Earl.
Posted by Joyce Collier on 7th February 2017
Hello Earl well not much change here Joe is working and Rhonda ' s baby is do anytime now getting excited another grandchild.Butch and John are well me I am tired pain is a little to much but we all can't be cry babies suck it up and move on.We all have that one family member that wants to be a victim and uses you for money and favors but that stops no more freebies pay me back and then we can talk oops that right your a victim man up and grow up I owe you nothing.Well rant over Earl sorry you had to hear that.The weather here is 70 degrees like summer time no snow what so ever.Got flowers for your grave missing you big guy and I love you with all of my heart.Going for now talk to you later.Love Joyce
Posted by Joyce Collier on 29th January 2017
Hello Earl sorry that I've been Mia for awhile but I am here now.Sick with a horrible sore throat and shoulder pain from hell nothing has eased this pain and I do mean nothing.So this is medicine and bed for me.We purchased flowers for your grave and Sissy bought some for her mom's grave as well.We will be coming out between March 20th and the 23rd you see Earl those dates are tattooed on my heart.Still remember the phone from Dad telling me you were gone wow I was 17 and heart broken I hit the floor praying to God that Dad was wrong but we called the hospital and they confirmed that you were there all that I heard was that you were there then I knew it was true,my big strong brother was gone no longer here no more talking to you no longer would we see your face.Closing for no Earl my heart hurts and the tears flow missing you big guy always your little sister Joyce I LOVE YOU EARL.
Posted by Joyce Collier on 6th January 2017
Hello Earl another painful day I do have choices pain medication but I really hate taking drug so my choice is to give it to God please Lord hear my prayer this day in the name of your son my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ Amen.Well Earl we had a little bit of snow nothing worth talking about,it is cold though.John stopped by and he looked tired he goes on not much sleep.Doing some laundry the steps are killing me today not as young as I use to be bones hurting me more lately.Wish that you could be here in my heart you always will be.Love and miss you as well.Love Joyce ......
Posted by Joyce Collier on 4th January 2017
Hello Earl yes I am up can you guess why if you guessed pain you are so right.Left shoulder and right knee.Well Earl it has gotten really cold and windy here maybe winter has finally arrived.Earl I sure wish heaven had a phone would love to hear your voice one more time.I love you and miss you Earl.
Posted by Joyce Collier on 4th January 2017
Hello brother getting ready to start dinner and yes I HATE COOKING and I don't know why.Sure wish you were here missing you more and more lately feeling blue today.Well closing for now but know that I love you big guy.Joyce...

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