Let the memory of Leonard be with us forever
  • 55 years old
  • Born on September 22, 1931 .
  • Passed away on August 19, 1987 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Leonard Strickland 55 years old , born on September 22, 1931 and passed away on August 19, 1987. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Hilda Strickland on 19th August 2018
31 years ago today August 19 1987 you went to your Heavenly rest. You went way too early but the 25 half years I had with you were short but I will never forget them. We almost made it to our 26, a couple more months. I thought it would be a long time but God knew what was best for you. He call you Home because He needed a very special Angel to fulfill a care in Heaven. He took the best. I love and miss you every day and night, the nights especially when i\ wish you were here to talk with me. Take care my love until we meet again.You will forever be my love.
Posted by Hilda Strickland on 17th November 2017
Leonard, today we would have been 56 years married. November 16 1961. It was not to be.I am so blessed to have you for almost 26 years butt hat was such a sort time. I wish so much we could have grown old together. There are so many days I wish you were here with me as it is so lonely to be by myself.You now have 6 little Great Grandchildren. I wish you could have been here to get to know them and spoil them and of course, give them all nick names. Your 10 Grandchildren whom you never got to meet either are all so special and doing o well with their lies. You would have been so proud to meet them all. Your 4 children have done so well for themselves. I know you are proud of them.Watch over them all Len from your Heavenly Home and keep them all safe and well. Love and miss you always. Your wife Hilda xoxooxxoxoxoox
Posted by Hilda Strickland on 23rd September 2016
Leonard, another birthday has come and gone and you are missed as much today as you were the first birthay after you went to your Heavenly Rest.I spent the day with our daughter Rita.She called an came and got me and then our g/s Alex came home and g/d Paige came home so got to see them today.Paige is so sick , I wish you would watch over her an all our grandchldren and our 4 new great grandchildren. I wish you could be here to see them .I know you would love every one of them and each of them would have a nickname. LOL. remember how you would do that to every little one you met.? I know you are not suffering anymore so that helps me get through the days an our beautiful daughter in law Barb phones me and I spent a month with her, Victor and saw the g/c and great grandchildren, almost every day. It was a wonderful month.Hated to come back to a lonely apt but Rita, Chris comes and takes me over to their home every weekend so I look forward to that. Well, sweetheart, I know you had a great birthday with all your loved ones around you and I asked God to give you a hug from all of us here on earth. One day we will be together again andd until that time comes, know how much you a re loved and missed here. All my love , you wife Hildaxoxoxooxoxoox
Posted by Nettie Connolly on 23rd September 2016
RIP Leonard. Aunt Hilda, you have created such a beautiful memorial to Leonard and your love has endured many years. Hugs and love!
Posted by Hilda Strickland on 19th August 2016
29 years today Leonard you went to your Heaveny rest. You are never forgotten, life is so lonely without you with me. I know you are wathing over all of us so I hope today you know you are loved and thought of every day by one of us . love and hugs and I miss you much. xoxoxoxoxoox
Posted by Hilda Strickland on 22nd September 2015
Leonard today you would have been 84 years old. i always thought we would grow old together but that was not to be. you left me when i was only 45 .that is a long time to be alone especially as i get older. So many times I look at your picture and talk to you and always ask why you had to leave me so early. I know you didn't do it , it was your time to go and you suffered so much with your back and stomach that I could never wish you back here to suffer when I knew you are now in no pain and enjoying the pLace God had made for us. Heaven a beautiful place where there is no more pain and only joy You have many family members and friends now to talk with and you and Howard can sing and he can play the guitar..lol those were the good times when we woudl go back to Cape Breton to visit. You never were hapy leaving there and your heart was always there. so we made sure you got back there for your final resting place as we knew you would not rest easy any where else.So happy Birthday my love and may God hug yout today and let you know how much we all miss and love you.Your wife Hilda
Posted by Hilda Strickland on 19th August 2015
28 years ago today you went to your Heavenly rest Len. It seems like yesterday you left without a good bye. You now ,not only have 10 grandchildren but 2 great grandsons Clark and Parker and another one on the way.his name will be Jakob. I know you would have loved everyone of them. You have so many loved ones and friends with you now to keep you talking and enjoying your life with our Lord and all the Angels. Keep watch over your children and their families from above. Love you and miss you always.<3
Posted by Cordella MacKinnon on 19th August 2015
RIP brother-in-law I miss you and you have left a beautiful family behind to keep your memory alive,
Posted by Hilda Strickland on 22nd September 2014
Leonard , today is your birthday.I wish you were her so I could say it to your face but since i can't just know you are not forgotten and I know God will put His Arms around you today and wish you a happy birthday from myself, your children and their families. we love you so much. forever in my heart.."Life is not forever, Love is" <3
Posted by Hilda Strickland on 19th August 2014
Leonard today is 27 years since you left us to go to your Heavenly rest. We miss and love you so much. this year you have a great grandson, Clark. beautiful little boy. You would have loved all your g/c and gg/s ad I know you would have had names for every one of them other than their own. we love and miss you so much. Always near our hearts.
Posted by Cordella MacKinnon on 19th August 2014
Leonard, I know you are at peace today but you were a great brother-in-law and I miss you . I hope that you have already seen Howard & Gail and you can give my love to them. You have raised a great family and Hilda is a survivor. You can be proud of her & your kids as she has done a good job. RIP Len.
Posted by Stacey Strickland on 19th August 2014
Grandpa Leonard. Sadly I wasn't able to meet you, I wish I had, from all the stories I have heard over the many years about you, it makes me sad to know that you never got to meet me nor Andrew and Nicholas. We are all grown up now, with Nic already a father of a beautiful baby boy. Know that we wish you were here and you are loved and missed by so many people. To the grandfather that was taken way too early. I love you. You're grand daughter, Stacey
Posted by Hilda Strickland on 26th September 2012
"Life is not forever, Love is"
Posted by Hilda Strickland on 25th September 2012
Leonard, you were the love of my life. You gave me 4 beautiful children and we now have 10 g/c whom you never got to see but I know in my heart you are with everyone of them. We talk fo you often and they know all about you. You are never forgotten and no one has ever taken your place in my heart or life. I love you and miss you each day.

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