Love and memories last forever...
  • 1 year old
  • Born on November 3, 2011 .
  • Passed away on October 1, 2013 .

Liam McIlvaine, 22 months, died October 1st, 2013, with his parents by his side, at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.  Liam was extremely strong; enduring many hospital stays and open heart surgeries in his battle with congenital heart defects.  Liam had a contagious smile and his parents were his very best friends.  He loved to cuddle with his mommy; and, his dad could make him laugh like no other.  His road ahead was fated to contain many more hospital stays, more open heart surgeries, and a lifetime of medical management.  We take comfort in knowing that Liam will no longer suffer.  We will now, and forever, have the most beautiful, strong and awesome guardian angel.   

Liam is survived by his parents, Chris and Jen (Coriale) McIlvaine; his grandparents, Ruthann McIlvaine, Doris and Henry Austin, Tom and Nancy Coriale; his great-grandmother, Donna Jacques; his aunts and uncles, Janeen Coriale, Lorie and Mike Christopher, Jill McIlvaine, Jon and Carey-Lynn McIlvaine; his godparents, Samantha (Ritchie) Taylor and Jeff McIlvaine; many great aunts and uncles, cousins, and friends who have become like family. Liam was greeted in heaven by his paternal grandfather, David McIlvaine; and great grandparents, Albert Jacques, Helen and Sam Coriale.
The family will receive Liam’s friends and family at Catholic Community of the Holy Spirit, 17 Earlington Avenue, Mullica Hill, NJ 08062 from 6-9pm on Sunday, October 6th and 9-10:00am on Monday, October 7th.  A mass will be held at the same location at 10:30am on Monday, October 7th.  In lieu of flowers, the family is requesting donations to be made in memory of Liam to The Cardiac Center at CHOP.  Donations can be made online at  or checks, made payable to 'The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Foundation' with 'In memory of Liam McIlvaine' written in the memo line, can be mailed to: The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Foundation - Lockbox #1352, P.O. Box 8500, Philadelphia, PA 19178-1352.


Posted by Janet Ritchie on 3rd November 2018
Happy Birthday! Today you have 7 candles on your cake! You must be having so much fun swimming with the angels through heaven! You are healthy and happy there and playing with your grandparents. Bet you are watching over your Mom, Dad, and brothers Finn and Cael. Keep swimming! God Bless!
Posted by Janet Ritchie on 2nd October 2018
Another year has passed since you started swimming with the angels. Your Mom and Dad miss you and share the memory of you with your two younger brothers. Till we see you again... God Bless!
Posted by Samantha Taylor on 2nd October 2017
We love you so much little man and miss you dearly. I'm so proud to be your Godmomma.
Posted by Kathy McIlvaine on 2nd October 2017
Jen and Chris, Thinking of both of you at this time. Your loss of Liam will always be in my heart. Your precious Liam is now a special angel in heaven as well as a memory in so many hearts. My thoughts are with you. Love, Aunt Kathy
Posted by Lorie Christopher on 1st October 2017
❤️ Your Aunt Lorie Loves and misses you so much. Xoxoxo
Posted by Ann Williams on 1st October 2017
Forever LOVED.
Posted by Janet Ritchie on 1st October 2017
4years ago we had to say “We’ll see you again some time! Keep swimming with the angels!” We think of you and smile because you were so special. Grandma is surely making you lots of spaghetti there in heaven! Till we see you again, God Bless our Miracle Baby!
Posted by Lorie Christopher on 3rd November 2016
Happy happy 5th Birthday in heaven Liam! We all miss you so much. Xoxo Auntie Lorie
Posted by Janet Ritchie on 3rd November 2016
Happy Birthday! Celebrate in heaven in style! You have 5 candles to blow out today. Enjoy your cake and eat lots of Great Grandma's spaghetti. Keep swimming with the angels! God Bless!
Posted by Kim Woodward on 5th October 2016
I am sending birthday kisses to Liam and loving energy to everyone who is missing his little smiles. God bless the lives that have been touched by such a wonderful family.I think of you all often in the halls of 2B. From my heart, Nurse, Kim
Posted by Lorie Christopher on 4th October 2016
Love you little angel! Keep watching over Mom, dad, & Finn!
Posted by Kathy McIlvaine on 4th October 2016
Today a beautiful angel in heaven, with love etched in hearts of all who knew you. xo Love, Aunt Kathy
Posted by Kathy McIlvaine on 3rd November 2015
Happy Birthday Angel Liam............................I have your picture, along with Finn's, and all your cousins on my desk at school. I love you. Aunt Kathy
Posted by Janet Ritchie on 3rd November 2015
Happy Birthday to our little miracle angel!! Grandma Helen probably made you a cake, and you ate the whole thing!! Keep an eye on your Mom and Dad and baby brother Finn! God Bless!!
Posted by Jen McIlvaine on 3rd October 2015
Liam you will now and forever be our most beautiful, strong, and awesome guardian angel. We will keep swimming for you and we will love you forever.
Posted by Kathy McIlvaine on 2nd October 2015
Jen & Chris, The sadness of losing Liam and the blessing of Finn........ God wanted an angel to watch over your family. What a brave little boy Liam!! I love you. Aunt Kathy
Posted by Janet Ritchie on 1st October 2015
Love to our miracle baby in heaven! You have some special people there with you. Hope you are enjoying great grandma Helen's spaghetti! Watch over your mom and dad. Keep an eye on your little brother Finn! We miss you, but rejoice that you are now forever smiling, happy, and free of pain. Run, Liam, run!! Aunt Janet and Uncle Rick
Posted by Ann Williams on 1st October 2015
Liam is in heaven looking down and smiling and giving advice to his little brother. We love you, Liam. You will never be forgotten and will always be in our hearts and thoughts. Keep good guard over your brother, okay? Love you, Ann
Posted by Lorie Christopher on 3rd November 2014
Happy Birthday sweet angel! You are very missed but always remembered! Keep watching out for mommy and daddy and your sweet brother Finn. Until we meet again. Love you!!
Posted by Kathy McIlvaine on 3rd November 2014
Always in my heart, never forgotten. Happy Birthday Liam. I love you.
Posted by Ann Williams on 3rd November 2014
Happy 3rd Birthday, Liam! I know you are smiling down on Finn and your mom and dad. And I know you are so happy and healthy in heaven with Jesus. You are so missed, and will never be forgotten.
Posted by Kathy McIlvaine on 2nd October 2014
Jenn & Chris, My prayers and thoughts have been with you the last two days. Your angel has touched so many lives in the short time he was here, and he left in my heart a special memory that will always be with me. I think of all of you every day. I love you. Aunt Kathy
Posted by Kim Woodward on 1st October 2014
Dear Jen, Chris and Liam, I think you all three of you every time I go to work. When I see the beautiful artwork Jen painted on our ceiling tiles (the transformer always being my favorite), when I hear the name Liam, and when I go into room 3 and when I drive by the child care center in the parking lot. Your beautiful family touch my soul and I will always remember. I pray for the best for you! With all of my love, Nurse Kim
Posted by Ann Williams on 1st October 2014
Sweet Liam, a year has passed since you left us and yet sometimes it seems that you are still right here because you are in our hearts forever. For you and your family and friends: Death is nothing at all. I have only slipped away into the next room. I am I, and you are you. Whatever we were to each other that we still are. Call me by my old familiar name, speak to me in the easy way which you always used. Put no difference in your tone, wear no forced air of solemnity or sorrow. Laugh as we always laughed at the little jokes we enjoyed together. Play, smile, think of me, pray for me. Let my name be ever the household word that it always was, let it be spoken without effect, without the trace of shadow on it. Life means all that it ever meant. It is the same as it ever was; there is unbroken continuity. Why should I be out of mind because I am out of sight? I am waiting for you, for an interval, somewhere very near, just around the corner. All is well. 'Death is nothing at all' ~ Canon Henry Scott Holland of St. Paul's Cathedral
Posted by Ann Williams on 13th May 2014
It was my intention to do this on Sunday, but we were traveling to visit Nancy and Tom... This is YOUR special Mother's Day as well! I will never forget, and you will always be Liam's mom while he is in heaven smiling down on you! Much Respect and Love, Ann
Posted by Ann Williams on 27th December 2013
Blessed Christmas, Liam. We are down on earth celebrating the birth of Jesus and you are in His arms. Love and prayers continue for your whole family always.
Posted by Rosemary Restuccio on 3rd November 2013
The angles are haveing cake with Liam and so is PoP PoP Dave and haveing fun. And he has all of your love from his mom and dad that loves him very much RIP
Posted by Kathy McIlvaine on 3rd November 2013
Happy 2nd Birthday Liam! It was nice to hear that Mommy and Daddy had lunch with you today. They love you very much. Thank you for all the cute pictures you gave to me during the first two years of your life. You have etched a special place in my heart. Love, Great Aunt Kathy xxoo
Posted by Jen McIlvaine on 3rd November 2013
Happy Birthday sweet Liam! Daddy and I had lunch with you today. It was a beautiful day-the leaves are all pretty colors now. All of your family and friends are wishing you a wonderful day. We are proud of you big boy. Enjoy your birthday cake with great grandma Helen. She is a great cook. Love you bunches!
Posted by Lorie Christopher on 3rd November 2013
Happy Birthday Liam! I know your up there with Pop Pop Dave having some cake! Xoxo
Posted by Ann Williams on 3rd November 2013
I read that today would have been Liam's second birthday. It saddens me to know that you are not preparing a party, baking a cake and wrapping presents. I only hope that you are able to celebrate his short life with wonderful memories of this sweet child who is now in heaven. God bless you all and may He tenderly comfort you today and always.
Posted by Kim Woodward on 22nd October 2013
I shared this sad story and link to all of the staff on 2B. We posted your story for all to see with same response... we are all so shocked and saddened by this precious soul's early departure. The pictures you selected told a wonderful story about two magnificant, patient and loving parents and thier special time with Liam. God Bless both of you, I will keep you in my heart.
Posted by Kimberly Noecker on 20th October 2013
Although I was never lucky enough to meet your precious Liam, I was blessed to watch him grow as you posted his amazing journey on FB. While my heart breaks for your loss, I too believe that your beautiful boy is now an angel and will be with you every moment. Sending you all of my love and prayers.
Posted by Dana Shaffer on 9th October 2013
I just learned of the loss of your precious Liam. My heart is heavy with this news. Though his stay with us at Dupont was far from easy, it was always a pleasure taking care you Liam and both of you. Prayers for your entire family through this difficult time.
Posted by Cindy McCahon on 7th October 2013
Jen and Chris-your strength has amazed and inspired me from day one of this journey with Liam. May you continue to find strength knowing that Liam is with you every step of the way, smiling down with that big smile. Keep swimming xoxo
Posted by Greta Conaway on 7th October 2013
Jen, I am so very sorry for your loss. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.
Posted by Sabrina Smith on 6th October 2013
My heart and prayers are with you and your family. Liam is an Angel forever present in your hearts.
Posted by Brandy Blazer on 6th October 2013
Chris & Family - We were very saddened to hear of the loss of your precious boy. His pictures show an adorable, happy baby. Liam is now in the arms of god who will keep him safe. Your family will be in our prayers, we are so very sorry. Jake & Brandy
Posted by Maranda Wise on 5th October 2013
Liam was in my and Melissa's class. It was a pleasure to watch him grow. He never let anything stop him and was always eager to play. I will miss his vibrant personality and his sweet little smile. Your family is in my thoughts and prayers. Peace be with you.
Posted by Tracey Wright on 5th October 2013
Even though Liam was in Alexis and Ashley's class I got to know him and see him progress over the couple of weeks. He was a fighter with a lot of determination. My heart is heavy right now,I will keep the family in my prayers.
Posted by April Gardner on 5th October 2013
Jen my deepest prayers for you and your family. I cannot imagine being a mother myself the pain you are feeling losing your child. May God heal your grieving heart and bless you with peace.
Posted by Ann Williams on 5th October 2013
I only knew Liam through Tom and Nancy. Their stories, Facebook posts of his pictures and their sheer joy at being new grandparents. This loss is unimaginable to us and we know the pain is searing for the family. I only hope that peace will come knowing that Liam is no longer in danger of heart failure and he is perfect in heaven with God and the angels.
Posted by Christina Perna-Cahill on 5th October 2013
My deepest condolences for your loss. No parent should ever have to go threw the pain of losing a child and I cant even begin to imagine what yous are going threw. Just know that you precious little boy is watching over you two.
Posted by Janet Ritchie on 4th October 2013
From the minute he was born, Liam has been a miracle baby. Now he is our miracle angel. He set an example for each of us to be a fighter in the face of great challenges. His smile lit up our lives and in his short life he brought us much joy. We were privileged to have him in the wedding in May. Now he is swimming with the angels. God Bless!
Posted by Jennifer Foy on 4th October 2013
The McIlvaine Family, You are in my thoughts and prayers. Liam is now in a better place, and will forever live on in everyone's hearts. He was captivating, his smile was larger than life. Liam touched my heart and I never even knew who he was.
Posted by Phyllis Accardo on 4th October 2013
Dear Chris and Jen: It was an honor to have Liam as a godchild. We cheered him on for every victory and felt your pain for every setback. We were so happy to see him running around our house a few weeks ago and are so glad for that last visit to remember him by. He will be forever in our heart. We will always be there for both of you during this painful time. God bless both of you.
Posted by Becky Sorensen on 4th October 2013
I keep looking at his beautiful pictures. So innocent and full of life. And beside his smiling parents... I know his life, however short, was full of purpose. All my love to you and your family. xo
Posted by Charlie Fasciano on 4th October 2013
I cannot even fathom the extent of your loss. I am so very sorry for this terrible tragedy and hopefully your little guy is now wearing the wings of an Angel looking over the both of you from heaven.
Posted by Georgette Wood on 4th October 2013
Although I have never met Liam I thank you for sharing all your memories on Facebook. I enjoyed getting to know him thru his pictures. He had a bright smile and strong will. Prayers and condolences to you both. May you be strong for each other and "just keep swimming". God Bless!
Posted by Tina Ewing on 4th October 2013
Jen and Chris, Though we are long distance cousins I have been among the great group of cheerleaders Liam had in his corner since his birth. He will always be thought of with his infectious smile and I truly am sorry for your loss.

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