There is nobody else who will offer Your heart to the world and experience its sacred qualities but You. You can make a difference in this world, so long as You have confidence in Your innate ability to love. - Lodro Rinzler
  • 55 years old
  • Born on March 13, 1958 in Brooklyn, New York, United States.
  • Passed away on February 4, 2014 .

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Lillian Venezia, 55, born on March 13, 1958 and passed away on February 4, 2014. Lillian touched so many people during her life and this website is an opportunity for all her friends and family to share how Lillian impacted their lives. Lillian was a couragous and passionate individual who will continue to influence our lives for many years to come. 

Service was held  on Saturday, February 15th, from 3-9pm
at The Green Building, 452 Union Street, Brooklyn NY 11215,
Ph 718-522-3363.

Valet service was provided. 

Flowers filled the building and were a beautiful tribute to Lillian's life and love for plants and flowers (you know Lillian loved her flowers!).

Donations can be made to the Cancer support organization "Fighting Pretty" via their website If you want to indicate that the gift is to made in Lillian's memory, include her name in the name field. For example, write "Lillian Venezia". Checks can be sent to PO Box 951, NY NY 10150.

This organization sends supportive care packages to women who are fighting cancer and Lillian was moved by the package that I had arranged to be sent to her, which included a pair of mini pink boxing gloves.  

Lillian’s final resting place: Greenwood Cemetery Brooklyn NY, 5th Avenue and 25th St,: Section 45618, Lot 31, Plan 109. provide this information to the office staff and they can direct you to the site

Posted by Jim And Margo Roletto on March 16, 2019
We remember Lillian as a great lady who gave a great deal of love to her family, her many patients, friends, and her animals. We are distant family members who only met her in person once at the Idaho farm, and know her primarily by reading and hearing all the tributes and memories of others closer to her, especially her loving daughters. She would certainly be so proud of her daughters, and must be watching their progress in life to see if they are able to remember the example that her life gave them.
Posted by Ilana Heidel on March 13, 2019
Miss you mom, happy birthday. I wish you could see me and feel pride that your first child is going to be a doctor
Posted by Melody Heidel on February 5, 2019
Remembering Lillian today, and often. It was so nice to revisit memories and her warm smile through the photos here. Sending much love to her family, Kevin, and especially her girls.
Posted by Marian Heidel on February 4, 2019
Lillian, I think of you so often, remembering your compassion for your patients; your concern and love for your girls, which I share; the times we spent with you, Kevin, and your girls; the flowers in your gardens. Yes, you would be proud of Ilana as she continues her veterinary training in Vet School. Looking at the pictures above, so many good memories!
Posted by Ilana Heidel on February 4, 2019
I made it to vet school mom! I know you would have been so proud of me but I still miss you. Dr. Venezia coming soon
Posted by Ilana Heidel on February 4, 2018
Dear mom, I still dream of you but it's less painful now. 4 years later the pain and grief has lessened, and I am able to recall memories without crying every time. But the fact is i lost my rock, my teacher, my confidant. Love you wholeheartedly
Posted by Kevin Heidel on February 4, 2018
Today Lillian is on my mind, her many gifts and strengths, how she loved her children, her passion for her work, her patients. I’m glad she is in her final resting place here on earth, and I pray her spirit will find it’s final resting place as well. Her ashes were placed in Greenwood Cemetery on January 29. Visitors can go to the front entrance in 5th Avenue, and provide the following information to the office staff and they can direct you to the site: section 45618, Lot 31, Plan 109.
Posted by Marian Heidel on February 4, 2018
Lillian, Thinking of you today, remembering the tough time for your family on this day, four years ago. Your life lingers on in our memories, gradually easing the pain we felt for you and the pain your family feels. Flowers especially bring you back, your love for them. May your concern for others in pain inspire us to be caring persons, too. Aloha, Marian
Posted by Arlene Hughton on March 13, 2017
My daughter Jada and I were just talking about the wonderful trip Lily invited us to upstate. Lily and I had an instant connection and I think of her more especially on my birthday because we are a week apart. Happy Birthday Lily, we miss you. Arlene
Posted by Marian Heidel on March 13, 2017
Lillian, we are remembering your birth day today. Just think, you were born the year I graduated from college! We remember how you and Kevin met, and the special times: being shown around the East End, your wedding, baptizing your first-born at Christmastime, graduations from jr hi, high school, and college, your visits to us in Hawaii, getting to know you and your loves: family, dogs and cats and Peanuts and neighbors, your care for people with AIDS, cancer, drugs,....what a rich life you had, and made life rich for many.
Posted by Kevin Heidel on February 4, 2017
I pray your soul has found its resting place, on a hill, under a tree, surrounded by flowers, with Your father and brother holding your hands, my grandma Katherine sitting next you, all of them loving you, with Minnie, BJ, Baby, Pico, Chico, Mike and Ike, and Tatiana sitting around you. Rest in peace.
Posted by Kathleen Cavalieri on March 14, 2016
Dearest Heidel Family, My thoughts and prayers are with all of you as you remember her life, vision and love. Cousin Kathy
Posted by Marian Heidel on March 13, 2016
I've been watching March 13 approach, thinking of Lillian each time. Now, again, her birth date is a celebration, because it brought into our world a person of such vibrancy, love of people, strong, fun-loving, an accordionist who played in the subways, a bright nurse practioner of various medical knowledge and skills, passionate in her likes and dislikes and let people know it, a veritable mother lioness who loved her daughters and husband, and brought me a daughter-in-law that I wish I could have known better. Today I wish for her family a day of remembering the good times and gratefulness for what they learned from her. That would be a good birthday present . Love,
Posted by Nancy Doniger on March 13, 2016
Thinking of Lillian and how kind she was to me. Every time I see her daughters I think of how proud she would be to see the strong young women they have become. And Kevin is such a loving father. It's spring and the crocuses are blooming and reminding me of Lilian the talented and passionate gardener.
Posted by Annie Zaslow on March 13, 2016
Thinking of you on your birthday. Yesterday I drove to Brooklyn saw our friend Marlene and we remembered you. The days your wedding dress hanged in my closet prior to your wedding the fittings and when we went to buy the shoes and you introduced me to gnoochis!!! You touched so many lives. Will always remember you. Rest in Heaven
Posted by Kevin Heidel on March 13, 2016
Happy Birthday my Darling, my love, my soul mate. Today has been full of many emotions. Mostly misty and grey, because I miss you. You should be here to see your girls grow up, to share in my dreams for us as a family, for me in my career and business ideas, to witness your garden that has just begun to fully awaken in Spring. So I am sad when I read these tributes and look at your pictures on our mantle, your many tchotchkes spread all over the house. I cry. Yet we are moving forward, as life requires, as you would want us to. We are growing, albeit sporadically and with the pain of you not being here to guide us. We miss your strength, but our memories of you keep us strong. We miss your love, but we keep loving. We miss your spirit, but you are in our hearts. Happy Birthday my Beauty! Kevin
Posted by Kevin Heidel on February 5, 2016
2/4/2016 My dear sweet Lillian, has it really been 2 years? I've been feeling your spirit all day today. I woke up realizing you were in my dreams last night. I stayed in bed longer than I should have. Took longer than usual to eat. I cried when I came to this memorial page. I took our daughters to dinner tonight as a way to remember you. Ilana had a dish that you would love to cook, and we laughed a lot tonight, something that we haven't been able to do. Lillian you would be proud of everything they are doing. They have their struggles, but they are moving forward with ever more confidence. We miss you Lillian, you will be in our hearts and minds forever. With love, Kevin
Posted by John Agosta on February 4, 2016
The proof is obvious. She was always a great , warm person, kind and helping. Amazing life story. Although I haven't seen her in many years, she lead a fascinating life... She's in a much better place than we are, I'm sure, John Agosta
Posted by Arlene Haughton on February 4, 2016
Forever in my heart Lily!
Posted by Judith Heidel on February 4, 2016
Thinking of you all, Kevin, Ilana, Malia and Imani.
Posted by James Kung on February 4, 2016
My deep condolences for your loss, Kevin. I hope you are well in NYC. Aloha, James
Posted by Marian Heidel on February 4, 2016
Kevin, Ilana, Malia, and Imani: I'm thinking of you all as I think of Lillian. These two years have been trying for you, but you all have grown through your grief into stronger people. I think Lillian is looking down in relief that you are making it, even though still sorely wishing she was around. She must be proud. I miss her, too, and would like to think that her spirit IS seeing her daughters in all their activities, sensing their emotions, and searching for their futures. I know she must hear your words and feelings spoken to her. As I read other tributes to Lillian, I can see that her life touched and affected many; such a compassionate spirit. Love from Grandma Marian
Posted by Traci C on October 5, 2015
I saw Lillian for about two years and in a search to pass along her information to a friend, I was saddened to learn the news of her passing. My heart goes out to her husband, children and animals. Lillian was an amazing person and the sheer number of people she's helped will truly ensure that her legacy will live on forever. Lillian: It was always great speaking with you and never felt like a chore. You were always so kind, welcoming, thoughtful, empathic and I'll never forget your advice or the way you approached life. Thank you for sharing so much of yourself with others and for being a guiding light for all you have helped.
Posted by Loulou Falaise on May 10, 2015
I met Lillian when we worked at VNS. Her compassion and professionalism had no comparison. My name is Annie Victor Zaslow. I also attended her wedding to Kevin and together we shopped for her wedding outfit. So sad to hear. So fortunate to have known her. My most deepest sympathy. My parents also had the pleasure to meet her in one of their trip to New York. They their simpathy too. She will be missed. She was a wonderful person.
Posted by Kevin Heidel on March 14, 2015
My dear sweet Lillian.... I miss you so. I've spent the evening of your birthday reading all these wonderful and loving tributes to you. They both sadden and gladden me, as they remind me what a strong, beautiful, and gentle soul you are. My eyes swell with tears and my throat closes up in grief for all that you are missing in your girls lives. My heart aches for the times we will never be able to share. I miss having my partner to share in the trials of parenthood and the burden of raising a family. You were a glorious presence on earth, out shining all around you. You were a blessing to all who were fortunate to receive your touch and affection. You are missed by so many. But none as much as by those closest to you. A gaping hole is left in our hearts but our memories of your love for us keeps us warm. I miss you, and I love you. My one true love.
Posted by Kim Petro on March 13, 2015
My warmest regard go to Lilian family she was one special lady and the smartest therapist I ever met last year I wax going threw alot mental and Lilian before she got sick told me after her being my therapist and personal confident for close to a decade I ,et Lilian at the clinic in bklyn in sunset park after a while eventual I would go to her park slope office when I saw her memorial last year and her pics it real t to he'd my heart there wax nothing fake about her and she plays the a cordan sp cool I have one too she wax a very special person and now she is a super special angel and her wisdom will be with us till our last breathe those of us who, we're lucky to have some of her precious time I bee in the therapy since I am a kid and had alot of problem and also a cute most pole rum and belive my lies stories I used to tell to hid my person life and shame but Lilian wax never fooled not one not one word it want thst I lie I just count admit what was going and was not in good shape she helped me become whp I am today and I feel her and hear her words all the time no one is perfect we all have problem and she probably had more then her patient she worked til she was sick what I herd she cares about her family and patient they came first she wax a visionary wise before he years and affected my life in a positive way yes I am still néed at time but she gave me the tools I need to fight my mental illness I can official say I been threw the worse year of my life on every level was stabbed in June and other horrible stuff but I didn't hurt myself want to end my life and it was hardest recovery ever I love myself in ,y home for the past nine month in this time I studied phscology books and am dead set on my degree and my special is going to be penalty disorder and narsist victum out reach I changed my phone number which talked about for years in therapy but I wasn't ready to give up my past when I live threw my asualt last year I changed my number and I know she was with me in sprit and as I isolated from being scared straight I studied and I wrote a book and I am selling it now I just send it and when I did I got the email today was Lilian an birthday day and I know this is a sign from her a message telling me my b8ok will be a best allergies and that I will move on to grt my degree and help other I am a empath healer nd I wantv to follow in her legacy and in her Honor no one can ever help me or no me like she did she changed my life and in her death I found hide strength and power beyond ,y imagination I miss her dearly and think of her often to lilies ifvyou read this thank you for helping me and thank you for giving me the told I need to function in society god took you to soon he always take the good one it real is not fair I know she love her family dearly and pets and patient and she did it from the heart not from her wished on being rich she made me who I am today I have new therapist most Oliver she is nice and seem smart but I am officially smart then all the therapist I know excpet Lilian my heart goes out to her family and my book will have a dedication to her cause when I chamged my number I wax racy to let go of my past when she was gone I know I had to move ion she is such a graze loss to the Medical field the world is just not the same with out her xpxpx
Posted by Catherine Lorenzo on March 6, 2015
Kevin and the girls, My heart breaks for all of you . I am so sorry for your loss. I just found out today that Lillian is an angel looking down on all of us. I met Lillian in the early 2000's while working at Project Hospitality. She was an amazing person, nurse practitioner and friend. She touch the lives of many. We had many, many conversations about her life and how much she loved and adored her family. She was the type of person that once you met her you would never forget her . I also had the pleasure of meeting all three of girls. They came to my sister's house to meet my twin neice and nephew and we had such a great time. I will keep you all in my prayers and I just know she is with you always. The world was blessed to have her.
Posted by Kevin Heidel on February 10, 2015
My precious darling, how I miss you. Has it been a year already? It seems like an eternity. And it seems like only yesterday. Although the times between moments of sadness may be lengthening, the pain of loss and of missing you becomes more and more profound. I miss your smile, your laughter, how you took care of the dogs, the garden, your girls, and me. It is unfair that you will never enjoy a springtime upstate, or the crocus in the front yard, or to play your accordion. I miss your music making the most I think. You never played enough, and I never tired of hearing you. You were a gift... to me, your family, your friends, your patients, and the world. I hole is in my chest, but I am grateful for the time we shared and all we accomplished together. I miss everything about you my love.
Posted by Marian Heidel on February 10, 2015
Lillian, you were on my mind a lot as the date of your passing came closer and closer. On the night of the 3rd, John, Melody and I, with Kevin who had come to rest and play in his beloved Hawaii, took beach chairs down to Lanikai Beach (your favorite beach) and soaked in the light of the full moon, as it shown down on the Mokulua Islands and the quiet waters....not a quiet. We popped the cork on a bottle of Proseco sparkly (your favorite) and raised a toast to you, just about the time you passed away last year. There are lots of good memories, and still lots of sad moments for Kevin, your girls, and your many relatives, patients, and friends. Aloha.
Posted by Cathy Overstreet on February 9, 2015
Kevin - BIG HUGS and ALOHA to you, my friend. Lillian truly lives on in these notes, and talking about her. Never stop. Much love, cathy
Posted by Judith Heidel on February 4, 2015
Thinking of you, Lillian, and how you touched the lives of so many. You are beautiful, inside and out. Hugs to your family.
Posted by Jim And Margo Roletto on February 4, 2015
We'll always remember Lillian as a very talented, strong, loving, lovely woman who cared so much about her family, her patients and her friends. Kevin, we think you were very lucky to have found her and we're so glad you have your three terrific daughters to help you remember all the special times you had together.
Posted by Kathleen Cavalieri on February 4, 2015
Dear Cousin, One year, where has it gone. I hope you and my sister are reminiscing and enjoying each others company.
Posted by Mitsui KC on February 4, 2015
My love to all of your most wonderful family. We are all blessed to know the three most beautiful unique individual girls Lillian and Kevin have raised Ilana Malia and Imani.
Posted by Jamie Flores on February 4, 2015
My heart is very heavy today thinking of you Lillian and knowing that you left the world a year ago today. It is ironic, but I still keep the text that I sent to you on 2/4/2014 asking you to please contact me to let me know that you were ok, which I sent at 8:54. I do not know what time you passed, but I felt you, and felt compelled to reach out to you.Today I was also at Beth Israel for my appointment with our oncologist and we shared a moment remembering you.....not that I will ever forget you, and how much you meant to me in the year that we were together. I hope you family is getting by, although we have never met, I feel as though I know you through her. Rest peacefully my therapist, my mentor, my friend......I will never forget you.
Posted by Kim Petro on November 12, 2014
to lillians family i am so sorry for your loss she was a special wise lady caring sweet honest i will miss her dearly i feel so selfish for help to have helped me with my problems i had no idea she was a special lady now an angel above .....
Posted by Kevin Heidel on September 4, 2014
My dear sweet Lillian. Today marks 7 months since you started the long journey home. I feel your presence in your garden today. I'm watering the flowers with your butterfly sprinkler, and as the bugs and bees and flies start buzzing frantically. I think they appreciate the water but are annoyed at the added difficulty getting at the nectar. Life is full, but would be fuller if you were here. The girls are moving forward as best they can, but they would be leaping if you were here. The dogs are happy, but they miss having you around to adore. And me, I just plug along, missing you terribly, feeling misty when certain songs play, when the girls reach a milestone, when I need someone to talk to and need some guidance, when I want to share something wonderful that has happened, I wish I wish I wish you were here to share it with. You, of all the people in the world, deserve more time on earth among the people who loved you. You appreciated the simple things, which are Life's most important things; family, friends, nature, delicate hand made treasures, well made food made with care. Today, we go to the Botanical Gardens to experience one of your favorite places, and be close to you. We love you, and as always, keep you close in our hearts.
Posted by Kevin Heidel on May 5, 2014
Its May 4th, my love, 3 months since you began your next journey. I spent the day at the Botanical Gardens. Today the Japanese Cherry blossoms were finally in full bloom. I remembered how you loved them, and we visited once when Ilana was young and took some beautiful pictures. This year I joined the BBG in your name, as a memorial. Ilana and I have visited once earlier in April to see the Magnolias and the daffodils. They were beautiful too. Today I sat under the pink canopy, leaned up against one of the trees, listened to Edith Piaf, and I felt you close. It was difficult to see the many families, young and old, small and large, extended and new, enjoying the day...but they are welcome to, for this is life, to share in this natural beauty. It seems unfair that you could not be here in person to witness the beauty of the spring day, but I felt you here in spirit. I missed you terribly today. I love you and all that you gave of yourself for and to us. You will always be close to my heart
Posted by Donna Faith Eldredge on April 1, 2014
Dear Kevin & family: I was so saddened to learn of Lillian's death. All words are inadequate. My heart goes out to you all. Donna Faith
Posted by Ceri Douglass on March 14, 2014
Dear Kevin and girls, I have never met you or even been to the USA but received an e mail this morning from your dear mother or grandmother Marion telling us about your great loss. How my heart bleeds for you all and how touched I have been as I have read stories and tributes to Lillian who was no doubt an amazing and lovely lady. I have never met your mother either but your 2 uncles have visited us in U.K. and I have heard so much about your grandparents who spent many years in China. They were like parents to my own parents who lived in the same province in China. Your grandfather Ray brought my parents first two children into the world and were there when their first child tragically lost her life to dysentery when she was just 15 months old, your grandparents were a great comfort to them and now you must all be reeling with that same pain which must be hard to bear. Andy and I will pray for strength for you all, it is good to know that your dear parents are there for you 3 beautiful girls.
Posted by Kevin Heidel on March 14, 2014
A bunch of Malia's friends, a few neighbors, and a colleague of mine dropped in for some cake, wine, and my home brew. We set off white and lavender balloons with prayers to Lillian at dusk. One of the dozen balloons got stuck in a tree, which made me think aloud, "Lillian never wanted to leave Brooklyn!" Seems she sent her own message to us! Missing and loving you more this morning, Lillian.
Posted by Marian Heidel on March 13, 2014
It's the day of your birth, Lillian. How fortunate for the lives of your family, your patients, your friends, that you came into the world, and made their world better. It's sad that we don't give these tributes when you were with us; God bless those who did. Thank you for the joy and meaning you gave to our son, Kevin, and for our three granddaughters. Love, Marian
Posted by Malia Heidel on March 13, 2014
Not a day goes by without you near. Happy Birthday mama.
Posted by Kevin Heidel on March 13, 2014
Missing you big time today my love. I aim to be present and mindful of this special day, the day that brought you into this world, that allowed your spirit to engage with the rest of us, that embued the world with your generosity, fierceness, compassion, and joy for helping others. I miss you I miss you I miss you my love. Watch over me and your girls today and every day. I love you. I always will. Happy birthday!
Posted by Julia Lee on March 13, 2014
Happy Birthday, Lillian. I know you are watching over your family- we remember you on this special day and always. Your legacy lives on!
Posted by Jamie Flores on March 13, 2014
Happy Birthday Lillian, we honor you in our thoughts today. Your special day. You are missed.
Posted by Larry Vitelli on March 13, 2014
I'll always remember we shared initials, and often were seated near each other in Holy Family when teachers sat us alphabetically. Later our paths crossed again while attending LIU. It was a blast. An upbeat, fun person with a great laugh and smile. God bless...
Posted by Jamie Flores on February 27, 2014
Lillian was my therapist.I had the honor of knowing her and sharing with her through my own battle with breast cancer is 2012. I can not tell you what an impression she has made on my life. We shared so many stories, she helped me cope with cancer, and come out on the other side. She also shared stories about her family with me. Im glad I was able to "beautify" with L'Oreal products. I am so devastated to know that we will not be able to share in therapy and in life.
Posted by Gertrud Ashe on February 24, 2014
Aloha Kevin, I only knew you as a little boy in Kailua when you babysat my daughter, Monika. I am so sad to hear from your mom that you wife Lillian, lost her battle with that awful disease. My thoughts go out to you and your three daughters. Maybe all these many tributes by your friends and family will help you a little to get through this hard time.
Posted by Edi Cooke on February 23, 2014
Sending you a big hug and loving care to get you and your girls through this time of loss.

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