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Without You

Shared by Kurtia Karter on April 30, 2016

Without you I am Lost , Without you I am alone, you were my security you were my guide. Nothing stays the same and I had to learn that the hard way. Im so tired of hearing ppl saying I feel your pain or I understand and some dont understand. But until anyone walks in my shoes and been in the postion I was and still am in then I really could care less to hear it. Your time here with me was cherished  and truly missed. So much has happend and time surly flies. Mothers Day is coming soon and I could forget you like some ppl say "Oh, get over it" I will never get over the death of you. I will continue to love you, grieve you, shead a tear for you, kindly speak of you to keep you alive. I just wanted to say I miss you and with you I'm just here doing  what you asked of me.... Love you Lady

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