Soul Friends

Shared by Elizabeth Christensen on July 6, 2019

I first met Lindsay & Courtney about the age of 11 at Camp Foley in MN. We were all bunked up in cabin, Sacajawea. For weeks our group of mischief-girls ate together, went to mass together, drooled over & teased the same boys together; it was an outdoor adventure-filled experience to remember...the Moosbrugger twins are un-forgettable humans I grew to adore. 7 years later after middle school life & high school days were behind us, I miraculously ran into Lindsay & her mom boarding the plane to U of M's Orientation. I had accepted to attend a college in a town I hadn't ever visited & there was my old camp friend headed to the exact same destination. Even more freaky was that my mother & I had seats right in front of Lindsay & her mom! was a sign amongst many I was on the right path. Our friendship was fun, Miss Lindsay- navigating our twenties both in & out of similar friend groups. Never besties neither only acquaintances, your familiar face & kind personality was magnetic & I truly saw you as someone I was grateful to know. Your twin power always radiated light, any on-looker definitely appreciated how beautiful, one-of-a-kind bond you & Courtney had. While it was only your mom & dad I met, let it be known that I send love & strength to your entire family; whether it be in their spirit or human form. Much love <3


Shared by Michelle Jahanian on July 6, 2019

I shared this on Facebook a couple days ago...

Oh Lindsay...I have spent the last few days with no words. I love you so much! You, your sisters and brother were always the highlight of holidays growing up. I am so thankful that your Mom made that effort. The bond that we cousins share is the pure reason I make that same effort for my kids. I’m still struggling to imagine the reality of today. I will miss your beautiful smile and can still hear your sweet voice (I have always loved and been a little jealous of your family’s Minnesota accent ). You had such a sweet and gentle soul. To say you had a knack for writing is an under statement. Your written words were so beautiful. You saw the beauty in nature. Your stunning pictures from your adventures on FB are a testament to that. My most recent memory, which I will never forget, is the phone call when you told me you were pregnant and may be making a trip to Colorado. I was beyond excited! Your love for you son was obvious, seen through pictures. I hope to meet that sweet little man soon. I placed Missoula and Glacier National Park on my bucket list of places to visit, something we always talked about. I will promise to be here for your sisters and Mom. Give Michael and Grandpa a big hug from all of us (I will say it...I am a little jealous of that reunion). Until we meet again, rest easy sweet angel.

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