Let the memory of LISA MARIE CROSBY be with us forever
  • 30 years old
  • Born on March 29, 1979 .
  • Passed away on August 22, 2009 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, LISA MARIE CROSBY BACON 30 years old , born on March 29, 1979 and passed away on August 22, 2009. We will remember her forever.
Posted by Rita Hughes on 29th March 2016
Happy Birthday sweety,today you would have been 37 , I remember the day you were born with those pretty blue eyes an that little bit if Blonde hair God gave me exactly what I prayed for ...I miss all the times we had together an the best thing is I have all those memories still in my mind an heart forever ..Sad but sweet tears an laughter thinking about those days .. I love you so much just as I did when you were here, you were such a good child growing up an you grew into a beautiful woman, a loving daughter and a awesome mother .. We all miss you love you...Love Mom
Posted by Rita Stokes Hughes on 22nd August 2015
Good Morning my Lisa Marie I miss you so much today make's 6 years since you went home to be with our father. We love you an think about you all the time.. I love you babe , Love Moma
Posted by Rita Hughes on 29th August 2013
Lisa mom has been so busy trying to get moved into the new home , but I have not forgotten about you.. We had your balloon release this past Saturday night and it was wonderful seeing all those flickering white balloons going up into the sky.. I know you were there because there was one by itself out to the side hovering in one place// I know that was you .. I love you my angel love mom
Posted by Rita Hughes on 27th July 2013
Hello my angel , well we have less than a month till the anniversary of you going home to be with our father. We all miss you so much each and everyday, I know you are around me all the time but sometimes I feel you and smell the flowers very strong which gives my heart a very good feeling just knowing you are here.. I remember all the times we hade. Love mom always .. <3
Posted by Rita Hughes on 27th July 2013
Sometimes I feel so lost without you , but then I think she has a very good and happy home where she is and just knowing God has you and that you made it there makes me feel better about it. For I know you are very well , happy, no worries, pain or struggles anymore .. But that does not make it any easier without you but it does give my mind and heart peace just knowing this.. I LOVE YOU .
Posted by Lisa Crosby on 26th July 2013
We miss you so much but we are growing and all of us miss and love you so much. Girl I know your with me everyday and help me everyday with our family as the Angel you are for our family you help us everyday... I love and miss you so much... Cameron is growing so fast and how the world you put up with the all the fighting with Tyler and Cameron I am learning how to deal with your helplvya
Posted by Lisa Crosby on 28th March 2013
Your Birthday is tomorrow, just wanted to say Happy Birthday from me, your dad, cameron, tyler, and ashley. We miss you so much... I will forever hold you in my heart. I MISS YOU... Love you..
Posted by Rita Hughes on 16th March 2013
Well my angel Cameron will be 9 tomorrow, I know you will be there with us on his bday . I have laturns to send up on ur bday 29th this month... We all love you amd miss you so so much and I have you in my thoughts and heart always .. I love you if I didn't have God in my heart to help me I may not be here now , everything has changed so much ! But boys are doing great !! Love Mom xoxoxo
Posted by Rita Stokes Hughes on 2nd March 2013
Hey my angel you have a birth day coming up soon and I want you to know I am still releasing latern's in celebration of you your birth .. I also do this on the date that you went to heaven to celebrate your eternal life with our father .. I love you and miss you always and forever .. Love Mom
Posted by Norris Crosby on 15th February 2013
Hey baby girl I miss you everyday, I long to be with you and miss you so much. Cam is growing like weed, and you would be so proud of your son. He's' got honor roll twice in one year. I am so lost with out you.. I love you baby, you are my world. My wife misses you every day and hopes she has done what you wanted with cameron and hope she hasn't failed you... I love you
Posted by Rita Stokes Hughes on 2nd February 2013
Good Morning my angel still have you in my heart , misssing you every day .. Not a day goes by that I do not tell you good morning or have you on my mind... Just hard believe you have been gone almost 4 years now but I have to continue my life b/c I can't change that , but nothing will ever take my memories away of all the days we had together throughout your life .. I love u always ! MOM
Posted by Debbie DeShane on 1st February 2013
i love you lisa and miss you i miss our talks and i so much miss cooking your french fries
Posted by Lisa Crosby on 1st February 2013
We sitting here missing you baby girl, we have grown since we've lost you. Your dad misses you so much, and wants you to know how much your sons miss you every day. They are growing so fast and every day they pray for you. We love you and miss you so much.. Lisa I miss my best friend so much. I love you.
Posted by Rita Hughes on 21st January 2013
I love you so much and I miss you dearly my angel... you were my daughter but also my friend, there is not a day that goes by that I don't talk to you . I know that sounds kinda crazy but I know you hear me when I do and I know you are with me always. I know life has to go one and believe me it's not easy to do but I know one day i will see you again. I know you are happy in heaven ...
Posted by Christa Davis on 19th January 2013
Lisa i love and miss you more and more everyday. I know that i could turn to you for anything. You weren't only my cusion but you were one of my best friends. Things are harder each day but yet easier at the same time. I don't see Tyler much but I looked at Cameron tonight and said dab that boy looks more and more like you everydayilob
Posted by Lisa Crosby on 7th December 2012
This is Cameron: I WIll always Miss you and will never forget you . You will always be in my heart. Mommy you were the world to me. I wish i could see you Mommy and hug you and kiss you.
Posted by Lisa Crosby on 7th December 2012
Daddy said he misses you and loves you.
Posted by Rita Hughes on 13th July 2011
Hey my angel just stop to say I love you and still mising you like crazy. You cousin Wanda and I were looking at pics yesterday when you were sitting on your old tricycle and Crystal had a new one for her birthday but in this one you were not pouting like the other one.We laughed
Posted by Kellie Crosby on 9th July 2011
Lisa, i miss you so much there is nothing i wouldn't do to have gotten to know you better i hate that you left us before i got the chance :( i love you Lisa may your days in heaven be peaceful.
Posted by Rita Hughes on 22nd May 2011
Lisa I just keep thinking about all the times we have spent together and all the fun we had as mother and daughter and best friends.. I will have you forever in my heart and thoughts, I think of things and I have to laugh. Love you angel miss you bun
Posted by Lisa Crosby on 25th April 2011
Lisa, your Dad, Cameron, and I miss you every day. We love you girl, and will be with you someday soon. You are forever missed and Thank You for all you have done, and shown us. Love you....
Posted by Laura Yoder on 8th April 2011
Lisa I didn't know you on earth but I look forward to meeting you in heaven. I know you are truly missed and loved dearly by your MOM!!!!!
Posted by Bj Still on 18th March 2011
if i could b granted one wish n my life it b that a door way could b opening from heaven just so ur mom and family could hear ur voices c ur smile and to tell them u r with god i made tis wish out of love cuz one day it will come true.luz&miss u lisa
Posted by Rita Hughes on 17th March 2011
Lisa your dad and I use to have to load you up in the car sometimes at night and takeyou riding just to get you to sleep ..LOL but it seem to work everytime we did it.. Mom will be back another day to write more about your life here on earth ..
Posted by Rita Hughes on 15th March 2011
Rita Hughes When you were a baby I use to dance around the room with you to the song lady and put you to sleep I think you were maybe 4 months old.. You loved it and I did it a few times a day. I love you .. Love Mom
Posted by Waylan Mills on 17th February 2011
we liked the memorial a lot for lisa. may she rest in peace we miss her a lots. waylan & dot mills
Posted by Rita Stokes Hughes on 15th February 2011
Lisa you are always in my heart and my thoughts every day.. Baby girl I will never forget you I miss you so much as does everyone else. I Know you are very happy in heaven with our father and one day I will join you there and we will celebrate tgether again. Holidays and other special days are not the same nor will they ever be without you. YOUR IN OUR HEARTS FOREVER !!!!!
Posted by Topee Watts on 15th February 2011
Forever in my heart, Always on my mind. I love and MISS u so much. You were the best friend a girl could have. I was so lucky to have been blessed by being your best friend for so many years.

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