Let the memory of Lloyd be with us forever
  • 80 years old
  • Born on August 13, 1932 .
  • Passed away on July 13, 2013 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Lloyd Patton Sr 80 years old , born on August 13, 1932 and passed away on July 13, 2013. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Mayda Patton on 13th August 2017
Another year and it still feels like yesterday that you made your journey home. I remember our long philosophical talks and the wisdom behind your thoughts. You we're so humble and it was evident in all aspects of your life, something I aspire to. I often wonder what your thoughts were when you were at my age now and if you thought you'd live a long life after all you've been through. We as your family are who we are because of your belief in family and will continue to as we pass your legacy to future generations. We are nothing in this world without family and I'm blessed to have been a part of your life. We will visit you today again as we have every year and will continue to do so as I know you would've done for any one of us. I'm not sad anymore when I think of you because I know you're still amongst all of us, as we carry you in our hearts. I know you're at peace and no longer in any pain or discomfort and I find peace and solace in that. I try to live my life with integrity and confidence as you did and as if you're looking down upon me and I hope I make you proud as I dedicate myself to my daughters and grandsons as well as the rest of the family. It's gonna be a good day ❤️❤️❤️
Posted by Rachael McGuffey on 14th July 2015
Grandpa Lloyd, not a day goes by that I don't either think of u or talk to u and tell u I miss u and how loving and caring u were of ur family we will never forget ur unconditional love I always showed is even if we may of thought I were grumpy or upset we knew that was ur way of tough love!! Being hard on us was good for us to learn that living and experiencing life as u did was wat we all needed to succes to the beat of our abilities on this crazy thing called life! Now is ur time to rest easy and wait for us to join u in ur loving, caring, beautiful home that God has brought u to!! Ik he takes care of u and makes sure u are loved and happy!! Peace be with us all left here and may God shine His light upon us all for we are Gods children and soon we will be with u Grandpa Lloyd!! I love u and miss u!!
Posted by Mayda Patton on 12th July 2015
It's been 2 yrs now since you made your journey home dad and I miss you like the day you passed. I'm glad I felt good enough to make it to visit you, Tom & Jolene. You all left us in the same year so today is tough. As you know all of of your kids & the grandkids who could make it were there at your resting place. It made it easier to be surrounded by all who love and miss you so much still. Father's Day was and will be tough but how fortunate for us to have had many with you. As your children we put our differences aside to be there for you and each other today. I know that it was your wish for us to all get along and support each other and be together so we did. I will do everything in my power to continue to carry on your legacy...family! I luv and miss you dad...
Posted by Mayda Patton on 13th August 2014
Happy Birthday to the greatest man I've ever know. U never liked birthday gifts or any fussing with a party but instead u preferred the family gathering. We miss u everyday and that will never change. Since we visited u last month some of us r struggling with things in our lives & I believe our visit to u brought that out in us. We will get thru our trials and errors knowing how u believed in family unity to help get us thru. U lived an honest life and u were true to yourself right up until the end and that is what I aspire to so I can pass that strength and courage to future generations in your honor. I'm understanding a little more each day that ur at peace and I know u lived a long good life and taught us a lot. As much as my heart hurts from missing your presence and the wisdom and humbleness in your conversations I'm learning that was your legacy. I hope u know how much ur loved and missed by many still. I'll talk to u as I always do and see u in my dreams until I see u again!!
Posted by Beverly Morland on 13th August 2014
Happy Birthday Dad, Love and miss you and know you are watching over us. After visiting you on your memorial, it reunited the family and we are all working on what you always taught us. Family is the most important part of our lives.
Posted by Beverly Morland on 14th July 2014
Hello Dad, we came to visit you yesterday. Most of the family any ways.I continue to miss you but say Hi! in the morning. it gets me through the tough times. You where a family matriarch and the strongest supporter of all of us. You believed we should all stick together and after being with you I believe it will happen..I continue to love and miss you. You will always be in my heart..LOVE YOU DAD!!!
Posted by Mayda Patton on 13th July 2014
Yesterday we went to see u and it made me cry to b there because I miss u so much still. It's been a year today since u left and it hurts just like it happened that day. As children do I am no different, I thought u would live forever. I told u yesterday when I talked to u and I know u were there that I'm lost without u in my life. U have always been a big part of my life, then my kids as they got older and when that stopped I felt lost. Everyone says it gets easier with time and I have to disagree. Although I continue my life there's always an empty spot where u should b. I know your body was tired and your mind too and u had to go I just wished I could tell u I love u and hug u one more time. I know your with me and the family in our hearts and my hope is that someday I will b in a place where I can b happy to know that ur at peace. For now all I can do is pray for the strength and guidance to help me through so I can b as loving parent and grandparent as u were. I love u dad and miss u so much.
Posted by Mayda Patton on 3rd May 2014
A week ago today we laid to rest your oldest son and he is now with you dad. It was hard seeing my brother one last time especially because he looked just like you when you passed. It's only been 9 months since you made your journey home and we had to send another so close. Every day gets easier and even though it still feels like yesterday you left I'm trying to find strength and courage to see myself and the family thru it. You were always right about praying and family are everything during hard times and it's what keeps me moving forward. It's hard especially now that it's spring because you always were in my yard doing something or making sure the grass was cut and raked. I have everything of yours still in my house and all your tools and stuff in the garage and it makes me lonesome but I will grow and learn from these feelings. I know you watch over all of us daily and we still try to have Sunday dinner every Sunday in your honor and keep your memory alive by doing that. All I have is family and I learned that from you and nothing else really matters in this world without family. Continue resting at peace dad as you now have your grand daughter and son by your side until I see you again. I love you and miss you still!
Posted by Beverly Morland on 16th March 2014
Dad, you are missed and loved very much, I continue to say Hi! every morning along with my morning prayers. it helps me get through the day.
Posted by Mayda Patton on 16th March 2014
I miss u so much still dad!

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