Let the memory of Lloyd be with us forever
  • 91 years old
  • Born on October 25, 1920 in Birmingham (Troy), Michigan, United States.
  • Passed away on April 23, 2012 in Leesburg, Florida, United States.

This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Lloyd Julius Yennior, 91, born on October 25, 1920 and passed away on April 23, 2012. We will remember him forever.

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Posted by David Yennior on 23rd April 2018
These anniversaries provide an outlet for our thoughts about Lloyd and Dorothy that we often have but don’t express. Both of my parents were admirable in many ways for who they were and their many talents. Dad not only rebuilt engines, but repaired clocks. Dad was a musician, used to teach music, and always encouraged my sons in their musical pursuits. Mom also played the piano and was a talented painter. She also took over as Den Mother and did a great job. I am a swing and ballroom dancer. I often think about mom and dad dancing to the original big bands in Detroit’s Roseland Ballroom to the Glen Miller Band, etc.In Almont they did Square Dancing in the hall about the fire department. I also think about dad’s parents a lot, who I visited a lot as a child. Grandpa would call Grandma Mommy. She called him Daddy. They took naps after lunch and had coffee with cookies in the afternoon on their front porch. Mom and Dad liked to go out to breakfast together every day. Then they went to an early dinner. They knew all the bargain places that did homestyle cooking. They drove to NJ for each of my four son’s births. I feel lucky to have had these two people as parents.
Posted by David Yennior on 25th October 2017
Today is my Dad's 97th Birthday. It was heartwarming reading the remembrances from family and friends. Mom passed 8 years earlier at the age of 84. I was lucky to have two terrific parents who instilled in me my love of music, humor, nature, food, politics, hard work, education, and family. I have memories of going to visit our grandparents, White Lake, Ludington, family reunions on both sides of our family. We did a lot of camping in Michigan State Parks. Growing up in Almont, MI was fun with Homecoming Celebrations/Parades. Dad worked at the Detroit Tank Arsenal. For Almont's Centennial he brought a tank on a trailer to drive in the parade and for kids to climb on. Dad helped me build a baseball field in our backyard with Home Run Fences, Backstop, and dugouts. My own field of dreams. We'd organize two teams to play there. Dad also built a basketball backboard for me to practice in our driveway, which resulted in being the only Sophomore to make the Varsity, and scoring 20 points in our first game. So many memories.
Posted by Robert Ricci on 1st May 2012
Lloyd must have been and should have been proud of his son David and his grandsons. God Bless you all.
Posted by Richard Hill on 27th April 2012
Dave, Larry, Chris, and Peggy. I am so sorry to hear of your loss. Growing up as next door neighbors I remember Lloyd and Dorothy well. You were good people, Lloyd hard working and stood up for his beliefs, and Dorothy was a loving mother and a pleasant lady. It is difficult to lose someone you love. May they rest in peace.
Posted by Paul Ynnior on 27th April 2012
Grandpa Lloyd I will always remember being a wise advisor a great inspiration an anchor for the entire family, an historical and analytical encyclopedia, a great friend and playmate for me as a grandson. Time spent with Grandpa will be cherished as it is precious, and I will always give thanks to God when I remember that I am only here because of him, I am who I am because of him. Krylias
Posted by Kathy McWilliams on 27th April 2012
I used to see my uncle, aunt, and cousins when I was growing up. I knew my uncle as a child would know an adult. The last few years, I was honored to get to know him as a person, adult to adult. What I will remember most is his sense of humor. I will miss that humor and him.
Posted by Kay Neumayer on 27th April 2012
Dave, Larry,Chris and Peggy I.m so sorry for your loss. I was your babysitter when you were little (Nina) Your folks were vert good people
Posted by David Yennior on 26th April 2012
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Posted by Stephanie Yennior on 26th April 2012
Lloyd, If you were still alive, I would say to you that you were a difficult person to deal with at times, BUT.. you had a certain sense of what was right and you insisted on that, with a sense of humor! Your grandsons, Joel, Paul, Todd and Ross will always remember that "funny" side of you and always treasure that, I will too.. I wish peace for you in your afterlife.
Posted by Dawn Bechtol on 25th April 2012
So sorry to hear about your Dad passing away, David, but he got to see a lot of things happen in his life.
Posted by Peggy Houck on 25th April 2012
Dad We'll always remember your caring heart, special smile and words of wisdom you always gave us. You were always there for us no matter what. We'll always remember you in our hearts, and the love we will always have for you. Your Daughter
Posted by Joseph Syler on 25th April 2012
Dave.... So very sorry to hear of your Dad passing. I didn't see him all that much as a kid, but I do remember he always gracious and fun to be around. You a great attentive son to him and I'm sure he was very proud of. Take care my friend and my deepest condolences.
Posted by Marilyn (Avery) Walker on 24th April 2012
I'll always regret not having been able to spend more time with Uncle Lloyd and Aunt Dorothy as a child but I'll always cherish the phone time we had as an adult...how he loved to reminisce about the good old days, you could feel how much he loved his life, his friends and especially his family. He was a good man and will be missed very much.
Posted by David Yennior on 23rd March 2012
We will always be proud of you Dad for your service during WWII in Europe, as our father, married to Mom, Dorothy, for 62 years before her death, and for being the wonderful grandfather and uncle that you were.

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