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Lois Eileen Myhr
  • 82 years old
  • Date of birth: Dec 14, 1931
  • Place of birth:
    Leader, SK, Canada
  • Date of passing: Feb 1, 2014
  • Place of passing:
    Omaha, Nebraska, United States
Mom / Lois lives on in our memories of her dancing, writing, talking, crying. She had much more life to live. She will be missed.

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Lois Myhr, 82, born on December 14, 1931 and passed away on February 1, 2014.

We gathered with nearby friends on February 5, to do what mom loved most - visit with each other and share our memories and stories.  On June 28 (about mom's half birthday) we will celebrate again with those who can come from far away.

In the meantime, we invite you to read the Stories and add to the Stories with your thoughts and pictures so we can enjoy her life and create more memories.
During her last weeks we kept a website to keep friends and family updated on her progress.  Please check it out for stories and thoughts:  http://www.carepages.com/carepages/loism

Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Mark Zieringer on 14th December 2017

""Happy Birthday Dear Friend ! The years may pass but you're remembered always. Watch over those of us still here on earth.""

This tribute was added by Mark Zieringer on 15th December 2015

"Happy Birthday Dear Friend ! The years may pass but you're remembered always. Watch over those of us still here on earth."

This tribute was added by Mary Ellen Myhr on 1st February 2015

"One year ago today, my sister, brothers, and I were with our mother as she breathed her last breath.  I hope she felt enveloped by our love and appreciated for all the sacrifices she made for us.  I miss her sense of humor, curiosity, spunk, and caring."

This tribute was added by Carolyn Feingold on 16th December 2014

"I look at your picture on my kitchen bulletin board every day and remember our good times together."

This tribute was added by Mark Zieringer on 15th December 2014

"Happy Belated Birthday my Friend ! You are missed but not forgotten !!"

This tribute was added by Mary Ellen Myhr on 14th December 2014

"Happy Birthday Mom!  I think about you every day - something funny that happened, a problem I'm having, an adventure I know you'd love to have.  I miss you terribly.  But knowing you were happy with life makes me happy too.  xoxo"

This tribute was added by Bryan Bauman on 26th November 2014

"I have been trying to find an old friend, Steve Myhr.  In my search for him, I found his Mother, Lois, in the obituaries.  I last talked with Lois several years ago.  Back in the 70's when I was a young teen, we were neighbors.  She was always very kind.  We had a great time reminiscing over the phone several years ago on the phone.  I am so sorry to hear of her passing and may God Bless Steve, Peter, David, Mary Ellen and Joanna during this time of trial.  Bryan"

This tribute was added by Joanna Myhr-Arrison on 10th February 2014

"I moved to Tucson to get my wanderlust out of the way before she needed me to move home and care for her.  We zoomed through the entire "moving home and caring for her" process in one unbelievably short month! I will miss her."

This tribute was added by Paul & Roxy Jokela on 7th February 2014

"Lois brought her charm, her laughter and her loving spirit to the Minnesota Transplants Committee.  She was a treasure with a heart of gold... Her smile made us all smile..."

This tribute was added by Mary Ellen Myhr on 7th February 2014

"Christmas at Dog Pound," by Lois Myhr (see Stories)

"What a winter wonderland. Often powdery white snow would gently fall covering everything. The yard, the fields, the buildings, the trees, the machinery sitting outside and even the very tops of fence posts would have a dollop of snow. It was so light and fluffy that even a small breeze would blow it off. And the temperatures were cold. I can only remember seeing a small bit of black dirt close to the house one year. All other years everything was covered with dazzling, sparkling white snow.""

This tribute was added by Mary Ellen Myhr on 7th February 2014

""Christmas at Olds," by Lois Myhr (see Stories)

"I can remember going the two and a half miles to the concert in our horse drawn sleigh. I remember it being very cold and we, sitting in the sleigh, covered with a horse blanket. This was a tanned or cured horse hide, very heavy but also warm. A good wind breaker. The temperature was cold, but the moon shone brightly on the glittering snow. All was well, except perhaps for Dad who had to stand up front and face the weather in order to drive the horses.""

This tribute was added by Mary Ellen Myhr on 7th February 2014

""I remember first meeting Lois at our Sarpy County writers group.  I walked in knowing some group members, but not all, including Lois.  There she sat a stately woman, dressed smartly, with her red hair topping off her singular look.  She seemed self-assured and a bit intimidating.  We began reading our stories to one another and, when it was her turn, she whipped out her Kleenexes.  It seemed she was sensitive, often emotional about her stories.  So I learned she wasn’t quite as formidable as I first suspected."

Joan Givens, Writing Group"

This tribute was added by Mary Ellen Myhr on 7th February 2014

""Something that struck me was her deep emotion – through her often heart-felt tears, as well as her writing.  It’s not too often that I come across  someone who is inspired to write their memoirs, and actually followed through."

Rose Gleisberg, Writing Group"

This tribute was added by Mary Ellen Myhr on 7th February 2014

""In the legacy class we wrote about our life experiences following specific questions or prompts. By piecing our short stories together both Lois and I realized that there was something different about us than the rest of the group. We were survivors with very different life stories but a bond was formed."

Madaline Williams, Writing Group"

This tribute was added by Mary Ellen Myhr on 7th February 2014

""She is alive within our minds and I find comfort in thinking that Lois is now in a better place, at peace and no longer in pain. It’s a warm sunny summer day with a beautiful blue sky dotted with fluffy white clouds and she is riding through her pine scented mountains along a gently flowing mountain stream on her favorite childhood horse, Skimmer, while the cool mountain breeze blows her red locks off the shoulder of her favorite purple blouse."

Jay Worden, Writing Group"

This tribute was added by Mary Ellen Myhr on 7th February 2014

"Heartfelt thanks to Mom's Writing Group friends for sharing their thoughts / tributes to mom.  You can find them on the Stories page here:


This tribute was added by Connie Netzel on 5th February 2014

"An observation at Lois' visitation tonight...most people, at the age of 82, are in the process of "folding their tent" - their circle of friends shrinks with their ability to reach out to friends and family. Lois had her arms wide open as long as she was able. Her family and friends were engaged to the end. Lois had a magnetic personality and attracted many people into her very interesting life. Rest in peace, dear Lois. May your children be blessed for honoring you."

This tribute was added by Mark Zieringer on 5th February 2014

"Lois was a wonderful walking partner and I truly enjoyed her stories during our visits.  She was always willing to help if anyone needed help.  Her love for her family was never wavering.  She will be missed by all lives she touched.   I can still hear her laugh....

Cheryl Z"

This tribute was added by Nancy De Smet on 5th February 2014

"I got to know Lois through our mutual doctor, phone conversations regarding our eye issues, and lastly through a trip we made together to Florida mid-February last year. She was a delightful traveling companion, ready to chat or ready to read, and a thoughtful roommate as we shared a room at our doctor's home.  Our little stroll through the ranch checking out the pigs and goats was amusing. Her always evident curiosity about everything made the time go faster; her enjoyment as I played my arrangements of old hymns and gospel songs on the grand pianos was affirming and encouraging. Our sharing of stories with many mutual life events of divorce and single parenting created an instant bonding, even though in some areas we had gone different directions. Her contagious smile, her warmth, and humor made her a pleasure to know. She will be missed."

This tribute was added by Dennis Steffensmeier on 5th February 2014

"Being my direct neighbor all of these years really enjoyed her presence. She was such a kind soul and such a sweet good person. I'm so glad that I got to attend her birthday the prior year and spend time with such a close caring family. I wish to express my sympathy in your loss and to let you know that our thoughts are with you."

This tribute was added by Mark Zieringer on 5th February 2014

"Lois is gone but not forgotten. She will be remembered as we continue our lives. She is a part of each of ours. Peace and strength during this difficult time. :O( Sad for her departure. :O) Happy to have known her.

P.S. I'm sorry I can't make the memorial as duty calls me in the medical field. I'll think of Lois fondly and the Family. I hope you will allow me the chance to come to your June event so that I may meet the family in person."

This tribute was added by Darlene & Bernie Brown on 5th February 2014

"We are not saying good-bye, we are saying "so long 'til we meet again".  It is so comforting to know when a person is a child of God, that we know we will connect again one day in Heaven.  And I have no doubts that Lois is in Heaven watching over her family and her loved ones whom she shared her life with.  What a wonderful reunion it will be !"

This tribute was added by Lois Blake on 5th February 2014

"Lois and I belonged to the same computer club.  About three years ago, at their Christmas party, we happened to sit together, and after everyone else left, we sat there and talked for over two hours.  It's like we were destined to be friends.  Consider …

She's Lois Eileen – I'm Lois Irene
Birthdays:  December 14 – December 22
Both divorced, pretty much raised our kids on our own.
Both love baseball, music, concerts, plays, books and magazines.
Both went to UNO's class on leaving a legacy and our writing groups have stayed together for over ten years.
One day I spent 45 minutes looking for a new purse, then got to the meeting on Saturday.  She had the same purse.

She introduced me to the Vesper concerts at Presbyterian Church of the Cross, and we attended many of them over the past couple of years.  I introduced her to the free plays at the Omaha Community Playhouse, and we attended several of those as well.

She was just such a wonderful, kind, vibrant person, who was interested in absolutely everything.   She will be sorely missed by all who knew her.  Our many long conversations are some of my most cherished memories.  I only wish I had known her earlier."

This tribute was added by Nancy Painter on 4th February 2014

"I wil always remember Lois as a go-getter with a heart of gold and big smile."

This tribute was added by Nancy Baucke on 4th February 2014

"Lois and I met the first day I joined Waddell & Reed which  was today
but back on February 4, 1977.We were both interested in learning all
we could about Financial Planning and helping others who were also
interested learning how to become financially independent. We took
advantage of lots of visiting, laughing, going out to eat and trying to get
our careers going. I could write a book about everything we did together.  I only had 2 children to worry about where she had five,
but we both made it through.  Because she did not stay with W & R as
long as I did, and I married in 1982, I moved to Lincoln, Ne. so did not
get to visit almost daily as time went along.  She stayed in Omaha and
had time to do her writing, attend Church services, see her kids and do
the many things I did not get to do while still working.  She was always
a fun, most pleasant gal when we did have time together.  I have many
many fun memories of her and was so surprised when I was in Omaha
for Christmas to hear she was battling cancer.  I spoke with Mary Ellen
who told me about her illness.  I did not however know she was quite
so ill and have been very busy since returning home, so was very sur-
prised to hear of her passing.  I am very pleased to have been notified
and think this e-mail memorial is wonderful. I have an excellent picture
of her taken at my wedding in 1982 that I would gladly share if asked
to do so.  

I will be coming to Omaha early in May and if it would work out for me
to meet with any or all of you, I would love to do so.  I have lots of stories
I could share that would make all of you laugh.  She will be missed and
I take great comfort in knowing that the moment she left this earth, she
was in the arms of our Lord with no more pain and suffering.

God Bless each of you who were so very dear to Lois.

Nancy K. Baucke"

This tribute was added by Lynn Marks on 4th February 2014

"Remember going over to the house after church many times and being "introduced" to the Canadian maple syrup the was in a gallon paint style can. I also remember when the Morris radio station started their  FM station and we went to the house after church to listen to it from you stereo cabinet because it had an FM dial on the radio. Will miss your mom."

This tribute was added by Edward Eagen on 4th February 2014

"We shared some great stories about many subjects, especially Canada since i am also from Canada.I styled her hair for many years and she was always a breath of fresh air. Will be missed."

This tribute was added by Karen Jackson on 4th February 2014

"Lois had some of the most interesting stories.  Our genealogy friend will be missed."

This tribute was added by Nadley Hadley on 4th February 2014

"Lois had such an indominatable spirit. No matter how long between our visits, it always felt as though I'd spoken to her just the day before. I will miss her greatly. My sympathies to her family."

This tribute was added by Deborah Leas on 4th February 2014

"Lois always had a smile and laughter to share.  Her heart was as big and giving as any I've ever known!  

I will miss the warmth of her hugs and have only fond memories of her.  She will be missed but thought of very, very tenderly."

This tribute was added by Mary Ellen Myhr on 4th February 2014

"She wasn't ready to go. I wasn't ready to say goodbye."

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