Let the memory of Lorelei be with us forever
  • 96 years old
  • Born on May 17, 1918 .
  • Passed away on March 27, 2015 .

Though her smile is gone forever,

and her hand we cannot touch

Still we have so many memories

Of the one we love so much.

Her memory is our keepsake
With which we’ll never part.

God has her in His keeping

We have her in our hearts.


Posted by Eugenia Rasmussen on 17th May 2017
Momma dear, you would be 99 today here on earth. It was a beautiful spring day but not the usual mid May weather. I miss our talks, the laughs we shared and everything we did together. Remember our sewing days, how special they were. You would be so delighted knowing we planted so much garden, you know though, you send me the pretty birds and all the wildlife. I will love you forever.
Posted by Kay Wynecoop on 29th November 2016
So Many Thoughts and Special Memories Each Time I Look Across the River Since the Fire on August 21, 2016!!!!! Thanks for All the Special Memories, My Dear River Neighbor!!!!!!!!
Posted by Sandra Dawson on 14th June 2016
Happy Anniversary Dad & Mom. ❣
Posted by Lorelei Sater on 18th May 2016
Happy Birthday Grandma! I was so blessed to have you for my grandmother. Thoughts of you are always in my heart. I love you and miss you so much! Love always, Your namesake
Posted by Kay Wynecoop on 17th May 2016
Happy 98th Birthday Greetings to My Dear River Neighbor!!!!!!!! You continue to be in my life - everyday - as I look across the River to your cabin!!!!!! So many, many fun memories!!!!!!! "Our River" is as beautiful as ever!!!! Miss You!!!!
Posted by Eugenia Rasmussen on 17th May 2016
Happy Birthday momma, you are 98 today, how glorious to be able to celebrate your special day here on earth while you are watching from above. We love and miss you dearly......what a beautiful day for you.
Posted by Marilynne And Jerry Muell... on 26th May 2015
Every day has been Memorial Day since your passing--we so miss you happily singing, "Hello! Hello! Hello! This is your mother on this bright, sunshiny day", over the telephone. Miss our visits, our sharing of joys and concerns. What wonderful times we shared, memories we now hold in our hearts! Mom, a wren has made a nest above our office window and when I hear her singing it reminds me of how you so loved hearing them. And yes, our bluebirds have returned and also a meadowlark. We all send you a song of thanksgiving and love!
Posted by Kay Wynecoop on 17th May 2015
Sending Birthday Greetings and Lots of Love to Heaven for My River Neighbor, Lorelei!!!! I send you love so many times each day as I look out across "Our River" to your cabin. We shared so many talks together about our families, our river. buttercups, sunflowers, wildlife, river life, and our hummingbirds!!!!!!! I miss you lots - but I have so many beautiful memories of our shared times!!!!!! Thank You so much for being that special neighbor and a part of my life!!!!!!
Posted by Eugenia Rasmussen on 17th May 2015
Happy birthday momma, I have not been able to leave a tribute but decided today was so special because you were born 97 years ago today....... and left a legacy that won't ever be matched. I was so fortunate to be your daughter...thank you for being my mother, I miss you so much. Your "honey girl"....
Posted by PAUL BEMIS on 17th May 2015
I was so blessed to be one of her grandchildren..I have so many wonderful memeries of fishing,dice, card games & just spending time with her. when I'm driving. I often here my grandma & grandpa voices quizing me on the times tables as they did when I was young on the way to the river. all these years later I do the same with my little nephews. she will be in my heart forever.
Posted by Connie Palmer on 21st April 2015
I first met Grandma Lori about 30 years ago when we lived in Eugene Ore. Whenever she came to visit Sandra and Walt we would get to see her. She was such a lovely lady and and loved to play games! She helped Walt teach Jason how to fish up at the river. We spent several memorable trips there and she was always so gracious and loving.It was great catching up with her family I miss that I did not see her these last 4 or 5 years. I do have loving memories of her. Connie Palmer
Posted by Audra Dawson on 8th April 2015
My grandma was a very special lady. I remember her impulsiveness when I was a child and that made life fun. On many occasions she would decide that we were going to the lake at midnight, wake us up and drive down. Sometimes we would have a nice surprise and see a porcupine in the tree next to the gate. She would wake us up at 5am to go fishing (because she felt that was the best time to catch the big ones!) or make us a picnic lunch and row us kids over to another part of the bay to go swimming and eat our lunch. And oh! She loved, loved, loved to play cards! We will miss her so much, but we will always have our memories and her stories she told as she grew up. I love you Grandma!!!
Posted by Cindy Jonz on 1st April 2015
When Lorelei left us, a new star joined the heavens. This star filled with her warmth and goodness shines down upon us and guides us with her love. Bill and I had known Lorelei for the past 45 years through our close friendship with her daughter and son-in-law, Sandra and Walt Dawson. Lorelei was the lost gracious woman we have ever known. Her caring spirit and joy for living was obvious and infectious to all who were in her presence. May her star illuminate us all and strengthen our bonds of family and friendship.
Posted by Eugenia Rasmussen on 1st April 2015
WE are all better for having know Lorelei and can treasure many moments in our hearts when she filled our lives with laughter, warmth, hospitality and her famous smile. We spent many weekends on the River with the family and were always welcomed with open arms. Forever wonderful memories. You will be missed. Del, Bobbie, Tara and Travis
Posted by Eugenia Rasmussen on 30th March 2015
Lorelei was one of the great ones - - always a welcome, come on in, a huge smile, a helping hand whenever. As a river neighbor she helped me out in a real bind one summer when a whirlwind came down our hill & knocked our trailer cateewampus & knocked the electricity out - - boated downriver to Lorelei & Wally's & they never hesitated one second to take me into town to call Howard & his folks at the farm. Last fall I had the honor of having lunch with her many times when visiting my mother-in-law, Fran Manke - - they ended up being next door neighbors at the facility. She would always keep our conversations lively. Her great smile will forever remain in my memory - - will miss you Lorelei!!!!

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