Let the memory of {Loretta Darlene Kelley{Laney} be with us forever.
  • 58 years old
  • Born on December 30, 1957 in Birmingham, Alabama, United States.
  • Passed away on February 16, 2016 in Buchanan, Georgia, United States.

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one her sister Florance , Loretta Kelley . We will remember her forever.

Posted by Florance Bryant on February 28, 2019
Shared by Sabrina Skinner on 20th February 2019
I only knew Darlene a short time but all as well she was a tremendous lady, my grandbaby keylee called her grandma, I truley miss you Darlene, I stayed at your house while back and I do believe you and Tom although ive never met him were there with me and protected me from any harm, I love you Darlene rest in peace sweet lady , you to Tom!
Posted by Florance Bryant on January 27, 2019
{This is from Darlenes Cuz Linda Davis I am just helping her post it )Darlene was my cousin she was a kind soul. Darlene and I grew up together in are younger years. I love her she had a heart of gold. I remember she love her animals and loved children. I never seen her mad or say anything bad about no one. As she got older every time I seen her she look like my grandmother such a beautiful woman and a kind soul. Darlene always went to church and live the life of a good Christian Woman. RIP Darlene I know you are walking the streets of gold.
Posted by Dorothy Brown on January 26, 2019
OH how I miss Darlene, everyday, she was the best friend I ever had. I would talk to her several times though the day, but most the time at night. Some times we would talk for hours, no matter what I told her she never told it. She loved her family deeply, and loved all animals, like you would not believe.She enjoyed coming here and seeing mine and seeing the bird,.Everytime I feed them outside, I think of how I wish she was here to see them all from my bay window. Maybe she is watching down. I love you Darlene and always will.I wish she could have lived longer, but I am sure she is with her baby, and wouldn't want to come back here. I am sure she has her wings and is flying all over having a ball.She loved to travel when she was here, now she can go anywhere she wants. I will never forget you my dear friend and all the laughs we had. We will be together again.If I could bring you back for just one day I would in a min, but sadly life is not that way. Till we meet again I will be missing you
Posted by Barb Summerville on January 22, 2019
Darlene....when I think of you I think of so many things. First and foremost was your love for God and your family. There was nothing you wouldn't do for your family and friends. You were there for me so many times when I needed someone to listen. I could go on and on and on about all the things that made you, you. I pray to God that I am even half the woman you were. I love you Darlene my sweet friend and I miss you so much!!
Posted by Tana Laney on January 20, 2019
My Aunt Darlene was a amazing woman she loved God so much she showed it everyday of her life. When she would see one of is kids hurting she was there doing her best to uplift us. When I was growing up she would have us kids with her treating us like we were hers. There is so many stories to remember with her but my favorite time is when I would go over there to her house and we would talk about all that I went through and she would tell me all the time you are a laney and your a strong woman God knew what he was doing when you had to face what you face to make you the woman you are today. And that she would always be with me. I miss her so much but God needed his angel back I love you Aunt Darlene and you enjoy strolling over heavens golden roads I will see you again.
Posted by Hope Hayes on January 20, 2019
She was the sweetest person I had ever met. Everyone was family to her. She treated everyone the same and loved so hard! I wish she was her to see my babies! They would love her so much! I remember stay the night with Amy and Paige at her house alot! And she took us to church as much as we would go! I've never met a more godly woman! She would help any and everyone who needed it, just like Nanny! (Florence)! I guess it just runs in the family! I love and miss you Aunt Darlene! Everyone please Keep Nanny and her babies in your thoughts as they are still grieving!
Posted by Donna Laney on January 19, 2019
Where do I even start. Aunt Darlene was the best aunt anyone could have ever ask for we had so many memories I can't believe she had cancer and found out when it was already stage 4. She seem us as her own children because she couldn't have any kids. I miss receiving those calls at 4 in the morning always wanting to go eat it was never a dull moment. She was the best person and godly women anyone could ask for she will always be missed and never forgotten.. I know she walking those street of gold and looking down on all of us and smiling away.
Posted by Opal Shane on January 15, 2019
Thank you Florance for sharing. This is so beautiful and well said. I remember as kids me and Darlene playing. We always had a good time together. She was a very sweet person even up to the day of her passing. When I got the news of her having cancer I just couldn’t hardly believe it. My heart goes out to you cause I knew you and her was very close. She is in heaven now and no longer suffering. No pain or sorrow there. Only happiness.
Posted by Florance Bryant on January 15, 2019
My sister was one of the best things in my life. on October the 30th i got a call she told me she thought she had the flu and wasn't able to drive one of my grand daughter went to check on her and called me and said i cant leave aunt Darlene like this so she took her to he hospital. I went down there with her and they said she was going to have to have heart sugary they was talking her to Rome hospital. i was a little bit behind getting there but when i did the doc had already put tubes in my sis heart and told me he had took bioposy and i dont understand why and i asked him and he said he was sure she had cancer and i just looked at him and said there is no was she has cancer i was shocked and in my heart i was for sure he was wrong. on November the 8th i got a call early that morning that my cuz had passed away in Wv and i was waiting in the doc to come in he was late that day right before the doc came in i got another call to pray my Aunt from Wv had a heart attack and it didn't look good and she was one of the strongest lady ever. at that time the doc came in and i asked him if the test came back and he said yes and told me my sweet dear sister was ate up with cancer my heat stopped i thought my life was ending my phone rung again and my aunt didn't make it and she was waiting for me to call and tell her about Darlene. i couldn't believe all this was happening in just 1 day. I had to tell my sister about my aunt and that wasn't good. I had to leave her for a little bit and go to my mom and tell her that her baby sister passed. we was at this hospital for 21 days . I needed to take my mom to wv but i just couldn't leave my sister. I wasn't sure what to do. My sister told me to go and she cried but i knowed my aunt wouldn't wont me to leave her so i stayed with her. the doc told us she didn't have but about 3 months to live she was in her last stages. i just didn't know what i was going to do all i could do is take care of her and pray it would happen. them 2 months went 2 fast we was in and out of hospitals they wasn't going to give her any treatments but then they had to very strong ones i went with her ever times she always loved Christmas and she wonted to get my grand there last Christmas presents o how she loved them so we made it to Walmart . everything was going down hill she was getting worse. i would hold her hand and she looked at me and said will you hold my hand like this when i die and l laugh and said i sure will if you wont me to she smiled. on February the 16 she was needing more shirts to put on and i ran to Walmart and got some when i got back i know she didn't look good and i got the shirts out and showed her i had to cut the backs for her to ware i changed her and she said she loved them i had no ideal she would leave me a hour latter. She held on as long as she could she kept telling everyone she talked to i just dont wont to leave Florance by her self everyone that visited she would tell them that it was so sad i just couldn't tell her it was ok my heart was broken. there was not anyone she didn't love but i was her baby she raised me and she loved all my kids and brothers and nieces and nephews she just loved everyone and everyone that knowed her loved her. ever sience the day she left my whole life has changed it will never be the same. It will be 3 years and i still miss her to this day everyone said it would get better but i dont see that happening it seems just as hard today as it was then I love you sis hope everyone is ok with me posting this

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