Let the memory of Lori be with us forever
  • 29 years old
  • Born on January 6, 1987 in United States.
  • Passed away on July 17, 2016 in Folsom, California, United States.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Lori Rico 29 years old , born on January 6, 1987 and passed away on July 17, 2016. We will remember her forever.
Posted by Lucy Rico on 17th July 2018
Santa Cruz and Café Brasil isn’t the same without you! Still, when I see Santiago’s dimple on the same side as your dimple I am reminded of your mischievous spontaneity and it makes me smile. You left a big hole in our hearts chica but I know wherever you are and whatever shaningans you’re up to, you are making that world a better place too.
Posted by Maria Cummings on 18th July 2017
Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Others stay a while, make footprints on our hearts and we are never ever the same. Lori was the light of our lives always having a glowing smile on her face. Every day I think of Lori from the day I found out she passed away a year ago. Lori was always such a sweet and caring person . I miss you so much Lori but I know you are shining down on us. Love and miss you.❤️ Maria
Posted by Lucy Rico on 17th July 2017
I love you and miss you more today than yesterday and less than tomorrow. Your nephew Santiago is beautiful and I see you in him, I know you are here with him and that you were there in the room when he was born. For this and for oh so much more I am grateful.
Posted by Marlise Lacey-Baker on 16th August 2016
Tomorrow marks only one month you have been gone. It seems like a year. You are missed by so many. Nothing seems the same anymore. I only knew you briefly, and I wish more then anything I could have known you longer. You were a shining light here, I can only imagine how you now shine in Heaven. Every time the sun breaks through the clouds I think of that smile. Rest easy now Rico.
Posted by Cameron Brown on 23rd July 2016
Lori, I was speechless when I heard this news. You were one of a kind. Positive no matter what. I'll always remember the good times at Cal Fit with JR and the whole crew. Rest easy, see you on the other side.
Posted by Chrystie Sullivan on 23rd July 2016
Lori, i cannot put into words the loss I felt when I received the call. The memories I have will be cherished, The sadness I feel will fade, but you will be never forgotten. You made an impact in my life and I will miss you. You made me smile with that infectious personality you surrounded so many with. Cal Fit was lucky to have you and the years we worked together built a lasting friendship. Your laughter, jokes, you making fun of me and the crazy sarcastic humor you had with Mike; so many things I will miss. Rest in peace my friend. We are all lucky to have an angel like you looking after us. Xoxo
Posted by Aiyanna Rico on 22nd July 2016
Lori was one of the strongest people i have ever met. She was beautiful, kind, funny, and could always light up a room with that famous Lori smile. When i first found out Lori passed I denied it for as long as I could before I bursted into tears. I was so mad at the world because this strong independent women I was proud to call my cousin had fought for her life before when she had cancer at a very young age, and for something so sudden like this to happen it just didn't make sense to me. But i now know that you were just too beautiful & too just over all amazing for this world. As we were sitting there as a family telling our stories about you I had this feeling that you were going to come walking through the door with a huge smile on your face brightening everyone's day, nothing in the Rico family will ever be the same without Lori, but today our family will come together to celebrate Lorena's life. I love you more than words can show, until we meet again prima
Posted by Kim Gomes on 22nd July 2016
My friend, I will truly cherish the years we had together working at Cal Fit... Followed by the hair cutting adventures there after with you and my girls. We will miss your beautiful smile and your bright personality, but we know we will see you again.
Posted by Jennifer Fisher on 20th July 2016
Rico....I know life took us in different directions but you still had a place in my heart, as you will continue to have. My time with you will now be even more precious to me, that at some point in my life I was a part of yours. Your smile.....that flipping smile, I will never forget. You had one of the best smiles I have ever seen. Your joy came from your soul and was so contagious. I truly loved you and I had hoped that down the road our paths would cross again.....now they will but in a better place. Rest in peace knowing how loved you are and how truly missed you will be. We will meet again, until then....keep smiling my love
Posted by Raquel Gomez on 20th July 2016
My heart dropped when I got the news about you passing. I didn't want to believe it. I couldn't stop crying. The pain won't go away. Accepting it is still impossible and the fact that I can never call you or text you or see you again makes everything harder. When I pulled myself together I thought about all the good times we had together. We met thanks to doing the cover door at Hotel. We kept in touch to cover for each other and had a great friendship. I could text or call you for advice or just to talk and catch up. Even after I wasn't at hotel anymore you helped me get through it. I still have our texts and it's bittersweet but it made me happy. You said "you will always have a place in my heart. just because you won't be here doesn't mean we won't talk or hang out. Don't trip chocolate chip." I will miss asking Devin "who was at work tonight? Tell Rico I said hi and I love her and miss her!" Any memory with her was always a positive and happy one. I'm sure all can agree! You brought comfort into my life. When I started bartending you would come bring me Starbucks and keep me company and help me with everything even though you weren't even on the clock. You made me feel confident and rooted for me to do my best and it's something I will always appreciate. You had such a sweet beautiful smile to go along with your lovely soul and that's something I will forever miss. Rico was a person who put others before herself. She made others happy and that's what made her happy. I remember being sick and doing the door at the bar and even with a bar full of people she took the time to make me a tea with a lemon in it and everything! She took me to her house a couple times after work and we would sit in the car and talk or have tea inside. She is someone I looked forward to seeing when I got to work and she always greeted me with that shining smile, a hug and a kiss. Rico, I will always love you and have a place for you in my heart. I feel you are at peace and I feel you still watching over me as you always did. I will miss speaking Spanglish with you and asking you to repeat yourself because you talked so fast lol I will miss your bomb cooking and your smile and laughter. Now you're up there will Selena! Rest in peace my beautiful Rico. Te amo para siempre hermana!<3 Raquel & Devin
Posted by Travis Cox on 20th July 2016
Lori, The past few days I have relived many of the good times that you created. I remember you playing blind lava tag, laughing as we would fall off the structures. Joe and I would always get a kick out of playing practical jokes on you, having you kick us or smack us in laughter. You would always make sure that we were never hungry and make something bomb if were! In every memory that I imagine there is always the constant of you being appreciative, genuine, considerate, loving, caring, and truly a joy to be around. You would light up a room with your charisma and all those around could feel the positive energy you created. I know that your family all loved you so much, and that your friends equally loved you. I will always remember the truly special person you were! -Travis
Posted by Lucy Rico on 20th July 2016
Whether it's love, hate, irony, sadness, fun, ecstasy or dreariness, Lori you've always been attracted to such a vibrant palette of emotions. You were very much the artist attracting other common artist that know that our dead ones aren't gone. The dead occupy another level of reality, they are around the corner, they live in the planet and their conditions mirror ours. Artemio Rodriguez made this art work that called Lori to bring close to her hand. Some friends had this gorgeous art store called "Alma's" and we're holding a day of the dead gallery. She saw this beautiful day of the dead wine glass. She embrace the cup and held in near to her when visiting Santa Cruz. God I miss you Chica and your agenda to connect with the earth, to take in the ocean, and to see connections with art and earth. You lived life without regrets, cheating death once with Leukemia. I believe your strength came out and your super powers were exposed. I can still hear your opinions with your party tonight. You're outspoken, you break silences, you making people cry with your honesty while making them laugh at the same time. I miss braiding your hair so tightly that you Yelp in pain. I made up for it later once you became my hair stylist. You've always known how to make others feel beautiful. You made me feel beautiful
Posted by Sal Guillen on 20th July 2016
lori, i loved when you kidnapped me in mexico and we ate candy and drank pina coladas on the beach. i miss you so much and i feel like you are watching me still. the house was sad and everyone was mourning and i was thinking where is Lori, you brought the life to every party and i hope wherever you are now you are happy
Posted by Brandon Burke on 20th July 2016
Lori, I am absolutely heartbroken to hear that you are no longer here with us. You were always such a happy and kind person every time I saw you, and it will never be forgotten. Love ya Lori!
Posted by Natalie Knyff on 20th July 2016
Praying for peace and comfort for Lori's family and friends. Hugs to you all.
Posted by Janet DeWolf on 19th July 2016
Lori, My heart is broken as I try to write this. I loved you from the moment I met you & instantly knew how special you were. Because of you I felt so comfortable with Lindsay living in Folsom. You had a way of making people happy as soon as they saw you. Thank you for being such a great, loyal friend to Lindsay, Steven, & Lucy Dog. My life is far better for having known you, & life will never be the same without you
Posted by Jalaine Davis on 19th July 2016
Lori, this breaks my heart like no other. You were my first friend when I moved to the Folsom area. You adored my kids and treated them great. I loved working with you at CalFit and building our friendship over the years. You were always so happy and showing your beautiful smile all of the time. Your personality was contagious and will be greatly missed. I'm so thankful to have been communicating with you on Saturday; I just wish I had one last hug. I love you Lori and slways will and I know we will meet again when you greet me. Jalaine
Posted by Sue Barbour on 19th July 2016
Beautiful girl. My heart is broken right now. I'll always remember you from Cal Fit and how you were one of the first to make me feel welcome. How I looked forward to working with you and Lindsey, then when you came back from San Diego and contacted me to reconnect. You have such an incredible spirit that will live on forever! All of our talks about your relationships, my family, my girls, and how I told you I'd give you the same motherly advice I always gave my girls. Your smile and infectious laugh. You were such a blessing how you made me feel better after my chemo because you shared about your own battle with cancer. This world won't be the same without you, but heaven just got even more beautiful with you there. Love and miss you forever until I meet up with you again.
Posted by Katelyn Mosbacher on 19th July 2016
Lori, you were always so happy, you always had such a bright big smile that was contagious. I was lucky to know Lori. We worked together at California Family Fitness together, we had a tight crew there whom always hung out on the weekends, week nights it didn't matter. This was such a fun time in my life. Loris apartment was always the place to hang out. Just a couple of weeks ago she posted some awesome photos she found to bring back and remember the good times. I am dearly saddened Lori your life was taken too soon, but you will remain in our hearts and will forever be missed. Your bright smile will live on forever. Xoxo
Posted by Yvette Salceda Herrera on 19th July 2016
My stunningly beautiful, sweet, loving, amazing, adventurous cousin,,, Growing up traveling together as the Brady Bunch Family were some of the best child hood memories that i will forever cherish from Vegas to Yosemite to Sand Diego and all the many places we visited in between. You always welcomed us with open hands with all of your family, Trips to Folsom every summer were the best of times. Always reminded me of full house. you were the cherry on top!! oh lord remember cherries; ate them all until i got sick on year on a family vaca! Lori your life was a blessing a soul so sweet now with our angels above. You will always be in our thoughts and prayers, your memories will be treasured. you are loved beyond words and will be missed beyond measures. Days will pass onto years but you will live in our hearts and walk beside us every step of the way until we meet again. Rest in paradise love. You a true inspiration. and for you i shall continue to live and learn to become the best i can be. watch over us bright Rico Angel. love always.
Posted by Mike Chilton on 19th July 2016
I remember when years ago under random circumstances I was coerced into doing part of a fashion show, not really my thing. When I had to take my turn and walk it's a little intimidating, and really really not my thing. She was right there in the front to give me a five and support, it was certainly appreciated and showed who she was.
Posted by Karen Kulick on 19th July 2016
You left us all at French Twist way to early , I really enjoyed working with u , we had a lot of great stories to tell always to each other and a lot of good laughs together . You r gonna be greatly missed . RIP Lori ! Karen
Posted by Kathy Swedelson on 19th July 2016
Dear sweet Lori, I am honored to have known you this past year and work next to you in French Twist Salon. You left us way too young my friend. We all love you at the salon and will miss you everyday. I will keep the memory of you close within my heart. Rest in peace with our Lord God in Heaven surrounded by Angels. Love you Lori, Kathy xox
Posted by Eleanor Swyers on 19th July 2016
we love you so much your name sake your goddaughter will carry on with your name we will always keep you in our hearts and souls you are ab angle I don't even know what to say lori rico you were such an amazing young lady.
Posted by Anne Monchamp on 18th July 2016
July 17th was the last day of your life. I wish I had known... I would have hugged you a little tighter I would have talked to you a little longer You stepped off my porch and went out my gate. I watched you go, so alive and full of life and light. I wish I had known that in 20 minutes your life would end... I would have called you back to visit more I would have told you how truly amazing I think you are July 17th was the last day of your life. Now I know. I will love you for everything you were Lori for the rest of my life!

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