granny,, it all started u was getting ready too goo to bingoo ,, that night u was in the bath ,,, we heard a sudden bang as at that moment we ran upstairs to hear u crying for help it was hard.. u was laid behind the door as u went too get out ov the bath you slipt .. no one could  get in to help u a few minutes later u slowly moved as heidi got through the door too se you couldnt move ur arm or leg ,, u had broken ur arm in 2 places ur leg in 3 and ur shoulder in 2 u was in pain granny,, as then heidi rang 999 for help and the only words u was saying was 'help me ' and 'i want to go to sleep' u went to hospital and a few weeks later u was okay ,, u had many pain with that leg and ur arm mended u then had too get a hospital bed in the house were then nurses regularly came to visit u had many operations in the past 2 year it was 2 year ov pain granny ,,, and at that moment i was there too help i wud sleep downstairs with you and stay up ,,we wud play on the laptop av an icecream and a bottle ov pop the go to sleep..u uster wake me up and ask for a coffee i uster make them . i did everything i cud and i feel it wasnt anuf then finally they said it was mendin so you then had a lift put in upstairs were u cud then goo up a few month later u had an infection wich then led u too staying in hospital for 6 week on tablets ,,it went ,,, then came back it was hard we uster come and visit u i rember the smile u uster show when we came and the cry u uster do when we left ,,u was then home after a while still on medication u cud hardly walk and we new u wud never be the same again,,then one night i went to bed i was just drifting off knowing i had school in the morning i heard ur chair lift coming upstairs grandad and his friend was downstairs u was going to the toilet wen i heard u crying saying johnny help me please help me ,, i ran to the bathroom and seen u sat there with ur arms over ur head saying please help me ,,there was sweat dripping from ur head and u cudnt see out ov one eye u then got ur eyesight back after a few minutes and grandad came upstairs helped u into the bedroom and laid u on the bed ,, he went down to get u a drink ov water wen then i was by urside and i wasnt moving for nothing i was scared all shuck up and i rang my dad to come he came down as fast ass possible,, i rang the ambulance and they was telling me what too doo too keep u stable till they got ther u cudnt talk..u cudnt move one arm or one leg ,, that night u took medicine as u was ment to do the ambulance arrived and sed it was overdose it wasnt we new it wasnt.. u got took in hospital u came home at about 3 in the morning i was then asleep i got up in the morning to go to school and u was in bed u looked fine i asked u if u needed owt and if ur okay and u sed im fine and no so i kissed u and went ,, i came home from school that night to hear my mum say grannys really poorly in hospital and they fink shes had a strooke i cryed i never seen u after that granny ,, my dad visited hospital every night he told me after 2 nights ,, u was on a life support machine  u was gone we new u wasnt coming back out ov there ,,u didnt no whu we was ,, u cudnt speak u had many strokes through the nights and many bleeds in the brain :( a few nights later it was machines keeping u alive it was awfull to no i cud never see ur beauitifull smile again or too hear ur laugh :( il rember the good times granny,, on the 2nd ov april u got taken away u are now in the arms ov god and i will never ever evr forget u u was the best part ov my life u was everythink anyone cud ask or wish for u was a star and u always will be i cudnt ask for anyone better in my life than you was i loveyuhh loads and i just wish i cud say my goodbyes properly too let me tell u i love yuhh one more time wud be the best part ov my life i just wunna tell u how much i love yuhh and ur the best angel up there and ur my angel and always will be  r.i.p loveyuhhh MILLIONS AND TRILLIONS SLEEP TIGHT MY BABY LOVE AND MISS U LOADS FROM GYPSY XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX