Live Life Passionately, Laugh Until Your Belly Hurts, Love Unconditionally.
  • 70 years old
  • Born on September 3, 1942 in Saint Kitts and Nevis.
  • Passed away on April 8, 2013 in NY, New York, United States.

This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Loughton Taylor, 70, born on September 3, 1942 and passed away on April 8, 2013. We will remember him forever.

Celebration of Life For Loughton William Taylor

 Sunrise: September 3, 1942                                              Sunset: April 8, 2013


Friday, April 19, 2013

1:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.
Ceremony starts at 6:30 p.m. 

Hempstead Funeral Home

89 Peninsula Blvd, Hempstead, NY 11550

(516) 712-2437


Saturday, April 20, 2013

9:45 a.m.

St. Brigid's Church

Post Avenue (directly across from 75 Post Avenue)

Westbury, New York 11590


Saturday, April 20, 2013

10:45 a.m.

Holy Rood Cemetery

111 Old Country Road, Westbury, NY 11590


Saturday, April 20, 2013

12:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Westbury United Methodist Church

265 Asbury Avenue, Westbury, NY 11590

Instead of floral arrangements please make a donation in Loughton's name to any medical research or charitable organization you choose. Thank you for your understanding.

Please forward any other items to Loughton Taylor, c/o Jacqueline Taylor, 443 Madison Street, Westbury NY 11590.

Any questions, comments please forward to .

Posted by DHARAMDEO SAWH on 15th April 2018
To Jacquiline, Marc, Christopher, and Family: Lofton is always remembered for his genuine friendship, care, and love of family. And, I for one, remember him on the golf course for his liveliness, and spirit of the game. His use of the 'wedge' in his approach shots to the green. I still have his voice saved in my 'message list' over five years ago when he addressed me as 'Jagan' and he as 'Barak Obama' notifying me of his arrival to Roanoke to join me and my group here to play golf. Jacqui, my wife and I do wish you the best of health and happy to know that your children and grands do care for your well-being and that they have cherished their dad's good qualities and lessons of life. We are all aging now, and can only try to continue to be good parents, grand-parents, etc. Do keep well everyone, and continue in being cheerful and share happiness, peace and love. God Bless. Dharam & Angela Sawh & Family
Posted by Vijay Singh on 8th April 2018
In memory of a dear friend.Always remembered.
Posted by Jacqueline Taylor on 8th April 2018
Five years and it seems like yesterday. Marc and I who were at your bedside then,visited your grave side today. 5 years ago you slipped away so quietly the doctor had to tell us that you were gone. I miss you. The words of the song keep going through my mind. "Still, After all this time, Still, You are still on my mind, I love you still.
Posted by Marc Taylor on 8th April 2018
Five years and feels like 5 days. I try to be an example for my children as you were for me. Passing on your best qualities and learning from your mistakes. I wish you were here to meet Izzy. He has a personality and presence to rival yours. I miss you and love you.
Posted by Jacqueline Taylor on 20th March 2016
Still thinking of you . With my medical issues I wish you were here to cheer me up with your humorous slant on human situations. Your sons are doing a wonderful job. I think of the courage you showed in your illness and admire you even more. I miss you.
Posted by Christopher Taylor on 31st December 2015
Wow this is hard for me to do.I know I never really understood a lot of the things that have happened
Posted by Christopher Taylor on 31st December 2015
I just wanna give a shout to my father who was always there for me through thick n thin no matter what the issue was.don't worry I have not forgotten about u at all.everything I do reminds me of u.sitting by u bar thinking to my self on how much u loved to just sit in u den n watch the game on tv
Posted by Jacqueline Taylor on 27th November 2015
Happy Thanksgiving Lofton. This is the third without you. We are now celebrating in Florida. But only Pamela and I remain of the usual group. I know that we all are thinking of you. I know how you looked forward to spending Thanksgiving in NY You made it a special day for us..
Posted by DHARAMDEO SAWH on 3rd September 2015
To Jacqueline, Marc, family and friends of our late friend Loughton, thanks for cherishing, remembering and sharing the happy and pleasant memories. Loughton is always being remembered for his liveliness, and unquestionable friendship. Keep well everyone. Dharam and Angela Sawh and Family
Posted by Marc Taylor on 3rd September 2015
Happy birthday to my dad. You are always in my thoughts with every important decision I think about your steady experienced advice. No matter that your physical presence is no longer here your life experience resonates in the people who have been lucky enough to call you friend. Missing you always, Marc.
Posted by Vijay Singh on 3rd September 2015
Happy Birthday dear Friend! Today is also my father's birthday. He is 92 today. Will always remember our good times in Gt and Berbice.Until we meet.
Posted by Jacqueline Taylor on 2nd September 2015
Tomorrow is your birthday. I have been looking at your gallery of pictures but I don't need them for you are always in my memory. Happy Birthday Lofton
Posted by Jacqueline Taylor on 8th April 2015
For those who mourn Time is forever When I left that morning two years ago, I told you "Don't go anywhere, I will be back soon," You waited for me to say goodbye. It seems like yesterday.
Posted by Jacqueline Taylor on 30th November 2014
Lofton, another thanksgiving without you. Even with the celebration there was sadness as we all thought about you and the many thanksgivings we have shared throughout the years.
Posted by Jacqueline Taylor on 4th September 2014
Today I missed your phone call. I will have to do all the wishes for a happy anniversary.
Posted by Dulcie Caines-mills on 4th September 2014
My dear brother, you will be forever missed. your sister, dulcie
Posted by Vijay Singh on 4th September 2014
Always thinking of you my friend,you n my dad share same birthday.
Posted by Christopher Taylor on 3rd September 2014
Happy B-Day Missing you so much
Posted by Jacqueline Taylor on 3rd September 2014
Happy Birthday
Posted by Jacqueline Taylor on 21st April 2014
April 20, 2014 Think of me when you are glad, In your memories have no grief, let the joy we knew remain And when your thoughts do turn to me, know that I would not have you cry, But live for me and laugh for me, when you are happy so am I. ,
Posted by DHARAMDEO SAWH on 11th April 2014
To Jacqueline, Marc, Family and Friends: Sharing in your wonderful memories of Loughton who is always remembered for his kindness, love of life, family and laughter that pervaded when he was around. Kindest regards and hope all is well.
Posted by Merva Taylor Kelly on 8th April 2014
To my beloved brother, how I miss you so much. And I will always love you and remember you in my heart. Your loving sister Myrva
Posted by Jacqueline Taylor on 8th April 2014
Still missing you Still don't believe it Still cant accept it
Posted by Vijay Singh on 4th February 2014
My dear friend, I know i can talk to you. Life has been good but several things are missing and everytime I see my dad I remember you. My dad n you share same DOB and lives with me. Will catch up one day!
Posted by Desmond Mahadeo on 29th January 2014
"LWT" was truly the first mentor I had, he inspired me to great heights, I remember as if it was yesterday, in 1988 when he employed me as his "Sales Representative" for ESSO Guyana. I had just graduated, and the role encompassed huge responsibilities to the commercial sector as well as the retail. He told me that he was confident that I would fulfill the role, and for the three years under his guidance and mentorship, I grew into a totally different indivdual following his lead. This served me for the rest of my career as I worked in different countries, thank you! I am what I am today because of your early influence- Desmond
Posted by Jacqueline Taylor on 26th December 2013
Lofton, Christmas is not the same without you.
Posted by Christopher Taylor on 19th December 2013
missing you so
Posted by Yvonne Thompson on 4th September 2013
The celebration of Lofton's Birthday was always a big celebration for his friends in So. Florida because falls on the long weekend, and he always had a blast! In 2010 when his friends had 5 parties that weeknd for him he said with a big laugh "My RAAS" I never had 5 B'day parties. He will always hold a special place in our hearts.We all missed him this year and treasure his friendship.
Posted by Michele Khouri-Murphy on 22nd April 2013
All your friends here in Miami will remember you with laughter and tears, we were all blessed to have known you, and will miss you greatly, but we will comfort one another and take care of the friends you left behind, until we all meet again.
Posted by Glenvil Caines on 21st April 2013
Loughton, you were more than a brother to me. It is with a heavy heart that pay tribute to your life and the relationship we had. Rest in peace my Brother, words cannot express the degree to which I will miss you. Love, Glenvil
Posted by Lynne Cheong on 20th April 2013
3Sept 29+years ago,about to be introduced to Lofton by his secretary Doreen Annamunthodoo,he cuts in-'girl you pour yourself in dem jeans?THEN he extends his handshake! How could anyone not love this amazing and wonderful person. Rest in peace my dearest friend, until we meet again.
Posted by Shifra Caines on 20th April 2013
" Lofton my brother-in-law gone too soon and you will be missed. May God protect you and watch over your beautiful family Jacqueline, Micheal, Marc, Chris and your grandchildren. Love you! " Rest in Peace Marva, Mrs.Delaney and family
Posted by Jhoy Caines on 19th April 2013
To our dear brother "Lofton" what can we say? Michael Jackson could not have said it better: GONE TOO SOON. To our wonderful sister-in-law, Jacqueline "you deserve an honorary medal of distinction. Keep being yourself". To our handsome nephews, Michael, Marc and Chris, "we always have loved and continue to love you. Take care of your Mom!" Dulcie, Jhoy and family.
Posted by Azuredee Caines on 19th April 2013
I was sorry to hear about the passing of uncle Loughton. My family and I would like to offer our most heartfelt sympathies. Azuredee, William & Daniel
Posted by Amru Bromfield on 19th April 2013
"We wrote your name in the sky, but the wind blew it away we wrote your name in the sand, but the waves washed it away we wrote your name in our hearts, forever it will stay." .....Monica, Marva and Amru.
Posted by Yvonne Thompson on 18th April 2013
Lofton, you hold a special place in my Heart.You were full of “Life, Love & Laughter”.We were all put here by God for a purpose; I believe that part of yours was to make sure everyone you met had a smile on their face. I remember the jokes and laughs. Now you’ve moved on to be in heaven. I’m blessed to have known you & I will cherish the memories. Goodbye for now my beloved friend.
Posted by Michelle Thomas on 18th April 2013
" Although our encounters were brief, I was impressed by your remarkable strength and willpower for life. Gone too soon but your wisdom live on forever. Rest in Peace
Posted by Kathleen Kathleen on 18th April 2013
Hi Jackie/family--May the Great Comforter be w. you all at this time.May God bless the entire Taylor family Love, Kathie-Weekes-Clarke
Posted by Christopher Taylor on 18th April 2013
rest in peace
Posted by Christopher Taylor on 18th April 2013
Gone to soon is sure right.just sitting here missing u.i remember the good times we had together doing stuff around the house.i will always remember u smile.i will never forget u nasty jokes n rude comments and it goes even further but anyway i know u are in a better place now.may you rest in peace.i will never forget about u at all.
Posted by Robert Frederick on 17th April 2013
Although we have not been in touch much in recent years, I will always remember Lofton's unconditional friendship. We will miss you my dear friend. Condolences to the Taylor Family from June, the children and I.
Posted by Dulcie Caines-Mills on 17th April 2013
“Lofton”:- A kind and well-respected brother. A family-oriented brother. A brother who kept the family ties closely-knit. A brother with a tease and a great sense of humour. A handsome brother with an engaging smile. A brother who never forgot and always called on a sibling’s birthday. A brother who will be greatly missed. A brother who God loved more than we did and so took him home.
Posted by Jhoy Caines on 17th April 2013
“Lofton”:- A kind and well-respected brother. A family-oriented brother. A brother who kept the family ties closely-knit. A brother with a tease and a great sense of humour. A handsome brother with an engaging smile. A brother who never forgot and always called on a sibling’s birthday. A brother who will be greatly missed. A brother who God loved more than we did and so took him home.
Posted by Raymond Gay on 17th April 2013
Describing 'Lofton' as a friend leaves me at loss for adaquate words. As a colleague, he was a hard worker, thorough individual and indeed a true leader. In our personal relationship we always had a special connect. What will always be foremost was his extremely witty intellect and good humour. He will always be missed. May God comfort his family in their grief and loss at this time.
Posted by Julius Gonzalez on 17th April 2013
Loughton, I met you only a few times and worked together even less. I remember your engaging spirited personality, very direct and energetic. I liked you and wish I had gotten to know you better. Now rest in peace my friend.
Posted by Denzil Benjamin on 16th April 2013
Sincere condolences to loughton's family and friends ; We all grieve the loss of a sincere and wonderful person . "Picasso"
Posted by Cordel Andrew Roberts on 16th April 2013
A special brother is hard to find, you loughton I'm keeping you in my mind. I wished you could have stayed forever, but I will never forget you oh not ever. If dreams weren't dreams and dreams come true, I wouldn't be here I'd be with you. Distance is one thing that keeps us apart, but brother you will always remain in my heart. Rest in pease t,
Posted by Omari Caines on 16th April 2013
Uncle Loughton, unfortunately you left this earth too soon, but I am sure that you are in a better place now. I never got the chance to really get to know you, but my dad talked to me about you. I was able to meet you once at Brenda's wedding, and I could tell that you were a good person at heart. Rest in peace uncle Loughton, you will be missed!
Posted by Deborah Adams on 16th April 2013
On behalf of the Adams family, former neighbors of Lofton and his family, I would like to extend my sincere sympathy. Over the years we have lost touch with each other, however the memories of the past will always linger.......Hugs to all of you.....
Posted by Sylvia Ward on 16th April 2013
Dear Lofton - we shared many fond memories together when we were teenagers in St.Kitts. We lost contact over the years and reconnected in 1998. Your sense of humour was priceless. We laughed a lot when we spoke. I was very happy that I was able to speak with you in January. You were in a lot of pain. However, you are now in a better place and out of all pain and suffering. Rest In Peace,

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