Lou in 1986
Lieutenant Commander Louis Edward Yoe
  • 70 years old
  • Date of birth: Jul 26, 1946
  • Date of passing: Feb 11, 2017
Let the memory of Louis be with us forever

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Louis Yoe, 70, born on July 26, 1946 and passed away on February 11, 2017. We will remember him forever.

Thursday, February 23, 2017, 04:00 PM - 08:00 PM
El Camino Memorial - Sorrento Valley
5600 Carroll Canyon Rd, San Diego, CA 92121
(858) 453-2121

Funeral Service
Friday, February 24, 2017, 9:30 AM - 11:00 AM
El Camino Memorial - Sorrento Valley
5600 Carroll Canyon Rd, San Diego, CA 92121
(858) 453-2121

Lunch Reception from 11:45 AM - 1:00 PM
Jasmine Restaurant
4609 Convoy Street, San Diego, CA 92111

Committal Service
Monday, March 6, 2017, 11:00 AM - 11:30 AM
Miramar National Cemetery
5975 Nobel Drive, San Diego, CA 92122

Lunch Reception at 12:00 PM
Lorna's Italian Kitchen
3945 Governor Dr, San Diego, CA 92122

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Memorial Tributes
Lou touched all of us in many ways through his friendship, sense of humor, and his joy. Please feel free to share and post a memorial tribute, a few photos, or a special story of Lou. Add a caption to the photos you upload so friends and family know the background a bit better. Thank you!

Donation Information

Lou was an avid hiker and loved the outdoors. He would also visit various elementary schools to give informative talks on nature, rocks and geology, and hiking to the kids.

Instead of sending flowers, the family kindly requests that donations be made to the Zion National Park Foundation.

On the donate page please designate it for the "Youth Initiative" and  make it in the honor of and memorial gift for "Louis Yoe".  Fill in the donor address information so you will receive a letter confirming your donation in honor of Lou.

You may also enter Lou Yoe's address so that his family receives a letter of your kind contribution: Louis Yoe, 7675 Bagwell Cove, San Diego, CA 92126.

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Thank you so much for remembering Lou and helping to continue his work.

Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Colleen Kelley on 13th June 2017

"I first met Lou in Belgium. I was warned by the guy I was replacing that Lou would hide fake spiders on an elastic string, but it still scared me as I pulled out a chair. We had cleaning ladies that would come in, and when there was a new one, he would get them, the other ladies always laughed at the new one. Lou was the glue that kept us together. He organized lunches, dinners and events that brought people together. He made sure everyone had what they needed. He left Belgium and went to SAIC, but came back as a contractor and still used his team building skills. I also went to SAIC, and Lou was there to get everything ready for me, and helped me settle in. When things were tough, I remember him walking around saying "I love my job, I love my job, I love.....". Another of his quotes when trying to explain a simple concept, yet often misunderstood was, "It's not rocket science". I'm sure he is missed by all. I'm sure he is still helping the new ones get adjusted. So sorry Liz."

This tribute was added by Jaymond Young on 6th March 2017

"We miss you so much Lou!  When I see rocks, I think of you collecting so many kinds and then care for them like each was as important as people.  When I see mountains,  I think of you climbing to the top and smile so.  When I see rivers, oceans I think of you enjoying the waters, swimming and sailing.  When I see people on vacation, I think of you traveling with Mom to all the continents of the world.  When I see Hawaiian shirts, I think of you wearing yours with khaki shorts walking and talking to Mom and Libby.  When I see my neighbor's lawns or your neighbors, I see you caring for your perfect one. I see so many things and I also think of your kindness, generosity, giving, and sense-of-humor.  You are indeed a very special person that I will always keep in my mind. I will cherish my time with you, being able to have a wonderful relaxing Hawaii vacation, having meals at your home or at restaurants, you taking my money on Super Bowl Sunday, your funny protest on the family's Fourth of July Throw-down, you being so respectful to my traditional Chinese Dad, you being the Number One son to the Young family, you being just a wonderful family man, and Patti and I especially will have a personal fond memory when Libby and you were married at our house.  You promised to love and care for my sister, Libby.  You have influenced my life in so many ways and touch so many more. I thank-you with all my heart. I love you and surely will miss you.  Lou rest in peace."

This tribute was added by Andrew Spector on 6th March 2017

"I just found out about Lou this past Saturday from another SAIC Poway colleague.   I worked with Lou a few times and like everyone else recognized what a special guy he was.   My condolences to the family and friends."

This tribute was added by Alison Patron on 27th February 2017

"Dearest Lou, where do I start? As a neighbor, or as a friend? To us you were both. Your un-ending battles against the weeds in the yard,or the pails you put out when the rain comes. The hellos and coffee meetings we had under the palm tree, the special door rings with hands full of baked scones. Those special stories of your trips with Mom Betty and Liz. You have become part of Vince's and my life, intertwined in our memories, just like a brother, not just our next door neighbor. We both looked up to you, your love and patience for your wife, Liz, and her mom, your un-wavering stride, your caring soul, your love for nature, and most of all your love for everyone in our cul de sac. You will be dearly missed, brother, friend and neighbor. The Lord has received another angel. Hike the trails in Heaven, Lou, so when we meet again, you can show them to us in all it's Glory. Rest in Peace dearest Lou and till we meet again! Love, Christine."

This tribute was added by Casey Y on 27th February 2017

"Dear Lou
      We will miss you so much but as you hike thru the uncharted trails
May your backpack be light your shoes dry and the ground rise up to meet your feet and you enjoy the sights that you see love always"

This tribute was added by Barbara Nkele on 26th February 2017

""Hi Barbara, it's Lou..." is what I would hear upon opening my front door - and there he would be, bearing freshly baked goodies from his beloved Liz, an invitation to join them both for a movie on the base, or news about an upcoming event/gathering with his extended family (such as the infamous Chinese New Year fest at Jasmine).  What a kind, giving, intelligent, caring friend and neighbor he was.  We shared a love of 'stones n' bones' and, as a result, I was gifted some wonderful polished rocks and an absolutely magnificent bighorn sheep horn he had found years ago on a desert trek in a remote corner of Anza Borrego.  One year, when I expressed interest in a trip to death valley I found, tucked into my screen door, a spiral-bound trip planner, with key sites highlighted and annotated!  Turns out I never got to take that trip, but one day I will, and I will carry Lou's words of advice with me and I will look up into the night sky and think of his dear soul.  God be with you, Lou, and fare you well. You leave a life well-lived and well-loved."

This tribute was added by Suzanne Zoehrer on 24th February 2017

"Lou,  I have such great respect for you and you are greatly missed. You brought joy and kindness to all. You were respectful with a bit of funny wrapped in... Sometimes the prankster. You were always there for Liz - you were her biggest supporter and admirer. I marveled at both the big and little things you did for Liz and others. You were a role model for all of us. The world would be a much better place if all men and women had your kind and giving spirit and actions.  Maybe in your heavenly place you can be a powerful influence for the good of all?  I know you will if the possibility is there.  May you enjoy our loving embrace for all eternity. Suzanne"

This tribute was added by Jonathan Harrison on 23rd February 2017

"Uncle Lou, I love you! You are my favorite! Thank you so much for always taking the time to talk with me and teach me about life. I learned so much from you and I appreciate everything you did to help PoPo realize her lifelong dream of traveling around the 7 continents of the world. I cannot imagine a more kind, generous or loving man. You are a role model for me and a beacon of light which I will always try to live up to. It is inspiring to know that a man as good as you lived and gave so selflessly to help others. You are a hero. I will carry your memory in my heart with me always. I will remember to smile, be good to people, and find a way to make life fun like you always would. I love you forever"

This tribute was added by Angela Carrillo on 23rd February 2017

"Dear Lou, Thank you for all the wonderful times you shared with me. I wish you a peaceful rest before moving on to your next journey. You will be missed beyond words and loved for your friendship, kindness and joy you gave to me and those who knew you."

This tribute was added by Matthew Harrison on 23rd February 2017

"Uncle Lou,

Thank for you all of the good times, stories, jokes, and wonderful memories we made together.  Whether it was at our family events or during our travels together, you always made everyone laugh and smile.  I will always remember our adventure to Russia together and cherish the memories from that special trip.  Thank you so much for being a great husband to my Aunt Libby, and the greatest son-in-law ever to my Popo!  Your kindness and generosity was unmatched, and I am so grateful for everything you did for our family.  You were truly an amazing person and we will carry your memory with us wherever we go.



This tribute was added by Kathy Taylor on 22nd February 2017

"Hey, Lou.
I want to apologize for not writing back when you wrote me a couple years ago.  I'm thinking that somehow you knew life was pretty hard for me then.  Your news of having found love and the beautiful photos you sent warmed my heart!  You certainly deserved to find the happiness you did!  
Thank you for always having looked out for me and everybody else at Campus Point!  We could always count on you for a caring heart, a sound solution, an infectious grin and a corny joke!  There has never been a more selfless, energetic or compassionate person than you, Lou!  Thank you for always loving us!  I know that we can count on you to be our newest Guardian Angel!  Congrats on getting your wings, Dude!  You've earned them!!!  Love you, Lou!!! ♡♡♡  Your friend, Kathy (Formerly Wiscott)"

This tribute was added by Susan Wilson on 21st February 2017

"Louie's friends from high school all knew Louie as a stand-up guy.  He consistently was tolerant and accepting of all, no matter the race, gender, orientation, religion, etc.  Louie was so proud of the accomplishments and talents of his sons and they brought him immense happiness.  When our high school friends gather, we will remember our fine friend and warmly toast his memory.

Deepest condolences to Liz, sons and other family members and friends."

This tribute was added by Stephen Truss on 21st February 2017

"Louie you spent your entire life giving to others and I'm truly grateful for the example you left in how to live an honorable life. I thank you for being such a good neighbor and friend to us. I will always remember how you reacted out of sadness when we moved out of the neighborhood. Karen and I miss you and Liz greatly and please say "Hi" to Teddy up there for us! God bless you my brother!  

John 15:13"

This tribute was added by Hugo Sf on 20th February 2017

"Dear Uncle Louis,
We love you forever.
You always remind me to be a good boy and take care my mom.
Thanks your caring, I have fun times with you.
Bye, big hugs to you xoxo
.Love Hugo and Mom Windy"

This tribute was added by Jumhwa Park on 20th February 2017

"Louie, my dear friend,
We met through the opening of my business.I was just a business owner and you were my customer. But you became a good friend, a wise counselor , and  a good neighbor to me. You were always so encouraging when I was exhausted.One particularly hot day , when it was over 100 degrees inside the Dry Cleaners , you brought two dove ice cream bars for my sister and I. I will never forget the sweet and loving taste of the ice cream. Everything you did for us impacted us greatly . We will treasure your love , kindness, and warm  smile in our hearts.
Thank you for everything you have done  for us.
Rest in peace."

This tribute was added by Anthony Taravella on 19th February 2017

"RIP Lou. It was a pleasure to work with you. You will be missed."

This tribute was added by jason bourne on 19th February 2017


You have given me many great memories throughout our travels.

From the journey to the bottom of the earth to a great city so far north that the sun barely sets.  My favorite memory with you is trophy hunting in Africa,

We have developed a deep understanding of each other and friendship.
Thanks for sharing your life.  I will miss you.


This tribute was added by Kimberly Fechter on 19th February 2017

"My very dearest brother-in-law, Lou,
It meant the world to me that you came to see my ballroom dance show at mom's 92nd birthday celebration. In my heart, I remember you gave me a hug and said you really enjoyed the show and being together with the family and seeing Juliette.

Your love and support will be remembered forever. May you rest in peace."

This tribute was added by Mary Coyle on 19th February 2017

"Thank you for your Submarine Service during America turmoil period. Those dolphins and patrol pin are earned not handed out. Many are picked but the best of the best can take that sub down to the depths of the deep blue sea. Thank you for helping to keeping our freedom, now you are on Eternal Patrol. Mary Lou McCarty Coyle class 64 OFHS (widow, submariner 22 years going out on patrols)"

This tribute was added by Richard Fechter on 19th February 2017

"I'll really miss Lou. We shared a love of nature and an interest in mineralogy. We always had a great time together and I loved all the stories about his time on submarines and his travels around the world. He took me on a tour of the USS Midway and gave me his personal insights on life in the Navy. On my last visit in January, he drove me out to Borrego Springs where the desert was in bloom with all the recent rain. It was beautiful. We went off road with the car to get some pictures of huge metal sculptures. I'll never forget those experiences. Lou may be gone, but his memory will live on forever.  Rest in peace, brother-in-law."

This tribute was added by Rick Kingman on 17th February 2017

"I had the good fortune to meet Lou (and LIz!) 35 years ago, when we were all assigned to Offutt AFB, NE.  We were assigned to "teams" (though not competitors - we were collaborators).  Liz and I worked the aircraft end of the project, and Lou worked the submarine part of the business.  I knew airplane operations - I flew them.  But I knew nothing, other than what little I read or saw in the movies, about the submarine business.  Lou became my "silent service" instructor.  With stories both instructional and hilarious, I learned about what life was like on a "cruise."  But here is the crown jewel of what Commander Yoe taught me:  although we were involved in a tremendously serious endeavor, we shouldn't ever take ourselves too seriously.  From his daily pranks and infectious charm, he proved that everyone, from the Four Star Generals and Admirals to the Colonels and Captains who tried to ride herd on us, had a soft center.  Commander Lou Yoe gets the blue ribbon for being the most appropriately irreverent person I've ever met.  My great regret is that I only got to serve one assignment with him.  My great privilege is that I count him as one of my mentors and friends.  Fair winds and following seas, Commander.  You will be missed by all."

This tribute was added by Mom Young on 17th February 2017

"My dearest son Louie:  You opened the world for me.  You took me places that I never knew existed, and introduced me to amazingly different cultures around the world.  You fulfilled my dream of visiting the 7 continents, and more.  Do you remember when we took special laser pointers to the top of the cruise ship while crossing the international dateline?  We saw the Southern Cross together for the first time while laying flat on our backs.  I beamed with glee when we landed on Antarctica and saw thousands of pooping penguins. In Africa, you pulled me back when the elephant charged our open truck.  You always thought of my needs, and considered everything to make my life happy.  You alone have effected so many people, and brought so much joy to their lives.  You will be in my thoughts every day and night.  I love you, eat well, sleep well, and exercise.  All my love, Mom"

This tribute was added by Robert Yoe on 16th February 2017

"Thank you, Louie, for your years of service to our nation, and your friendship and love for my Mom and Dad.  I know my Mom had your room in Heaven ready for you. Our hearts and prayers are with you, Liz. Peace."

This tribute was added by Daniel Duval on 16th February 2017

"Miss you Louis......God bless you and rest in peace. I'll never forget you. Long time ago, we lived wonderfull moments with other friends. Remember and keep all of this with Tom and Al...."

This tribute was added by Kristin Young on 15th February 2017

"Hi Uncle Louie, I've been thinking about you everyday. I hope you are resting peacefully in heaven. I still have the rocks and petrified wood that we collected from the Arizona Rock Show many years ago. I've turned them to art by fastening sterling figurines on top of the rock landscapes. They sit next to my piano and always remind me of the time when we went. Taking me there was my first glimpse of how big the world was, before that I was just a young girl collecting rocks at my school playground. Then you take me to a place that's a dream for collectors, acres upon acres of exhibitors, I had no idea such a place existed before this. Thank you for opening my eyes to the world to come and seeing beyond than just what's in front of me. I hope you are with your Amethysts and Emeralds and all your favorite rocks in nature resting happily up there. I will miss you greatly. ~Kristin"

This tribute was added by Elizabeth Yoe on 15th February 2017

"My darling Louie, I love you and hope you are resting comfortably on a mountain top enjoying nature and the fresh air.  Are you resting?  Is there no more pain?  Is your heart at ease?   I am imagining that you are looking down on me with your arms open wide, smiling, and telling me that you are waiting for me to join you.  You are in my heart forever.  I will bring your hiking boots with me when I come to stay by your side forever.  All my love always, Tiny BRB"

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