Life Sketch of Madie Ray Rogers Amacker Gipson

Shared by Dane Bounds on May 13, 2019

This is an edited version of the eulogy I gave at Aunt Madie Ray's funeral.

-Dane Bounds

Shared by Brynn Elaine on April 17, 2019

I hadn’t realized the profound impact Mother had on shaping me as an individual until I opened a box of pictures, Sunday, April 14.  Being that my parents’ divorce caused a tremendous gap where she was absent from my life (something that weighs heavily on my heart), I had forgotten the years I was blessed to have spent essentially living with Mother.  I was brought home to her house from the hospital.  These pictures sent memories rushing back to time spent with my dad, Pop, cousins, aunts, and uncles, most of which were buried from the pain of never knowing if I’d see any of them again, especially Mother.  The memories of her cooking, her getting on to dad when he’d let Little Bryan and I get away with murder, watching Dallas, the Christmas mornings spent opening presents, the family gatherings swapping stories and jokes, telling me her love for Elvis,her showing me how to snap beans and make jam ... So many in such a short span of 5 years.   She also taught me family is everything.  Whether by blood, or marriage, we all have an unbreakable bond.  She also taught me to keep the door open for family, even if they aggravate the hell out of you (to this day I remember her complaining about Aunt Millie when I was 4, but forever stayed by her side).  

 I am forever grateful that she and Pop never gave up searching for my brother and I.  If it wasn’t for her untiring effort and stubbornness, I wouldn’t have a relationship with my dad, he wouldn’t have known his grandchildren, and Hayden & Parker wouldn’t have known the love of the most amazing great grandmother on the planet.  Words can not describe the ache in my heart knowing I’ll never hear her say my name again. 

Thank you, God, for allowing her to have enough strength to sit up and open her eyes at me the day before her death.  I’ll cherish that eternally.

I love you, Mother

Always Supportive, Always Fun

Shared by Eileen Gipson on April 11, 2019

Mother was always supportive in every way.  She was never critical, always listened, and made this daughter-in-law feel like her daughter in every way.  We laughed and had the most enjoyable time whether we were on vacation, visiting during holidays, or just living our lives. 

When Charles was little I would call her and ask "Do you want to hear your Charles Chuckle for today?"  Then we would laugh about Charles' newest cute saying or some new antic.  

After Pop died in 2004 Mother would come to visit us and stay for about 2 months,  she rotated between Barbara, Sandra, Neil, and us, what fun we had during those visits. In the last years since 2012 Mother came to live with us full time, Sandra would fly down or Scott would take Mother to Poplarville a couple times a year to give us a break, we will cherish those years of time spent together.  She had daily contact with children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren she loved.  She touched so many lives in her 100 years and we were blessed to have her love and guidance.  We will miss you Mother.

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