• Born on February 20, 2007 in Marshall, Michigan, United States.
  • Passed away on March 25, 2007 in Marshall, Michigan, United States.
Makenah was only here for a short time but she truely touched everyone who met her. She was such a wonderful, beautiful baby girl...absolutly perfect. Her big sister, Rickie was so happy the day she finally met her baby sister for the first time, it was pure joy. We all love and think about Makenah everyday. Not a day goes by that she is not on our minds and in our prayers. She was God's Angel from the day she took her first breath to her last. I believe that He had a bigger plan for Makenah, she was born to be a guardian angel to watch over her family and friends.
Posted by Cindy Boyer on 19th February 2015
I'm very sorry for your sad loss of your sweet, precious beautiful baby Makenah. Please accept my expression to you of heartfelt sympathy. This past Sept, my very precious and beloved Mom died, and I'm not comparing our grief and pain in any way; I just wanted to tell you that what comforts me is knowing my Mom isn't suffering, and that I look intently to the time when loved ones will be resurrected back to life and I hope to be here to welcome her back to life right here on the earth with a loving hug holding her close to me; then no pain, sadness, or unexpected loss. (Acts 24:15; Eccl. 9:11b; James 1:13; Isa. 65:17b; Rev. 21:4, 5; Isa. 33:24; Isa. 11:6-9; Psalms 37:10, 11, 29; Luke 7:11-17; Luke 8:40-56; Rom. 15:4) I hope that you would find an added measure of comfort in these verses, they help me. Sincerely, Cindy Boyer
Posted by Tawnya Poole on 20th February 2012
Sissy you would be five years old today and be in school with Rickie..you would probably have Rickie yelling at you to get out of her room and Riah would be your shadow. We all love you dearly and miss you more than you will ever know. I imagine you have your mother's sharp attitude and your aunt Tawnya's humor. Your passing has taught each of us to cherish each other and never forget.
Posted by Anna Thompson on 9th March 2011
rest in peace little one
Posted by Dalles Ritter on 21st February 2010
makenah even thoe i never got to meet you i know your amazing and in everyones hearts. Love Dalles
Posted by Tawnya Poole on 20th February 2010
Happy 3rd Birthday baby girl. Mitchell would be a very happy little boy if he could play with you and boss you around. Aunt Tawnya is typing this with watery eye's because I miss u. I love you princes
Posted by Danni Wright on 21st January 2010
Makenah..You were such a Beautiful babygurl. You had such meaning to everybody. You melted Everyone's hearts. Even though I didnt get to know you or hold you I know you were just soo Amazing!!!
Posted by Rickie Taryn on 6th October 2009
Dear Makenah, I love you a lot and I'm sad that you died. I love you so much Makenah I can't even stop thinking about you. I love you Makenah really a lot, I wish I could share my toys with you. Ric
Posted by Dominick Frazier on 11th September 2009
well you were you here for all of us to see. u left to soon but we all still experienced the love that you brought. we will miss you forever and you will always be in our hearts.
Posted by Brandi Avery on 6th September 2009
Gods little angel. What a beautiful baby girl!!
Posted by Courtney Collins on 26th August 2009
Just thinking about you! I love you baby girl
Posted by Courtney Collins on 10th August 2009
Goodnight, Makenah. We love you so much! Love, hugs and kisses Mama, Rickie, Na'Riah and Mikey
Posted by Austin Spieth on 29th July 2009
"Makenah I love you so much,I couldn't stop crying.We all miss and love you!I'll never forget how gentle and soft you were♥i love and miss you Austin
Posted by Courtney Collins on 27th July 2009
I love and miss you so much everyday. You are missed by everyone..your family loves you so much. Love, hugs and kisses, Mama
Posted by Courtney Collins on 25th July 2009
Makenah, I'm just thinking about you, you are always in my heart. I love and miss you so much. Love Forever and Always, Mama
Posted by Kerri Jeffries on 23rd July 2009
Rest In Peace Makenah
Posted by Tawnya Poole on 23rd July 2009
Makenah,your Aunt Tawnya misses you so very much. I always think of you and try to remember that very short month that we got to kiss you and love on you. You are a very special niece and I love you.
Posted by Kaylee Poole on 23rd July 2009
Makenah I love you so much,I couldn't stop crying.We all miss and love you!I'll never forget how gentle you were!You'll always be in our hearts<3.R.I.P Makenah Jae'cea Coburn,Kk will always love you<3
Posted by Whitney Emrick on 23rd July 2009
We miss you very badly makenah! But you are still in our hearts! We will never forget you!
Posted by Jessica Collins on 23rd July 2009
god must have needed a special little angel to call on you.we will always remember and miss you little makenah!
Posted by Zachary Frazier on 23rd July 2009
I may not have known you as much as others.But you were still my family and thats all that matters.I Love and Miss you very much Makenah.
Posted by Courtney Collins on 22nd July 2009
I love you so much Makenah.I stay up at night thinking about you and all the wonderful things that you would be doing. I love you, Kenah

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