Let the memory of Mandakini be with us forever
  • 50 years old
  • Born on August 2, 1962 in India.
  • Passed away on September 10, 2012 in India.

This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Mandakini Parihar, 50, born on August 2, 1962 and passed away on September 10, 2012. We will remember her forever.

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Posted by Geeta Patel on 22nd January 2019
I just came to know about Dr. Mandakini's demise this last weekend and am deeply saddened. She was our ob-gyn professor and I still remember her lively spirit and immense sense of duty to her patients ; she will be in our hearts forever and missed always; may her soul rest in peace.
Posted by Sunil Wagh on 10th September 2018
Tejal, Rhea, Tanisha & me along with the entire CG group of friends with their children remember you & miss your loving presence amongst us. We were fortunate to have been associated with you. Be happy wherever you may be.
Posted by Sangeeta Pikale on 10th September 2018
Miss you Mandi , more each day . wish you were here . love you forever .
Posted by Dr.vijay Athalye on 10th September 2018
Yaad to amar hai.... She was the college queen ; a rare combo of beauty with brains plus a great human being ; he was a thorough gentleman, handsome and from an illustrious family. They were destined to become friends and like a fairy tale that culminated in a marriage. By all means made for each other couple. Two cute boys borne to this lovely couple;a perfect family . Amen. But the same destiny laughed weirdly; the lady suffered from leukaemia. There were lots of problems like misdiagnosis and over treatment etc.In spite of both( and many family members) being in the medical field they had to pass through many hurdles. And alas in Sept 2012 she succumbed to her illness ; leaving all in a state of sheer hollowness and sorrow. But see how a true gentlemen thinks;even in their trouble their families thought of the common man. How a common man will face all these hurdles if struck with cancer. So her family started a Madat trust to help such people. Cope with Cancer is the main activity of Madat Trust, which was started following demise of one of the trustees, Dr Mandakini Parikh Parihar, who lost her battle to leukemia in September 2012. While getting treated, Dr Mandakini and her family members realised that there was inadequate information about resources and a need for counseling for cancer patients and care givers. In Dr.Anand Parihar's words; To alleviate this shortfall, Madat Trust initiated this Free service in July 2013 The activities of the trust are Ø Counseling o Online & Telephonic Counseling To Patients & Caregivers o Information About The Disease And Its Effects o Nationwide Information About The Resources Needed By Cancer Patients o Dietary Suggestions & Recipes By Cookery Expert Ø Financial Support for investigations, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, & ICU support Ø Downloadable discount forms for investigations & resources on our website Ø Helpdesk at General OPD Tata Hospital and ACTREC to assist patients Ø Hair Donation Camps & Cancer Awareness Programs Ø Free Wigs to Patients Undergoing Chemotherapy Ø Post op care counselling and specialized counselling for children at Tata The online and tele-counseling service is operated by a team of trained clinical counselors, who speak various Indian languages, attending to cancer patients and caregivers for their social & psychological problems. More than 15000 people per month access & benefit through the websitewww.copewithcancer.org & Internet & Tele Counseling service. The middle class bears the brunt of cancer treatment in a very big way with a whole lot of families pushed into financial drudgery due to treatment cost. We have arranged fordiscount forms on our website which can be downloaded, printed and presented at listed diagnostic centres to avail of discountedinvestigations like PET, CT scans, & MRI and mammography and discounted products like anti-cancer drugs & nutritional supplements. We provide financial aid to economically challenged patients for investigations and treatments like PET scan, CT and MRI, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, surgery & ICU support. Since September 2014, on an average,100 patients per month are supported at Tata Hospital, Mumbai. We disburse about INR 2,50,000 in financial aid for treatment per month at Tata Hospital. More than 4 Lakh people from all over the country have benefitted from our internet & tele-counseling service. More than 1700 women, from all parts of India, have donated hair for wig making. The Trust donates about 40 wigs per month to women patients undergoing chemotherapy. ALL our services are Free of cost to the users. Madat Trust aims to identify and fill up gaps in the management of cancer diagnosis and treatment bring about better outcomes specifically for economically challenged patients. So this is real friendship; we are well versed with the story of Satyavan And Savitri ;from Puranas. Here Satyavan (Anand)has immortalised his loving wife via this trust.All of us know how he was besides Mandakini throughout her illness. On this friendship day this is a real example of friendship Jindagi ki sath bhi Aur jindagi ke baad bhi And I am lucky to have such friends and to know such noble families . Lets wish all the best for Madat trust and may help them to accomplish their mission. People like Mandakini live forever via such awesome deeds and win over merciless death and keep enriching and inspiring our lives.... जाने वाले कभी नहीं आते जाने वाले की याद आती है मौत मिटा दे चाहे हस्ती याद तो अमर है.....@डाॅ.विजय आठल्ये.
Posted by Venugopal Muthyala on 3rd August 2018
Dear Doctor Mandakini, Eternally grateful to you for helping us become proud parents of triplets! Our boys are fourteen years old now and you are the one responsible for bringing this joy into our lives. Thank you. RIP. Venu and Raj Kaur.
Posted by Geeta Motiwale on 2nd August 2018
Living with the memories of a unique friendship. Miss you on your birthday , Mandy. RIP.
Posted by Shilpa Kodkany on 3rd August 2018
Remember you Mini this day and always. Happy Birthday. Miss you so much.
Posted by Rahul Zaveri on 2nd August 2018
On this B'day of yours, may all the angels in heaven gather together to sing you very Happy B'day. Always remember your smiling face and love you showered on us, will never forget you being with us in our most difficult times.
Posted by Kshitija Rao on 2nd August 2018
Dearest Mini, Wherever you are I know you are spreading joy and going out of your way to help someone in need. Miss you a lot. Love Kshitija
Posted by Nitin Gandhi on 2nd August 2017
Today we remember you very fondly.. You shall live in our memories and hearts forever.
Posted by Geeta Motiwale on 2nd August 2017
Forever missed . Today marks the birth of a very lovely friend and a great human- Mandakini.
Posted by Mrs Durriya Ghadiyali on 15th July 2017
Dear Mandakini you will always be remembered by all. Thanks for giving us " COPE WITH CANCER" Your memory will cherish in all hearts .
Posted by Vijay Athalye on 11th September 2016
Miss you forever Mandy
Posted by Nitin Gandhi on 4th August 2016
You shall always live in our hearts and prayers.
Posted by Vijay Athalye on 2nd August 2016
ओ जानेवाले, हो सके तो लौट के आना ये घाट, तू ये बाट कहीं भूल न जाना बचपन के तेरे मीत, तेरे संग के सहारे ढूंढ़ेंगे तुझे गली गली, सब ये ग़म के मारे पूछेगी हर निगाह कल तेरा ठिकाना दे दे के ये आवाज़ कोई हर घड़ी बुलाये फिर जाये जो उस पार कभी लौटके न आये है भेद ये कैसा कोई कुछ तो बताना Tan bhi sundar Man bhi sundar Not seen such a person like Mandi Really miss her, dil se Jo avadato sarvanna Tochi avade devala..... Nagmen Hain Shikve Hain Kisse Hain Baate Hain Baatein Bhool Jaati Hain Yaadein Yaad Aati Hain Yeh Yaadein Kisi Dil-O-Jaanam Ke Chale Jaane Ke Baad Aati Hain Yaadein Yaadein Yaadein Mandi we remember you forever Vijay Athalye
Posted by Geeta Motiwale on 2nd August 2016
Wishing you peace on your birthday.
Posted by Sunil Wagh on 10th September 2015
Your valued presence among your close friends is sorely missed always, but especially today! On behalf of Chembur Group of Friends Members.
Posted by Kshitija Rao on 10th September 2015
My dearest Mini, I am sure that wherever you are you will have spread joy, miss you a lot. hope you are at peace . When someone you love becomes a memory,that memory becomes a treasure!
Posted by Nitin Gandhi on 6th August 2015
you will always be in our hearts...and will always be remembered for your warmth, helpfulness and love. God bless your soul.
Posted by Nirmala Mistry on 3rd August 2015
You are one lady we will never forget. We met during unfortunate circumstances but you left a impression on us. Your strength and courage to continue. Rest in Peace where ever you are.
Posted by Sunil Wagh on 10th September 2014
We remember You, we miss You & we are inspired by the life You led, Mini.
Posted by Geeta Motiwale on 10th September 2014
missing a friend who has always supported and encouraged me. May God bless you and look after you .
Posted by Nirmala Mistry on 8th September 2014
RIP where ever you are. Thinking of you always.
Posted by Shaista Khan on 6th September 2014
Dear Anand Sir and Family, It is just today that I came to know about Mam's demise, I had the opportunity to be work with her in Mangal Anand and also lucky to be her student in Somaiya, I will always miss her, she was my mentor.
Posted by Sharad Bapat on 2nd August 2014
Mandakini will always be remembered forever for her commitment, dedication, freshness & reaching out to others.
Posted by Venugopal Muthyala on 25th June 2014
To Dr. Mandakini Parihar we owe all the happiness and immense joy that we as parents continue to receive in our lives! Dr. Mandakini Parihar was the enabler (or should I say God's own hand) for us to beget three bundles of joy in our lives ten years back. My three sons (triplets) came into our lives as a result of the consultation and treatment provided by Dr. Mandakini Parihar. We found out about this tragic and most untimely demise a few weeks back when we recommended her name to someone who similarly needed help in conceiving and were informed by this lady that the Doctor whom we spoke about is no more!! It came as a complete shocker and we were left aghast....we offer our heartfelt prayers to the Almighty to give peace to her soul and continue giving strength to her family to bear with this irreparable loss. Venu and Raj.
Posted by Atul Gugale on 26th November 2013
So shocked to hear mandakini Madam has left us.she was a very good teacher who wanted her students to be updated with all latest things happening around she was also very good human being may her soul rest in peace
Posted by Nirmala Mistry on 10th September 2013
Thinking of you today and always. Everytime I visit my daughter in Hendon, we think of you. nirmala, ramesh and yashmin
Posted by PUSHPA ESWAR on 4th September 2013
I Pushpa Eswar from AMC came to know now that Dr. Mandakini was in the same school Little Angels from where I passed out. Very proud to have student like Dr. Mandakini from my school. May her soul rest in peace!!
Posted by Prema Walwatkar on 31st July 2013
Dear madam.....we all love you and miss you a lot....from your old staff rupa and prema
Posted by Ashish Desai on 16th March 2013
May God Bless her SOUL in Eternal Peace... Om Shanti...!!!
Posted by Jyotsna Ghildiyal Bijalwa... on 24th January 2013
" I got the news just now. its shocking. It is a irrreparable loss to medical feternity. Dr. mandakini Parihar was a brillient and charming lady. Treateted my sister, we all were so influenced by her personality intelligence and sweet nature.- mam our family will always remember you"
Posted by Krishna Panigrahi on 21st December 2012
as an medical representative at that time working with elder health care in the year 2005. i use to meet her.she is so nice and polite, i m shocked when i heard she is no more.her memory will remain forever.
Posted by Kiran Reddy on 21st December 2012
You were ray of hope and have blessed cause to live by name Aishaan, We shall see you in him. You were the one who had always kept morale of my wife high by keeping hand on your forehead which we shall never forget. May your soul rest in peace Aishaan, Neeraja Kiran Reddy
Posted by Chitra Menon on 18th December 2012
I met Dr Mandakini for a brief while in 2007. She made such an impact on my husband and me. We wrote a few times to share the news of the birth of our son and she was always so kind, loving and encouraging. I remember once she was explaining my treatment plan to my mother, who didn't register a word of what she said - she just kept admiring my beautiful doctor! You are missed very much...
Posted by Vibhu Chatterjee on 13th December 2012
Never once did we realise what Madam was going through. Her cheerful disposition and untiring strife has always enthused us with boundless energy. Praying to God to give strength to the Family to endure this loss. Madam will always remain in our hearts and continue to inspire us to give our best to the society. Vibhu
Posted by Nagireddy Siddhartha on 14th November 2012
A woman of an uncommon charishma, an ever smiling idol of content and happiness, travelled all along through with a distinguishing mark of intellect and brilliance, fought with many challenges of the women's health and her own health,now has set herself, her soul, to rest in peace and happiness.
Posted by Nagireddy Siddhartha on 14th November 2012
She greets everyone with a smile of deep concern and care,to all the one who admired her, and the same way did she greet her death.The death did make no gloom to her life, and added her into its hidden and unseen world, to be enlightened and prospered.
Posted by Nagireddy Siddhartha on 14th November 2012
With a kind and softer smile to prevail in her soul,and a mind to cure the suffering, would heal the grieving souls that died of many grieves and miseries. She is a glorified mother of kindness, who bestowed to many women, an extreme joy of motherhood and prosperity.
Posted by Nagireddy Siddhartha on 14th November 2012
But the course of time to be so unkind and unfortunate, to all her loved and beloved, took her far away to leave them behind in a world of grief.
Posted by Nagireddy Siddhartha on 14th November 2012
Her loss cannot be replaced
Posted by Geeta Motiwale on 13th November 2012
Today is Diwali and I have been thinking about Mandy. Thank you Mandy for being the light of my life. You have always shown light in my career and life. Like me there are hundreds of people who have been charged by your smile and presence. Missing you a lot. God bless you.
Posted by Mihir Shah on 12th October 2012
Dr. Mandakini, I and my wife Shikha had a brief yet very intimate relationship with you. You helped us bring our first baby into this world. You will be missed forever, RIP. Love, Mihir, Shikha and Arya
Posted by Dolly Shah on 11th October 2012
It is a month now still very difficult to believe that u re not a phone call away will always feel the void u have left don't know how to fill it love u alwaye
Posted by Debashish Das on 10th October 2012
Today once again I missed Mandakini when I was asked by a patient as to who is a good Infertility specialist in Chembur. Mandakini You are missed by me and my patients...... As I mentioned in my tribute... I will miss you for a while Till we meet again ...Someday.
Posted by Nirmala Mistry on 8th October 2012
Dear MandakiniBen, I was so sorry to hear from Anandbhai that you have left us all. We met for a short period and became friends. We shared some stories about travels and politics, children. May Sai Baba shower his courage and strength on your family. RIP Nirmala, Ramesh and Yashmin.
Posted by Aditi Desai on 30th September 2012
I remember Mandakini the last time we met nearly ten years ago when she was so full of enthusiasm.She has always been a lively and charming person.Her absence will certainly be felt by everyone who knew her.My heartfelt condolences go to her family and loved ones......
Posted by Chowlera Family on 22nd September 2012
We are deeply saddened by the loss of Mandakini Ma’am. Not only did she have a dynamic personality, she was a generous and warm-hearted teacher and friend. We are very fortunate to have known her and will always treasure her memory.
Posted by Pranav Mehta on 21st September 2012
We will cherish her visit to LA in Oct. 2009. We will remember the superhuman fight she gave and a gift of life (our son Nilay) that will be remembered as long as we live.What a gentle giant she was. Just does not seem fair.She shined on this earth for a short time but the brightness she spread in all of us will stay forever.
Posted by Shantaram Kudalkar on 21st September 2012
We will miss u a lot for your loving nature affection to nears and dears. Dr. Shantaram S. Kudalkar

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