Siempre en nuestros Corazones.
  • 54 years old
  • Born on February 21, 1957 in Merida, Mexico.
  • Passed away on September 29, 2011 in Victorville, California, United States.

Manuel "Meño" was a beloved man who we lost to congenital heart failure at the short age of 54. 

With one of the brightest biggest smiles he'd warm your day. He was proud, generous, and worked hard, down to his last days. 

He left behind a giant family who all love and miss him:
Son of Elsy and Wilbert Rodriguez
A Brother to Maria, Cecilia, Tono, Chary, and Martha.
The Dad to Alejandra, Adriana, Priscilla, Manuel Jr. and Wilbert Rodriguez
Grandpa to Isaac And James
Best Friend to Maria Rodriguez
An Uncle to a giant group of nephews and neices
And a friend to more than can be listed on this page...

Manuel "Meño" fue un hombre muy querido que perdimos a la insuficiencia cardíaca congénita a la corta edad de 54. 

Te dava uno de las más brillantes sonrisas y te levantava tu día. Estaba orgulloso, fue generoso y un trabajador duro, hasta sus últimos días. 

Dejó atrás una familia gigante que lo extrañan: 
hijo de Elsy y Wilbert Rodriguez 
hermano de María, Cecilia, Tono, Chary y Martha.
El papá de Alejandra, Adriana, Priscilla, Manuel Jr. y Wilbert Rodriguez 
abuelo a Isaac Y James
mejor amigo de Maria Rodriguez 
un tío a un grupo gigante de sobrinos
y un amigo a más de lo que puede aparecer en esta página...

Buenas noches PA descanse en paz. 

Posted by Maria Saenz on 29th September 2018
My brother today is being 7years since you left I still miss you too much my heart aches for you even knowing that you are in a better place you are with God love you very much and I will always miss you and I thank God for the years he gave you to be a very important person in our life's love you very much your sister Maria
Posted by Maria Rodriguez on 29th September 2017
Posted by Adriana Rodriguez on 29th September 2017
It’s been 6 years and every year I try not leave a note and I couldn’t or wasn’t ready. Today I am... I miss you, but I know you are always watching over us. I wish you where here to see how big Isaac has gotten. Everyday I look at him and I see you. He loves you and always talks about his grandpa. I wish you would have met James because I know you would have loved him as much as you loved Isaac. Thank you for being a great Father and Grandpa. We love you and miss you.
Posted by Maria Saenz on 29th September 2017
Hello my brother, I know you are keeping an eye on every person you loved and protected, Your grandkids are doing great, they are good boys and healthy boys I know you are very proud of them, I miss you very much is being 6 years since you left us but we love you and miss you a lot, I miss your great smile, your special way of understanding life, you were a great person, love you very much, your favorite sister.
Posted by Maria Saenz on 21st February 2017
To you Manuel the brother I miss so much, Happy Birthday, it is a big birthday I know you are celebrating with Mom and the other family that are in heaven with you, I know you are right there with God watching us, specially you keep an eye on your children and the boys Isaac and James, I can close my eyes and see your smile when you see them and how proud you are of those boys, love and every night I pray and think of you I will miss you for ever, love you very much, Happy Birthday
Posted by Maria Saenz on 29th September 2016
To my brother Manuel, whom I miss very much, ever since I remember we were always together, we used to play and go to school together we grew up got our children played together he was an amazing man, I will always love him very much, I know that from heaven he is watching all of us specially keeps his eyes on Isaac and James, they both have a little something of him and I am sure he is very proud of them. My love and prayers are always for him, Manuel love you and miss you very much. Your sister Maria
Posted by Maria Saenz on 29th September 2015
To my brother Manuel that I love very much, I know that he is in heaven and he is watching all of us the people he loves so much, he keeps and eye on his daughters and his grand children I know he is very proud of those boys, love you and miss you very much my broter
Posted by Maria Saenz on 5th October 2013
To my brother Manuel and the celebration of two years of his new life. I miss him very much but I know he is with God. I know that him and my Mom are together watching over us, knowing my brother he keeps an eye on his daughters and sons specially on his grandson whom he loved very much, he used to talk to me about him and how happy he was to have him in his life. Love you Manuel
Posted by Maria Saenz on 15th July 2012
Manuel was my Brother, we were very close in age, less then a year, I always remember him in my life, all my school years he was with me. He was always a big part of my life, he was the Godfather of one of my children, he loved to be around family we are a big family, he was always a very happy man and he had a beautiful smile, I miss him very much, love you very much my brother.

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