Gratitude to FER

Shared by Mary Ann Diorio on July 14, 2015

I just  wanted to thank FER  for doing such a kind and wonderful service for Marc. We will all miss him.  Just a neat peron to know.  What a wonderful turn out you had, very elegant and classy.  Thank you Doug M, Doug L, Michelle, and everyone involved.  Doug M thank you and Patty for being there for Marc...he needed you and you were there, quite a testimony of friendship. 

Working with Marc

Shared by Ben Stern on July 2, 2015

In a year's time, Marc and I worked very closely together on many of the movies that were presented during Real Estate Training.  I enjoyed creating the special effects for Marc and we had a great time together working on these.  


Marc farewell tribute by Lillian Stern Durkel

Shared by Ben Stern on June 29, 2015

This is devastating for me, for the loss of my brother Marc, which was not only premature, but tragic in so many ways.

Regardless, I want to focus on the fond memories we shared, though very limited. You see, our time together was short, our lives regretfully took separate paths,  we both moved in different directions, and the rest is history.

Marc had so many amazing qualities.  I remember always being so proud of his many accomplishments.This was always something that would put a smile on my face, considering our childhood adversities.  Marc always had the ability to rise above all that, and overcome any obstacle put before him.

Whatever those struggles were, he succeeded to heights above and beyond what I could have possibly imagined.

As far back as I can remember, he was always the one to help in times of need with support, advice, and a solid solution.  Not to mention utilizing his great sense of humor, to make me feel that whatever the situation, we can find a way to laugh and I could get through it.

I am happy that he lived a full and comfortable life, and got to fulfill his dreams. Though his time, and the time we had together was short,  in the end, our closeness, regardless of the distance, meant so very much to me.  I will miss him dearly,  but somehow I know in my heart, he is near. He has already sent me a sign letting me know he is safe.

He is now at peace, and in the comfort and arms of my Dad and sister.  Love you bro!


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