In memory of Marcella Thomas:
" Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me." Psalm 23:4
  • Born on March 2, 1936 in Hawley, Pennsylvania, United States.
  • Passed away in Lubbock, Texas, United States.

This memorial website was created in the memory of  Marcella Frisbie Thomas, who is now with the Lord.

Posted by Kirk Liu on July 15, 2019
Time is like running water. It has passed fifteen years in a twinkling of an eye. The deceased has passed away, and the past is clearly visible. May you still sing happily in heaven. We still love you!kirk
Posted by Orlan Thomas on March 2, 2019
Every year from your passing, I more and more realize the greatness of your presence! As I read the worded memorials, I am again touched by the love exhibited by so many others who loved you too. I can only await the great reunion that is promised in God’s word, and now, in the 6th year from your home-going, I realize that, Halleluiah, I have grown even closer to the time of our Jubilee!  Enjoy this another GREAT DAY as we all celebrate your birthday! Happy Birthday for No. 84. Love you! Orlan
Posted by Orlan Thomas on March 2, 2018
Here just past the 5th anniversary of your passing, it is your Birthday. If you were here I'd wish you a very Happy Birthday and a great year a head! However, since you are with the Lord, you are always having a GREAT DAY and the years ahead are indeed wonderful! I still miss you and will always love you. Keep having a GREAT DAY! Orlan
Posted by John Jiang on May 20, 2013
Sorry dear I'm late.I miss you and thank you from the bottom of my herat.Thank Lord for he made me get to know you and spend almost 2 years' treasurable time with you.I still remeber the first time we met in Jordan Hall, Sias,China when you agreed to teach me to sing.I was so happy and surprised that I even failed to say thank you in English.Dear,that was 10 years ago.I MISS YOU SO MUCH
Posted by Margaret Spielmann on March 2, 2013
May the Lord comfort you, Orlan, as you remember Marcella on her birthday.
Posted by Joyce Neely on January 31, 2013
I remember your time at Sias. Your patient waiting for the Chinese to trust you. Their great love for you. The time they wanted so much to carry your luggage, but did not know how to begin so they came and sang to you at 5:30am.........She is singing to her Father now and I am loving it for her.  Read a Randy Alcorn book and you'll have an idea what she's doing now. HUGS
Posted by Joyce Neely on January 31, 2013
I celebrate the DAY she met JESUS.
Posted by Willie B Gschwend Jr on January 31, 2013
May God continue to bless the extended Thomas family, with love like Marcella and Orlan have displayed all around the world. Matthew 18:20, Jesus, Marcella, Orlan...what a wonderful Trio. Thank You for your marvelous faithful work and Inspiration you have spread around the world. Love, until we all meet again.
Posted by Matt Manwarren on January 30, 2013
As a student at Texas Tech, I was invited to the Thomas house every Sunday for lunch after church. The Thomases treated me as if I were their family. I will always be grateful for their friendship during those days. I send my heartfelt sympathy to Orlan and family. Best wishes.
Posted by Sky Sun on January 29, 2013
Time is flying away, and years are passing by. Only our friendship is always in my heart. Farewell, my friend! Take care, my friend!
I still clearly remember those days that we stay together in SIAS, China. Those valuable memory will stay inside my heart forever. The lord be with you~~Love you.
Posted by Vanessa Mendenhall on January 29, 2013
Me and my husband had the opportunity to work with Orlan in business, but it was more then a business relationship, it became a friendship. Through him I was able to get to know his wife & how much love he had for her. It brings tears to my eyes knowing that he has lost a loved one and at the same time know that because of his relationship with God it will give him the strength he needs
Posted by Dina Tapley on January 27, 2013
Spending as much time w/Marcella as I did was truly a blessing. She had so many things to share w/anyone that walked into her life. In the short time I got to know her we had so many talks that if I were to write down everything I could remember I'd be writing through next week. I know without a doubt in my mind that she is with The Lord right now. She was loved dearly, & will be missed!
Posted by Rhonda Brazell Severin on January 27, 2013
My life was so blessed by Marcella!  She was my choir director at Church when I was in 3rd grade. Her love for music taught me to appreciate singing in choir. My favorite song to hear her sing is "The King Is Coming".
Posted by Marylyn Douthit on January 26, 2013
Many wonderful memories of singing in choir with Marcella, but the standout was when she relayed an urgent request for a host family for a foreign exchange student whose host home had fallen through after arriving in the US. Her caring heart and action have given our family fourteen years of wonderful memories with our "other" son, Hay. Our love and prayers go out to the Thomas family.
Posted by Amyra Wang on January 25, 2013
It has been 7years since she left Sias,but the every scene with her is still clear in my mind.I was just an Alot of Sias Choir ,and she was my teacher.Thank you Marcella ,you and Orlan are my great teachers.From Sias Choir,I know what is committment. I've been blessed from you and when I first believe in Jesus, you were the first ones showed the example of Jesus' follower.
Posted by Zhang Kahn on January 25, 2013
I still can remember the taste of the chocolate banana you made that the most delicious food I never had before.How many memories we stay in the rehearse room 2102 I cann't forget.Thank you for your love.Thank you what you have done for us.You will stay in my memorey.
Posted by Walter Frisbie on January 25, 2013
Uncle Orlan and family,
We will cherish the memories of the time spent together and the phone conversations. We will certainly miss Aunt Marcella. 
The Frisbie Family
Posted by Chi Sheng & Faith Yang on January 24, 2013
chi sheng and I still remember the last dinner we had together at your home in Lubbock shortly after you and Orlan returned from China. The meal on the table was green bean & frest tomatoes from your garden and a delicious pork chop and rice casserole and of course american apple pie. You and orland were so excited to show us pictures of China and the places you travel on your journey.
Posted by Cindy Elliott on January 24, 2013
"Sias in Our Heart, " the composition that Marcella wrote for Sias International University. "Marcella in Our Hearts"  She loved the Chinese students and helped them to become more than they ever dreamed. She was an inspiration to me.  She leaves behind an example of God's love for all mankind.
Posted by Cindy (Shaoying) Qing on January 24, 2013
There are so many things I learned from Marcella, English, singing, cooking, baking, and making Christmas Vest… She is such a wonderful person, who left me so many beautiful memories. I feel so blessed to have a chance to be so close with her in these years. You are the best, Marcella. Kunyu and I love you.
Posted by Marilyn Arland on January 23, 2013
Orlan and Marcella are one of very few couples that represent so many wonderful attributes; resolve, faithfulness, their unyielding passion to minister to everyone. I have known Orlan and Marcella about 40 yrs, going back to Trinity Baptist days. I remember being in a Sunday evening service and hearing someone announcing, "Marcella had twin girls"!
Posted by Gayla Truelock-Williams on January 23, 2013
What a wonderful inspiration Marcella and Olan were to me after I joined Singing Women of West Texas! Several times after our concerts, I would have a meal with them.  I especially was inspired to hear about their visit to China and the teaching they did there. I may even look into doing that myself. Sharing and singing, thank you, my sweet singing sister for sharing your life with me.
Posted by Diane Ferguson on January 23, 2013
On behalf of myself and the Government Printing Office Family we send to you and your family strength for the lost of Ms. Virginia's Sister Marcella. We shall always remember your visit with us in Washington, DC. May the Lord keep you and bless you at the time.
Posted by Karen Wood on January 23, 2013
Many wonderful memories! Babysitting for the girls many, many years ago. I will always treasure our time spent together on the choir trip to Israel in the 1990s and I enjoyed so much hearing about the years in China. You all are very special.
Posted by Sharron Stelter on January 23, 2013
About 25+ years ago I invited Marcella to join the TOUCH program where we were all teaching English as a second language. Orlan & Marcella have helped us with Internationals both in music & teaching. Remember those special days with our Bosnian families? What a blessing to work alongside friends who always served with a smile. We'll miss her greatly.
Posted by Betty Swofford on January 22, 2013
So many good memories-- Marcella singing beautifully in the church services, I especially enjoyed the Jewish songs. Dinner club at your house and meeting the people from different countries and hearing about your work in China and hearing about the people you met there.
Posted by Wanda Kenney on January 22, 2013
The Thomas' were our neighbors at SIAS in China.  What a delightful couple. They were so dedicated to their students, and went above and beyond their duties to become spiritual parents to many Chinese students. Throughout the day you could hear the sounds of beautiful voices coming from their apartment, singing Praises to the Most High. Sing On, Marcella in that heavenly choir!
Posted by Robert George on January 22, 2013
Robert and Sara George cherish the memories of our time with the Thomas at SIAS International University and always enjoyed the lovely music from Dr. Thomas and the choir at Power Hour. Your lovely and welcoming smiles will forever be remembered Robert and Sara George
Posted by Alice Lowrie on January 22, 2013
Thomas Family,
Your wife, mother and grandmother was beloved to D. L. and Alice Lowrie. We admired her for the quality of her commitment to our Lord and for the witness that she gave to His goodness. We have been blessed by her steadfastness in the faith May the Lord comfort and keep each of you.
Posted by Stewart Grant on January 22, 2013
It was a pleasure to have worked with Marcella during my first year in China.Now early 12 years I am stll here working with these kids that I love so much and think often of those early days at SIAS. Rest in peace!

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