Mama's House

In the 1980's Mama's house was always filled with people. They ranged from family members to our friends and even strangers sometimes. There was Always an abundance of food and laughter. Tio Maximo stolling in with his Johnny Walker, Gia and I laughing about something, Bianne and Mayo playing and who can forget Edwin's strawberry milkshakes from Mcdonald's that Mama always loved. The sound of her sewing machine pedal going to make one of us a new dress or the sound of change going into the crystal so we could go to Friendly's market down the street. It just seemed that in the 80's and 90's mama's house was the place to be...She took in so many people throughout the years and her heart was truly made of gold. Pictures of Elvis Priesley adorned the house and let's not forget the 2x4 that went across the front door. Tio Oscar was always her "favorite" although she would never admit to it and he made her proud when she went to Graceland and Florida. remember the bible with the pictures in it right next to the Maria powder that she put on every morning. I can still smell the powder. Remember the picture it had in the front? A pretty lady dressed in Flamingo attire. The part of the day I dreaded was the daily Mirta de Perales cream in my hair as she tried to brush through "el nio". Mama is truly missed, people say time heals all wounds but that's a lie, this is one wound that will forever stay open.