A memorial service has been scheduled for Marianne on July 19th at noon. To be held at Christ Lutheran Church,701 South Charles St., Baltimore, Maryland 21230
  • 56 years old
  • Born on October 28, 1957 in Baltimore, Maryland, United States.
  • Passed away on June 2, 2014 in Stewartstown, Pennsylvania, United States.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Marianne Bosley 56 years old , born on October 28, 1957 and passed away on June 2, 2014. We will remember her forever.
Posted by Michelle Bosley on 28th October 2018
Ive tried to think of something poignant to say about your birthday - but I'm not that good with words And although there are many here on earth missing you - celebrating in heaven must be a party beyond our wildest dreams Till we meet again ❤️
Posted by Sheila Bowman on 28th October 2018
Marianne, Missed you so much today as we celebrated your life at lunch. Told some fun stories; however, bitter sweet seemed to reign today. Guess I am just in a funky mood based on family and wanting you here so bad for your counsel and mediation guidance. Do remember your 50th birthday party and all the laughs we shared that day. Pray you are enjoying your day in heaven. Love, Sheila
Posted by Deb Grahe on 11th November 2017
Marianne - Your sister is so right. Time does not heal. It sometimes makes it harder. I still want to pick up the phone for a 2 hours session on everything imaginable. From kids to husbands to mothers, brothers, there wasn't anything we couldn't talk about. Well except sisters - you have a wonderful sister. I had ---- brothers ----. But I was lucky enough that those brothers brought sisters into my life. 60 has come and gone - that would have been a 3 hour session beginning with your reminder of the 67 days that made me so much older :-) I know you are looking down on us. I can feel it some days and it feels good. Happy Birthday - a bit late - Miss you!
Posted by Bev Dory on 30th October 2017
I'm a few days late Marianne, but u have been on my mind for the last week. I fondly remember the times we celebrated our shared birthday together and the adventures we shared on the job. I miss your sweet spirit and that smile of yours that would light up your whole face, but I know that you are well and resting in paradise with Our Heavenly Father. Till we meet again my friend...
Posted by Sheila Bowman on 29th October 2017
Marianne, we had a nice birthday dinner yesterday for your 60th - missed you terribly. Of course, miss you every day and especially this year due to Mother's stroke and the aftereffects - I know your guidance and counsel would be so helpful. I pray you are OK with how we are helping her - I know you are proud of your daughters and their support and love for her. Please watch over all of us and especially Mother. Love, Sheila
Posted by Sheila Bowman on 3rd June 2017
Marianne, I am a day late posting - not because I didn't know that yesterday was the 3rd anniversary of losing my only sister and good friend - because I couldn't face the reality and seeing the photos, etc. It is still raw and painful - so many days I think about special times and wish we could reminisce about them. Told someone just recently about out trip to MA and VT and the GPS that took us to the top of the hill in someone's yard! Abigail eating spicy tomato soup and actually liking it. You would be proud of both your daughters and how well they have done with life and adversity. I miss you and your low key guidance and support and your laughter at the crazy times in the family! Love, Sheila
Posted by Michelle Bosley on 29th October 2016
Hey Marianne...happy belated birthday wish....I didn't forget you yesterday... matter of fact Bryan & I were talking about you all day... I cant imagine celebrating your day in heaven..it must be beautiful however down here on earth people are missing you like crazy Im not going to leave anything sad today - that's not what this is about - I just wanted to say Happy Birthday in the Sky...
Posted by Sheila Bowman on 28th October 2016
Well Dear Sister, sure did need your guidance and counsel this year! Still could use a few nudges or pushes in the right direction to be sure I do the best for all. Miss you so much. Think of you every day and simply want to call - so instead, I look at this page and the photos, and cry. Then I see a special photo and a pleasant memory and begin to think of what a wonderful sister you were and I can trudge on. I still remember how happy I was the day you were born and how long I dreamt of a baby sister! Love forever, Sheila
Posted by Deb Grahe on 4th September 2016
Marianne, This is a little late but I wanted to give you the next birthday warning. Last week I would have told you the age spots continue, the skin starts to crinkle (I'd tell you not to believe all the ads - crinkling is crinkling!). I'd give you fair warning what to expect in October. WOW I sure miss those calls. I talk to the picture on the bookmark almost everyday. The absolute worse part of growing older is losing the people that mean so much to you. The aches and pain are tolerable, but the heart ache is real and never fades away. I miss you! Say hello to all the other angels there with you that I miss so much. My Dad, My grandmom, Aunt Gert, Uncle Ray, Uncle Lee, My friend Kathy, Pat, Henry and so many others. Give them my love.
Posted by Sheila Bowman on 2nd June 2016
I miss you every day as there is always something I need your advice on. I miss your laugh and mischievous smile at family gatherings. I feel blessed though that I have such great memories of a wonderful sister and great times at Solomon's, crab feasts, holidays and just back yard picnics. I hope you and Bette are having a blast together!
Posted by Michelle Bosley on 2nd June 2016
Hey Marianne.... well another year has gone by ... its a double whammy for me - not just you but my father was on this day too....whoever sad it gets easier - LIES - the pain is as strong today as 2 yrs ( for you) 3 yrs (my dad) would LOVE to chat with you right about now! shine down through the clouds today and let everyone whose hurting feel you please
Posted by Scott Bosley on 2nd June 2016
Marianne it's been two long years since you were called home . I know that Betty and you are having a good old time in heaven. I hope you have run into my dad. Missing you . Wish we could have gone on our adventure we had looked forward to when I retired. Love your husband,Scott.
Posted by Courtney Bosley on 2nd June 2016
Momma, it's been 2 years since you left this world and went to Heaven. A lot has happened in those 2 years and I wish you were here so I could call you up and talk to you about it. I miss you so much momma! Until we meet again! I love you to Heaven and back!
Posted by Deb Grahe on 2nd June 2016
Another year has gone by. I flinched today about 10:25. Two years ago Scott called me at that time to say you were gone. It is as unbelievable now as it was then. So much to say to you. I hope you hear me when I ask for your advice. Sometimes I can see your face or see you shaking your head. Sometimes somehing will pop into my head after thinking to myself - What would Marianne say? I know you are flying with the angels, chatting with Bette and hopefully filling my dad in on all the goofy things his sons has done! He is just like his Dad in so many ways. Know that you ar very muched loved and missed and please keep watching over all of us.
Posted by Deb Grahe on 23rd March 2016
It's been a little while. I doesn't get any easier. It really is true that you don't appreciate someone until they are gone. I've been frustrated and needed a calming voice, annoyed and needed a buddy. I know you are in a much happier place, but I miss you down here. Think of you a lot and miss you. You were my classmate, sister-in-law and friend! Be happy my friend!
Posted by Deb Grahe on 28th October 2015
Marianne, It's been another year. Normally we would chat about age spots, hair color changes, extra pounds that just stay around. I sure do miss those calls. I miss you! But you my friend are in a better place , you are more beautiful than ever and singing with the angels. The age spots are gone, the hair is a beautiful shade of strawberry and the pounds (if you had any) are gone forever. But I miss you. Your laugh, your advice, your bad jokes about the 2 months and 8 days that made me older than you. But I miss you. I was lucky to know you in high school and even luckier when you became part of the family. Enjoy your birthday in heaven my friend. I miss you.
Posted by Michelle Bosley on 28th October 2015
Happy Birthday in the sky Marianne......I'm sure missing you down here!!!
Posted by Sheila Bowman on 28th October 2015
Marianne, I miss you every day. Some days are harder than others. The tears still come out of the blue. They lie - it doesn't get easier. After a year plus, the only saving grace is that I know you are in a good place and not suffering. I am beginning to remember more good times and more laughs. I know I was blessed to have you as my Sister for 56 years. I celebrate your birthday today and remember how excited I was in 1957 to finally get a "little sister." You were all I dreamed for! Love, Sheila
Posted by Bev Dory on 28th October 2015
Happy Birthday in Heaven dear friend. Although I'll be celebrating our special day here on earth, I know that you are singing with the angels in your forever home. I miss you and cherish the memories of our friendship and the many birthdays we celebrated together. Take your rest now until we meet again.
Posted by Deb Grahe on 11th July 2015
Marianne - I think of you often. I miss our marathon calls. Your sister had these wonderful bookmarks made with your picture and it hangs in my office. I often talk to you through that bookmark. About the stuff we used to talk about - your grumpy husband, your two girls and getting older. Although you always pointed out that I was in fact 2 months and 8 days older than you. I know you are in a better place, free of pain and with those who have gone before you. Just want you to know that I miss you and your always rational thinking, the laugh that was sometimes hard to get out of you and your love for my brother and the girls. We lost an awesome person last year.
Posted by Susan Holman on 10th June 2015
Hey lady, hard to believe it's been a year. We miss you very much at ACB. I frequently wonder "How did Marianne do this?" Your impact on our little company will be felt for years. May God hold you in the palm of his hand. Susan
Posted by Michelle Bosley on 2nd June 2015
Hey Marianne....well its been a year and I realized that you & my dad share this day...he also decided it was time to go meet our heavenly father......my dad passed in 2013, my mom passed 6 months later in January 2014 then YOU.....needless to say it has been a heavy burden on my heart....I SO miss you...things are not the same .....someone down here is waiting on a SMILE from you...please send her one....she needs it!
Posted by Scott Bosley on 2nd June 2015
Marianne my dearest love and wife, It has been a year since you left this life to a new glorious one in Heaven. I miss you so much it hurts sometimes. Hope that you met my dad I know he would have loved you too. Take care baby. Love Your Husband,Scott
Posted by Bev Dory on 28th October 2014
Happy Birthday Marianne! As I remember the ones we celebrated together, I know you'll be celebrating this one with a host of angels in heaven.
Posted by Theresa Kerrick on 28th October 2014
Happy Birthday Marianne!!! Without the birth of Marianne I would not of had the opportunity to have known her. I am without a doubt happy to have met her. She brought light and laughter every time I spoke with her. Marianne will continue to lighten my life with just her memories! May god bless her soul as she blessed us with her kindness. Fond memories, Theresa
Posted by Jettzen Eddie on 28th October 2014
Happy Birthday Marianne, We are still missing you and always will. Doug Noble ACB
Posted by Bev Dory on 6th September 2014
I also worked with Marianne at the FCC in Columbia. We shared the same birthday and a wonderful friendship. Although we lost touch over the years, we reconnected on FB a few years ago. I was not aware that she was ill, and was visiting her FB page tonight in an effort to get together and was both shocked and saddened to read a tribute from her niece. My deepest sympathy to Scott, Courtney & Abigail - I am so sorry for your loss. Marianne was a kind & generous friend who loved her Lord and Savior with every fiber of her being. She surely deserves the rest she now enjoys in arms of The Father. I will miss her
Posted by Hugh Van Tuyl on 19th July 2014
I worked with Marianne at the FCC Laboratory for a number of years. She was a sweet person and loved by her co-workers. She will be missed. Hugh Van Tuyl
Posted by Doug Noble on 19th June 2014
Marianne was one of the best people I have ever worked with. We could unload our complaints on each other and we always seemed to see eye to eye. She will be missed for sure by me. I know her family knows what a special person she is and I just want to say that I believe she is now reaping the fruits of being that very special person. Bless her heart and her family.
Posted by Kimberly Colbert on 17th June 2014
Mariannne, I truly miss you, we Talked "EVERYDAY" during the week and I honestly looked forward to that on my drives to work. We would laugh and make jokes about Mr. Koster that was so funny my ribs were hurt from laughing so hard. We have never met in person but your personality is so GREAT and WARMING that it just felt like we have. I pray that your family finds Peace. Until we meet again, Kimbery Colbert
Posted by Susan Holman on 16th June 2014
Marianne, your assistance with the FCC and IC was invaluable. But, most of all, I miss our conversations when work stuff was dealt with and we talked about our families. Our journey last year to Chicago was great fun, and I'm sorry we didn't have more of those trips to share. God Bless you, my friend, and your family too.
Posted by Michael Violette on 16th June 2014
Our American Certification Body and TCB families will miss your loving devotion and care for the people in our company and our community. You left us with much to appreciate and a life to celebrate. God Bless. Mike
Posted by Theresa Kerrick on 16th June 2014
Although I had never met Marianne in person I felt as if I had known her for a very long time. She would call and we would chit chat just like we knew each for decades. That was Marianne.She was type of person whom made you feel very welcome, loved, and human. She will be missed. Marianne I love you. Theresa
Posted by Candy Green on 15th June 2014
Sorry for your loss abi :( May she rest easy now. And forever look over your. If you need anything were all just a text or call away
Posted by Colleen McGonigle on 15th June 2014
Miss Marianne, You treated me like a daughter for several years and I was continuously reminded of how wonderful and strong of a woman you were. You were taken from this world too early and many people will miss you dearly. But you touched the hearts of innumerable friends and you created a loving family. Have a blast up there in Heaven until the rest of us see you again <3 All of my love goes to the rest of the Bosley family in this time as well.
Posted by Michelle Bosley on 15th June 2014
Marianne....I cant even begin to find the right words to express how Im feeling with your passing....your my partner in crime - and even though we didnt talk every day we both knew that we could just pick up the phone and start up were we left off the last time....I will miss having those conversations!....rest well my friend!
Posted by Myrtle Kifer on 15th June 2014
Courtney, I'm so sorry for the lost of your mom. My prayers are with you and your family at this time. Hal & Myrtle Kifer
Posted by Miranda Markowski on 15th June 2014
Oh my...too soon.
Posted by Christina Mignini Karlhof... on 9th June 2014
Marianne - i will always remember your smiling face and your radio voice :) You were always such a sweet and caring woman. It's all high- fives and smiles from now on... With heart-felt love to you and your family, Christina Karlhoff <3

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